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Hi, I'm Rona...and I'm pretty random. I blurt out things that come to mind. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Tune in to find out what I mean. Drop me a line at!

Posts from October 2013

Halloween-y 2013
The first part of the show, I had some techinical difficulties.

I did however end up airing the interview with Ghost Tour Host Rick Garland at 6:45. Check it out here:

During the 7:00am hour, I had my special guests Christian Lopez and Chelsea McBee. They sang, we laughed and talked about Halloween costumes. More importantly, we talked about the very cool show they will be doing on Saturday at the Bright Box Theatre in Winchester. Get your tickets here.

During the 8am hour. I found this really funny video that Crest put out for Halloween. Ha!
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Halloween this that and the other

I got nothing. I said some stuff, played some music and gave away some tickets to see Christian Lopez and Joe Taxi as well as Chelsea McBee in Winchester. Other wise, I was a little slacky this morning. Here's what I discussed on the show.

6:15- Halloween Candy hierarchy. You know you don't want to receive pennies, pencils, hugs, those nasty peanut marshmallows or whoppers candies for Halloween. This chart ranks the best and the worst. The person who created this might need a life. Just sayin.

Also, here are some costumes that are related to tv shows that are pretty funny.


6 45- Halloween Candy Buy Back. Don't eat all that sugary goodness. Take it to a participating dentist and have them donate it to the troops. You'll even get a goodie bag too!


7:15 –Freebies for Halloween 

Did you know that a bunch of restaurants are starting to offer freebies or money off their products for Halloween? Kind of like they do for 4th of July and Veterans day. This story give some great Halloween Freebies !

This is what's up for Halloween tonight.

Hancock Halloween Parade

October 30th at 7:30pm. This parade will feature area bands, Halloween floats, antique autos and costumed marchers of all ages. In case of rain it will be held on Oct 31st


Shep-or-Treat event to be held

SHEPHERDSTOWN - Shepherd University will host its 13th annual Shep-or-Treat from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 30. All faculty, staff, and community members are encouraged to bring their children (ages 14 and under) for a fun night of festivities in the residence halls, Student Center, Dining Hall, Scarborough Library, and Wellness Center.

Before the Shep-or-Treat festivities begin, Shepherd's Dining Services will be hosting a spooktacular kid-friendly all-you-can-eat dinner from 4:30 to 8 p.m. The dinner is $7 for adults and $3 for kids ages 3-7.

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Monday on a Tuesday
This morning started off rough. You would think I would have been good but noooo. I got a lot of sleep and still felt sleepy! Another try tonight, I guess.

6:15- I was asking what costumes you saw that you liked OR what your favorite costume has been that you've seen or made?
I saw a bag of Eminems (like a plastic bag with a bunch of pictures of the rapper attached to funny).

I also so saw this. Get it? Black Eyed Peas!

6:45- The World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest is coming up this weekend in Delaware. Anyone up for it? Here's the official page.

Here are some folks chunkin in action. Wow.

7:15 I discussed the Breast Cancer Myths that are out there. Here's the link to National Breast

8:15- I discovered that Macy's will be open on Thanksgiving. It's the latest department store to do so.
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Candy Chat, Rude Bride!
Brrr...It was super cold when I got up this morning. I had to scrape the windshield a little and that didn't make me happy for a Monday. Not gonna lie, the first few minutes of MOnday,  I was bitter. Now I've downed a cup of joe and I'm happy. Here's what was on the show today:

6:15- Candy is notoriously bad for you. Here are some of the worst according to Womans Day Magazine. (kill joys!)

7:15- Bridezilla says "I shelled out so much for my wedding reception per person, you owe me"!
The boildown:

This greedy bride bride basically tried to guilt her friend into giving a wedding gift because no one should attend her wedding for free (and also her baby shower)!!! The nerve of some people! The guest (and now former friend), who had lost her job right before the wedding, wasn't able to give a gift then, but said she would make up for it. She was so appalled by the bride's attitude after the wedding, she wrote this letter tearing the bride to shreds, and gave her a penny as a gift! 
I say Bravo!

There's more in the story including back and forth texts

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Halloween apps, Dogs can improve your health, Heartwarming story, Friday Toy Mem
Oh Friday, it takes you too long to get here every week!  Here's some of the stuff I talked about on the show today.

