Hi I'm Rona,

I love chatting. At one point in my life (a loooooong time ago) I was actually pretty quiet. Now these days, I love to meet people and entertain on the radio. I'm a big music fan and I've always been interested in learning about artists and their music. 
When I'm not on the air, I keep busy by participating in the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. I act, I help to make props, I help out ushering and I help in the steering of the theater by sitting on the Board of Directors. And I'm  ever known for making the random comment.
I love to dance and my current favorite exercise class is Zumba. If you don't know what it is...check out this video.
Things to know about me:

Favorite Condiment: Mustard
Favorite Pizza: Black olive and Sausage
Hometown: Frederick, MD
Secret Crush: Lenny Kravitz, Michael McDonald (neither of these is secret-haha)


Holiday travel predictions, Annoying Text habits, Write what you're grateful for

With the weather as rainy as it was this morning, I was bracing for crummy weather. It was just rainy until the end of the morning. At any rate, I was more prepared for snow and not for content. Here were go nonetheless....

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving everyone. Hope it's meaningful to you and your loved ones.

Travelers will encounter moderately higher prices with airfares one percent higher, mid-range hotels up eight percent and car rentals costing 10 percent more. Road trippers likely will pay the lowest Thanksgiving price for fuel in five years. Today's national average price of gas is $2.85 per gallon, which is 43 cents lower than the average price for Thanksgiving a year ago ($3.28 per gallon). Who is travelling and who;s not on Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving holiday travel volume is expected to reach the highest level since 2007, with 46.3 million Americans taking a trip.

6:45 Never text the word "k". When responding to someone via text or e-mail. It's juvenile and annoying. See here:

7:15 PUT A PEN ON YOUR THANKSGIVING TABLE "Just this small stunt -- the physical action of jotting down a couple of things you're happy to have in your life -- has been shown to reinforce happy thoughts. Our brains have a tendency to focus on the negative, so this action helps to stop our thoughts from going down a dark path and bring them back on a happy trail. The whole essence of this November holiday is gratitude (OK, and wildly phenomenal food), so why not make the most of gratitude for all its many benefits?" [HuffPost]

Read the rest of the story here:

7:45 Brought our Sales Rep Wes on the air and asked him how the road conditions are/were when he came in.

8:15 Hey are you a procrastinator? If you haven't gotten yourself ready for Thanksgiving yet, here's the procrastinators guide.

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AMA's, PA's Ugly Tree, Home Entertainment tech, Chocolate Shortage!

6:15 Last night was the American Music Awards. I didn't recognize a bunch of the people that I saw pics of on the red carpet. I'm old.

I was working earlier in the evening and I didn't get home until it was already in progress. There were a bunch of people scantily clad. They also had a bunch of performers blah blah. I thought Iggy Azelea lacked luster. It was a lot of good dancing, but her rapping was really....don't know how to say it, it was like she was talking and it sounded bland. I don't know if it was really live or not but whatever the case I was left meh.

J-Lo closed out the show with a booty shaking performance. I love Selena Gomez's emotional performance of "The Heart Wants What it Wants" and I thought Arianna Grande's medley was great. Let's face it, the girl can SING.

Pitbull and Ne-Yo gave a pretty fun performance but I was grabbing bite to eat when they were singing so I only saw part of it.

Here are a bunch of winners.

Get all the details including videos and other winners here:

Here are the winners at the 2014 American Music Awards, which aired Sunday night on ABC from the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles:

Artist of the Year
One Direction

New Artist of the Year Presented By Kohl's

5 Seconds of Summer

Single of the Year

Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J, "Dark Horse"

Favorite Male Artist -- Pop/Rock

Sam Smith

Favorite Female Artist -- Pop/Rock

Katy Perry

Favorite Band, Duo or Group -- Pop/Rock

One Direction

Favorite Album -- Pop/Rock

One Direction, Midnight Memories

Favorite Male Artist -- Country

Luke Bryan

Favorite Female Artist -- Country

Carrie Underwood

Favorite Band, Duo or Group -- Country

Florida Georgia Line

Favorite Album -- Country

Brantley Gilbert, Just As I Am

Favorite Artist -- Rap/Hip-Hop

Iggy Azalea

Favorite Album -- Rap/Hip-Hop

Iggy Azalea, The New Classic

Favorite Male Artist -- Soul/R&B

John Legend

Favorite Female Artist -- Soul/R&B


Favorite Album -- Soul/R&B

Beyoncé, Beyoncé

Favorite Artist -- Alternative Rock

Imagine Dragons

Favorite Artist -- Adult Contemporary

Katy Perry

Favorite Artist -- Latin

Enrique Iglesias

Favorite Artist -- Contemporary Inspirational

Casting Crowns

Favorite Artist -- Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Calvin Harris

Top Soundtrack


Dick Clark Award of Excellence
Taylor Swift

6:45 PA Residents Complain About "Ugly" Christmas Tree The Christmas tree in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania, wasn't exactly bringing holiday cheer.

