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Words we need in English, Most People haven't seen Oscar noms, How to spot winte

6:15 I just love this. There are tons of words in other languages that we don't have a word for in English. Thank goodness, has found a whole bunch of these words for us.

Some of my faves:

Kummerspeck (German)
Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, grief bacon.

  1. Tartle (Scots)
    The nearly onomatopoeic word for that panicky hesitation just before you have to introduce someone whose name you can't quite remember.

    Backpfeifengesicht (German)
    A face badly in need of a fist.

    Gigil (Filipino)
    The urge to pinch or squeeze something that is irresistibly cute.

    Zhaghzhagh (Persian)
    The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage.

    Cafune (Brazilian Portuguese)
    Leave it to the Brazilians to come up with a word for “tenderly running your fingers through your lover’s hair.”



And the Oscar goes to…who? Two-thirds of Americans haven’t seen a single Best-Picture-nominated film this year. The poll of more than 1,400 people revealed that the most-watched of the nine nominated movies is Captain Phillips, followed by Gravity, American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street. The majority - 60%- were unsure about which film should be crowned Best Picture, but 12 Years a Slave got the most votes at 9%. Respondents had slightly stronger opinions about individual actors and actresses. Almost a quarter said Sandra Bullock should take home the Best Actress prize for Gravity, with Amy Adams coming in second for American Hustle. More than 15% said Leonardo DiCaprio should finally win a Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street, followed by Matthew McConaughey for his Dallas Buyers’ Club lead. Still, most people- 52%- are unsure about which actors and actresses should win. But there’s one person who’s already a winner- host Ellen DeGeneres, who has the approval of 60% of respondents. The 86th Academy Awards air this Sunday on ABC.;_ylt=AwrTWfxLfgpTJVIAbzzQtDMD


7:15 How to spot winter movie turkeys. From USA TODAY

How to spot a winter turkey at the movies

Winter can be a treacherous time for the movie fan — Oscar contenders have made their splash, and summer blockbusters are still months away. What's left is Hollywood's seasonal minefield. The approximately eight-week stretch that runs from the second week of January through early March can launch the occasional crowd-pleaser. But it usually doesn't. Last year saw just one winter film crack $100 million, the Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy comedy Identity Thief. This year has spawned two nine-digit grossers, The Lego Movie and Ride Along. Still, that's out of 16 movies released nationwide. "Studios tend to stick to the calendar, even if that means overloading a weekend in summer or the holidays," says Jeff Bock, chief box-office analyst for Exhibitor Relations. "Audiences have shown they can turn a movie into a hit any month of the year, but Hollywood is still very afraid of winter."



8:15 Ewww. Subway removing plastic from your sandwiches! Yoga mat additive is going to be taken out of sandwich bread. :(


Here’s something to chew on: the bread at Subway contains a chemical used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber! And they’re not the only chain to use the controversial ingredient, called azodicarbonamide, in their food- so do Kraft and Chik-Fil-A. The issue came to the forefront this week after a popular food blogger started a petition urging Subway to ditch the chemical. Subway responded that they’re already in the process of removing azodicarbonamide from their recipes.  BUT Wait theres more!


Subway made headlines earlier this month when it announced it was removing a chemical commonly found in yoga mats from their bread. Now, a consumer advocacy group says Subway’s bread wasn’t the only food item containing the chemical. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a list yesterday containing almost 500 more foods on the market that are made with the same compound, called azodicarbonamide (ADA). The list contains food made by major companies including Ball Park, Country Hearth, Jimmy Dean, Kroger, Little Debbie, Marie Callendar's, Nature's Own, Pillsbury, White Castle and Wonder. Most of the items are bread, croutons, pre-made sandwiches and snacks. ADA is typically used to bleach flour and help make dough stronger and more rubbery.

Friday Toy Memory: 
Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers! Root Beer, Bubble Gum, Orange Crush Remember these guys? They had them with a little hook on the bottom so you could wear them around your neck like a necklace. 

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We used to remember phone numbers, Fast food chains doing more breakfasts, This

6:15 So my friend posts this on Facebook, I hope I never go to jail because I haven't memorized a phone number since 2001.

How funny and right this is. Then her facebook page became a conversation about how kids today never have to memorize phone numbers and they ask for cell phones at an early age. The point is that we are old and kids are young and we don't like it! Ha! BTW, I have memorized at least 10 numbers of my favorite people.



The best part of waking up? The many fast food breakfast choices, of course. Two chains are expanding their AM offerings. McDonald’s, home of the much-loved Egg McMuffin, is thinking of extending their breakfast hours past 10:30 am. Serving breakfast and lunch simultaneously has always been a challenge for McD’s due to limited kitchen space. But execs say they’ve recognized a change in consumers’ eating habits and want to address it. In other fast-food breakfast news, Taco Bell is planning a nationwide rollout of their morning menu next month. Items like the Waffle Taco, Bacon and Egg Burrito and AM Crunchwrap will soon be available until 11 am. Good morning, indeed.


7:15 Boooo. For once, I want West Virginia to be on a GOOD list!

