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Posts from December 2013

So this the last day of the year

6:15- Here are the best and worst of movies of 2013. I wish I saw more movies to have intelligent commentary on this. Here's the list from Time Magazine's Best of Everything list. (love their list each year):



7:15- What types of resolutions are there? How many people succeed? I got all that right here!


7:45- New Years Traditions why do I have to wear colorful undies on New Year's Eve? Find out here.

By the way, I guess that means there's a shopping trip in order before tonight. Ha!

But seriously, I hope whatever you do, that you are safe, you are surrounded by friends and that you revel in the new start of a new year. Let's all have a happy and healthy 2014 shall we? Let's!



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Best Songs of 2013, Men, Women & Smartphones, and Perfect Salon Day

6:15—This week, I'm going to be really original and cover lots of things that were tops in 2013. Like Music, Commercials, trends etc. Today at 6:15. I covered music. I'm surprised that Blurred Lines didn't make it on the list.


Well, at least they’re fiscally responsible.  A survey found that when it comes to smartphone security, men are more concerned about keeping their banking information private than nude photos of other people!  Think about that the next time a guy asks you to send him a racy selfie.  Speaking of which, men are twice as likely as women to have naked pictures of themselves on their phones.  They are also more sheepish about friends and family seeing their internet search history (which makes you wonder what on earth they’ve been searching for).  One thing men and women can agree on when it comes to smartphone privacy is communication- a combined 23% don’t want others snooping in their texts or emails.  Considering all this, it’s a wonder only 16% of people’s smartphones are password-locked.


7:15- What's your ideal salon visit like? We all know what a bad hair day is like.  But according to a poll, the average woman’s ideal salon experience lasts a little over an hour and includes a two-inch trim, a head massage and a cup of tea or coffee (all for around $65).  In a perfect world, women would visit the hair salon every nine weeks, ideally on Saturday afternoons. The survey revealed more than 80% of women enjoy getting their hair done, but while many enjoy gossiping with their stylist about celebrities, relationships and the like during their cut, about 25% prefer silence.

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Last Friday of 2013!!! Friday Toy Memory
I should have called this post Food, Food  Food Food Fooooooood! Seriously, I must be really hungry because just about everything I mentioned today had to do with food. See what I mean (look below)

Exhibit A: 6:15: The popular foods of 2013. I would definitely add to the list: Kale, Quinoa, and squash. At least they are healthy. I spend waaay too much time on Pinterest. Its true. Click here for the foods. Can you say CRO-NUT?


6:45 Check it out, yesterday, I got the cleaning bug. I decided I needed to clean up my space. If you know anything about me, you know that's a little difficult and my house is packed to the brim with stuff. I always joke that I'm one emotional setback from being on an episode of Hoarders. At any rate as I watched TV (and was watching Hoarder's Buried Alive on Discovery Health Channel )


Exhibit B: 7:15- Thank God It’s Friday!  A survey found eight out of 10 people abandon their diet and fitness routines on Fridays in anticipation of the weekend.  The unhealthy choices start early on Fridays, with nearly half of people opting for a fatty, bacon-rich breakfast over a nutritious bowl of oatmeal.  More than 40% are especially tempted by candy and baked goods at the office on Fridays.  Despite normally being fitness-conscious, only 12% of people hit the gym on Fridays.  And by the time happy hour rolls around Friday night, two thirds booze with abandon, paying little attention to how many they’ve knocked back.

7:45- NYE Ressolutions e-cards. These make me laugh so much. THis one couldn't be more true!

8:45- Friday Toy Memory- Hobby Horse-

I saw one over the break at Christmas and realized it's a timeless toy. I didn't realize it dates back to at least the 1500's. Who knew?

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Christmas Eve bloat!
Yep, you read the subject line right. We had our office Christmas party yesterday.  I ate a lot. In fact, I posted on Facebook that "office party=food baby". Well, far be it for me to waste leftovers. I ate the letovers for breakfast this morning and not only am I full, I'm sleepy. Need nap NOW!!!!

Forgive me for the typos and the brevity. Girl has some shopping to get done. 

6:15-  I got a hold of some letters to Santa from kids in our area (that were printed in the Journal). So cute. 

6:45- If you've got kids, you'll want to keep track of Santa tonight. Here's the website where you can do that all night long... this site gives the twitter address, facebook, and tracking site.


