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Somebody's Watching me!

Not really but get this. If you are online with Google and Facebook, they are certainly taking not of what you are doing. Don't believe me?

GUESS WHO TRACKS YOU ON THE WEB THE MOST? _ Who's tracking your movements across the web? The biggest offenders are Google and Facebook, according to a new semi-annual analysis of the ad tracking industry (Evidon Global Tracker Report). Using data collected by the browser plugin Ghostery the top five trackers of Internet users were all Google and Facebook. 
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HEY KLUTZES, IT'S YOUR DAY _ It's Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. Are you the person who spills the milk? Are you the person who knocks the dish off the counter and breaks it? Well my accident-prone friends today is your day. On Kitchen Klutzes of America Day it's OK to be klutzey.  Who knew?

Top 10 Best Car Brands For 2012

Total Car Score ( has announced the Top Scoring Manufacturers of 2012. The Top Scoring Car Awards cover all major vehicle categories for model year 2012. The best car awards are based on Total Car Score’s ranking formula, which offers a comprehensive evaluation of autos in every segment from the cushy seats for your beautiful bottom to that fab engine under the hood. The reviews and ratings are translated into a single Total Car Score that allows visitors to quickly and easily compare cars. The manufacturer’s score is based on the average Total Car Score for every model within the manufacturer’s product line up. On a personal note, I'm surprised that more sensible cars weren't on the list like Honda's. Interesting.

Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012
Manufacturer     Manufacturer Score
1. Infiniti     82.09
2. Mercedes-Benz     81.82
3. Buick     81.30
4. Audi     80.93
5. Lexus     80.51
6. Volkswagen     80.40
7. Acura     80.01
8. Chrysler     79.78
9. BMW     79.35
10. Kia     79.31

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06/13/2012 8:55AM
Somebody's Watching me!
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