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Talkative beach guy, work/life/weight loss balance

Welcome back to the work week...and for kids in Berkeley County Schools, it's a new school year! Woo Hoo!

This past weekend, a friend and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the beach. It was great! The weather was nice and it was nice to get away just for a day.

So I'm sleeping on the beach and I awake to hear this loud
man on his cell phone barking out orders to someone who is evidently in the process of buying a car. The guy is telling the person (I think it was his son) about what not to say, who to talk to, how not to get "taken" by the salesperson. All on his cell phone and nearly screaming this stuff. My friend Jill and I look at him, look at each other and kind of chuckle about how loud this guy is.  Then, I say to her "is this guy ever going to shut up?" she said something that made me laugh "No, he's like QVC, they never shut up!". I laughed so hard at that. The guy continued with this and that about how great his bloody mary's are, what he puts into them, also the best places to get shaved ice in Baltimore and on and on. This guy is clearly the beacon of knowledge on all things within his group of people. At some point, we noticed that no one was responding to him at all. They just nodded in agreement as he explained everything to them, from the best way to drive up to New York to decifering doctor bills. Hilarious. He was roughly about 55-60 years old (as were most in his group of 8 people) and he was only about 50 ft from us.

 Work, Diet, Weight, and Health: How They're All Connected! (I got this from the Hungry Girl website). There are a ton of links that take you to different studies on this info. Great stuff!

New reports indicate that sitting at your desk, working tirelessly all day long, takes a toll -- on your body, mind, and more. One study of working women found that occupational burnout was associated with emotional and/or uncontrolled eating. (BEEN THERE.) Another shows that among employed middle-aged women, those who work longer hours tend to gain more weight. (ACK!) And still another study found that subjects who engaged in unhealthy behaviors (poor diet, lack of regular exercise, smoking, etc.) had lower productivity levels than employees with more wholesome habits. The good news? According to findings reported in the Journal of Labor Research, subjects who regularly exercised earned a 6 to 10 percent wage increase. All work and no exercise makes you a dull (and underpaid) girl or boy! Take a break, move around, and make sure you're eating right. Need some help making change happen? The people at Sodexo have partnered up with MyFitnessPal, connecting the info on workplace menu items to the popular smartphone app to make monitoring your daily nutrition a little easier. Good work, everyone!

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08/20/2012 10:09AM
Talkative beach guy, work/life/weight loss balance
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