Grab your popcorn- a poll revealed the absolute worst movies of 2013, and the Will and Jaden Smith sci-fi apocalypse blockbuster After Earth took first place.  Coming in second was the made-for-TV flick Sharknado, followed by Grown Ups 2, Movie 43, Scary Movie 5, A Good Day to Die Hard, R.I.P.D., Man of Steel and Lone Ranger.

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Pre-holiday brain.
Sorry to say it but I don't think I'm here mentally. I woke up this morning sort of half losing my voice. That's really not good for someone in my line of work. Since it's pre-holiday, I'll blame it on that.

Check this stuff out that I talked about on the WV MoShow today. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa or whatver holiday you celebrate at this time. I'm an equal opportunity joy-wisher!

6:15 5 things you don't want under your tree for Christmas ...socks and ends with Chia pets! 2.


6:45 Best and worst Christmas Letters. Check some of these out. There are some really funny things to be said here.  and here .

7:15 Becky Linton came by to tell us that we did well and that we met our goal for Christmas Cash for Kids. If you'd like to do some end of year giving, you can drop your donation off to City National Bank. The campaign collects all year long but they really have the big push during the holidays. Thank you for all you did to make the campaign a huge success.

8:15 Yeah, people apparently break up during the holidays a lot.

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Getting off the phone, Coffee myths, Gift giving ?'s answered, Incandescent bulb

6:15 I'm notoriously impatient when I'm not interested in talking on the phone...this spoke to me.
It's the holiday season; what does that mean? It means a lot of relatives and people you really don't want to talk to will call you to wish you "happy holidays". Then, they proceed to talk your ear off about things you could care less about (you know, like Aunt Edna's bunions, who in the church died, and who is going through bankruptcy). What I need are some sure fire excuses to get off the phone without being rude or obvious. You'll be surprised at some of the sneaky excuses people use to get off the phone. How do you get off the phone with people? Wanda called and said that she presses the mute button twice and makes it seem like she's getting a call from her 2nd job. Then she gets off the phone quickly. Also, she suggested calling the phone from another line to interrupt the call. Sneaky Wanda, very sneaky!


6:45 I drink coffee just about every morning. I love it but psychologically, I think I need it in the mornings. I love the warmth etc. I just drink a cup and usually never finish it. Well there are tons of myths about coffee that I read and it opened my eyes to what people believe about java. Read on...


A poll of 2,000 adults revealed nearly one in ten mistakenly believe coffee causes cancer! Interestingly, some research suggests coffee may in fact help prevent certain cancers.  The same number of people believe caffeine is the key to weight loss- another belief that lacks hard scientific proof.  The poll also revealed more than a fifth of adults think caffeine is the most dangerous substance in a cup of joe.  In reality, experts say, it’s the sugar and cream that are truly bad for your health.  Figures!

7:15 Do you ever have questions about gift giving during the holidays? I found this great article that went to the Queen of Etiquette Emily Post Etiquette 18th Edition. Sometimes you just need help figuring out what to do with gift giving with some people. Read more here. 



Start hoarding your incandescent light bulbs, because as of January 1, 2014, the government is pulling the plug.  Thanks to 2007 legislation that set minimum efficiency standards for light bulbs, traditional incandescents will soon be phased out and replaced with CFL and LED bulbs.  The looming deadline has many Americans stocking up at stores like Home Depot, whose six-month stockpile is rapidly dwindling.  But contrary to popular belief, 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs won’t be entirely discontinued as of January 1- manufacturers will just be forced to improve them so they draw less wattage.  Consumers will find the newer, energy-efficient bulbs take some getting used to- not only do they give off a different-colored light than traditional bulbs, but they’re also a lot more expensive.  The trade-off, of course, is that they last longer and consume less power.

Friday Toy Memory: Remember when YOU were the remote control for the TV? Yeah, the Old School TV looked a lot like this... But even older TV sets, when you turned the tv set off did this...
Remember that?

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Christmas on Wednesday, Secret Santas, Reduce stress this holiday, Unhealthy hol

6:15 Christmas on a Wednesday sucks for all involved!

6:45 Unhealthiest foods of the season

Naughty: Eggnog
Eggnog is a traditional holiday treat, but downing a few cups could leave you with a belly rivaling Santa’s. One cup packs about 300 calories — not surprising since the main ingredients are milk, sugar, and eggs. Stir in a little alcohol, and the calorie count goes even higher. If you are going to indulge in eggnog, though, don’t make it yourself, warns Ansel. Buy pasteurized, ready-made eggnog to 
avoid potential salmonella poisoning.

