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Camels, Viral Uptown Funk, Coffee for Sleep?, 50% Friday, Big Game bad for your

Opened the show with the new GEICO commercial with the camels at the zoo. Getting harrassed by onlookers. It's pretty funny. I don't know who does their ads but they are brilliant!!!!! (here it is if you've never seen it).

5:45 Into first song, there's a viral video of a teacher doing his version of Uptown funk.

6:15 You usually think of coffee to go to sleep but now this coffee is having the opposite effect...40 winks and Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep Coffee Could Be Key To Good Night's Sleep

The best way to a great night's sleep might come in the form of a cup of joe. A new brand called Counting Sheep Coffee claims to induce sleep rather then prevent it.

Created by
Deland Jessop to help his wife sleep, the decaffeinated beverage offers two different options: the milder "40 Winks" and the stronger "Lights Out!" Refinery29 reports that both are made with organic valeian root, which is a natural sedative. Valrian is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a food ingredient.

Counting Sheep Coffee is available at various regional supermarkets. (

6:45 50% Friday Hey, next hour, I'm going to be giving away $50 to Boyd's Steakhouse in Martinsburg. Get details on the deals here and buy em up on Friday at 9am!

7:15 Yeah, the Big Game is coming up this Sunday. If you're not careful, you could damage your smartphone. Be careful. Here are some pretty interesting stats about the ways we damage our phones during the Big Game (courtesy of a survey from Square Trade) .

Eat, Drink and Fumble

This year, SquareTrade explored how our favorite game time snacks and beverages can help predict clumsiness with devices like smartphones and tablets:

  • Beer Matters: People who typically drink imported beer are 22% more likely than average to have damaged a phone while microbrew drinkers are 37% less likely than average

  • Dangerous Dips: Spinach dip is the most dangerous snack — fans who prefer spinach dip are 10% more likely than average to have damaged a phone within the last year

  • Toilet Drops: More prevalent than ever: 1 in 5 Americans has dropped their phone in the toilet – that amounts to almost 50M of us!

  • Passion Plays: 15% of American adults (an estimated 36 MM) have damaged a smartphone in a fit of emotion

Get more details here:

7:45 Playback giveaway of Boyd's Steakhouse gift certificate. Make sure you are ready to buy your gift certificate at 9am on Friday when the 50% Friday goes live! Get details here:

8:15 Remember yesterday, I was telling you about how the judge ruled in France that this kid couldn't be called Nutella? Well now comes with the top baby names that are food names too. Check it out: I would never name my child Dasani, Heinz, Kipper, or me crazy. Ha! I'm am truly shaking my head at this list. You can see it here:

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Muppets rock "Just a Friend"!, Lefties earn less?, Get back at your ex OR show y

5:45 This is awesomeness! Rolf from the Muppets doing Biz Markie's "Just a friend". Awesome!

6:15 Well that sucks! I'm left handed and hate to think that I'll earn less over my lifetime due to my brain wiring.

Left-handed? Then you're likely to earn less: 'Lefties' are not as financially successful as right-handed colleagues, according to a new Harvard University study. It's found that the 1-in-8 people who are lefties earn 12% less over their lifetime. Reasons for the disparity are unclear but economists suggests people who are left-handed may be at a fundamental cognitive disadvantage.

Data suggests left-handed children are more likely to have learning issues. The researchers claim their study seems to dispel the myth that lefties are more likely to be 'gifted'. (Our theory: Lefties are more likely to be creative. And making a lot of moolah in the creative arts … well, good luck.)
– Read more (and see the video) about it here:

6:45 Every day I say it. Did you sign up yet? If you want me to give you something delicious to get your day started from The Daily Grind, you've got to sign up here...NOW!!!!

7:15 Valentine's day is coming up. If you're happy with your significant other, please ignore #1 and 2. If you aren't, here are some handy ways to get back at your ex:

  1. Send a package of glitter. Ugh. It gets all over everything and you can never wash it off. (PAYBACK BY POST:
    Revenge just got a whole lot more sparkly. For a small fee, a new Australian company will send an envelope filled with glitter that's 'guaranteed to go everywhere' to the enemy of your choosing. The envelope is sent anonymously and includes a note saying what a jerk your victim is (only in more colorful language). The glitter is mixed in with the note, thus increasing maximum spillage. The service, that was recently launched, costs $9.99 in Aussie dollars. It's already received more than 800 requests and has temporarily suspended accepting new orders until it catches up. (If you're still vacuuming glitter from carpets that came off Christmas wrap 4 years ago, you know how truly cruel this can be.) Find out more at: . Sourced from "Washington Post"

  2. Send a donation to the San Diego Zoo and name a hissing cockroach after them... OR

  3. If you and your love are happy, name a lemur, snow leopard or penguin after them.

A Very Creepy Way To Get Back At An Ex

In light of Valentine's Day, the San Francisco Zoo is offering a way for scorned lovers to get back at their exes. For a donation, the zoo is allowing the scorned lovers to adopt cockroaches and scorpions in the names of the exes. One package is called the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach package. The hissing cockroach grows to a size of 2-4 inches long is the perfect way to show "your favorite ex" that you have "moved on" with your life. The zoo also suggested that scorned lovers consider adopting a huge hairy scorpion that goes by the name of "low-life ex."

