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Shopping Science, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Lost n Founds, Anti Bac...Back it up

6:15- The science of the late shopper. If you wait until the very last minute, studies now show that you can't focus very well on any one person's gift, you're too overwhelmed to anyone justice. This is why you shouldn’t leave all your holiday shopping to the very last minute (…unless you already did).  Research found that when you shop for multiple people at once, it negatively affects your gift-choosing judgment, making you preoccupied with choosing unique gifts for each person rather than items they’d really love.  Basically, there’s nothing wrong with getting the same gift for everyone…as long as it’s a really good gift (i.e. not socks). Oh vey...that's me isn't it?


6:45 The list of inductees into the Rock N Roll hall of fame have been announced, I'm most stoked about:
-Hall & Oates
-Peter Gabriel

See the rest of the inductees here:


7:15 It's a hustle-y bustle-y kind of season and it's the season of giving…and leaving behind, apparently. The lost and found boxes at malls, gyms and airports always seem to overflow around this time of year. Certain places in Syracuse, New York recently took inventory. Just in the month of November, lost items at the ShoppingTown mall included an Avengers movie puzzle, a new leather bag, one tube of hair dye and bike helmets. At a local Gold’s Gym, the lost array of forgotten things included Axe body spray, one gray Ugg boot, a container full of Designer Whey strawberry-flavored protein powder and an inhaler. And at the shopping center Destiny USA, people seemed to have left behind some very important things. Wedding rings and engagement rings were among the lost-and-found haul! Here’s hoping Santa brings these people some replacements! Click here for the full story.



7:45- The office drama that wasn't. I tried to get something going with the mac n cheese debate of 2013 but nothing happened. People aren't interested in that kind of drama in this office. :(

8:15 I have never bought into the whole antibacterial thing. Whether it's the pumps of goo that everyone has everywhere or the actual soap. Now comes word that the FDA is making companies back up their claims that their antibacterial products are going to help you fight a cold or whatever...I say GOOD! I've always felt it was just another way to package up some soap and sell it to us and make us feel like it was better than regular soap. Read this:



The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that some antibacterial soaps may not be effective at killing germs and may actually pose more health risks. The agency is proposing a new rule to further regulate antibacterial hand soaps and body washes. Manufacturers of these products will be required to prove that their items are generally safe for long-term use and are effective at preventing disease. Only then will those products be allowed on the market. The ruling refers to antibacterial products that need to be combined with water to work, which typically contain the compounds triclosan and triclocarban. Animals studies have shown that overuse of the products have caused hormonal problems, including infertility and early puberty. 

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12/17/2013 8:44AM
Shopping Science, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Lost n Founds, Anti Bac...Back it up says FDA!
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