Nice: Cranberry Vodka
Try toasting the holiday season with an ounce and a half of cranberry vodka over ice — about 100 calories — instead of a mixed drink. Ansel says to steer clear of cocktails because they have 
so many calorie-filled ingredients that the calories can really add up. If you are the designated driver or just want to skip the alcohol, opt for sparkling water with a twist of lime.

Naughty: Baked Brie
Warm and gooey baked Brie cheese is hard to pass up on a buffet, but keep walking. Consider this: Just two ounces pack 190 calories and 16 grams of fat. Ansel advises politely declining crackers and cheese as well. “Stick with high-protein, low-fat appetizers,” she says. 
Consider eating a low-fat snack before a holiday party, so you’re not starving when you get there and can avoid over-indulging in holiday food.

Nice: Shrimp Cocktail
Here’s a lavish splurge you can savour without guilt. “Shrimp are super-low in calories and high in protein," Ansel says, adding that 10 shrimp are just 50 calories and 9 grams of protein. 
Protein is digested slowlyand will keep you full so you’ll eat less overall and take in fewer calories, she explains. Here’s another smart tip for eating during the holidays: Don’t socialize near the buffet table so you won’t be tempted to nibble constantly as you chat.

Naughty: Dark-Meat Turkey
Turkey is poultry, so it’s low in fat, right? Not if you eat the dark meat. “It’s packed with fat and calories,” says Ansel. Consider this: A 
turkey thigh has 493 calories and 27 grams of fat. “That’s more than you’d get from a slice of pumpkin pie,” Ansel notes. Another tip to avoid overeating and that uncomfortable stuffed feeling is to wait at least 10 minutes before you go back to the holiday buffet for a second helping — after waiting a few minutes, you might even decide to pass on the seconds.

Nice: Ham
A holiday ham is a much leaner option. “It has just 140 calories and 
7 grams of fat per three- ounce serving,” says Ansel. That’s about the size of a tin of Altoids or a deck of cards. However, keep in mind that choosing ham with a pineapple sauce or a sweet glaze could undo your healthy choice. Suggests Ansel, “I’d skip them — they’re probably laden with sugar.”

Naughty: Cranberry Sauce
Reaching for a spoonful (or two) or a thick slice of cranberry sauce to accompany your turkey? While this traditional favourite may sound like a healthy holiday food choice, you should beware of this dish. “Those tart cranberries 
need lots of sugar to sweeten them up,” Ansel explains. Just a quarter-cup of traditional cranberry sauce has 104 calories.

Nice: Unsweetened Applesauce
If you want 
some sweet fruit flavour to liven up your holiday plate, there's a healthier way to get it. Try dumping the cranberry sauce and putting some applesauce next to your turkey (just make sure it’s the unsweetened kind). A quarter-cup weighs in at only 25 calories.

Naughty: Pie
desserts are not created equal,” says Ansel. What’s the worst offender? Delicious, but often decadent, holiday pie. “The crust is loaded with butter or shortening,” she warns. And the worst choice of all is pecan pie — it contains more than 500 calories and 27 grams of fat per slice. And that’s before you add on any ice cream or whipped cream topping.

Nice: Fudge
“Go with 
small, bite-sized chocolate desserts,” advises Ansel. A piece of fudge comes in at 70 calories and a two-inch brownie contains 110 calories. That little shot of sugar might be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of the meal. You don’t have to deprive yourself during the holidays, but remember that just a few smart choices may make the bathroom scale a lot less frightening come New Year’s Day.



7:15 Ways to reduce stress during the holiday season. I thought I found this on the Washington Post but now I can't figure out where I found the article so we'll go with this one instead. Here are some great stressbusters for the holiday season.



Christmas came early for layaway customers at a Walmart in the Dallas suburb of Granbury, Texas. That’s because an anonymous donor walked into the store Sunday and paid off everyoutstanding layaway account.  "It's awesome," store manager Craig Rowland told ABC. "It's very touching to our associates and to the people in the community." The generous Santa shelled out $2,000 to pay off 21 separate accounts.  And the good deed brought joy to more than just those whose bills were paid. "As soon as she paid the layaways off, our associates back in layaway were able to call the customers and let them know, 'Hey, your layaway has been paid for by a Good Samaritan, a secret Santa,’” said Rowland. “That was pretty rewarding for them to be able to do that.” It’s also sparked other acts of generosity. One woman whose bill was covered plans to use her good fortune to help others. "She's going to take what she thought was her balance and pay it forward to another layaway," Rowland added.  "Though, obviously we don't have any more layaways right now."  

