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Scientific ways to be happy, Prime graduation seating at a cost, Unusual uses fo

6:15 HOW TO GET HAPPY, SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING:According to author and University of North Carolina researcher Barbara Fredrickson …

Prioritize Uplift – You know what makes you feel good: Working out, calling a friend who’s super-positive, engaging in a hobby. Think of these as nutrients and make sure you get them.

Know the Difference Between Pleasure & Happiness – Eating a chocolate cake may give you pleasure, but it’s not especially meaningful. On the other hand, making a chocolate cake for your best friend = happiness.

Learn What Won’t Make You Happy – Getting a promotion or a fancy new handbag or even a lottery ticket windfall won’t really have the affect on your happiness you might think. Positivity is more of a personal, internal thing.

Reflect on Your Connections – Take a few minutes during the day to think about the interactions you’ve had with others. The simple act of remembering will help increase positive emotions.

Get Outside – To elevate your mood you should spend at least 20 minutes outdoors, hopefully in pleasant weather. And no, looking out a window doesn’t cut it.–For the full article go to:


6:45- You mean to tell me, that graduation seating is now at a premium? A High School Is Charging For Prime Seats At Graduation (May 22, 2014)

 Graduating from high school is a huge milestone, but would you pay to get a prime seat at your kid's graduation ceremony? Manatee High School in Florida is charging students $20 to graduate, and observers $13 per "prime" seat in the school's stadium. This equates to about $200 per row of seats. The school reportedly is looking for ways to defray the cost of the ceremony, and the loved ones of graduates are buying in, apparently the ten best rows sold out in four hours. (Newser)


7:15 Unusual-Uses-for-Cheap Vodka

I knew about spritzing clothes with vodka but there are some really good ones here.


Lollyphile, the outside-the-lines company that created ‘Bleu Cheese’, ‘Sriracha Bacon’, and ‘Breast Milk’ lollipops, has now developed not one but 3 different suckers that taste like … beer. The hoppy candy is available in ‘India Pale Ale’, ‘Stout’ and ‘Lager’ flavors. The company is touting its new creation as “The King of Lollipops! A real banquet lollipop! An All-American slam-dunk barbecue apple pie bada-lollipop!” (A lot of people suck at driving but will it be legal to suck one of these and drive?)
– “New York Daily News”

Would you try a Wine lollipop? Or maybe a Maple Bacon? Blue Cheese? If so, you're adventurous and you should check out Lollyphile.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: In honor of the unofficial start to summer. Sun-In. This product was uh, the height of 80's brilliance. I tried to use it once when I was in summer camp. I put it on my jheri curl and was swimming a lot and ended up turning patches of my hair green!


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05/23/2014 8:43AM
Scientific ways to be happy, Prime graduation seating at a cost, Unusual uses for cheap vodka, Lolly
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