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Scrunchies are back? Who knew?

On the way in this morning,  I saw a lot of fog. Hopefully you will have a safe ride in to work this morning. Yesterday's traffic was just awful.

I remember back in the 80's and 90's. I used to always have a scrunchie on my wrist (see picture on the left). It was almost fashionable to wear them like that. It was never a smart fashion move (see the picture on the right) yet, we continued to wear them with reckless abandon.

Well now, after the Olympics, they may be making a comeback... The London games weren't just eye candy and athletic inspiration. The Olympics just may be creating a new fashion trend in a long forgotten fad – the scrunchie! Gymnasts from around the world have created a Twitter frenzy, simply by wearing the long forgotten hair accessory. Mark Jacobs has taken note, and is creating adorable designs for the once reigning champion of hair ties.

Who wants a better smelling phone? Well, the folks at Samsung might have the answer as they've just gotten a patent for the Perfume Phone. I think it's worth mentioning that this IS NOT the first incarnation of "phone smell good" that they've come up with.

The idea behind the phone is that when you plug it into a special dock, a sponge inside absorbs scent producing chemicals. Then you can set specific scents for certain callers and the sponge releases the smell when they call. There's no word if this will make the price of your data plan go up again. Read about it here on Engadget's site.

So what if you're in a restaurant and someone walks in with a miniature horse that's being used as a service animal. That's the real possibility now in Chicago because lawmakers have passed a bill to make that a reality. Seriously. Read more about it  below... (by the way, my favorite line in the story isI have no concerns that we’re gonna see any stampede in grocery stores or anything like that,”)

Find the story here... (CBS) – Illinois lawmakers may have gotten stymied on the issue of pension reform, a multi-billion-dollar mess affecting every taxpayer in the state.

But at least they managed to pass a bill involving miniature horses.

You heard that right. Under a measure the House sent to Gov. Quinn Thursday night – the evening members were supposed to consider a cost-saving pension bill – people with disabilities could use miniature horses as service animals in public places, much like guide dogs are used.

The vote was near-unanimous.

“I have no concerns that we’re gonna see any stampede in grocery stores or anything like that,” Chicago’s WBEZ quoted sponsoring Sen. Dave Koehler, D-Peoria, as saying.  “This is an issue that pertains really to the disabled community, and it’s something that puts us in compliance to the federal law.”

An overhaul of future state pension benefits for retired public employees was the centerpiece of the spring legislative session, but it collapsed late Thursday just before the deadline to adjourn. Illinois government has underfunded pensions by tens of billions of dollars.

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08/15/2012 6:29AM
Scrunchies are back? Who knew?
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