6:15- Interview with Microsoft Product Manager Galileo Vieri. He talked about a bunch of apps for Halloween. Awesome. Even more awesome if you have the Microsoft windows phone. You can get all of these. I'll just list a bunch and you can look them up either online or on your phone.


Pepperplate -


Pumpkin Carving-



Spooky sounds-



6:45- Vote for Coach Kevin Lynott-- In the USA TODAY contest for America's Best High School Football Coach, our own Kevin Lynott is in 2nd place, trailing by 4% of the vote.  

Please help this talented and deserving coach win this national title!


Vote now and vote as often as you like:
Coach Lynott is Letter D in the contest.  The code is provided on screen, and will change with each time you vote.


Voting runs until noon on Tuesday, October 29. The champion is crowned based on most votes in the final round.


7:15-- It's true, dog owners get a lot of benefits from it--such as they are more social and can be happier. Check out the many benefits: While you're reading that...Listen to a little Atomic Dog!

8:15- I read this heartwarming story and it made me tear up.

(AP) — The wedding is off, but the party is still on. Michelle Marxen says she was planning her dream wedding for October 19. Everything was set from the limos to the band. But her fiance called to say he didn't want to marry her. It was too late to cancel the contracts, so Marxen is donating her reception to Creative Care for Reaching Independence. It's an organization that helps people with disabilities in Moorhead, Minnesota. Marxen tells WDAY-TV instead of a wedding reception she'll be hosting a Halloween party for the group. More here.


Friday Toy Memory is Bobbing for Apples. I was a champ at this! Seriously. Now in hindsight, maybe it's a little germy and why did we think this was a good idea to let a bunch of kids icky germy kids stick their faces into a vat of water to try for apples. Ew.

Here's a 2013 alternative from a mom.

or use chopsticks.
Photo: Friday Toy Memory is Bobbing for Apples. I was a champ at this! Seriously.  Now in hindsight, maybe it's a little germy and why did we think this was a good idea to let a bunch of kids icky germy kids stick their faces into a vat of water to try for apples. Ew. 

Here's a 2013 alternative from a mom.
or use chopsticks.


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Where to live--by mood, What was your "go-to" album? Unknown Ghostubusters Facts
So this morning, was truly cold and I felt like this was the first time I felt like...winter's a-coming. I obsess over weather if you hadn't figured that out before.  Here's what I covered on the show today.

6:15-Where should you live in this country? A bunch of scientists came up with some quick questions to help you find out (according to moods). Yeah, it's weird, it said I should live in 1. Illinois. 2. Utah. Um No.

Take the quiz and see where you should be living.

7:15- What was that one album that you played over and over and over again? Mine was Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
Brian checked in with  "Back in Black" from AC/DC  and Earth Wind and Fire's  "All n All"  below...

8:15--I bet you didn't know this jazz about the movie Ghostbusters...

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Wednesday, Tech Free zones, Woolly caterpiller weather predictor?
Today was full of techincal difficulties and I was pretty sleepy. I  was dealing with allergies last night and took something for it, I was pretty groggy this morning. Love when that happens! These are definitely the times I really miss Hans!

Here's what we chatted about on the show:

6:15- Tech free zones?

Imagine you go to a dinner party and the hosts collect everyone's smartphones/devices into a fishbowl so you can't be hold up in a corner looking at your phone all night? It's happening...for real?

One person in this article says she and her friends "phone stack" where everyone places their phones at the center of the table at the beginning of a meal at a restaurant and the first person to pick up their phone, has to buy the meal! Hmmm. That's an interesting way to get a free meal out of your friends!

Read more

7:15- A friend of mine posted a picture of one of those woolly caterpillers on Facebook and she said something about it meaning we'll have a mild winter. According to the experts, that could be wrong (or not). Read more here.


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Coffee's making us fat! BC prevention
Well hello there! Is anyone else dealing with allergies all of a sudden? Last night, I was in yoga class and our instructor asked us to do something like this:

Let's just say, it got messy because of my allergies. Ew. 

Moving on. What I covered on the show today.  I'm bitter because I put some really cute things on the blog and LOST IT!!!!! ARGH!