Report: The most miserable states in the USA IT LOOKS LIKE NORTH DAKOTA ON TOP OF WELL-BEING INDEX

The happiest place on Earth- or at least, in the U.S.- isn’t Disneyland.  It’s North Dakota!  The state ranked number one in the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index for 2013, unseatingHawaii for the first time in several years.  West Virginia took last place yet again.  Check out the top and bottom 10 states .See the article here:


Top 10:

1. North Dakota

2. South Dakota

3. Nebraska

4. Minnesota

5. Montana

6. Vermont

7. Colorado

8. Hawaii

9. Washington

10. Iowa


Bottom 10:

1. West Virginia

2. Kentucky

3. Mississippi

4. Alabama

5. Ohio

6. Arkansas

7. Tennessee

8. Missouri

9. Oklahoma

10. Louisiana


8:15 OH NO, what am I going to do? Ikea is getting rid of my favorite shelving unit !




Ikea is shelving one of its most popular items. The Expedit shelf is being officially discontinued. Because it’s the ideal size for storing and displaying vinyl records, the news has devastated collectors the world over. But many Ikea enthusiasts were simply fans of the Expedit’s clean, simple lines and proportions. But there is hope- Ikea says they’re replacing the Expedit with a very similar design, the Kallax.

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Jungle Jack Hanna, Couple finds millions in rare coins, Girl Scout Cookie Locate

6:15 Jungle Jack Hanna will be at the Weinberg Center this weekend. 2 shows 2pm and 5pm. For tickets: 


Northern California couple got quite the surprise when out walking their dog! They stumbled upon $10 million in rare gold coins buried under an old tree. The coins were recently authenticated. Nearly all 1,427 of them, dating from 1847 to 1894, are in uncirculated, near-perfect condition. The husband and wife, who have chosen to remain anonymous, say they plan to hold onto a few of the coins as keepsakes, but will put the rest up for sale through Amazon. They'll use the money to pay off bills and quietly donate to local charities.


7:15 I am officially all over this app! Great idea. NEW APP FINDS GIRL SCOUT COOKIES

Take it from the Girl Scouts themselves and “Be Prepared” – by getting this sweet new app!  The Girl Scout Cookie Locator helps you find where Girl Scout Cookies are being sold near you, as well as when you can get them.  The app locates specific sites - like churches and shopping centers- where Scouts are setting up shop, making it ideal for Thin Mints fiends who don’t personally know any Girl Scouts or someone who does. Also, this young Girl Scout is an enterprising young woman I say!,,20789558,00.html  Wonder if it also locates your neighborhood medical marijuana dispensary? It also includes a countdown clock so you can get hyped for cookie season.

8:15 Be careful out's snowing and slick. Winter Driving tips...

Andy's top 10 tactics for driving in snow, ice, freezing rain or fog

  1. Allow at least three times more space between you and the car in front of you.

  2. Drive at a slower, but constant speed. Don't drive so slow that other traffic is forced to pass you—go with the flow of traffic and avoid sudden movements.

  3. Black ice alert: The "crunch" sound of tires on snow fades when you're on dangerous black ice—turn the radio off and listen to the road. It also forms from fog or freezing rain. And it's practically invisible, so be particularly careful on bridges and overpasses, which are colder and freeze earlier.

  4. Use lower gears for better traction, especially on hills.

  5. Never use cruise control in slippery conditions; skidding or hydroplaning may cause you to accelerate.

  6. If your car has an anti-lock braking system (ABS), keep your foot firmly on the brake when you need to stop on an icy road.

  7. If your car does not have ABS, pump the brake rapidly to keep traction when braking on ice or snow.

  8. If your car starts to skid, don't brake at all. Instead, steer in the direction you want to go, then brake smoothly once the wheels regain control.

  9. In fog, use low-beam headlights or fog lamps if you have them. High beams will reflect off the moisture and impair your visibility.

  10. In heavy fog, slow down and crack your window to hear nearby traffic. Use painted road markings as a guide (if you have a passenger, ask him or her to help watch).

Ok, I can almost hear some of you saying: "Well, that's just common sense!"


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What's app? Buh Bye Moviefone, Save by lowering the Thermostat (not what you thi


If you needed further proof that smartphone messaging programs are the future, here it is: Facebook just bought WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion.  The free app allows users to connect with their contacts using cellphone numbers and send and receive text messages over mobile broadband.  This means no pricey texting fees, making it especially convenient for overseas communication.  While the sum Facebook paid for WhatsApp may seem astronomical, the app is in fact hugely popular worldwide, with more than 450 million users and counting.  Remember the good old days (i.e. 2012) when Facebook bought Instagram for a measly $1 billion…?



Time has officially run out for Moviefone.  The automated movie listing/ticket-buying service is hanging up for good.  But while you’ll no longer be able to dial 777-FILM to find out what time the latest blockbusters are playing in your city, you can still get listings and purchase tickets by using the free Moviefone app.



  • 5 reasons to lower your thrermostat (besides saving money)


  • Here are five ways that lowering your thermostat can improve your life:

  • Below 75 Degrees: Prolong the Life of Plants

  • Give houseplants a longer lease on life by dropping below 75 degrees. We’ll spare you the science as, but basically, plants need less water when they’re cool

  • Below 70 Degrees: Lose Weight (Without Hitting the Gym)

  • Move over “diet and exercise,” there’s a new weight loss secret in town! To shed a few pounds, drop your thermostat below 70 degrees. You don’t want the room to be so cold that you’re shivering and uncomfortable, but cool enough so that a light sweater feels perfect.

  • Here’s how it works: When the temperature drops, your energy expenditure increases, so you burn more calories (roughly 100 more a day). Over a period of several weeks, that increased energy can translate into an extra 3,500 calories burned, which means one lost pound.

  • Below 65 Degrees: Extend the Life of Your Fridge

  • Your refrigerator and freezer work really hard to keep your food safe and fresh, so cut them some slack. When your home is cooler, these large appliances don’t have to work as hard to keep your food cool.

