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Some days are Mon-days...

You know how sometimes you can be someplace but your mind is not there. That's been happening to me all too often lately. Soon, someone will catch on!

Are you a person that really wants to follow the Olympics but you've got that pesky work thing to think about? I've got the app for you. It's the: "
London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games"  It's kind of a mouthful but it's sure to give you lost of info about the athletes, their sports and their standings...IN REAL TIME!!!! So you don't have to worry about your boss coming by your desk and seeing you goofing off watching all this Olympic coverage, you can do it discreetly on your phone..hint hint!

Speaking of the Olympics 2012, allow me to name drop a bit.... A friend of a friend of mine coaches a  swimmer who is in London for the games. She is the youngest swimmer on the team and one of the youngest athletes that are competing in the games. Get to know Katie Ladecki. The guy I know is her coach Yuri Suguiyama...go Katie! 

So I heard this story the other day when I was waking up. There is a prison in Brazil that decided to use the inmates to create energy. These inmates are allowed to bike on stationary bicycles for a while and produce energy that go into batteries. In exchange, they get a day removed from their sentence.

Interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess they are doing some good. I'm not explaining it very well. Read the story here to get a better idea of what it's about. Interesting though.

After I talked about it on the air, Kathy called to remind me that they did the same thing to create energy on Gilligan's Island. I don't remember that and now I'm on an exhaustive search to try and see a video clip of it. Argh!

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07/23/2012 10:26AM
Some days are Mon-days...
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