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VIral Christmas Card, Mega Millions, 12 Days of Christmas...animals, That kid is

6:15 Viral Video.

Here's the video:

Check out this parody of Will Smith's "Miami" posted by this camera-ready foursome from Raleigh, N.C. on YouTube last week! This fun frolic to catch up the family and friends of Penn, Kim, Lola and Penn Jr. through a 2013 rap has already racked almost 7million views! 

6:45 Mega Millions- I didn't win. I decided to try and figure out if I even won the 500 bucks. Um, NOPE! I had to consult this to figure out if I did in fact win or what. Later Laura called and asked if there is any

7:15 Dissecting the 12 days of Christmas song. If you took the names of some of the birds and other animals named, you'd have a name for the group. Check out the names on these sites:


I can totally see a group of owls would be known as a “parliament of owls”. Awesome! I have completely spiraled on this topic this morning!

7:45 Laura called and wanted to know if we have the info on how many lottery winners are randomly chosen numbers or are numbers they play over and over.  Anyone? Bueller?


Someone’s getting coal this year! An 11-year-old Ohio boy was arrested over the weekend for punching his grandmother when she refused to buy him a toy! The bratty child was busted by police after a witness called 911 to report the assault in the toy aisle of Rose’s Store. The grandma, 60-year-old Barbara Weeks, told cops the boy socked her in the nose after she told him he wouldn’t be getting the toy and he even tried to land a second punch, but she fled. The boy was charged with domestic violence and transported to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center. He’s definitely on Santa’s naughty list. (lesson learned kid?)

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Shopping Science, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Lost n Founds, Anti Bac...Back it up

6:15- The science of the late shopper. If you wait until the very last minute, studies now show that you can't focus very well on any one person's gift, you're too overwhelmed to anyone justice. This is why you shouldn’t leave all your holiday shopping to the very last minute (…unless you already did).  Research found that when you shop for multiple people at once, it negatively affects your gift-choosing judgment, making you preoccupied with choosing unique gifts for each person rather than items they’d really love.  Basically, there’s nothing wrong with getting the same gift for everyone…as long as it’s a really good gift (i.e. not socks). Oh vey...that's me isn't it?


6:45 The list of inductees into the Rock N Roll hall of fame have been announced, I'm most stoked about:
-Hall & Oates
-Peter Gabriel

See the rest of the inductees here:


7:15 It's a hustle-y bustle-y kind of season and it's the season of giving…and leaving behind, apparently. The lost and found boxes at malls, gyms and airports always seem to overflow around this time of year. Certain places in Syracuse, New York recently took inventory. Just in the month of November, lost items at the ShoppingTown mall included an Avengers movie puzzle, a new leather bag, one tube of hair dye and bike helmets. At a local Gold’s Gym, the lost array of forgotten things included Axe body spray, one gray Ugg boot, a container full of Designer Whey strawberry-flavored protein powder and an inhaler. And at the shopping center Destiny USA, people seemed to have left behind some very important things. Wedding rings and engagement rings were among the lost-and-found haul! Here’s hoping Santa brings these people some replacements! Click here for the full story.



7:45- The office drama that wasn't. I tried to get something going with the mac n cheese debate of 2013 but nothing happened. People aren't interested in that kind of drama in this office. :(

8:15 I have never bought into the whole antibacterial thing. Whether it's the pumps of goo that everyone has everywhere or the actual soap. Now comes word that the FDA is making companies back up their claims that their antibacterial products are going to help you fight a cold or whatever...I say GOOD! I've always felt it was just another way to package up some soap and sell it to us and make us feel like it was better than regular soap. Read this:



The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that some antibacterial soaps may not be effective at killing germs and may actually pose more health risks. The agency is proposing a new rule to further regulate antibacterial hand soaps and body washes. Manufacturers of these products will be required to prove that their items are generally safe for long-term use and are effective at preventing disease. Only then will those products be allowed on the market. The ruling refers to antibacterial products that need to be combined with water to work, which typically contain the compounds triclosan and triclocarban. Animals studies have shown that overuse of the products have caused hormonal problems, including infertility and early puberty. 