When you get up in the am, do you drink those crazy gourmet coffee drinks with the extra shot of syrup, the caramel drizzled on top, and the whip cream? Yeah, youre drinking half of your daily calories (for a 2,000 calorie diet).

According to the latest buzz on coffee consumption, more than 80% of Americans drink the stuff- a 5% increase over last year.  But only half of regular coffee drinkers get their fix from a regular cup of joe, while more than 30% opt for specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and blended beverages, which tend to be much higher in fat, calories and sugar.  While a brewed coffee with cream and sugar only has about 75 calories, the typical specialty drink has at least 240 and sometimes more.  For instance, a Dunkin’ Donuts frozen coffee drink with all the fixings can set you back more than a thousand calories and a week’s worth of saturated fat!  If you simply can’t trade your daily caramel-vanilla extra-foam latte for a cup of black coffee, consider choosing low- or nonfat milk and sugar-free syrups.By the way, who knew there was a National Coffee Association National Coffee Drinking Trends report? Evidently there is.

7:15- It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wanted to share some commonly held prevention tips from Mayo Clinic. Now, y'all know I'm no doctor but it seems to me that these are general health tips anyway. Read more here. Stay healthy my friends.

8:15- I'm super tired this morning because I stayed up waaaay past my beddy bye time last night watching "Crazy Sexy Cool", the biopic about TLC. The actresses looked a lot like the characters they were portraying. It was crazy. I really liked it. Here's a review from a person who sorta liked it.
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Monday Monday!
Hi there! I had a busy weekend so it's kinda nice to get back to work and get some structure in my day. ;)

Here's what I talked about on the show this morning.

6:15- I gave my little recap of the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival parade. What a blast! Check out our Facebook page for the pictures!

7:15- Do you rise and shine and immediately check your e-mail? You're not alone! A new study says about 84% people do just that!

When did we become that society that a good morning  grumble was replaced with liking things on Facebook or other social media on our smartphones? Who am I kidding? I know I'm guilty of it every day!  Look at this

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Scary TV, Fashion Dislikes, Friday Toy Memory
Woo-Hoo! We made it to Friday and I (for one) am very much looking forward to the parade tomorrow.  Look  for me in the Lite 97.5 van! 

Today on the show: 

6:15- Interview with Lori Settle- Destination American on Discovery Channel. New show “When Ghosts Attack” will be shown on Sunday, October 20th at 10:00pm.  On the air, I only played a short exerpt from the interview. Warning: Scary and creepy content and not for young ears or those who are easily frightened. Full interview below.

6:45- I got to meet Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits last night. What a sweetheart! Head over to our facebook page ( to see the picture. 

Everybody’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man…but no one likes a guy in Crocs.  According to a poll, women are more likely than men to judge the opposite sex based on their outfit, and less likely to go out with someone who’s badly dressed.  On the other hand, men are more likely to break up with someone whose style they aren’t feeling.  So how do you dress to impress?  Check out the top hated looks.

8:15  Friday Toy Memory: Punky Brewster. Remember her? It was such a heartwarming show with the cute kid and her dog with the grouchy old man who takes her in.  Also, just to make you feel old, Soleil Moon Frye who played Punky... is now 37 years old. Geezin over here!  Here's the opening theme.


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Dumb facebook posts, Oreos are addictive as crack
This morning I walked into the building, made myself some coffee...and then proceeded to spill it all over the counter. The filter wasn't correctly into maker so I made quite the mess. :(  I cleaned it up before I could get a picture. Believe me, it sucked!

6:15- According to a study, people really don't want to read/see stupid posts on Facebook like "Getting my hair done" or "Found a great parking spot" or even selfies (the pictures you take of yourself).

 Believe it or not, excessive hashtag usage isn’t the most annoying internet behavior.  A surveyfound that boring Facebook status updates are the number-one most irritating thing you can do online, with almost four out of 10 people saying it drives them crazy.  Selfie-sharing came in second, with nearly a quarter of people saying they’ve had enough of this social media narcissism.  Other widely-hated tech habits include Facebook-stalking exes, smartphone food photography and people who record concerts with their phones instead of watching.  Can we add “live-tweeting TV shows?”

Read what survey respondents had to say here.



