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Science is helping get rid of annoying problems, Ugliest kinda cute. Su

6:15 Ever wish you could banish that song that gets stuck in your head? It's called an earworm. That and other annoyances of life are covered here. wants to help you get rid of some of life's little annoyances with the help of science. Check it out here:

6:45 Two-Year-Old Rescue Pooch Wins Ugliest Dog Contest (June 23, 2014)

A two-year-old rescue dog named Peanut from North Carolina was named the winner of the World's Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma, California, on Friday (June 20th). Peanut's owner, Holly Chandler, says the dog was a victim of animal abuse and was injured in a fire, but is healthy now, according to CBS News. Chandler said, "He doesn't have lips anymore. His eyelids are also gone, and so he can't close his eyes, so therefore his eyes water. The tears drain into his nose and so he has nice little snot bubbles because of it. So it's great, that adds to his character." Peanut's breed origins are unknown.  Awww. I'm so glad he's loved.



7:15 It's summertime and we all are spending more time outdoors. Don't forget to slather on the sunscreen. But sunscreen alone won't cut it this summer. Here are some tips on avoiding the damaging rays of the sun.

Skin Protection Pointers

Dr. Wendy Delaney of Cummings, Georgia-based Vickery Pediatrics offers these recommendations to keep your family safe from the sun:

1. Wear a hat and protective clothing. Look for clothes with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30 or higher.

2. Cover all exposed body areas with sunscreen. Use SPF 30 or higher. Apply 30 minutes before going outside.

3. Reapply sunscreen every two hours after swimming or excessive sweating.

4. Keep newborns in the shade or a sheltered area when possible. Use sunscreen on all babies more than 6 months old.

5. Avoid the sun’s strongest rays between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

6. Always check the expiration date on your sunscreen.

7. Do not neglect protecting your ears, eyes, lips and nose.

8. UVA rays can penetrate clouds, fog and glass, so protect yourself even on rainy days or when in the car.


10. Avoiding tanning and UV tanning booths.

Read more :


8:15 Today is Left Handers Day. Great! Give us some scissors and a lefty mug! :) What's so funny is that when I posted this online, the comments went nuts! Everyone had funny commentary about being a lefty or being a righty. Who knew people were going to be so funny about it. Here's the story. On closer inspection, this story was posted by a TV station in August of 2013. It's not left handers day at all. :( Bummer. I guess it's more “re-poster fool's day”. Happy Left-Handers Day anyway!

About 10 percent of people write with their left hand – a trait tenuously tied to intelligence and creativity, not to mention inky pinkies. And some experts say this small but steady legion sheds light on the brain. Despite their minority status, lefties are more likely to excel in music, mathematics and athletics, according to studies.


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06/24/2014 10:12AM
Science is helping get rid of annoying problems, Ugliest kinda cute. Sunscreen isn't all yo
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