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Super/Puppy/Kitten/Fish Bowls. Truffles to die for! and Oh, I'm in love with Bru

6:15- Okay, yesterday was a weird day. Why you ask?

1. It was Groundhog Day and that little jerk Phil, decided what we already pretty much knew, it's going to be winter for another 6 weeks. He told us on the warmest day in our area in weeks.  Then snow was predicted less than 24 hours later. Jerk.

2. We were preparing for snow that arrived early this morning. Bread, milk, toilet paper, eggs, and everyone needed Big Game supplies. YIKES! I heard the grocery stores were a nightmare.

3. Oh yeah, there was the The Big Game. I could care less about the game but wanted to see the commercials. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see as many as I'd hoped. I ended up on the road for the first hour of the game.  The half time show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers was nothing short of amazing. So full of energy, talent, fun. There weren't half naked backup dancers, lip syncing stars, it was just high energy, talented peformers. Count me in as Team Bruno...I've said that before a lot but figured it was time to mention it. I think RHCP sounded great but they could have done another song... Suck my Kiss maybe? I mean it's almost Valentine's day!  If you missed the ads like I did, 
WATCH All the superbowl ads

Oh yeah, here's a little Red Hot Chili Peppers for you (yum).

7:15- All this week, you'll get the chance to win and 8 pack of truffles from The Perfect Truffle in Frederick. This morning I chatted with Chef Randy Olmstead. This man makes me blush, the voice, the chocolates, the flavors. Wow! The interview on the air, was taken from a much longer interview. Check it out here! Here is the website for The Perfect Truffle

8:15- Okay, this will be the last of the bowl talk (for the next 10 minutes). :) I knew of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. There really isn't anything cuter. Then, I hear that the Hallmark Channel wanted to get in the action so now they have created the Kitten Bowl! I wish I had known. Then NatGeo channel got into it with the Fish Bowl. Awesome. Here's a review of all of them. Hilarious. Next year, if they do them all, I'll watch them all.  Read a pretty funny review/comparison of these here



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02/03/2014 9:45AM
Super/Puppy/Kitten/Fish Bowls. Truffles to die for! and Oh, I'm in love with Bruno Mars.
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