If your love life is going great, the zoo has something for you too -- they are offering adoption packages of cuter animals like snow leopards, penguins and lemurs.

7:45 This dog has figured out the bus schedule and she rides to the dog park on her own. Don't believe me? Read it here!

8:15 WACKY-BUT-TRUE: PARENTS CAN'T NAME THEIR CHILD 'NUTELLA' _ A newborn named Nutella was renamed by a French court (in Valenciennes) after a judge ruled that the parents' decision to the name the child after the food was against the child's best interest. The judge renamed the child Ella after the parents failed to show up to court. Read more here:

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Snow day... Bye Bye Sky (mall), Brosiery

Since it was a snow day, I didn't get much done (in terms of content).

5:45 Over the weekend, I heard that SkyMall was going away. It's that magazine that's stuffed in the back of the seats when you fly. It's always got such weird products for sale. It made me a little sad. I always looked at the Garden Yeti and laughed. Now that it's going away (they filed for bankruptcy last week), it's time to take a look at some of the nutty items they sell. At 6:15 I found on some fun items sold in the SkyMall catalog. The good part is, Skymall remains online.

6:45 If you haven't registered for the 97.5 Daily Grind Wakeup call, do it now!!!! It's easy go here and fill it out! KThnxbye.

7:15 Have you already been to to take advantage of the Opequon Motors 50% Friday deal? You should. I'll make it easy for you...go here.

7:45 More and more guys are wearing and showing off some snazzy socks. And these statement socks have become a must have fashion accessory for guys everywhere from Wall Street to Silicon Valley.

For women, it's called hosiery, but for guys- this trend is being called 'brosiery' and it's a way for guys to be expressive and unique in a way other than with neckties and pocket squares.

Fashion insiders also going so far to consider these colorful socks to be like lingerie for men. Here's why: only the guy knows what's under the pants, but when they walk, they give a little peek.

On the expensive end, you can get a single pair of funky socks for up to $185 at a store like Barney's, but that's like $90 per sock which is insane. And let's face it, at the end of the day your $185 snazzy socks will smell just the same as socks you could have bought at Walmart. Boom *drops mic*.

Get the full story here:

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Friday AM Dance Party!, Invisible Boyfriend is a thing!, Take your vaca, Fat bot

5:45 I was at the gas station this morning. And I pulled up to my pump and the guy next to me gave me a knowing look. I got out of the car and realized what was going on. He was jammin to this! I looked around at the gas station and every person who was pumping was jamming out to this song. So funny. #Fridayamdanceparty! --Rona

6:15 Have you ever been one of those single people that always gets the "When are you getting married?" question? Or the "Who are you dating?" stuff at holidays. This could be the answer to your problems!

I played back some calls regarding or or pay $20 to have someone send you texts and calls to pretend they are your girlfriend/boyfriend. Wow!

7:15 Do you take your allotted vacation each year? If you don't you're note alone. I saw this results of this study from and it was interesting. Here's a snapshot:

Lots of Americans Don't Take Any Vacation from Work

A lot of Americans aren't taking the vacation they're entitled to. Some 42 percent of Americans didn't take a single day of vacation from work last year, according to a new survey from travel intelligence site Skift. The results showed that while many Americans who are employed full-time have at least 10 days of allotted vacation, only 13 percent said they could afford to take that many, and also revealed was that women took fewer vacation days than man. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that Americans are reluctant to use their vacation time out of fear of being replaced or concerns about their work piling up. (Time)

Read everything here:

7:45 Moms if you're worried about your fat bum...don't! It's a good thing. Because the fat in your hips, butt, and thighs are beneficial building blocks for babies. Awesome!

Curvy moms with fat on their bottoms and thighs can now attest to the fact there's at least one good reason for this. A new study just released uncovers the reason why women have fat they don't want in these so-called "problem areas." The study was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh and conclusive evidence showed researchers that stubborn fat residing in the butt and thighs contain highly valuable components essential in the development of child's nervous system. Professor Will Lassek is a public health epidemiologist at the university and talked with the Sunday Times about the study. He cites the fat in a woman's butt and thighs are crucial to an infant's brain make-up, especially when breastfeeding.

Read more at:

8:15 Several things:

  1. 50% Off Friday kicks off in less than an hour!

  2. Do you know how excited I am the Lenny Kravitz will be playing the Big Game next Sunday? ...oh yeah and Katy Perry too. smile emoticon --Rona

  3. The ultimate beer drinkers tool has been invented. CHEERS: The Ultimate Beer Drinker's Tool Has Been Invented

Posted: Wednesday 03:32PM Jan. 21, 2015 PT

There's a Kickstarter campaign going on right now that features a beer drinker's tool that seems to perform every function a beer drinker would ever need.

The Sabertooth opens bottles, makes the perfect hole to shotgun a beer from, punches a hole in the top of a can for better beer flow, and has an easy tab opener, which saves your fingers from opening too many beers.

And, amazingly, this thing is so small it fits on your keychain.

The guys behind this amazing invention have already raised enough money to put it into production. It's a full go, beer drinkers! (BroBible)


8:45 Friday Toy Memory: One of the best (and unintentionally funniest) shows on TV. MacGyver. Who could take a pine cone, a gum wrapper and a paper clip and make a plane fly? MacGyver!

