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St. Patricks day, snow and other junk

Today, I just wung it. Is that a term? I think I'm trying to say I did the past tense of winging it. You figure it out! :)

6:15-  Did you ever wonder how we got to celebrate St. Patrick's day? Here's your boildown: IN 493, A.D.- Saint Patrick, a Christian missionary, was believed to have died [it is not known for certain]. Originally from England, Saint Patrick was taken to Ireland as a slave when he was 16. There, he introduced Christianity to the country. Legend has it that he explained the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity by holding up a shamrock with its three leaves combined in a single plant. Now, we observe St. Patrick’s Day on this date. Read more here:

The day doesn't have anything to do with green beer, wearing kiss me I'm irish t-shirts or many of the other things we associate it with today. That doesn't mean I can't wear something wacky. Like my litte outfit?


6:45 Talked about the traffic conditions that I saw on the way in.


7:15 St. Patrick's Day Kid jokes.


also, I introduced the rimshot. Need one yourself?


8:15 I can't even remember what I talked about...hmm. I'm getting old. :)

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03/17/2014 11:46AM
St. Patricks day, snow and other junk
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