  • frozen pipes!

  • Below 65 Degrees: Get a Better Night’s Sleep

  • If you want a better night’s sleep, lower your home’s temperature by about five degrees. This works because when you go to sleep, your “set point” – the temperature your brain needs to reach before going to sleep – is lowered. If your room is too hot, you’ll have a harder time reaching this point and falling asleep.

  • One Degree at a Time: Save Cash on Energy Bills

  • If the ‘ole energy bill is sucking up more cash then you’d like, look to your thermostat! Each one-degree drop can reduce your energy bill by 1-3 percent. Tip: To save even more money, drop your thermostat by five to ten degrees while you sleep. Not only will you get a better night’s sleep, you’ll lower your energy bill by 10-15 percent! 


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Monday 2-24-14 America Saves Week, Bring on the shirtless baristas for the ladi

6:15 America Saves Week

The 2013 Annual National Survey Assessing Household Savings (released during America Saves Week) revealed that only about half of Americans reported good savings habits.

  • 54% said they “have a savings plan with specific goals.”

  • 43% said they “have a spending plan that allows you to save enough money to achieve the goals of your saving plan.”

  • 50% of those not retired said they “save for retirement at work through a 401(k) or other contributory plan.”

  • 41% said that, “outside of work,” they “save automatically through regular preauthorized transfers from checking to savings or investments.”

  • 49% know their net worth.

America Saves is a national campaign involving more than 1,000 non-profit, government, and corporate groups that encourages individuals and families to save money and build personal wealth. Overall management for the campaign is provided by the non-profit Consumer Federation of America (CFA). CFA is comprised of over 270 consumer education, advocacy, and cooperative organizations dedicated to advancing the consumer interest.

6:45WOULD YOU LIKE A SHIRTLESS MAN WITH YOUR COFFEE? _ Not everyone finds the idea appealing, but coffee shops and stands with scantily clad ladies behind the counter have become more commonplace. The problem is they aren't that interesting unless you're attracted to women. But a new coffee stand in Spokane, Washington solves that problem. Hot Cup of Joe features baristas who server up coffee shirtless. The baristas may eventually leave their jeans behind and serve up coffee in what the owner calls "cute, classy underwear." Men do have an incentive to stop by: they receive a $1 discount on their coffee.


7:15 13 Worst Cliche's you should s top using right now!!!!!

1. "Don't cry over spilt milk."

This cliché may not be outdated or irrelevant, but it does tend to undermine actual problems. Do you know a single person who would literally shed tears after knocking over a glass of two percent?

2. "Selling like hotcakes"

Let us clarify: hotcakes are not pancakes. Popular in the 19th century, they were made from cornmeal and cooked in pork lard. Armed with this knowledge, we'd assume that "selling like hotcakes" meant "selling zero." However, this assumption would be incorrect.

3. "The rest is history."

This is the cliché equivalent of calling something "interesting." It's another way of saying "I have no further insight into this matter."

4. "Avoid like the plague"

Self-explanatory, but maybe a little outdated.

5. "Let her hair down"

How did this become a metaphor for relaxation? Oh, right, upending one's hair from dozens and dozens of pins was a daily thing for women in the 17th century. It's 2013. Wearing your hair down requires as much, if not more effort than rocking a sock bun.

6. "Every cloud has a silver lining."

Um, does it?

The origin of this phrase is Milton's "Comus," in which the author is referencing moonlight emitted behind clouds in the sky at nighttime So, aside from being overused and unoriginal this cliché is also incorrect.

7. "Beg the question"

The issue with this cliché: it does not mean "raises the question." It is one of Aristotle's fallacies - a type of circular reasoning that involves answering a question with a similarly tenuous response, as in "Why?" "Because I said so." NOW YOU KNOW.

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Newest Awesome Rapper's Delight, Need a booty bra?, Creative? You're probably a

6:15 Brian Williams raps “Rappers Delight. So funny. My favorite is when they bring in Lester Holt and Kathie Lee. Hilarious. See it here:

6:45 Got a little “junk in the trunk” issue? As in you have none? Spanx heard your complaints and has now made the “Booty Bra”



No butts about it- Spanx just came out with a bra for your bum.  The $58 Booty Bra lifts the butt while smoothing the tummy and dreaded muffin top.  The company was inspired to create the bum-boosting garment after Spanx devotees complained that most shapewear flattened their backsides.  Plus, the Booty Bra comes with the added benefit of giving less-endowed women a little more junk in the trunk.  The Kardashians must be kicking themselves that they didn’t come up with this first.


7:15 Consider yourself creative? Then you're probably a LIAR: People who 'think outside the box' tend to be devious

Creative people are more likely to lie and cheat.

Researchers found almost 60% of people who lied about scores in one experiment scored highly for creativity in a second.

They believe this is because creativity encourages people to break the rules and think outside the box…and rule breaking is a trait associated with cheating.

Uh oh, I think this applies to me!



Thank God It’s [almost] Friday!  A survey found eight out of 10 people abandon their diet and fitness routines on Fridays in anticipation of the weekend.  The unhealthy choices start early on Fridays, with nearly half of people opting for a fatty, bacon-rich breakfast over a nutritious bowl of oatmeal.  More than 40% are especially tempted by candy and baked goods at the office on Fridays.  Despite normally being fitness-conscious, only 12% of people hit the gym on Fridays.  And by the time happy hour rolls around Friday night, two thirds booze with abandon, paying little attention to how many they’ve knocked back.