Also, 80's hottie, Richard Dean Anderson is 65 today.

Oh yeah, just to keep up the kitsch of it all. Here's the theme song with no music. According to this blog post it's funnier.

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Good Food News!, New "it" Veggie, How often do you change your jammies?, Ever h

6:15 Good food news and bad food news:

Good News: Cauliflower is the new "it" food of 2015!

Food trend watchers say versatile cauliflower is the superfood that's poised to become the next kale. The lush, cruciferous broccoli cousin is predicted to be the 2015 produce king. Unlike bitter green kale, cauliflower is versatile enough to be used in many ways, such as …

Swapped out for potatoes when mashed. It easily absorbs the flavors of butter & garlic and can be an alternative topping for shepherd's pie.
Breaded with flour & seasonings, then fried until golden brown as a replacement for beefsteak.
Baked with various flavorings. Cauliflower can be used to make bread or biscuits, even pizza crust.
Puréed to make creamy soups.
What's more, cauliflower is a fantastic source of fiber, vitamin C, and is low in calories (150 per head). It also contains vitamins B and K, Omega-3s, and manganese. (Seems someone has hired a really good PR firm.)
Adapted from

Bad News: Forget your new year's diet: Oreos have come out with a new Red Velvet Flavor. I'm bout to throw in the towel on my diet!!!

See them and read the taste reviews here:

7:15 I'm gonna get personal with you for a often do you change your pajamas?

I just eyeball em or smell em. Or sometimes, I just say, "Hmmm, these are getting gross, maybe it's time to throw them in the laundry". I have no real rhyme or reason for when I know. What's funny is that there is a good reason to change your jammies frequently. According to experts, you could be making yourself sick...with all kinds of things that you already have in your body like E Coli and MRSA. Ew. I put the question to you guys and most everyone responded the same way 3 or 4 days including Margaret, Becky, DJ, and Marc (yes, our Marc).

Read the whole story here:

8:15 FEAR OF BEING OFFLINE _ Move over, FOMO, and make room for FOBO: A study by culture experts (Crowd DNA) found that fear of being offline is the new fear of missing out, as 70 percent of respondents 13 through 24 said they have to be connected, no matter where they are. Read more about it here:

FYI: TLC, New Kids on the Block and Nelly are going to be touring. Um...1999 called and wants it's tour back! Well, this is the ultimate '90s throwback lineup. New Kids On The Block will tour with TLC and Nelly this summer, starting in Las Vegas on May 1. Tickets for the tour -- called The Main Event -- go on sale Jan. 31. Get the details here:

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Great stuff!, Women's voices make dudes tingly!, Daily Grind Wake-up call, Thing

5:45 How I got sucked into trying insulate my windows last night when I should have been packing my clothing. hands are covered in this gunk. Word to the wise, if you use it, USE GLOVES!!!! *as directed on the can...I didn't :(


According to a new study from James Madison University, men's bodies actually respond to the sound of a woman's voice. (I say, except when they want them to do something for them...then, men actually ignore women's voices).

And, amazingly, a guy's body can detect a woman's fertility just from the pitch of her voice.

Researchers found that within five seconds of hearing a fertile woman's voice, guys get a five percent boost in heart rate and 20 percent more skin electricity. (HuffingtonPost)

6:45 Daily Grind Wake up call winner Heather B! Had a surprise this morning. Thanks for listening Heather!

7:15 Everybody wants to save a buck every now and again. Well, I got an e-mail from Hans Fogle (remember him?...he used to be on the show?). Anyway, USA Today had a list of things you should and shouldn't buy generic.

Diapers, TP and Tissues (*agreed), and Electronic chargers are just a few on the list. Check out the full list here:


Ever heard of the turducken – a cooked turkey that houses a duck that houses a chicken?

Well, the evil people over at have come up the dessert version ... and we're dying to try it.

It starts with an apple fritter, which is encased in a custard-filled doughnut, then it's glazed with chocolate and sprinkles.

Since no name seemed to befitting of this sinful treat's monumental status, they are simply calling it the turducken of doughnuts.

Good enough for us ... as long as we get a bite! What should we name it though guys? Hmmm

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Big game ads are going up!, Ways to rock your resolutions, Belty, Undo text mess

5:45 Can you believe how much it costs to buy and ad for Superbowl? The big game rakes in big bucks every year. SUPER BOWL ADS ARE 95 PERCENT SOLD OUT _ NBC says that its in-game advertising for the Super Bowl is 95% sold out, with costs to advertisers of $4.4 million to $.4.5 million per 30-second ad. Fox TV charged $4 million last year. Read more here.

6:15 Did you make a New Year's Resolution? Well here are some interesting and easy to accomplish resolutions from Here are just a few that inspired me...These 30 Resolutions will certainly Rock your 2015!

  • Get rid of frenemies
  • Write a postcard/card to a friend each week.
  • Do something nice for someone each week.
  • Let go of the need to be right! (I can use the advice on this one)

Practicing humility is a great way to change our need to prove others wrong. We can all learn something from opening our minds and genuinely listening to what others may have to offer. It does not mean that we have to accept their ideas and beliefs. When we are confident in our own choices, we don't have to prove anything.