Cookie cravings are more serious than we thought! Researchers at Connecticut College have found evidence that Oreo cookies are as addictive as cocaine – for lab rats, at least. The study was initially designed to find the impact of high-fat and high-sugar foods in low-income neighborhoods. Researchers discovered that when rats were placed in a maze with rice cakes and Oreos, they would always gravitate towards the Oreos. The results were almost identical to a similar study in which rats were either given a shot of cocaine or morphine on one side of the maze or a shot of saline on the other. The rats always picked the “drug” side of the maze. It was also found that the Oreos “activated significantly more neurons than cocaine or morphine” in the rats. Junk food is a powerful drug!

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Yesterday and today's blog post
Yesterday: 10-15-13

6:15- Nothing. I was having serious techinical difficulties

6:45- Does Fido or Fifi seem to chow down when he/she is a little blue? It might be that your pet is an emotional eater. Yep, it's a thing.  ANIMALS MAY EAT THEIR FEELINGS, TOO 

You’re upset. So what do you do? Reach for the Rocky Road ice cream of course. Well it seems your pet may be doing the same thing. A new study says dogs and cats may be “emotional eaters.” Which means if your pet has put on some pounds it could be because they’ve been through a traumatic or emotional event. The study claims the obesity rate is as much as 25 per cent in cats, and 45 per cent in dogs. And putting pets on a diet could make them even more unhappy because you’re taking away their “coping mechanism.” But unlike humans, who tend toward high calorie comfort foods like chocolate, animals will go on a binge even if the only food offered is their usual pet chow.

7:15- This woman's blog is called "Cancer in my thirties". She has a perspective on the "pinkifiying" of everything during October. She also has some heartfelt commentary about "No Bra Day"--which was observed last Saturday. I say RIGHT ON!!!! Read the full post here. Might make you think.

8:15- Ooops. :(


Now this is what we call an ungodly error. The Vatican recently issued a medal commemorating Pope Francis’ first year, and somehow spelled the son of God’s name wrong. The medals feature a Latin phrase that Francis said inspired him to join the priesthood, but instead of Jesus, Italy’s state mint printed them with the word “Lesus.”  Six thousand of the medals were printed in silver and bronze, with another 200 in gold, and were supposed to go on sale Tuesday, but now all of them have been recalled.  Wonder if it’s a sin to not have spellcheck?

Today's show 10-16-13

6:15 These Halloween decorations were a little too real. Johnnie Mullins of Mustang, Oklahoma set uptwo fake, bloodied bodies in his driveway as part of a Halloween prank, but it seems his neighbors didn’t find it so funny. One neighbor was apparently so spooked by the bodies that she called 911! Mullins said that when police officers and firefighters responded to the call, they were nice about it and told him he wasn’t doing anything illegal. Mullins thinks his neighbors are overreacting and that his decorations are all in good fun. "It's Halloween. I don't think it's too far," he said. He’s since added another body to his display.  

6:45 -Mountain State Apple Harvest Fest-


7:15- 90% of people have admited to "Multi-tasking" in the bathroom. Do you? I know I take the time for a good game of solitaire when I'm in the can. 

What do you do?
Do you get do your biz and get out or do you conduct "other business"?



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Hangover Cues, Cyberchondria, Google is making us dumb!
6:15- Last night was the football night and undoubtedly some of you may have "enjoyed" a few too many beers. If that's the case, here are some hangover cures for you from Details! Two of my faves are on here Tomato Juice and Bananas. Here's to your health!

6:45- I did this recently and it wasn't a smart idea. If you don't feel well or you need medical advice, DON'T turn to the internet. Otherwise, you'll develop what they call Cyberchondria.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…especially when it comes to your health!  The practice of using Google to research symptoms and self-diagnose is on the rise- so much so that it’s been given a name.  Cyberchondria is described in a recent study as a “vicious circle” that likely does more harm than good by causing unnecessary anxiety and stress.  The effects of cyberchondria are especially severe in people who have a high level of intolerance for uncertainty.  The next time you think you’re sick, consult an expert- NOT Wikipedia.

7:15-  Do you find yourself Googling the most minute details in life? I know now that it's handy I do it all the time. It's annoying to my friends but more importantly, it could be making us all a little dumber.

Google may make our lives a whole lot easier, but it could also be rotting our brains.  A new study suggests heavy reliance on the search engine has caused us to forget significant historical events.  After all, why commit anything to memory when you can just Google it and get an answer in an instant?  That’s according to nearly 90% of people, who say they make less of an effort these days to remember things because they’re so easily found online.