Friday Toy Memory: The world's first action figure: G.I. Joe. I never had one as a kid but I do remember my neighbor having one and he was pretty stoked about it.  Can you believe that G.I. Joe turns 50 this year? He sure looks good for his age.
 Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe in 1964 as a way to honor war veterans.  The toy has come a long way over the years, with the addition of new features like high-tech gear and “life-like hair” . As an adult, I like him because he's played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson !

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Clutter guy from Hoarders, Want to be in a local commercial? What's a Blizzard B

6:15 Matt Paxton . He's that guy you would see on A & E's show Hoarders. He was such an interesting interview. In fact, we were supposed to talk for 10 minutes but ended up on the phone for 25 minutes. I had planned a longer Here is "blog exclusive" version of our interview but I couldn't get it edited in time. His website is :  Check out the version I aired this morning.

6:45   Have you ever wanted to be in an extra in a TV commercial? This Tuesday (Feb 25) is your chance! Details below:

Cumberland Valley Heating & Air Conditioning and WHAG-TV are shooting a new commercial on Tuesday, February 25 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in downtown Hagerstown. The shoot begins at 2pm and will last at least 2 hours. They are looking for 20-40 people to be extras. Extras will need to dress in their own heavy, winter clothing (coats, hats, mittens, etc). The extras will not be required to speak. 

Interested? Contact Ryan at 301-991-4220 or at 

7:15 Okay so what the heck is a blizzard bag? I can tell you what it is NOT:

-A sleeping bag

-A bag you pack that you leave in your car in case of bad weather

-A winter purse.

Nope! Instead it's a bag of assignments that children are given so that they can do work when they are on a snow day. If 80% of the students do the work, then the day will count and the kids won't have to make that snow day up at the end of the year.

BLIZZARD BAG DAYS--In Concord New Hampshire, — A snow day isn't quite a snow day for many school kids says the Associated Press. New Hampshire school superintendents have the option of declaring a "Blizzard Bag Day." The schools are closed. But students must complete assignments, sometimes using materials sent home in what's known as a Blizzard Bag. If 80 percent of the students finish their work, the day counts and doesn't have to be made up at the end of the school year. Of course, many of the kids don't like it. So, some districts make the first snow day the old fashioned type with no school work assigned.

Do we have something like this here in the Eastern Panhandle?




And you thought the most dangerous thing about eating a Hot Pocket was scalding your tongue.  Nestle issued a voluntary recall of its Philly Steak and Cheese and Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese Hot Pockets earlier this week because they may contain meat from “diseased and unsound animals!”  These products may have been affected by Rancho Feeding Corp.’s recent recall of millions of pounds of beef ruled unfit for human consumption by the USDA.  No illnesses have been reported so far.  Still want to chance it with Hot Pockets?  You’ve been warned. Remember Jim Gaffigan's Hot Pocket sketch? Love it ha!

Here's the recall link:


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What's your favorite smell?, If you have an unusual name--you'll get this!, Reas

6:15 Scientists have identified 10 different smells.,0,893244.story

What are you favorite smells? I'm a big fan of roses. Also, I like vanilla. I had a caller tel me that she loves roses too. She also said that she loves the smell of turkey in the oven...and then the line went dead. (BTW, that was just one of the strange happenings this this place haunted?)

The result was a list of 10 key odor categories:

  • fragrant,

  • woody/resinous,

  • minty/peppermint,

  • sweet,

  • chemical,

  • popcorn,

  • lemon,

  • fruity (non-citrus),

  • pungent and

  • decayed.

  • What's your favorite smell?


6:45 If you have a name that is slightly out of the ordinary, you can probably relate to this! My name is Rona. You would not believe the spellings and pronunciations that I get. Whether it's Rhona, Rhonna, Rhonda, Ronahh, Roma etc, my name gets botched. This buzzfeed post completely hit a funny nerve with me!

Some of my favorites from the list are:

6. When giving your name, you just automatically spell it out of habbit.

3. You still get birthday cards from your extended family with your name spelled wrong.

12. People actally question if you have misspelled your own name.

7:15 There was a recent study that said 40% of people are NOT engaged in their jobs. They don't love their work. Wow. That's kinda staggering when you think of it. This post from says that the people who ARE happy with their jobs have a few thing in common. They usually like the culture of their work, they like the people, and they like the autonomy. Read the full article here:

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Burger King looking for people who have NEVER had a burger, Assault with toast


PEOPLE TRY A BURGER FOR THE FIRST TIME _ Burger King decided to try to find people around the world who have never been exposed to advertising from either Burger King or McDonalds to see which burger they liked better. In fact, in the viral video -- designed to show that people prefer Burger King -- we learn that all of the real people in it have never even tried a burger before. Many of them don't even know how to eat a link


A wife in England has been accused of battering her husband with breakfast! Julie Evans, 45, allegedly attacked her husband with toast and butter during an argument over his laziness. First, she threw her toast at him. Then when he tried to leave, she grabbed a handful of butter and smeared it on his face. Her husband tried to rub some back on her and they ended up on the floor. The tussle left her hubby with a torn earlobe that required stitches, and Evans was charged with assault. She’s toast!- YIKES!

7:15 What are the ways to be truly happy? After hearing the new song “Happy” by Pharell, I decided to google it. There were over 62,800,000 results.


I like this one best:

Who knew there was a “Happiness and it's Causes conference” every year? --Austrailia.


8:15 (Finally!)... An App for parents with misbehaving kids

An app was released that helps parents deal with children who are misbehaving.