  • Start a new routine

We typically do the same thing every day. Boring! What can you add to your routine to make it new and interesting? It doesn't have to be something drastic. It can be something as simple as changing the route we drive to work each day or reading five pages of a book each morning after we wake up.

  • Avoid rabbit holes (I can use this one too!)

If we wish to have a more productive 2015, we can start by putting away our cellphones and closing the internet browser on our work computers. Most text messages, phone calls, e-mails, and social media can wait. This discipline will get us focused on our important tasks and limit tendency towards procrastination.

  • Turn off the smartphone

Check out the whole list (and get inspired) here:

6:45 I caught up with Annie P. for the 97.5 WLTF Daily Grind Wakeup call. She was very excited and she said she just heard me mention that I hadn't called anyone she left her phone on. See? You could win just like that...but you've got sign up. Do it now!!!!

7:15 THE BELT that knows when you're getting fat.

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is full of the wonderful and weird. And the wearable smart belt called Belty, which debuted at CES last week, definitely falls into the latter category.

The Belty wirelessly connects with the user's smartphone so that wearer can teach it preferences based on things like sitting or standing. The Belty will automatically loosen when you sit down, and tighten when you stand up, for example. See some of the other cool things that were debuted at the Consumer Electronics show.

8:15 New App Lets You 'Untext' Someone

Putting your thoughts down in black and white always comes with risk, but a new app aims to make texting less risky. It's called Strings and lets the user remotely remove messages "immediately and permanently" from other people's phones. The only catch is that all the messaging must be done through the app on everybody's phones. An upside? The app makes it impossible for anyone to download or save messages sent through it. Strings also allows the user to see when a message has, or has not, been read. A creator of the app says, "With the privacy issues plaguing existing with messaging apps, email, and texting, it's time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations." (Daily Mail)

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Skinny jeans could hurt you!, Wake up call, Tropical Smoothie food drop...mmmmm,

5:45 Skinny Jeans could be harmful to your health! So says a Dr. Karen Boyle from Greater Baltimore Medical Center. ABC News interviewed her and she says she's recently seen cases of women suffering pain from wearing tight jeans. While they might be a staple of the well-dressed geek's wardrobe, skinny jeans aren't doing you any favors and may be causing serious physical damage! Yikes!!!

Read the full article here:

6:15 97.5 WLTF Daily Grind Wakeup Call. If you want to win 4 cups of coffee and 4 pastries, you've got to sign up to win. Go to and sign up right now!!!!

7:15 Jessica "aka" the Smoothie Fairy from Tropical Smoothie Cafe dropped off some new googies to try. I got to sample the Delicious Mediterranean Flatbread sandwiches and also Live Better Smoothies. Thanks to Jessica for stopping by so early in the morning!

  • Detox- Island Green Smoothie
  • Muscle Blast—fruit with a protein shot
  • Totally Green—feels refreshing and cleansing
  • Immune booster C is also a smoothie with lots of vitamin C to help ward off the wintertime "ick" tha goes around. (not their words, of words)


"Boston Globe" columnist Yvonne Abraham has called it 'musical crack'. Musicologists weigh in on why the "Frozen" soundtrack tune has become the mega-hit that it is …
✓ It appeals to a broad audience. Even out of context with the movie "Let It Go" still works, as its messages of liberation and self-acceptance are just as strong. That means the song has the widest possible appeal.
✓ It's emotionally complex. Rather than being a love song or a positive anthem, "Let it Go" is unusual in that it is tonally quite dark. Musicologist Anthony Sheppard pinpoints the song's negativity: There are 5 'don'ts', 4 'nevers' and 3 'nos' in the lyrics.
✓ Songs with both long notes and catchy, repetitive choruses make for potential 'earworms', or songs that get stuck in your mind. If your brain forms an emotional connection with the song, from lyrics or narrative meaning, then it's even more likely to stick.
✓ Idina Menzel. The song was written specifically for her. It's not at all easy to sing or replicate. Her voice helped to make "Let It Go" a hit outside of the movie.
✓ It perfectly matches the animation. The video, which has been watched 380 million times on YouTube, has been described as 'a nuclear bomb of a multimedia experience'.
Read the whole thing on the Daily Telegraph:

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Golden Globes, The first, "97.5 WLTF Daily Grind Wakeup call winner", Belfiestic

6:15 Golden Globes Recap...Aunt Phoebe calling me and talking through the Golden Globe awards. I just wanted to see Prince but intstead, she just kept yapping about peoople who I don't know and who died, and who had a baby, and who retired and blah blah blah! So Prince...he's not aging.

Good speeches were from Michael Keaton, The director of Boyhood. Here's a little clip of Prince.

Here are some red carpet looks from last night's Golden Globe Awards-

6:45 I got the first winner of the Daily Grind Wakeup call! Theresa Bitner of Inwood got 4 cups of coffee and 4 pastries courtesy of The Daily Grind in Martinsburg. Thanks Theresa!

7:15 Ugh. You've probably seen people walking around with that stick that can be used to take the perfect selfie

right? Well no, comes the "Belfiestick". It seeks to perfect The Butt Selfie.

It's bad enough that the "butt selfie" has become a thing, but now there's something to assist those trying to get the perfect shot of their posterior. It's called the "Belfiestick," and it's a bendable stick that enables you to take that kind of selfie from just the perfect angle without having to rely on mirrors or twist yourself into a pretzel.

