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Tee hee! Happy Spring

Happy Spring y'all! Perhaps because I know spring is on it's way, I'm a little mischevious.

Back story: At least once a day, Hans Fogle (our trusty newsguy and host of Panhandle Live on WEPM) bursts through my studio door (I typically have my back facing the door) and comes in lip syncing some song from Michael Jackson to Adam Lambert. It's pretty funny but it usually startles me. So today, I decided I'd return the favor. Hans is in a studio with his back to the door as well. The only hitch... when I went to do my lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson, the door is loose so it flung open and banged up against the wall behind it. I guess I didn't know my strength. I scared poor Hans out of his skin. He jumped about 3 feet in the air and was white as a ghost! I felt bad for startling him but...paybacks baby! :)

Taylor Swift asks her cat to help get her voted as Entertainer of the Year for the ACM Awards. Check out this cute little video.

Draping 101!

Any other
Mad Men Fans out there? I'm super excited for Season 5's premiere on Sunday night. Prepare for me to sound really sleep deprived next Monday. So there's this new internet craze along the lines of planking and owling. If you don't know what either of those are, I'll get to that in a minute.

The new thing is called
"Draping". It's in honor of Mad Men's Don Draper. The logo for the show has Don Draper's back seated and his arm draped over a couch with a cigarette in hand. So people are recreating this visual in all sorts of places. It's kind of funny. Especially if you are into Mad Men. Here's the site, and here are some examples of Draping.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about  planking.  You'll notice that owling, batmanning, and teapoting are listed among other ways to embarrass yourself doing this fad.  It's just dumb if you ask me. This would be a prime example of why I know I'm getting old. I like Draping though. It's natural. :)

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03/20/2012 6:21AM
Tee hee! Happy Spring
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03/21/2012 7:18AM
Poor guy, his heart was probably ready to burst out of his chest. LOL
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