The app is called “Fake Police Call” and has kids talk to, Sgt. Friendly who is a series of pre-recorded messages giving  advice to them.

A cop in Florida came up with the idea in August when his own children were misbehaving.

The app has 14 pre-determined scenarios that parents face including kids not cleaning their room, misbehaving at a restaurant or mail and not doing homework.

If the kids follow the advice, parents can have the app call back praising their kids.

The cop gets about 100 to 200 downloads a day for the free app, and 20 downloads a day for a version of the app which costs .99 cents. Get it here:

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I got men on the brain. Sorta...Slow Jammin Presidents! Men can't keep secrets,

6:15- I don't know how I missed this clever commercial. It's the “Founding Fathers” serenading you a la 1990's slow jams. Awesome! See it below:


6:45- Guys are worst at keeping secrets than women.

Can You RELATE?)... Men are the biggest gossips, ten percent blab about a secret within minutes

While a woman can keep a secret for three and a half hours before telling someone else, men can only wait two hours and 47 minutes.

Half of men studied admitted to sharing a secret with someone within a few minutes of hearing it themselves.

Despite this data, 92% of men believe they are good at keeping secrets.

One in 20 men said that they would share someone’s secret with at least five people including friends, their significant other and colleagues.


Here are ten secrets that men have the most trouble keeping to themselves:

1. A friend is having an affair
2. Someone was lying about something
3. My boss/colleague is having an office romance
4. Someone I know is pregnant
5. Someone has been in trouble with the police
6. Someone was lying about their job or salary
7. I know someone who has had/is having plastic surgery
8. A friend has had a windfall
9. A friend/colleague is in financial trouble
10. A friend/colleague is having trouble in the bedroom department


7:15- Top Brands Men like. What's interesting is that there are some that are constant. I was most surprised that in the youngest age group (the Millenials), they LOVE Old Spice! What am I missing here? Well, I found out the answer when one of our listeners called and told me that her 23 year old son LOVES Old Spice. He's pretty big on their new “Wolf” scent. She said it's because they've come out with new fragrances as of late. Okay then.


8:15- If you praise your kids too much, they might not rise to the challenge when necessary. It might just fall flat. Call it too much of a good thing.  A study suggests praising your children- especially when they suffer from low self-esteem- can actually backfire!  While you may think positive reinforcement is encouraging, some experts say it can put excessive pressure on kids, which causes them to avoid challenges.

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Don't slip on the ice--walk like a penguin, Sheriff cancels VD, Baggage Claim mo

6:15- Walk like a penguin to avoid falling on the ice. From Lifehacker. It's really all where you put your weight.



Georgia’s not getting any love this Valentine’s Day. According to Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry, today’s holiday has been canceled in northern Georgia. He proclaimed the area a “NO VALENTINE’S DAY ZONE.” On the police department’s Facebook page, he wrote that men are "exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores until February 18, 2014, due to ice, snow, freezing rain.” The post is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. Though many women responded with cries of “No excuses!”

 7:15 Baggage Claim Interview with Jennifer Lewis and David E Talbert. Find out info about the movie here: Also, you can hear the full interview here.  


Ways to spend valentines day alone

What to do on this designated day to shower love, when you're single?

Check out these 7 delightful ways to beat the Valentine's Day Blues!

1.   Go out with a friend and make fun of other couples: Yes! Go on an absolutely platonic with a friend, have a good time at a bar or restaurant and laugh at other couples who are too much into each other (publicly!).

2.   Share the love - volunteer: Valentine's Day is all about showing others how much you love them. Why not share the feeling with the ones who really need it on that day. Contact the local senior homes or orphanages and volunteer.

3.   Make it the "Spa Day": Valentine's Day is also about loving oneself. Get a spa appointment and pamper yourself. A good message is great on any given day.

4.    Organise a grand party: Invite your friends and loved ones and have a gala time. Sing karaoke, eat junk food, drink wine and have a good time on Valentine's Day.

5.   Go travel, see new places: You don't have to be with someone to have a great Valentine's Day, book your tickets and travel. See a new beach or maybe explore a new city. Eat the local cuisine.

6.   Meet new people: When you travel, you meet a lot of people and some of them can be very interesting. Talk to them. Talk about your hobbies. Listen to what they have to say about the city or about the day (Valentines).

7.   Go out on date with yourself: Go out and treat yourself. After that splendid spa session, you can go to a nice restaurant and eat food. You can get all dressed up for the day, buy flowers and have a great time.

Valentine's Day is much more than cheesy couple making out in restaurants or bars, it is about sharing the love. 



Friday Toy Memory: Old Skool Valentine's. Remember these? You'd pick up a pack of 30 and treat the whole class to your chicken scratch. It usually said something like "Joey, I like you. Happy Valentines Day".--Rona Ha!

Like these:

or these



Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and the results of a new survey on romance arrive just in time. The poll asked 1,000 married couples about the keys to romance…so listen up and take notes. The ingredients for a happy relationship include…


-Kissing 10 times per week

-Saying “I love you” 10 times a week

-Sex three times a week

-Three date nights a month

-Ten deep and meaningful conversations a month

-Three arguments a month

-Two vacations (together) a year

-Three shared hobbies or interests

And according to a separate study, another path to romantic bliss is going on double dates. Research shows couples who go out with other couples feel better about their own relationships afterwards.

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It's a snow/blizzard day. Whatever. I can't remember what I talked about except





7:15- Non Cheesy Gifts for Valentines day. Especially now that you're snowed in.