The Belfiestick is currently out of stock -- apparently it's that popular -- but you can pre-order your very own for $80 at Get the whole story in Shape magazine.

8:15 Leap second! Yaaaaaahhh run for your lives. Kidding.

The Leap second could ruin everything...didn't we go through this with Y2K Bug? In June, scientists have found it necessary to add a second to the clock. The problem is that time and computers that keep the time, don't like to be messing around with it. In fact, the last time they did this in June of 2012, it messed some things up. Wow...who knew we needed to worry about getting an extra second? Read the whole story here:

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What's Dry-uary? Skivvies from Christmas trees?, Christian Lopez, Heads Up Game,


Have you heard of Dry January or Dry-uary?? I hadn't heard of it until a friend of mine posted something about it on Facebook.

Basically, a lot of people choose not to drink for the month of January – after indulging way too much during the holidays.

If you're not drinking this month – and are worried you might be bored at night or on the weekends, here are some other things you can do (besides drink) this month:

  1. Binge watch something on Netflix

  2. Learn to cook or try some new recipes

  3. Read a book

  4. Hit the gym

  5. Put the money you would have spent on booze in the bank

  6. Host a sober game night

  7. Go on a juice cleanse

  8. Reorganize your room/closet/living space

  9. Become a morning person

  10. Drink more water

  11. Volunteer

  12. Plan your next vacation

  13. Get a side job (

6:45 Your Christmas Tree Could Have New Life as Lingerie

archideaphoto/iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -– You probably never thought of your Christmas tree as sexy. However, a French company, Do You Green, is taking the wood and pine needles from your discarded tree and giving them second life as fabrics for lingerie.

The brand is spearheaded by designer Sophie Young and is turning trees into nighties, bras and underwear through a non-chemical process.

Instead, the wood goes through an enzyme bath that turns it into a silky smooth fabric. The dyes used are certified with the Oekotex Standard 100 label, which guarantees the safety against risk of allergy or irritation, according to the company's website.

The website claims the line has sweat-reducing properties that naturally absorb two-and-a-half times more moisture than cotton.

The fashions are made from raw materials that could have alternatively been sent to the dump.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, as many as to 30 million "real" Christmas trees are sold in the U.S. every year, with 4,000 recycling programs throughout the nation.

Of course, there's also a less sexy way to dispose of the trees besides a landfill. This year, a new program called "Goat Grazers" has 40 goats eating and otherwise recycling used Christmas trees. The program was started by Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District to keep trees out of California landfills -- where they become fire hazards.

Read On ABC News Radio:

7:15 Christian Lopez—In studio with song and tickets for show with Grace and Tony. The show will be Wednesday, January 21st at Jammin Java in Vienna VA. Get show details and much more at:

7:45- Since Christian Lopez was in the studio with me, he took the quiz, What is your song of 2015? He got Flawless by Beyonce. I took the quiz twice were my songs:

1. I Can't Go For That--Hall and Hall & Oates
2. It's Raining Men.

Take it for yourself you dare:…

8:15 I'm in a game playing kind of mood today. So I made Marc play Heads up with me. Its a video guessing game developed by Ellen. So funny. I'd put the video up but it won't let me. :(. I love it! Check out more info and you can download here:

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Take heart children of the 90's, you'll now be able to play Oregon Trail with your family and free!

As the article in says, "Hitch up your oxen, find some water barrels and get ready for some westward expansion", courtesy of the Internet Archive. There they have hundreds of games we used to play online in the 80's and 90's online for free. Awesome!

Get ready to nickname your family poopiehead and give them dysentary. ;)

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Tech-ni-cal difficulties!!!!!! Manspreading, SWV Reunited!, We rely on e-mail a

Wow this morning was one thing after another of technical difficulties...not to mention icy roadways and snow closures! Argh. Here's the skeleton of what I talked about on the Morning show...but be warned, it was sochancy with computer issues, I rarely got a chance to talk about anything.

6:15 Do you know what "Manspreading" is?

It's when a dude sits down on a bench, subway seat etc and spreads his legs wide so that he's taking up more than one seat at a time. Its' become enough of an issue that there's a video to help guys understand how to STOP Manspreading. You have to see this video with a woman who attempts to "manspread" and what happens! Check it out here:

7:15 Coko, Lee Lee, and Taj from 90's R & B Supergroup SWV (Sisters With Voices). They are in the middle of Season 2 of their reality show called "SWV Reunited" on WeTV. If you'd like to catch up on the show, go to to see past episodes and see the show on Wednesdays at 10:00pm EST.

You heard an edited version of my interview with them, here's a longer exclusive interview:

8:15 Today was an absolute nightmare in terms of technology. I came and immediately, computers started malfunctioning. Not only on WLTF but on the other two stations in the building. So, that meant that we had an overbearing alarm system going for the better part of an hour, then when the rest of the office arrived, they ALL had problems with their computers. They couldn't print, and had issues getting on the internet. Anyhoo, it seems appropriate that I found this article. So true!!!!!! (at least in our office today it was VERY true).
Most Workers Still Rely Heavily on Emails and the Internet! Read the story here.

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What's digital amnesia?, Flu is dangerous, Men don't eat blue foods, Your Kid's

5:45 So if you lie just a weensy bit on social media, you might be prone to "digital amnesia" according to a new study.