 A survey of 2,000 adults revealed only half know the date of the first moon landing,

-less than a third know the year the Berlin Wall fell

-and four out of 10 don’t know what year 9/11 occurred. (<==Rona's commentary: What? Really?)

 More than half of people admit that the modern 24-hour, constantly updated news cycle means there’s simply less of a focus on the past, and that today’s young people are raised to be self-involved and unappreciative of history.  But just the same, the majority feels that learning and teaching history is still important. 

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Tweet for food poisoning?, Friday Fun Facts, Myths about Colds, Friday Toy Memor
It's finally here! Friiii-day! Woo. I'm not gonna complain that the weather is gonna be crap...I promise. :)

This is what I covered on the show today.

6:15- There's a new app they are working on to track foodbourne illness. Tweet before you eat! A new system called nEmesis can help you prevent food poisoning by using data from Twitter to trace the source of the illness. The program is able to scan tweets tagged at verified restaurant locations and track the same users' tweets for 72 hours. If any of these users tweet about feeling sick, nEmesis captures this information and connects it back to where the person had eaten. Eventually, computer scientists hope to fine-tune this system and develop it into a mobile app to help people avoid foodborne illnesses. 

6:45- Friday Fun Facts 

Q- According to Mental Floss, notch, peak, and shank are different types of what?
A- Lapels

Q- According to OMG Facts, what color was the Cookie Monster originally?
A- Green
Q- According to Wiki Answers, what country is sometimes called the Land of Fire and Ice?
A- Iceland

7:15- When cold and flu season hits, you hear all kinds of advice to fight the cold. Well, most of these things are false. For instance: Starve a fever but feed a cold. Um. No. Or the perennial mom favorite "Don't go outside in the cold with wet hair, you'll catch a cold." False!  
Read more myths about colds here.

Friday Toy Memory: Flo from Alice. My favorite was her line was "Kiss My Grits". 
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We're lazy, bad posture because of your phone? Hello Germaphobe, iVampire!
This morning was rainy on the way in and it solidified in my mind that fall is here to stay. 

6:15- This is going to make me sound old. There are things we are just to lazy to do anymore--like washing dishes and vacuuming. I came across this list of things our parents did all the time but that we are too lazy to do now. Check it out and feel free to nod in agreement.

6:45- iPosture. That's a real thing? Yes. It is.

7:15- Germaphobes take precautions in public bathroomsPublic bathrooms are best reserved for emergencies, and even then, a good rule of thumb is not to touch anything.  That’s why more than 60% of Americans flush public bathroom toiletsusing their foot!  Nearly 40% cover their hands with paper towels before touching the faucets, and around half use their hips to open and shut bathroom doors.  The survey also revealed Americans’ top public restroom complaints: nasty odors (82%), clogged or unflushed toilets (79%) and an old or dirty appearance (73%).

8:15- Want to be in the action of that video game on your phone? How about being a vampire where your face is in the action? Find out about it here.

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Amusements before TV, Hump Day, Haunted Houses
Happy Wednesday everyone! I won't even say it. 

6:15- Silly things we used to do before there were TV's, Cell Phones etc.  So funny, courtesy of Mental Floss. My favorite...riding the escalator.  Read the rest of the list here.

6:45- Kids got in  trouble for using the term "hump day". Seriously.

7:15-  It’s not even Halloween yet, and across the country, haunted houses are already raking in a scary amount of dough!  With more than 2,500 haunted attractions worldwide (most right here in the U.S.), the industry is now worth a whopping $300 million.  A single haunted house can make anywhere from $50,000 to $3 million in a single season, with tickets usually going for between $15 and $40.  Twenty percent of the nearly 160 million consumers who plan to celebrate Halloween this year intend to visit a haunted attraction of some kind.  And we’re not talking kiddie stuff here- today’s haunted houses offer an interactive experience for guests who want to be truly, genuinely scared.

Here a  few happening in our area:

Oct 1st - Oct 31st

 --7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Sharpsburg Ghost Tour is a candle-lit, walking tour of historic and "haunted" Sharpsburg. Come hear history and ghost stories. The group meets inside Captain Benders Tavern and the tour begins at 7:00pm. $10 per person. Call or text to reserve your space 301-991-0265. 

