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So THAT'S why we buy cereal?, 11 Strange Doggy Products, This is how you're blow



Cereal companies are up to some dirty Trix when it comes to marketing to children.  It’s a well-known fact that grocery stores arrange items specifically to appeal to target customers.  For instance, more expensive items are often displayed at eye level on shelves so shoppers are more likely to grab them first.  Some stores have recently introduced “man aisles” that feature dude-friendly products like beer and cheese dip.  Sugary cereals are generally placed lower on shelves so as to be eye-level with shorter people (i.e. kids).  But a new study discovered something even more sinister- the cartoon characters on many boxes of cereal are pictured with their eyes pointed downward, so they make eye contact with children.  This is probably to blame for many a grocery store tantrum- as well as plenty of not-so-healthy purchases.


6:45 Yesterday was fun facts about cats: Today was 11 products you can get for your pooch...also from Mental Seriously, who thinks of pet “pawlish” nail polish for dogs? Hilarious!




Credit card interest. The average person owes thousands on credit cards. If you constantly carry an unpaid balance, it’s worth considering whether you’re spending beyond your means.
✗ Designer clothing for babies or children. Does nothing but feed parents’ ego. Kids outgrow clothes and shoes quickly, and they tend to get them messy.
✗ Lottery tickets. The odds of winning on a typical ticket are 1-in-175 million, less than the odds of getting struck by lightning, getting killed by a shark or an asteroid, or being injured by a toilet.
Speedy shipping. Emergency fast shipping is one thing, but paying extra simply for the sake of getting your hands on your newest purchase ASAP is a waste of money.
Unclaimed tax refunds. People who do their own taxes often end up leaving money on the table. Each self-filer leaves behind $460 on average, according to H&R Block.
Unused gift cards. A 2012 study estimated that about $2 billion-worth of gift cards went unredeemed. Why buy them when most people enjoy getting plain old money as a gift?
✗ Wasted energy. Energy efficiency program Energy Star says consumers can cut energy costs by a third if they use the recommendations and suggestions on its to-do list.
.✗ Wasted food. It’s estimated we blow over $500 per person each year by tossing away unwanted snacks and meals.
– Excerpted from “Motley Fool”



Feel like you could use a vacation?  Probably because you need one.  A survey found only one quarter of American employees with paid vacation took all of their allotted days last year.  And 15% took none at all!  On top of that, more than half of people who managed to take time off said they did at least a little bit of work while they were away.  The lesson here?  Take your vacation days, and enjoy them.  After all- more than 20% of American workers don’t even get paid vacation. Read more about it here:


I posed the questions:

  1. Do you take your vacation or leave it on the table?

  2. If you do go on vacation, do you still stay “plugged in”? Answer e-mails/phone calls?

04/09/2014 8:22AM
So THAT'S why we buy cereal?, 11 Strange Doggy Products, This is how you're blowing your moolah, Do
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