A study reveals that two-thirds of users of social media networks tell lies to "airbrush reality" to make their personal lives look more interesting to others.

The findings of the survey have caused psychologists to warn users on the issue of "digital amnesia," wherein people forget the truth and believe in the versions of reality that they make up online. Posting lies on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter could cause users to "rewrite" their own memories.

The survey, which was commissioned by social network Pencourage, discovered that 68 percent exaggerate, embellish or outright lie when making posts about their personal events on social media, with one in every 10 respondents admitting that their recollections of the said event have already become distorted

Read the full story here:

6:15 While we were worrying about the Ebola virus this past fall, we should have focused our attention on the flu! It's a heartier strain than in past years.

A funny thing happened while we were all panicking about Ebola last fall -- the flu morphed into a monster disease right here in the U.S.

The CDC says the flu is "widespread" in 43 states, and 21 children have died from it this season. Six percent of all doctor visits are for flu-like symptoms, compared with two percent in a normal flu season.

This year's flu vaccine is not a good match for the bugs that are going around, which is one reason why the illness is so widespread. Nonetheless, doctors suggest that you get one even now if you haven't this year.

Source: USA Today

A new study shows men are subconsciously suspicious of blue-colored food, leading them to eat far less of it, if not avoid it altogether. In experiments it's been discovered that eating food under a blue light makes it appear unpleasant to men and prevents them from overeating. The University of Arkansas research team thinks men's rejection of blue food may be evolutionary since naturally occurring blue-colored foods are rare, which may have led to a subconscious suspicion about their safety. Interestingly, women are unaffected by the color, since they rely more on their sense of smell to judge the appeal of food. (That's why women will drink blueberry mojitos with blue corn tortilla chips! )
– "Pacific Standard"

I asked Greg at our sister station and he said, blue? Woman? Is it beer?...NUFF SAID!

7:15 What You Name Your Child Could Predict Their Career

The name that you give your child could actually predict what his or her future career will be. According to baby-naming app Nametrix, people with certain names appeared within the same career category many times. For instance, of the 2.5 million entries, almost two percent of accountants were named Arnold. While giving a child a certain name doesn't predetermine their career, names are often a reflection of the wishes parents have for their child. The full list of names most popular in each profession are, according to Nametrix:

  • Accountant: Maribel, Charmaine, Kurtis, Mindy, Adele

  • Biologist: Stuart, Suzanne, Sara, Cheryl, Janet

  • Car Salesman: Clay, Travis, Pete, Allen, Bob

  • Drummer: Joey, Mickey, Billy, Chad, Tommy

  • Electrical Engineer: Harvey, Eugene, Bernard, Edwin, Charles

  • Farmer: Duane, Marlin, Delbert, Darin, Mavis

  • Firefighter: Brandon, Darren, Ryan, Jason, Jeremy

  • Fitness Instructor: Virginia, Rebecca, Julie, Pamela, Karen

  • Football Coach: Rich, Mike, Bill, Dan, Jim

  • Football Player: Reggie, Jermaine, Darnell, Quinton, Nate

  • Geologist: Henry, Frederick, William, Leonard, Hugh

  • Golfer: Bud, Willie, Tommy, Bobby, Johnny

  • Graphic Designer: Vanessa, Alison, Diana, Jan, Kurt

  • Guitarist: Mick, Richie, Trey, Sonny, Buddy

  • Hair Stylist: Lori, Raymond, Patricia, Susan, Robert

  • Historian: Herbert, Adrienne, Henry, Emma, Theodore

  • Insurance Salesman: Dalton, Garrett, Patty, Brent, Clark

  • Interior Designer: Elise, Marjorie, Martha, Lynne, Bonnie

  • Journalist: Alastair, Gideon, Hanna, Jonah, Louisa

  • Judge: Archibald, Lise, Josiah, Clement, Louise

  • Lawyer: Norton, William, Sanford, Cecily, Augustus

  • Librarian: Nanette, Margot, Abigail, Johanna, Eleanor

  • Mechanic: Dave, Patrick, Randy, Fred, Jerry

  • Meteorologist: Joe, Bill, Scott, Mike, Jeff

  • Photographer: Zoe, Bruno, Hugo, Annie, Noah

  • Poet: Celia, Hannah, Edgar, Edmund, Dorothy

  • Police Officer: Louis, Kevin, Wayne, Kim, Timothy

  • Rabbi: Chaim, Shlomo, Judah, Meir, Yosef

  • Race Car Driver: Robbie, Johnny, Bobby, Sebastian, Luigi

  • Rancher: Boyd, Leland, Leroy, Judy, Roy

  • Social Worker: Jeannette, Stella, Penelope, Constance, Marsha

  • Soldier: Zachary, Jacob, Jeremy, Kyle, Joshua

  • Songwriter: Richie, Mick, Sonny, Benny, Billy

  • Stuntman: Eddie, Erik, Alex, Ben, Terry

  • Surgeon: Sherwin, Harris, Barrett, Sanford, Holly

  • Venture Capitalist: Joanna, Guy, Shawn, Nicholas, Alexander

  • Veterinarian: Wayne, Sara, Peggy, Tracy, Gene

  • Waiter: Joshua, Sarah, Amy, Elizabeth, Lisa

7:45 How cool is this? Skechers has put the Simon game (from the 80's) onto children's tennis shoes. Awesome. Check them out here:

I'm jelly.