Oct 11th - Oct 26th

Haunted Fairground at the Jefferson County Fairground. Haunted open rain or shine 7p-11p. Benefits local Jefferson County Charities. Open October 11 &12, October 18 & 19 and October 25 & 26.
Cost: Adults $7, Under 12 $4
Jefferson County Fairground
1707 Leetown Pike
Kearneysville, WV Phone: 304-725-4141


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300 Sandwiches,
Here's the boildown:


New York woman is on a mission to make her boyfriend 300 different sandwiches so he’ll finally put a ring on it!  Stephanie Smith, a New York Post reporter, says the idea came about when she made her boyfriend, Eric, a turkey sandwich about a year ago.  After taking one bite, he said, “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”  Eric may have been joking, but Smith says she’s not one to turn down a challenge.  Now, she’s documenting her journey to 300 sandwiches on her blog (she’s almost at 180).  The project has attracted plenty of attention, much of it negative.  Critics are calling 300 Sandwiches a huge step backward for feminism and accusing Smith of being a 1950-esque “Stepford wife.”  But to her critics, Smith says she’s just enjoying the cooking experience and doing something nice for her man.  And Eric says he “would have married her without one sandwich.”  In his eyes, Smith must be the best thing since sliced bread!

7:15- Breast Cancer Awareness Month-

WV University Healthcare will hold Digital Mammogram Clinics each Saturday in October at both Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg and Jefferson Medical Center in Ranson. The discounted fee for the screening mammogram and interpretation is $60 (no insurance accepted - cash, credit card or check only). 

The screening mammograms are open to women 35 and older and a physician’s order is not required. Patients without a physician will be assigned one to receive the test results. For more information or to register, call Berkeley Medical Center at 304.264.1297 or Jefferson Medical Center at 304.724.5647.

Berkeley County Health Department in Martinsubrg, is having Free Enrollment to the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings Program. Each Thursday in October from 1pm-3pm. For more info call-304-263-5131.




 A first-of-its-kind breast cancer drug from Roche has won FDA approval.  Perjeta treats a certain form of early-stage breast cancer before surgery in women who are at high risk of having the disease spread.  Doctors hope the drugs and others like it will help shrink tumors, making them easier to remove.  In breast cancer patients, pre-surgical medications may prevent the need for a full mastectomy.  



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Myths about Greek Yogurt, Monday blues
Welcome back to the work week.  What a beautiful weekend. Hopefully you got out and enjoyed it cause it's going back to feeling like October now.

6:15- Greek Yogurt Myths
You think you know your protein packed breakfast? Think again. Greek Yogurt is a healthy breakfast food but there are things you probably don't know. How much protein is normally in Greek yogurt? How do they make it? I got ya covered.  Read on here.

7:15- Women Feel Their Worst on Monday Morning 

Suffering from a case of the Mondays?  Do yourself a favor and avoid looking in the mirror.  A poll found that nearly half of women feel least attractive on Monday mornings, particularly between 5 and 9 am.  (To be fair, who looks hot at dawn?) The specific activities that make women feel their ugliest- whenever they happen to occur- include waking up (69%), feeling sick (67%), sweating (62) and crying (60%).  If you’re not exactly feeling like (fill in the name of whatever stunning celeb you like here) this morning, don’t fret- it gets better.  Women said they feel good about their looks between noon and 3 pm, and by Thursday (with the weekend on the horizon) they’ve made a complete turn-around.  


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Friday Fun Facts, Zoo Dress Code, Kid Costume uproar, Friday Toy Memory

This is what I covered on the show today:

6:15-Friday Fun Facts- 

Q- According to, which four states touch at one point?
A- Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico
Q- According to Wiki Answers, what is the only breed of cat that does not have retractable claws?
A- Cheetah
Q- According to, in what State is it illegal to smoke from a pipe after sunset?
A- Rhode Island
Q- According to, what did Nestle freeze dry in 1938 that led to the development of powdered food products?
A) Coffee

Q- According to, what is the only African country in which the entire population speaks the same language?
A- Somalia [they speak Somali]
Q- According to Yahoo! Answers, what disease takes its name from medieval Italian words for "bad air?"
A- Malaria

6:45- Don't wear leopard print to the zoo...the animals might get confused. Dress code at a London zoo resort now. Read on

7:15 This costume was pulled off the shelves as a result of parent outrage. Why? I think the only reason is because the word "naughty" is in the title. Are you kidding me? What the deal? Read the story here.