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Yahoo's Top Searches of 2013, TV show endings, Things that are dangerous for pet

6:15's Top searches of 2013. Carolyn Clark, joined me with the story. So fascinating how many lists they have. There were definitely some surprises, Duck Dynasty? Okay. Check out this hilarious video from Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchorman! By the way, check out all the lists here:


6:45 When your favorite TV shows end, do you find that you're sort of in a “mourning period”? You're not alone! Researchers studied people for 10 years and found that people eel a genuine sense of loss after their favorite TV shows go off the air. Read more here. Personally, I'm having meltdowns thinking about the fact that ABC's Scandal won't be back until Feb...what am I gonna do?

7:15 Yikes! This time of year can be dangerous for animals because of all the stuff we leave sitting around that they might eat. For instance, Pointsettias can be dangerous for Fido or Fluffy. Here's a list of 26 items that can be pretty dangerous for both cats and dogs.

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Lottery Winners, Vino no-nos, Healthiest states, Friday Toy Memory


Here’s hoping someday you’re actually lucky enough to need this advice.  When you hit it big in the lottery- as someone in South Carolina did recently, by winning the $400 million Powerball jackpot- there are a few things you should know.  First, sign your winning ticket and make copies of it in case it gets lost.  And to prevent that from happening, keep the original ticket in a safe-deposit box.  It’s highly recommended that you stay anonymous, to prevent unwanted attention from the media (and greedy long-lost family members, vengeful exes and bitter coworkers).  If you have to give your name, do yourself a favor and make sure your phone number is unlisted.  In the three-month grace period you get in most states before you have to come forward and claim your prize, round up a team of experts, including a lawyer, an accountant and a financial planner, to help you navigate the process.  Financial pros usually advise taking the single lump sum instead of opting for annual allotments of cash.  Now for the fun part: as for how you should actually spend your dough, consider donating to a charity, which is not only a nice thing to do, but will also reduce your taxes.  You should also take this golden opportunity to pay off any outstanding debts…and resist the urge to splurge on a yacht, private jet, crystal-encrusted toilet etc.


You mean, I can't store my red wine in front of the radiator? Oops!!!

7:15 -America’s Health Rankings just released their list of the healthiest states in the country.  States were ranked based on lifestyle and environmental factors like obesity, smoking, physical activity, diet, clinical care, poverty and premature death.  Overall, health in America seems to be slowly improving, except in the area of sexual health- STDs are on the rise.  Here are the top 10 healthiest states: Dude. I'm kinda bummed that NONE of the 4 states in our region made the top ten. What up with that!?

1. Hawaii
2. Vermont
3. Minnesota
4. Massachusetts
5. New Hampshire
6. Utah
7. Connecticut
8. Colorado
9. North Dakota
10. New Jersey


8:15- Everybody knows a girl that sounds like that valley girl from the 80's. Why they still talk that I'll never know but it's very popular. Now, linguists are saying that this style of speaking “uptalk” is spreading all across the country.


What’s up with this?  Linguistics experts say “uptalk” is spreading to other demographic groups…including guys!  That’s right- it’s not just a Valley girl thing anymore.  The “uptalk” speech pattern is characterized by a rise in pitch at the end of a sentence that isn’t a question.  Linguists say the trend, which until now was more prevalent among young women from Southern California, appears to be spreading throughout all members of the younger generations from the area. (truth be told, I have a friend that speaks like this all the time and it drives me nuts)

Friday Toy Memory: Swanson  TV Dinners!!!! yay!
I used to love the little foil trays with the sections in them. I can almost taste the funky turkey and the gravy right now!  YUM! There's a whole lot of info on them...if you dare! :)

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How much to tip, and Bad Toys!
I'm gonna make it short today. Having 2 days off, my brain is off and I still have tons to do.

6:15- Do you stress when you think about what to give for gifts at the end of the year to your hairdresser, newspaper delivery person, or FedEx guy? I've got you covered--thanks to Martha Stewart.