8:15 Right now is the time when we all need to think about our time off. If you lost days last year because you didn't take your allotted time OR if you have some time that you haven't yet planned, think of this...

Lots of Americans Don't Take Any Vacation from Work

A lot of Americans aren't taking the vacation they're entitled to. Some 42 percent of Americans didn't take a single day of vacation from work last year, according to a new survey from travel intelligence site Skift. The results showed that while many Americans who are employed full-time have at least 10 days of allotted vacation, only 13 percent said they could afford to take that many, and also revealed was that women took fewer vacation days than man. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that Americans are reluctant to use their vacation time out of fear of being replaced or concerns about their work piling up. (Time)

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First Snow day of 2015! Kims NY Resolution, Stop FB copyright thing, Bash these

6:15 My friend had a really cool new year's resolution for 2014. This is what she posted online:

"I DID IT! 2014 New Years resolution is complete. On this very day last year I made a vow TO BUY NOTHING NEW FOR ONE YEAR!

I made a few exceptions.
1. Food obviously had to be new.
2. If there was a hygiene issue, I could buy it new. For example, underwear.
3. If it was related to my business, I could buy it new. For example my hard drive was failing and I bought a new one but I made sure it was properly recycled.
4. If it is something that will fix something I already have then I can buy it new. For example, my really nice Max Cool Igloo cooler had broken hinges so I ordered the parts to fix it and make it useful again.

Finding something you want without just walking into Target or Costco or department store takes a bit of commitment. The thing I learned the most from this year was a new thought process when deciding to buy something....
1. Do I need it or want it?
2. Regardless of need vs want, If I do decide to try to find it, is it worth the search. Ebay, Amazon used, geartrade, goodwill, thrift can't just go there and know your item will be available and if I have to order it will it be timely.
3. Do I already have something in my current inventory that will satisfy the want/need.

Fifty percent of the time I went through this process I just stopped wanting it. Not worth it or Yes, I have something like that in the attic. I found that there is very little that I actually "need", most of the time its a "want" situation.

Why did I do this you ask? First of all, I have tons of crap. I really don't need anything. I have enough stuff to last the rest of my life. Also, I wanted to live more simply, I don't believe that things make you happy and I was right. Environmentally, consuming less stuff is good for the planet. I hate to think of all the polluted rivers in China from the manufacturing of all the cheap crap we buy. I also wanted to see how much money I would save. At first I kept a spreadsheet of my savings. It was well into the thousands of dollars when I sorta forgot about it. Had I kept it going I know it would have been substantial. Although, I have to say, as the year went on I just stopped buying anything.

OK, so here is the real deal. Yes, I did slip up. I bought 24 new rubber snakes for my Halloween costume. There, I admitted it. This prompted me to make a new exception that supplies for costumes or art projects were exempt. Hey, its my resolution, I make the rules.

I am posting this on Facebook because I am proud of myself. If you would have asked Frank a year ago, he wouldn't have believed I would follow through. Long term resolutions and goals are not really my thing. Also I post this because I would like to challenge everyone to consume less and live more simply in 2015. It really is liberating. I am going to continue (probably not as strict) in my new way of consuming for the rest of my life. It really changed me. However, there is a sweet pair of boots that have my name on it and I can't wait to buy them. Think about it..a whole year without a new pair of shoes. Oh, the humanity.

Now on to my 2015 resolution. No cursing for a whole year. Every time I slip I will put $1 into a jar and send it to charity at the end of the year.


I had a longer interview with her. Here's the full chat (unedited):

6:45 Stop putting that Facebook copyright thing on your page. It doesn't do anything. Its just a "thing" that doesn't mean 'anything". Once you sign up for Facebook, you give away your rights now and in the future. If you are really that bothered that they have access to your pictures and posts, you can cancel your Facebook page, or you can decline to terms of service/privacy policy...which result in you NOT having a Facebook it's your choice, accept it or no page. These two pages should make it clear:


7:15 Lake Superior State University's 40th Annual List of Banished Words

Words that should be BANISHED in 2015! I am very guilty of "literally" and "I can't even". I agree with many of these but I definitely like "Sorry Not Sorry" and I don't think that one should go away.

The tradition created by the late W. T. Rabe, former public relations director at Lake Superior State University, begins its fifth decade with this year's annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.

2014 was definitely the year of the tweet, and words that should frankly...just go away! FOREVER! So, if you're still using any of these words and phrases, you should just stop. Now.

  • Bae--Bae, which, according to most origin theories means "before anyone else" (also, "before anything else") was popularized by Pharrell song "Come Get It Bae"
  • The struggle is real.
  • Literally
  • Sorry not sorry--You're sorry or you're not sorry. Just pick one and stop playing with our emotions!
  • I can't even

Read the whole thing here:

8:15 Since we are in the middle of a bunch of cold we go with some problems that can happen in your home due to winter weather. Good to know huh?
These are the two that make me most nervous in my house.

Bursting pipes

Wire fires

You should check out the full article for tips on how to avoid these calamities.

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Will you break your resolution?, Blue Monday or Bull-loney?, Who is Paul McCart

5:45--Will you break you resolution?

