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Take your dog to work!

So do you have a cute little or big pup that you always talk about at work? Today is your day to do a grownup version of Show and tell. Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day. There's a website dedicated to it and I have to admit that it's really cute with all the pics of the dogs. If you are somehow allergic to dogs,  take your Zyrtek or other allergy meds before heading into the office today!
Check out the site. I love the photo gallery.

I was in a drive thru the other day and the lady called me baby, sweetie, hun, darlin or some other  three different times and it kinda irritated me. I found a blog that dealt with this topic. Read it here. I took calls about it and people had interesting things to say.  The break down was that I heard from women who said they didn't like it and the guys called and said it wasn't that big of a deal. Interesting.

Friday Toy Memory: Connect 4! Loved that game and I was kind of a Connect 4 wunderkind as a child.  I  guess I should have known that was going to  lead to a lifetime of competitiveness, huh?

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06/22/2012 8:29AM
Take your dog to work!
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