Here’s something that shouldn’t be on your holiday shopping list- the iPotty by CTA Digital, a training toilet with an attached iPad stand.  It won the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood’s TOADY Award for Worst Toy of the Year (TOADY stands for Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young children).  Forty-five percent of people voted for the iPotty, saying it distracts children during toilet training and “reinforces unhealthy overuse of digital media.”  Runners-up included Monopoly Empire, which features advertisements, and a Play-Doh app.
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Living room church The Christmas Experience--weather driving day
6:15- So this morning, I had the interview with Beth, Mary Beth, and Jordan  from the Living Room Church. This is the 6th year for The Christmas Experience. Find out more here and listen to Danielle later today to win tickets.

Here's the trailer for the show.

"LIGHT" trailer - A Christmas Experience 2013 from The Living Room on Vimeo.

7:15- I talked about being really sleepy.

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Bad movie remakes ,Landau tickets, Salt over the shoulder,

6:15—The Sound of Music is coming on tonight with Carrie Underwood doing the lead role. The best part is that it will be broadcast LIVE!!!! So there are a couple of things. I think it's great for her to take on a role that shows that shes' versatile.


Also in the Herald Mail this morning, there's a guy from Hagerstown that will be part of the group of performers involved in the production tonight. Neat.


Finally, since this is sort of a remake, I talked about bad remakes that should have never been made. Like Jaws II, Anything Police Academy after the first two installments, Same goes for Rocky...and another 30 or so are on this list. I agree! Click here to see the full list!


6:45 Gave away tickets to see Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. in Berkeley Springs next Wednesday at the Star Theatre. I'll have more tickets and his new CD “Christmas Made for Two”


7:15 I was just getting coffee and spilled a bit of salt on the counter. Then I realized that is thought to be bad luck. So then I had to immediately come into the studio to research why we do things like throw salt over our shoulder when we spill it. I didn't realize a lot of these superstitions have religious background. Makes sense though.

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Top Toys, Men DO have selective hearing, and Christmas Cash 4 Kids

6:15 I'm sure you've already spoken with Santa about this but...Here's a list of some of the hottest toys this year according to Toys R Us. The Fabulous 15
BTW, What's a Squinkies?

I have also heard tell that Furbys are back! Greeeeaaat!


6:45- There is such thing as selective hearing!!!! Ladies, let's just chalk this one up to VALIDATION!!!!!!

A new study confirms what most women already know- selective hearing is a real thing, and men do indeed suffer from it.  What may come as a shock is that women do too!  In the study, researchers made a list of words thought to be more relevant to men (like ‘beer’ and ‘football’) and women (like ‘shopping’ and ‘chocolate’).  When they read the list out loud to 80 participants, men correctly recalled more “male” words than “female” words, while the opposite was true for women.  No wonder your husband always forgets to fold the laundry but remembers poker night.

7:15 I chatted with Becky Linton From Christmas Cash for Kids. She told us where we are in the campaign and talked about some of the exciting giving opportunities like the children's day at Living Room Church this Sunday. Today, I'll be at the Shepherdstown Rd ROCS from 11am-1pm. Danielle will be at the Kelly Island Road ROCS from 3pm-5pm. Stop by to make a donation and help the kids!

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Drone gift delivery, holiday shopping was up, What are kids doing on those phone

6:15- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now thinking about having your Christmas packages dropped off to your house....wait for it.................. via drone. I'm not kidding. The video is contained in this article. Cray. Read more here:

Here's a video demo:


6:45- Did you get your Black Friday Shop-a-thon on? If so, you weren't alone (duh) and you did your part to boost the economy- 

Holiday Weekend shopping a success.  

Looks like a lot of us worked off our Thanksgiving dinners by doing laps around the mall.  Forty-five million people went shopping last Thursday, an increase of nearly 30% over last year.  But even the best Thanksgiving Day deals couldn’t beat Black Friday, which saw 92 million Americans hitting the stores.  Overall, more than 140 million people were expected to seek out deals during the holiday weekend, up from 139 million in 2012.  Many waited until yesterday to start crossing off their holiday lists.  A projected 131 million took advantage of Cyber Mondaydeals from various online retailers.  But despite the countless sales and promotions, experts say spending during the holiday weekend actually declined around 3% this year, possibly because many sales started as early as last Monday.

7:15 New Poll-- What is it that kids are doing on their cell phones? THIS!

