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Sushi on your hot dog? What the tooth fairy is paying, What WON'T they sell on e

G'mornin! It's taken me waay to long to get this blog done today. It seems ever day that there is something that "pops up" and I get pushed back on my timeline of things to do. Do you ever have that happen? Like, you plan to get all these things done but instead, you  find yourself doing 14 other things and the things you needed to get done get pushed to the back burner?  Welcome to my life. I just found an app that helps with that, it's called Crazy Busy Life App. It's based on a book by Dr. Ned Hallowell. Check it out. Hmmm. I may need to try to get an interview with the people involved with this app. I'll keep ya posted!

I have now officially heard everything...

On e-bay, there is a listing for...wait for it....AN IMAGINARY DOG!!!!!

Item number: 170906308044

Bidding ends:  September 12th
No bids so far...
Item location:  Porto, Porto, Portugal

Seller says: “The imaginary dog is a male, and his name is Rocky. Rocky is a Chocolate Lab and he is very good with kids. He loves to go on imaginary walks and imaginary swims in the Chesapeake Bay. The best thing is, his poop is imaginary and is not that hard to clean up. I’ve had him for about 2 months, and I can not keep him, because the new house I’m renting will not allow me to keep dogs there. I found Rocky at the adoption center after she was living with a family that abused him. He is in great shape now, and is only about 6 months old. This dog has to be bought soon, or I will have to take her to the pound. I will ship the imaginary dog to you in an imaginary small box with a few imaginary holes poked in the top so she can breathe. You will also get an imaginary food bowl, imaginary water bowl, imaginary leash, and imaginary collar. She is a very good dog, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. I know he is very expensive, but it is very rare to find an imaginary dog like this one.”
Don't believe me? Here is the link to the auction item!

You hear a lot about celebrity couples. Here are  the most Powerful Celebrity couples according to Billboard Magazine.
Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks take the top slot on Billboard’s Top 10 Celebrity Couples list with a combined 78.9 million albums sold since Nielsen SoundScan started in 1991. Music mogul couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé surprisingly made it to only number two with 62.3 million in sales. The top 10 on the list:

1. Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood
2. Jay-Z & Beyoncé
3. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
4. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
5. Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne (Who recently got engaged)
6. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
7. Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz
8. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez
9. Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert
10. Skrillex & Ellie Goulding

What does the Tooth Fairy pay at your house? She's not immune to the changes in the economy you know...

Economic conditions in the U.S. are improving in at least one sector – children who receive money from the Tooth Fairy. A new survey by Visa shows that the Tooth Fairy is leaving an average of $3.00 per tooth this year, an increase of 15% over the $2.60 left in 2011. To help parents answer the perennial question of how much their children should receive from the Tooth Fairy, Visa has created a new mobile app and online calculator that recommends an appropriate amount to leave for each tooth. The free app and calculator uses Visa’s survey data and factors in demographics such as gender, age, home state, income and education levels to formulate how much money the Tooth Fairy is leaving. The calculator is available at; the app is available for iPhones and iPads at the iTunes Store. Additional survey findings include:

    3% of children receive less than a dollar, down from 7% last year.
    30% of children receive exactly $1. Last year’s survey showed that 29% of children received exactly $1.
    13% of children receive between $2 to $4, down from 18% last year.
    18% of children receive $5, the same amount as compared to last year.
    8% of children receive more than $5, compared to 3% last year.

I loooooove Hot Dogs! I really do. Check out these innovated ways to dress up your weiners. I'll be honest, I'm not so sure about the one that has ginger and wasabi. It's like sushi on your hot dog. Ewww. I got these tasty inspirations from Dash!

Listen to it (I think I was kinda funny...pardon my silliness)

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09/06/2012 11:04AM
Sushi on your hot dog? What the tooth fairy is paying, What WON'T they sell on e-bay
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