Get this: By January 14 many of our resolutions will be gone! If you're one of the 44% of people who made a New Year's resolution, don't feel bad if you're already stumbling. Experts that by January 14 over a third of resolution-makers will have quit. By February 1 about 6 in 10 will still be at it.

6:15 BACK TO WORK _ Today is Blue Monday, said by some to be one of the most depressing days of the year. It's back to the grind after the holidays, we know the Christmas bills are coming, the weather sucks, and we're a long way away from another holiday weekend.

They say it's rubbish though (because it was created to sell something):

6:45 So Kanye West released a new song called "Only One" with Paul McCartney (yes, THAT Paul McCartney). So anyway, some of Kanye's Twitter followers apparently don't know who Paul McCartney is. Seriously. Read some of the real tweets that were Know your legends people!!!!

7:15 List of songs that will get you double-checking time. These songs are turning 15 years old this year. Her are just a few. Check out the full list and some of the videos here:

  • "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas
  • "You and Me" by Lifehouse
  • "Pon de Replay" by Rihanna
  • "Gold Digger" by Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx
  • "Photograph" by Nickelback
  • "Temperature" by Sean Paul
  • "Lonely No More" by Rob Thomas
  • "Who Says You Can't Go Home" by Bon Jovi
  • "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter
  • "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray

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36 hairstyles! Ways to stick to your resolutions, Ed Sheeran/Marvin Gaye Mashup,


Having a bad hair day? Don't worry- it won't last. The average woman supposedly changes her hairstyle 36 times throughout her life. The most popular look, according to nearly half of women surveyed, is shoulder-length; 25% of women go for a chin-length bob while 22% prefer long locks. As for color, a third of women change it every three years, while 17% have never dyed their hair. Read the story here.

This study was conducted by a beauty products company.

6:15 Yeah, we all make New Year's Resolutions. But do we stick to them? Well has come up with some innovative ways to stick to you and actually accomplish you resolutions.

Good advice...even if it's all selling you products etc. Check them out here.

Does anybody else think this song: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran sounds like (or is in the tradition of, or reminds you of) Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye? Here's a dude that did a mashup of the two. Check it out: Glad to know I'm not alone.

6:45 New Year's Eve was on Wednesday, but many people still have time off from work. Maybe the party is continuing for you? Maybe not. Either way, this bar in NYC decided to came up with 147 year old hangover remedies.

I could probably choke down the Annabelle's Headbanger. Annabelle's Head Banger: If the belly wash seemed rough, the head banger is on another level, according to Sherry. The drink is a mix of green tea extract, banana, honey, spinach juice, gherkin juice, asparagus juice, garlic, lentils, white kidney beans and cayenne pepper. It's better than the Belly Wash Read about the historic hangover remedies here:


A Houston boy spent 2014 saving his money and ended the year with 120 in his piggy bank.

When his dad asked him how he wanted to spend the cash, the kid offered up an unexpected idea … he wanted to make lunches for homeless people.

So, his parents took him shopping for groceries and helped him make dozens of sandwiches.

They packed up the sack lunches and drove through the city, passing out free food to people living on the street.

And, lucky for us, they posted the touching images of their adventures online. (Imgur)

7:45 Random facts to make you say hmmmm...a statistical look at who we are and the things we do …

• 70% of us say we're often disappointed by the gifts we receive during the holidays.
• 50% of men go to a hardware store (or building center) … every weekend.
• 35% of us dress casually at work … every day.
• 30% of us have no clue how to re-fill the windshield washer fluid in a car.
• 24% of cellphone owners say the room in which they use their phone most is … the bathroom.
• 2% of us claim we change the bed sheets … every day.


✓ A pint of beer, a glass of wine, and a shot of vodka all contain about the same amount of alcohol.
Discovery of late Stone Age jugs suggests that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period (about 10,000 BC).
✓ Most vegetables and almost all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol in them.
✓ In some other countries, the legal drinking age is as low as 16. Many high school cafeterias in Europe serve alcohol to students who choose to drink.

✓ Research suggests that, at any given time, 0.7% of the world population is drunk. That means 50 million people are drunk right now.
✓ A muscular person has a higher alcohol tolerance than someone with more body fat. Water-rich muscle tissue absorbs alcohol more effectively, preventing it from reaching the brain.

✓ A bottle of champagne contains 90 pounds of pressure per square inch, 3 times that found in car tires. That's why a popped champagne cork can travel as fast as 60 mph (97 km/h).
✓ The most prolific beer-drinking country in the world is the Czech Republic, with an incredible per capita beer consumption of almost 40 gallons a year.
✓ One of the most popular drinks in Cambodia is Tarantula Brandy; a delectable concoction that includes rice liquor and freshly dead tarantulas.

✓ Vodka is the world's most popular liquor by a huge margin, with about 5 billion liters consumed every year.
– Condensed from

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Gak! My buddy Rich stopped by and we got to talking about toys when we were kids. So in honor of him stopping by, we went with his childhood toy memory. Gak. He said his grandma used to get mad at him for getting it all over the carpet. Ewwww!

First of all, what is this stuff actually made of? It can be squirted, it can blow into a bubble, it can make fart noises! Mostly though, when I had it, it just got dirt and dust bunnies all over it.

Read more:

Take a look at the commercial for it:

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