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Game on! Snow factoids, First date no-no's, Cap'n Crunch Donut holes, Meetings a

5:45 There is a test of wills going on. There's a window in our studio and I have climbed over the console so that I can see out of the window and see the weather. Someone has all of a sudden decided that they don't like this window blinds being open. So now it has become a test of wills between who will open it and who will keep it closed. Game on!

6:15 I know we're all done with snow these days but I still wanted to share these

As well as snowflakes, snow can also precipitate as graupel (pellets) or sleet.
It's a myth that no 2 snowflakes are exactly the same. Identical snow crystals were discovered in 1988.
The largest-ever snowflakes are said to have measured 15 inches (38 cm) across, but that 1887 claim has never been substantiated.
Snow is translucent, not white. It's the light reflected off a snowflake's faceted surface that creates its white appearance. Deep snow can often appear blue.
• In order to be classified as a 'blizzard', a snowstorm must include winds of at least 35 mph (56 km/h), reducing visibility to less than a quarter-mile (400 m) for a period of at least 3 hours.
An intense snowfall accompanied by strong winds that only lasts a short time is officially called a 'snow squall'.
In 2011, 22,022 people at 130 different locations in Nova Scotia plopped down on the ground to simultaneously to make 'snow angels' … a world record.
The largest snowball fight on record took place in Seattle WA, when 5,834 people exchanged frozen barrages on January 12, 2013.
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7:15 As a single person, I have botched a date or two in my day. So what I found were some surefire tips to ruin a first date: (it's on a site for men but I think many of these things apply across the board).


If you struck out over Valentine's Day Weekend, no problem. There's still fish in the sea. There's somebody for everyone. You know the drill.

If you're looking to hook up with someone new starting right now, here are some things you just can't do on the first date:

  • Show up late – Being late makes you look like an inconsiderate tool. (I guess I am because I'm late for everything).

  • Stay seated when your date walks in – You gotta stand up. It's basic manners. On the other hand, she should stand up when you walk in also.

  • Dodge the first round – It's not fair, but it's the way things are. Guys still have to pay for the first round of drinks.

  • Talk about your ex –Your date doesn't care. You must move on.

Say you're tired – Put on a happy face, champ, and finish this. You can nap when you get home, you wimp. (Metro)

7:45 It's Gold Jerry, it's GOLD! Check this out...Taco Bell is making game changing moves for breakfast A-gain! Taco Bell's latest menu item — Cap'n Crunch doughnut holes — is making waves across the Internet. Read the story from USAToday:


We've all heard the studies that meetings are a waste of time – but now some companies are doing something about it.

According to Atlassian, most employees spend 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings, and at least 50% of employees say these meetings are a complete waste of time.

What do most employees do during these meetings?

-91% daydream,

-75% do other work, and -39% sleep

-47% of employees complained that meetings were the number one time-waster at the office,

Unnecessary meetings cost companies $37 billion a year.

That's why a lot of companies are taking a radical approach … they are dropping meetings altogether. For example, Intel has a rule that no one can hold a meeting without a clear purpose. Many other companies have made them optional. And others are just abolishing meetings completely. Read more at:

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