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Talking Cars? Waffle Vodka?

Hello it wrong that I'm already thinking of the long holiday weekend? You know you're thinking of it too!

Speaking of Labor Day weekend. Are you and your family planning on going out of town? Here are some of the most expensive places to visit according to

Most Expensive Labor Day Destinations

Seattle is the USA’s most expensive destination for this upcoming Labor Day weekend, based on the cost of its lodging, according to a new survey by The survey compared hotel rates for 20 popular U.S. destinations for the Labor Day weekend period spanning August 31st to September 3rd (Labor Day). Travelers to Seattle over the long final weekend that unofficially brings summer to a close will have to pay at least $312 per night. And that’s for the cheapest available 3-star hotel room. That nightly rate makes Washington State’s largest city the priciest destination for this year’s Labor Day weekend. The runners-up are both found beachside on the East Coast in Virginia Beach and Atlantic City. There, room rates are $309 and $286 per night, respectively, for the cheapest available room. The 10 most expensive destinations in the United States for this year’s Labor Day weekend:

1. Seattle     $312     6. New York City     $224
2. Virginia Beach     $309     7. Chicago     $213
3. Atlantic City     $286     8. San Francisco     $179
4. Philadelphia     $269     9. Portland     $170
5. Boston     $246     10. Austin     $163

You know how you can't (pardon the crass expression) swing a dead cat without seeing these infused vodkas?  Everywhere you look, you see either whipped cream vodka, or s'mores vodka, or orange dreamsicle vodka, gingersnap vodka etc? Well now I've hard it all. Waffle Vodka. Eww. How do you make that? Do you put an Eggo in a vat of Vodka and wait for it to start tasting like breakfast?

WAFFLE-FLAVORED VODKA IS A THING NOW _ How do you feel knowing that, as of this week, you now live in a world that has waffle-flavored vodka in it. Georgi, which also produces bubble gum and candy cane vodkas, produced the vodka in honor of National Waffle Day on August 24.

Cars talking to cars? A giant experiment begins on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a few weeks. About 2,800 cars, trucks and buses will be communicating with each other. The cars will be outfitted with data links that will warn drivers of potential dangers like stopped traffic, or a car blowing through a red light. The devices can even get traffic lights to turn green if there are no cars coming the other way. The $25 million test is being conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the University of Michigan. Officials say connected cars could be on the road nationwide within a decade.<======== Rona's comment, BRING IT ON!!!!

If I were to win the key to a city, I don't think I'd lose it. Well someone did....

John Hakala has found a plaque and a key to the city of Parkersburg, West Virginia – 4,000 miles away in Germany. He came across the Parkersburg key in the back of a wine shop. Hakala is a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard and bought the key for $7. He plans on returning it to the city. Here's the story.

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08/28/2012 9:32AM
Talking Cars? Waffle Vodka?
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