Non Cheesy Valentines Gifts

Great gifts for guys


Mini beer keg thingy

Picnic set

Letters of Love and Appreciation

Before you head out to the store, think about what you have to offer from within. Sometimes the most appreciated gift is that which comes from the heart and doesn't cost a dime. Whether its a short note or a long letter, putting in writing all the reasons that someone is important to you is a great way to show your love. Let your child know your favorite things about her or how he changed your world the day he arrived. Or let the caretaker know that you couldn't get through the day without him or her. Chances are that it's a gift that will be held onto for many, many years to come. 

Picnic on the Go

Whether you prefer hiking in the hills, concerts in the park, or sunsets on the beach, you and your loved ones will always be prepared to create that memorable meal on the go with this Eco Picnic Backpack for Four. It comes with an insulated main compartment, wine cooler, corkscrew, cheese knives, service for four with linens, and even a blanket. Your giftee will be inspired to pack up and go out to create memorable moments, from date nights to family nights. (Picnic at Ascot Eco Picnic Backpack, $95)

Experience the Love

Often the best way to show your love is to spend time with your loved ones. Give the gift of an experience by picking up a pair of tickets to a show or game.

Tapped Out

Get your beer here! Built for a five-liter Heineken mini keg that stays fresh for up to a month, this tabletop tap features a quiet cooling system and an LED display for volume and temperature settings.

Krups® BeerTender, $150,

Not into beer? Try these cocktails.


7:45- Snow day black roses for Valentines day. You should try this at home and let me know if it works for you. I'm very punchy by this time. Use food coloring to make ink color in the roses. Did it work?


This Valentine's day in London, England, residents will soon have a place to buy black roses -- and only black roses. The Think Ink florist will only be in business for a day -- Valentine's Day. The black roses are created by placing dark red roses in vases filled with ink instead of water. The one-day black roses shop is a PR stunt by Kraken Rum. Each bouquet comes with a miniature bottle of the rum. Look at some of the very cool...but dark imagery here.


7:45am So this morning, the boys left me at the hotel to walk on my own to the radio station. Chivalry. Listen to what I'm talking about.

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Popping the question? I got some intel for ya!, Why do we buy milk, bread, and R

6:15- Thinking about popping the question to your sweetheart this Valentine's Day?

Naturally, that comes with the added pressure of buying an engagement ring that can set the buyer back some serious dollars.

However, a new survey by American Express Spending & Saving Tracker says that 59 percent of potential engagement ring purchasers don't want to spend more than two grand, down from 62 percent last year.

Among this frugal group, 21 percent would spend between $1,000 and $2,000 while 38 percent are looking for something under $1,000.

As for the bigger spenders, 25 percent say that their price range falls between $2,000 and $5,000 for an engagement ring while for 16 percent, money is apparently no object as they're willing to exceed five grand for the ultimate token of a person's appreciation for a loved one.

The survey computes that the average price people hope to spend on an engagement ring is $2,311, again lower than the $2,410 from last year.

6:45 See, I had this whole thing that I was planning to talk about with men thinking that their attempts at cleaning up at home were acceptable. Read this.


If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.  That’s definitely the case when it comes to romance- according to a poll, the average modern man’s idea of a romantic gesture leaves something to be desired.  The survey found men believe romance means taking the garbage out, doing the dishes, making the bed and even putting the toilet seat down!  Of course, while most women would certainly appreciate this, it’s not exactly swoon-worthy.  At least guys are aware that their romance skills are lacking- nearly 75% admit they could make a better effort.  Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?


Then I realized, that was kind of a boring topic and that I wanted to talk about the impending storm and pose the question:

Why do we go the to grocery store and get toilet paper, milk, and eggs specifically? Are you planning to go through that much of any of these items in the span of 2 days? Just sayin. I invited people to call but got nothing.

7:15- This is a great way to find a silver lining in all the bad weather we've been having...



This is the best argument in favor of snow days we’ve ever heard.  A study found that contrary to what you might think, bad weather actually boosts productivity!  Experts say nasty winter weather- like the kind much of the country has been experiencing lately- helps people focus, since they’re not distracted by thinking about what else they could be doing other than working. Research showed that rates of distractions and mistakes are higher on nice days.


8:15- Remember The Chappelle Show? It was wildly popular. Just think the sketch "I'm Rick James Bitch" is 10 years old! Wow. I feel old. I was reminded of it by a great daily newlsetter I get called The Skimm. Here's what they linked to about the article. By the way, you should really sign up for The Skimm.

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Valentines this that and the other, Best/Worst, Grumpy Cat Valentines, Show your

6:15- Ways to show your love...from Forbes (no not touchy feely but are some good ideas.)

6:45- I think it's funny. Nothing says love like grumpy cat! Ha!

7:15- Best and worst Valentines gifts-

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What was your first record?, If you add "period" to your changes the m

6:15- What was your first record?What was your very first record? Mine was Michael Jackson's “Don't Stop Till You Get Enough” which was released in March 1979. I remember getting a really cool van record player. Remember this song?

My recording equipment went haywire and I couldn't put the calls on the air but I did talk to 3 fun callers:

Stacy called in and said that she bought Rick Springfield's “Jessie's Girl”

Linda said her first 45 was “Chickaboom” from Daddy Dewdrop in 1972

Grace said that she got Gary Lewis and the Playboys with “Wild Thing”. Funny part is that she said she got that and her sister got Stevie Wonder album. I imagine between the two of them, their parent's probably had enough of those songs.



