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Halloween-y 2013
The first part of the show, I had some techinical difficulties.

I did however end up airing the interview with Ghost Tour Host Rick Garland at 6:45. Check it out here:

During the 7:00am hour, I had my special guests Christian Lopez and Chelsea McBee. They sang, we laughed and talked about Halloween costumes. More importantly, we talked about the very cool show they will be doing on Saturday at the Bright Box Theatre in Winchester. Get your tickets here.

During the 8am hour. I found this really funny video that Crest put out for Halloween. Ha!
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Halloween this that and the other

I got nothing. I said some stuff, played some music and gave away some tickets to see Christian Lopez and Joe Taxi as well as Chelsea McBee in Winchester. Other wise, I was a little slacky this morning. Here's what I discussed on the show.

6:15- Halloween Candy hierarchy. You know you don't want to receive pennies, pencils, hugs, those nasty peanut marshmallows or whoppers candies for Halloween. This chart ranks the best and the worst. The person who created this might need a life. Just sayin.

Also, here are some costumes that are related to tv shows that are pretty funny.


6 45- Halloween Candy Buy Back. Don't eat all that sugary goodness. Take it to a participating dentist and have them donate it to the troops. You'll even get a goodie bag too!


7:15 –Freebies for Halloween 

Did you know that a bunch of restaurants are starting to offer freebies or money off their products for Halloween? Kind of like they do for 4th of July and Veterans day. This story give some great Halloween Freebies !

This is what's up for Halloween tonight.

Hancock Halloween Parade

October 30th at 7:30pm. This parade will feature area bands, Halloween floats, antique autos and costumed marchers of all ages. In case of rain it will be held on Oct 31st


Shep-or-Treat event to be held

SHEPHERDSTOWN - Shepherd University will host its 13th annual Shep-or-Treat from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 30. All faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to bring their children (ages 14 and under) for a fun night of festivities in the residence halls, Student Center, Dining Hall, Scarborough Library, and Wellness Center.

Before the Shep-or-Treat festivities begin, Shepherd's Dining Services will be hosting a spooktacular kid-friendly all-you-can-eat dinner from 4:30 to 8 p.m. The dinner is $7 for adults and $3 for kids ages 3-7.

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Monday on a Tuesday
This morning started off rough. You would think I would have been good but noooo. I got a lot of sleep and still felt sleepy! Another try tonight, I guess.

6:15- I was asking what costumes you saw that you liked OR what your favorite costume has been that you've seen or made?
I saw a bag of Eminems (like a plastic bag with a bunch of pictures of the rapper attached to funny).

I also so saw this. Get it? Black Eyed Peas!

6:45- The World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest is coming up this weekend in Delaware. Anyone up for it? Here's the official page.

Here are some folks chunkin in action. Wow.

7:15 I discussed the Breast Cancer Myths that are out there. Here's the link to National Breast

8:15- I discovered that Macy's will be open on Thanksgiving. It's the latest department store to do so.
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Candy Chat, Rude Bride!
Brrr...It was super cold when I got up this morning. I had to scrape the windshield a little and that didn't make me happy for a Monday. Not gonna lie, the first few minutes of MOnday,  I was bitter. Now I've downed a cup of joe and I'm happy. Here's what was on the show today:

6:15- Candy is notoriously bad for you. Here are some of the worst according to Womans Day Magazine. (kill joys!)

7:15- Bridezilla says "I shelled out so much for my wedding reception per person, you owe me"!
The boildown:

This greedy bride bride basically tried to guilt her friend into giving a wedding gift because no one should attend her wedding for free (and also her baby shower)!!! The nerve of some people! The guest (and now former friend), who had lost her job right before the wedding, wasn't able to give a gift then, but said she would make up for it. She was so appalled by the bride's attitude after the wedding, she wrote this letter tearing the bride to shreds, and gave her a penny as a gift! 
I say Bravo!

There's more in the story including back and forth texts

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Halloween apps, Dogs can improve your health, Heartwarming story, Friday Toy Mem
Oh Friday, it takes you too long to get here every week!  Here's some of the stuff I talked about on the show today.

6:15- Interview with Microsoft Product Manager Galileo Vieri. He talked about a bunch of apps for Halloween. Awesome. Even more awesome if you have the Microsoft windows phone. You can get all of these. I'll just list a bunch and you can look them up either online or on your phone.


Pepperplate -


Pumpkin Carving-



Spooky sounds-



6:45- Vote for Coach Kevin Lynott-- In the USA TODAY contest for America's Best High School Football Coach, our own Kevin Lynott is in 2nd place, trailing by 4% of the vote.  

Please help this talented and deserving coach win this national title!


Vote now and vote as often as you like:
Coach Lynott is Letter D in the contest.  The code is provided on screen, and will change with each time you vote.


Voting runs until noon on Tuesday, October 29. The champion is crowned based on most votes in the final round.


7:15-- It's true, dog owners get a lot of benefits from it--such as they are more social and can be happier. Check out the many benefits: While you're reading that...Listen to a little Atomic Dog!

8:15- I read this heartwarming story and it made me tear up.

(AP) — The wedding is off, but the party is still on. Michelle Marxen says she was planning her dream wedding for October 19. Everything was set from the limos to the band. But her fiance called to say he didn't want to marry her. It was too late to cancel the contracts, so Marxen is donating her reception to Creative Care for Reaching Independence. It's an organization that helps people with disabilities in Moorhead, Minnesota. Marxen tells WDAY-TV instead of a wedding reception she'll be hosting a Halloween party for the group. More here.


Friday Toy Memory is Bobbing for Apples. I was a champ at this! Seriously. Now in hindsight, maybe it's a little germy and why did we think this was a good idea to let a bunch of kids icky germy kids stick their faces into a vat of water to try for apples. Ew.

Here's a 2013 alternative from a mom.

or use chopsticks.
Photo: Friday Toy Memory is Bobbing for Apples. I was a champ at this! Seriously.  Now in hindsight, maybe it's a little germy and why did we think this was a good idea to let a bunch of kids icky germy kids stick their faces into a vat of water to try for apples. Ew. 

Here's a 2013 alternative from a mom.
or use chopsticks.


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