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So many tidbits, so little time

Since I have so many things buzzing through my little head, I'll just list them instead of doing a typical blog post.

1. I was listening to our advertiser Jim Stutzman and he quizzed in his commercial what was Donald Duck's middle name? Instead of me just giving you the answer. I'll give you this link.

2. I came across this list of inventions that changed our lives. Some of them, I couldn't imagine living without. Others...not so much, like the flyswatter. It is interesting reading though. Inventions list.

3. I told our newsguy Hans Fogle that I got weird night of broken sleep. I took a "nap" at 7:45pm and woke up at 9:45pm. Then got stuff done and went back to sleep at 11:30pm. When I woke up this morning at 3:45am, I wasn't tired. I don't feel sleep deprived at all. What gives? This is what gives--it's called segmented sleep. I'll give you an excerpt and the link to the loooong story.

“Got Insomnia? Sleep on This,” Catholic Online, February 23, 2012

“The healthy habit of sleeping seven to nine hours every night is not always the most natural way for humans to rest. Scientific studies and history demonstrate that, throughout history, people actually did not sleep at a stretch, . . . A sixteenth-century medical manual even recommended keeping sex in the middle of the night, after a "first sleep" as "more enjoyable" and "done better". According to historian Roger Ekirch, who has researched the subject for 16 years, there is numerous historical evidence to show that people slept in two phases. Today the Tiv tribe of Nigeria continues to use the terms "first sleep" and "second sleep" to refer to the times of the night. Ekirch's study, says the BBC, concluded that this conception of sleep at night began to fade in the late seventeenth century, coinciding with the arrival of night lighting of cities (Paris was in 1667, the first city to put lighting in all its streets).”

4. How about a tattoo that vibrates?
Do you love tattoos? Do you love your cell phone? Well, soon - rather than having that annoying buzz when you put your phone on vibrate that’s as loud as a ringtone, you'll be able to get a vibrating tattoo! Nokia has filed a patent for a magnetic tattoo that your smartphone could vibrate as in incoming call comes in. If you don’t want a tat, Nokia is also working on temporary magnetic spray, stamps, decals and wristbands. Read more about it here.

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03/22/2012 7:54AM
So many tidbits, so little time
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