Is digital communication putting a hard stop on basic grammar? Some experts feel the informality of texting has given the period new meaning, making messages that end with this simple punctuation mark harsher and more aggressive.  It’s due in part to the fact that fewer people use periods these days; a survey of college students found they use punctuation marks at the end of sentences when texting less than half the time.  Instead, many young people use line-breaks to signify the end of a sentence, which linguistics experts say mimics spoken language.  What we want to know is, when are they going to come up with a new punctuation mark to signify sarcasm? Read the findings here:


7:15-How fast do you think you read? I took the quiz and it said I read 478 words per minute. I'm not sure I buy that but...I'll take it.


It also said it would take me 20 hours and 29 minutes to read Tolstoy's "War and Peace". Um, prolly not gonna happen!


Here is the quiz so you can take it for yourself.

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The things the kids don't know today!, Have my car call your car, Olive Garden'


Things your kids will never understand:

The joy of calling the guy/girl you're crushing on and having worrying that their parents will answer the phone.


6:45 The Department of Transportation is working on making it a requirement for cars to communicate. The government plans on eventually mandating a wireless technology called V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle…get it?) in cars. The DOT says V2V allows cars on the road to talk to each other and share info on things like speed and position a lot faster than you can. The technology might prevent up to 80% of crashes. No word on when your car will drive itself though.


7:15-Need a date night TONIGHT? Tonight only! Olive Garden to the rescue. They'll pay for your babysitter.


Never-ending salad and breadsticks aren’t the only perks of eating at Olive Garden.  Have date night at the chain this Friday, February 7 and they’ll pay for your babysitter too!  It’s part of a promotion they’re doing with children’s fitness center My Gym.  Adults who have made advance reservations (and paid a refundable deposit) can drop off their kid at one of 145 participating My Gym locations before going out to eat.  When they come to pick up their child after dining, they simply present their Olive Garden receipt to get their deposit back.  The promotion is on a first come, first served basis and is limited to 30 children per My Gym.  While it’s mainly an attempt to boost dwindling profits, it seems the chain also recognizes that many parents are unable to enjoy an adult night out because of the cost of childcare. Of course, most parents these days just bring their kids with them when they go out...not that we recommend it. 

8:30 ish---I am not that excited about the Olympics starting tonight but that doesn't mean that it's not going to keep going on. Here's a quick run-down of the athletes you might want to know in the coming days... tonight. This is lifted directly from a FANTASTIC daily newsletter I get called “The Daily Skimm”. Sign up for it here. (you'll love it as much as I do!, promise!)

 Let’s talk sports. Sochi’s a good time to find new athletes to root for. And don’t worry, there will definitely still be team camaraderie, especially in the bathrooms.

Lara Gut: Not Lindsey Vonn. The Swiss athlete wanted to best the champion skier last time but got injured; this year, the table’s are turned and Vonn is the one out. Gut is expected to have a very good two weeks.

Ted Ligety: Four-time world champion and US gold medalist who you may have never heard of.

Mikaela Shiffrin: This 18-year-old is a lot more talented than you. She is favored to win a gold in slalom and poised to be the next Vonn.

Bode Miller: Someone you know because he’s won a lot of medals. He’s alsokind of over being at the Games.

Gracie Gold: Would really like to be America’s fan-favorite and has the right last name to do it. She’s a perfectionist. She was not in “The Cutting Edge.”

Ashley Wagner: She really does not like Russia’s anti-gay laws. A lot of people aren’t thrilled the American skater is in Sochi because she had a really bad performance last month.

Patrick Chan: The Canadian is expected to bring home the gold. He also loves to insult his Russian rival.

Yuna Kim: She took gold for South Korea in 2010, took a break from figure skating, and now the 2013 world-champ is aiming to be the first woman to keep the Olympic title since 1988.

Shani Davis: Goes VERY fast. Has a chance to make some US history and win three consecutive gold medals for the same event. He was also the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal at a Winter Olympics.

Lolo Jones: Apparently when the track and field star has a bad day she just watches “Cool Runnings.” And then switches Olympic sports. She comes with baggage in the name of critics who think she only made the team because of her celebrity.

Women’s: The US and Canada are probably going to end up playing each other in the finals. They are VERY big rivals and often end up in major brawls on the ice.

Men’s: Just remember the name ‘Alex Ovechkin.’ He’s a member of the Russian national team but has also won MVP while playing with the US’s Washington Capitals. No pressure for him. At all.

Shaun White: Same red-head, different haircut. Was going to compete in a new event — snowboard slopestyle — but pulled out at the last-minute so he can focus on bringing home a third gold for the halfpipe. Priorities.

Jamie Anderson: She’s an X Games star and teaching everyone at home what
slopestyle means.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory—Totally stole this from Marsha. Paper Dolls!Rockin. Who woulda thunk that her girls would have loved to play with something that has abolutely NOTHING to do with the Internet on a recent snow day?

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Wedding Trends for 2014, This kid is amazing--he's only 2 years old!, Naming the

6:15- 2014 Wedding Trends. Since we are approaching Valentines Day, let's talk weddings...

