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Stop Dad Pants!, Caxirola, Stop Saying this to Dads, Friday Toy Memory: Garanima

6:15-Stop Dad Pants! Ha. This funny little video is something all women can relate to.

Join the movement! In January, Sarah Harbaugh, wife of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, went public to proclaim she deserved no blame for her husband's fleece-tucked-into-pleated-khakis appearance. Now, her crusade has gone to an entirely new level with this video and Dockers' ‪#‎StopDadPants‬movement. Watch:

Can you say #viralforfathersday?

6:45- Since the rest of the world is occupied with the World Cup games in Brazil, I figured, I should include something world cup related. Well remember that annoying tube shaped instrument from the last world cup...the Vuvuzela?



Well, move over vuvuzela now it's the caxirola (pronounced: Cashy Rolla). It's noisy and is supposed to resemble a rain stick. Check out this news story about the instrument and the video of the President playing it.

7:15 Since Fathers kinda get the shaft when it comes to their big day, I came across this blog about what you shouldn't say to dads. From a father.


8:45- Friday Toy Memory: Garanimals. Coordinated seperates of the day. I had them. Who didn't? Even though you can't see the garanimals markers on the shirt, I wanted an excuse to show this incredibly cute picture of me when I was about 5 ½. Really. Stinkin. Cute.

Also, there is so much awesomeness in this commercial, I can't stand it...the music, the narrator, the kids, the groovy bellbottom coordinated seperates!!! YES!


Have a good Father's Day weekend!

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06/13/2014 10:53AM
Stop Dad Pants!, Caxirola, Stop Saying this to Dads, Friday Toy Memory: Garanimals
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