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Smash Mouth, Supermoon and more!

Have you heard that this Saturday is going to have a Supermoon? What's a supermoon you ask? Read on!

The  moon's most prominent, spectacular appearance of the year will happen on Saturday night at 11:34 p.m. [ET], when it becomes full on its closest approach to Earth. This coincidence makes this moon a Supermoon.The moon is reaching what is known as its perigee, the closest approach to earth in its orbit a mere 221,802 miles away. It will appear 16% brighter than the average full moon. Compared to when it's on the apogee side of its orbit, farthest away from earth, it
will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. This Supermoon stands out from others due to how close together the perigee and full moon will occur in time. The full moon occurs at 11:34 p.m. [ET] and perigee follows at 11:35 p.m. The timing is almost perfect, says NASA. AccuWeather
astronomy blogger Daniel Vogler said,  it looked back at other Super Moon  data and cannot find any closer than that timing-wise, remarkable! During the March 19th Supermoon of 2011, the perigee and full moon were 50 minutes apart.

Smash Mouth's new music!

Early this morning, I played Smash Mouth's version of "I'm a Believer". Apparently a friend of mine is  friends with one of the guys in the band. He's been putting "sneak peeks" of their new music on youtube. So, I'm sharing it with you! If he can put it on youtube then, it must be legal. If it isn't I'm only sharing what he posted. (that would be my attempt at covering my butt--should it come down to that). :)

Have you heard the story of the New Jersey woman who took her 5 year old daughter to the tanning booth? This story has sparked a lot of conversation. Personally, I think the woman has issues (among others I suppose).

1. She's addicted to tanning.
2. That addiction has skewed her judgement to allow her 5 year old developing child to do something that could be very dangerous. The jury is still out on how harmful tanning can be. Why would you subject a child to that? Here is a picture I found of her on She looks unnatural.

A New Jersey mom with a passion for tanning is facing a child endangerment charge for allowing her then-5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. Authorities say Patricia Krentcil’s daughter, now 6, turned up at her elementary school in Nutley, New Jersey, with a sunburn on April 24th, prompting a school nurse to contact police. The extremely tan Krentcil, who almost looks black, appeared yesterday in a Newark courtroom where she pleaded not guilty to a charge of child endangerment. New Jersey is among several states that have adopted regulations prohibiting anyone age 14 or under from using ultraviolet devices because of the risk of skin cancer. Mom denied bringing her child into the tanning booth of a salon that she frequents.

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05/03/2012 8:42AM
Smash Mouth, Supermoon and more!
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