Wedding trends for 2014 WHITE-OUT


Whether you’re getting hitched in 2014 or attending the nuptials of a friend, expect to see a number of popular trends coming down the aisle.  According to bridal resource The Knot, weddings with a woodsy, rustic theme will be all the rage this year, as well as photo booths, 90s music and entertainment and all-nighter weddings that keep the party going long after the reception ends.  Tech-savvy couples will encourage guests to snap pics and use custom Instagram hashtags, providing phone-charging stations to ensure everyone’s batteries are fully charged.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, others will shun social media entirely, requesting guests check their smartphones at the door.  One plugged-in wedding trend we kind of can’t believe is taking off?  Internet-friendly proposals.  Fifteen percent of women in a British poll said they’d prefer to be proposed to via tech device!  Of them, 40% hope their partner will pop the question on social media.  On the other hand, fewer than 10% want to be proposed to through song, dance or poem.  It’s official: romance is dead.


6:45- I put a video of this adorbs kid playing basketball on the Facebook page.

Even better is the appearance of hottie's Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.


7:15 Do us a Flavor is back! Lay's Potato chips wants your help in creating their new flavor. I spoke with Lay's Senior Director of Marketing, Jennifer Saenz. She encourages you to come up with flavors and enter the contest at!/ Here is the interview below.


8:15- The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi begin tonight. I, for one, am hardly interested but hopefully I'll catch Olympics fever soon. Here are a list of all the instagrams of the various athletes!

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Delta Airlines goes retro!, Why women date the wrong guys, Chocolate mint toothp

6:15- Danielle shared this fun little video that Delta Airlines has come up with for the pre-flight instructions. Instead of having a flight attendant demonstrate, they have this silly, fun, and informative video with an 80's theme. So fun! 1. Is an 80's theme with Alf- 80's people in their funny outfits, legwarmers, Teddy Ruxpin etc

7:15- Why Women Keep Dating the Wrong Guys


Why Women Keep Dating the Wrong Guys


1.• I like that he’s so into me. Sure, it’s nice to have someone really like you, love you, and want you for a change, But you have to be into him too or it’s one-sided, and it will never last.

• I’m hoping he’ll change. Don’t try to fix or save him; he’ll resent you for it and you’ll be frustrated. Instead, find someone you accept "as is."

• He’s starting to change. But people don’t really change. Or if they do, they do so slowly. And only if they want to. And only for themselves, not for you.

• But he’s a really good guy. True, he has qualities you like, and he’s certainly not as bad as a lot of other guys.Think about the key qualities that you most value in a partner. If he doesn’t have them now, he never will.

• I’ve tried to break up with him, but he keeps coming back. Um…doesn’t this mean you don’t want to be with him? Here’s the thing: every guy knows exactly what to say and do to get a girl back when she leaves him. Don’t be fooled;

• I hate being alone. So get a dog. Sorry, but if you hate being alone, you should work on that part of yourself, not use a relationship to mask it.

• I’m getting older. And you feel desperate that you’re running out of time. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better, wiser and more conscious, and each passing year makes you better equipped to make the right choice in a partner.

Simple rule of thumb: You know this isn’t the relationship for you if you go back and forth in your mind, tell yourself you just have to get to know him better, or are waiting for him to change just one thing.

If you’re looking for reasons to like him, you don’t … If you don’t know if he’s the one, he’s not … If you aren’t sure if he’s the right guy, he’s the wrong guy.

If any of this rings true for you and your current relationship, don’t waste your time, be proactive rather than passive, run — don’t walk — to the nearest exit, and move on with your life.



This is a little hard to swallow.  Crest is rolling out mint-chocolate-flavored toothpaste!  They call the product “a whole new world of deliciousness for toothbrushes everywhere” that promises to “take your mouth on an exhilarating ride.”  In addition, Crest is also introducing a vanilla mint variety. I bet it will still taste nasty with orange juice! 

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Super/Puppy/Kitten/Fish Bowls. Truffles to die for! and Oh, I'm in love with Bru

6:15- Okay, yesterday was a weird day. Why you ask?

1. It was Groundhog Day and that little jerk Phil, decided what we already pretty much knew, it's going to be winter for another 6 weeks. He told us on the warmest day in our area in weeks.  Then snow was predicted less than 24 hours later. Jerk.

2. We were preparing for snow that arrived early this morning. Bread, milk, toilet paper, eggs, and everyone needed Big Game supplies. YIKES! I heard the grocery stores were a nightmare.

3. Oh yeah, there was the The Big Game. I could care less about the game but wanted to see the commercials. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see as many as I'd hoped. I ended up on the road for the first hour of the game.  The half time show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was nothing short of amazing. So full of energy, talent, fun. There weren't half naked backup dancers, lip syncing stars, it was just high energy, talented peformers. Count me in as Team Bruno...I've said that before a lot but figured it was time to mention it. I think RHCP sounded great but they could have done another song... Suck my Kiss maybe? I mean it's almost Valentine's day!  If you missed the ads like I did, 
WATCH All the superbowl ads

Oh yeah, here's a little Red Hot Chili Peppers for you (yum).

7:15- All this week, you'll get the chance to win and 8 pack of truffles from The Perfect Truffle in Frederick. This morning I chatted with Chef Randy Olmstead. This man makes me blush, the voice, the chocolates, the flavors. Wow! The interview on the air, was taken from a much longer interview. Check it out here! Here is the website for The Perfect Truffle

8:15- Okay, this will be the last of the bowl talk (for the next 10 minutes). :) I knew of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. There really isn't anything cuter. Then, I hear that the Hallmark Channel wanted to get in the action so now they have created the Kitten Bowl! I wish I had known. Then NatGeo channel got into it with the Fish Bowl. Awesome. Here's a review of all of them. Hilarious. Next year, if they do them all, I'll watch them all.  Read a pretty funny review/comparison of these here



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