If you guessed texting, you’d be right.  A poll asked U.S. internet users between the ages of 13 and 17 about the mobile activities they engaged in during the last month, and texting came out on top at 87%.  The second most popular activity was playing mobile or online games, which 82% of teens have done in the last 30 days.  Other popular digital activities include…

-Emailing (81%)
-Using social networking sites (81%)
-Instant messaging (71%)
-Posting on Instagram (42%)
-Using Twitter (35%)
-Using Snapchat (32%)
-Using Tumblr (28%)

Here's the link to the study:


8:15 I'm not a big fan of that song “The Christmas Shoes”. If you've never heard it, here's the video for it below. As you can see, it's totally designed to have you crying your eyes out like a baby. I'd rather not thanks! I understand that it makes me sound like a heartless Grinch but that's me, I'm not into being made to cry. So when I saw this humorous blog post about how to avoid the song, I had to laugh and post it. Check it out. Judging from the responses on Facebook, others feel the same way and that is AWESOME! I feel so validated. Here's the blog:

Here's the dreadful video:

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Dieting Tips from Shape Mag, Cyber Monday
It's good to be back to the old  grind huh? Well, I know I enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday. Hope you did too. 

6:15- We all know it's holiday season and people tend to overdo it and gain weight. Enter Bahar Takhtehchian, Editor-At-Large, at Shape magazine. We chatted this morning about weight loss tips and decoding myths this holiday season. Here's the interview: 

Today is Cyber you get lots of your presents online? You might want to...

6:15-Bahar Takhtehchian, Editor-at-large, at Shape magazine called and we discussed Decoding diet trends and increasing healthy habits during the holiday season. Great stuff



6:45 C$4K


7:15 Cyber Monday Tips and tricks. So many little time!

  • Stick to shopping on trustworthy websites. Tempting deals from obscure websites might be a scam in disguise.

  • Protect your personal information. Read the site's privacy policy to understand how it will be used. If one isn't posted, it is a red flag that personal information may be sold to others without permission.

  • Use a credit card. Under federal law, charges may be disputed if an item is not received.

  • Confirm your online purchase is secure. On pages where you will enter a password, credit card or other personal information, look for the "s" in "https://" and in the lower-right corner for the "lock" symbol.

  • Understand the return policy.

  • Know your rights. Federal law requires that orders made by mail, phone or online be shipped by the date promised or, if no delivery time was stated, within 30 days.

  • Check your credit statement frequently. By the time the bill comes in the following month, a thief may have burned through your limit.

  • Beware of phishing (soliciting personal information through electronic communication). Legitimate businesses do not send emails claiming problems with an order or an account to lure a buyer into revealing financial information.

  • Protect your computer. Make sure your computer has the most recent updates for spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a secure firewall.

Anyone with questions or concerns about holiday scams can contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555, or to file a complaint online.


Here's another Cyber Monday bunch of tips...Some shoppers opt to forgo Black Friday shopping and do Cyber Monday online shopping instead. Others prefer to avoid online shopping altogether.

Whatever you choose to do this week, make sure you’re informed.

Here are several things to keep in mind before clicking the “buy” button for a bargain. The holidays are big business for retailers and for thieves.

READ THE FINE PRINT – It’s important to read the terms of service so that you don’t get hit with extra fees or charged for subscriptions you signed up for inadvertently.

BE VERY CAREFUL OF PUBLIC WIFI – Make sure the internet connection is secure. You want to avoid getting hacked which can lead to identity theft.

USE APPS – It is a quick way to find sales and promotion codes for your favorites stores. One app called Slice will let you know when prices drop by sending you an alert. You can also track shipping with this app.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR FREE SHIPPING – This goes without saying. If you’ve got a great deal, you don’t want shipping fees to make the purchase equivalent to buying it in the store. has free shipping codes.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Inspect the item you want to buy (in the store) before you buy it online. It may help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

After you make an online transaction, check and double check your billing statements to make sure you were charged the correct amount.

For other tips click here:

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8:15 My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...$500 milkshake? C'mon man!

A MILKSHAKE WITH BLING THAT COSTS $500 _ In Hollywood, a chic new cocktail bar called The Powder Room is advertising its $500 milkshake. Although the recipe has yet to be refined, this milkshake will contain edible gold leaf, "the finest" Belgian chocolates, and a $190 Swarovski Nirvana Mountain Ring mixed in with an assortment of liquors. The ring can be taken home after consuming the drink, and is perfect for "a bachelorette party or a special occasion."

Read more about it here:


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