8: 45-  What the Fox Say? --It's a new video that I don't know if I get but it sure is catchy. See what I mean? You can thank me when you're singing this to all of of your friends this weekend. :)

Friday Toy Memory: Those Jelly Jackets we used to wear in the 80's.  They looked perfect with the jelly shoes too.
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Mouse out of the House, Smokers Not Wanted, teens get a break online

6:15- So a few weeks ago, an older gentleman I work with had his zipper down. There was much discussion on how to tell him for fear of embarrassment. It got me to thinking what ways have you heard to tell someone their zipper is down?  I know: 
-XYZ PDQ (Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick)
-Do you feel a draft?

This morning I heard:
-The barn door is open and the horse is about to escape. 

I also read David Letterman's Top 10 list on the subject. Here are some of my 
8. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.
7. Paging Mr. Johnson... Paging Mr. Johnson..
6. Elvis is leaving the building.
1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts.

6:45- Can you do that? I guess you can. SMOKERS NOT WANTED

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — Smokers -- not welcome. That's the word from the Springfield, Missouri, based hospital chain CoxHealth. CEO Steve Edwards says they won't be hiring smokers. And don't bother lying on your job application. Edwards says potential new hires have to undergo nicotine screening, that also detects the use of chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and even nicotine patches. The Springfield News-Leader reports the policy takes effect November 21, the date of "The Great American Smokeout" sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

7:15- Now  there's a way for kids to get rid of questionable content on social media. 

There is a new law in California to protect minors from online embarrassment!

If only something like this existed for adults.  A new law in California will allow minors to delete their embarrassing or incriminating social media posts!  Under the so-called “eraser law,” which will go into effect in 2015, web companies will be required to obey a California minor’s request to delete any content they created.  The law has its limits- for instance, it only applies to content posted by the minor in question, so photos or material posted by someone else or copied and posted on another site isn’t covered.  And adults can’t go back and get rid of something they posted as a minor.  But lawmakers say the law will help ensure the mistakes young people make today- some of them, anyway- don’t haunt them for the rest of their lives.


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Germy kitchen spots, What your java says about you, Zombies Ahhhh
6:15- I'm usually not a germaphobe but when I heard this story from USA Today about the 6 Germiest places in the kitchen, even I cringed a little. READ IT HERE. Eww. 

What your coffee choices say about you. The article sort of contradicts itself. Here's the boildown:

  • Black coffee: You’re straightforward, abrupt, dismissive and occasionally moody and quiet.
    Cappuccino: You’re obsessive and controlling.
  • Latte: You’re a neurotic people-pleaser.
  • Instant coffee: You’re laid-back (sometimes to a fault) and prone to procrastination.
  • Sweet/frozen coffee beverages: You’re socially outgoing, reckless and young at heart
Read the article here.

8:15- Dread the Undead Zombie 5K at the Martinsburg Mall.  You run, they chase you and rip off flags off your outfit. At the end there's a party. Doesn't that sound fun?
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Hot Guy Reminders, Get rid of your clutter NOW
6:15- As October is  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's a good idea to remind the ladies to do self breast exams. My friend Linda shared a funny video with hot guys to be the reminders for you. It's actually from a Canadian initiative to help women prevent breast cancer with lifestyle changes etc. See the fun below.  Sadly, I tried to download the app yesterday and it said my phone wasn't compatible :(  Here is the site for anyway, there are some great tips here!

6:45- SO the government did shutdown. Here are a list of closings etc as a result.

7:15-Things you should get rid of NOW!!!! You may have heard me mention that I'm a little bit of a messy in I need to throw away half the junk in my home.

I came across this and felt like the tips made it seem a lot less overwhelming. Get rid of the clutter with these easy

8:15- Fargo Insurance is gearing up for thier 4th annual Bras for a Cause. Ladies, dig deep in those undies drawers (pardon the bad pun) and drop them off. Here are the details of what Fargo is doing to make a difference for the cure!
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