According to, many residents complained that the 50-foot Norway Spruce was "ugly" and "pathetic," and now it's being replaced. "I think it does look a little pitiful," resident Teresa Rodriguez said of the scraggly spruce. "I think they picked the wrong tree."

Another resident who works near the tree, Martin McNeil, added, "It was a waste of time for them to even come out here and put this tree up. Honestly, they might as well put nothing out here."

In response to the bah-humbugs, the city has decided to replace the tree with one that's fuller and greener. The new tree is expected to be in place Monday or Tuesday. It will be decorated Friday and lit on Saturday. As for the poor old tree, it was adopted by a local business.

This Christmas tree gives Charlie Brown's a run for the money. In Reading, PA the town residents want the town Christmas tree gone because it's "pitiful, sad, and ugly". Their wish will be granted this week. Do you think it's ugly?

I think it's better when it has the lights on it.

A peek at what you may be able to do in your media room 10 years down the line …
Paint Your TV Directly On the Wall – Scientists have already begun manipulating light-making polymers to become flexible enough to conceivably be used as a layer of paint.
Your TV Will Be a Window – Your LCD monitor will become completely translucent when turned off, allowing a view of the outside world.
Everything Will Be at Your Fingertips – With cloud-based networks, every movie, TV show, or sporting event ever broadcast will be available with just the click of a button.
Your TV Will Know You – Using advanced algorithms, your entertainment unit will know what you want to watch before you do.
Big Sound From Little Packages – As technology advances, Home Theater Systems will only need to rely on one small unit to create realistic surround sound.
Videogames Get Personal – Thanks to advanced computing and greater understanding of how the human mind works, virtual reality will finally become reality.
A 'Watch Party' Whenever You Want – Using a 2nd device while watching TV is already becoming the norm. In future, integrated devices will allow you and a buddy across the country to share a sports event as if you're sitting on the couch beside him.

8:15 I don't want to sound like an alarmist or anything but...
We're running out of chocolate!!!!!!! According to one of the major chocolate makers Mars. Uh Oh! --Rona

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Best Alarm Clocks, Turn signals, What are your phobias, Becky Linton with Christ

6:15 The best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers:,,20506099,00.html

Blender Alarm Clock--

Do clocks with calming, beach-scape sounds have you dreaming through your scheduled alarm?
Ditch the vacation noise for a cacophony of churning Styrofoam and absurd jingles being played simultaneously by this retro-style blender ($75;
Nothing says "welcome to the real world" better than this.

Kim, the Talking Clock

Are you dreaming that robots are taking over the planet? Nope, that's just Kim, the talking alarm clock ($56;

She comes with gold metallic hair, a green speaker mouth, and a humanoid, robotic voice—but not a standard time display. (Press her silver nose and she'll tell you the time.)

When it's time to get up, she'll flash her red eyes at you while crowing like a rooster. Press her nose and she'll be quiet.


If the only thing that will get you out the door in the morning is some serious nagging, Clockman ($85; is for you. This chatty clock refuses to shut up, even after you get out of bed.

He'll greet you at your desired time, sing while you get dressed, and even yell if you anger him.

While Clockman speaks only Japanese for now, his wake-up-and-get-going message isn't lost in translation.

My favorites are the Clocky-

This cute, wheeled timekeeper ($39; rolls and leaps, from up to 3 feet, off your nightstand after one snooze. What's worse, it does so while beeping random patterns and hides until you hunt it down.

It's safe to say you won't be catching any z's catching this clock.

Sonic Boom With Super Shaker

If the four alarms you scheduled to go off 10 minutes apart wake your neighbors but not you, you might want to try this noisy clock ($34;; it has a 113-decibel alarm—about as loud as a jackhammer.

And if the volume alone won't do it, the red flashing lights and accompanying bed-shaker unit (which goes beneath your mattress) should deliver the full sensory message that grave danger awaits unless you get out of bed.

Watch this video of the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. I'm sure this would wake the heaviest sleeper. Haha!

6:45 TURN SIGNAL STUDY REMINDS AMERICA THAT IT STINKS AT DRIVING _ America, you suck at using the turn signal. In a study (by the Society of Automotive Engineers) we've learned that 25% of U.S. drivers "improperly use their turn signals" while out on the road. In the same study nearly half of all drivers don't use their signal to switch lanes. Read more here:

7:15 WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? _ Over in England a woman told a TV host that she has a fear of sunflowers. Yep, those big, tall flowers we get a wonderful snack from. After revealing her fear they brought one out. What odd thing creeps you out?

I revealed that I was never fond of hairy spiders. House spiders are one thing but if I can't get it under my shoe, then I'm not interested in seeing it!

I had a caller to tell me that she is NO FAN of dolls. She's never liked that in movies they come alive. Doll faces really freak her out ...and I can't blame her for that. It made me think of the time, my mother brought home a homemade cloth clown. I hadn't seen Poltergeist but I did know that there was something scary about the clown so I made my mom put it in a closet where I couldn't see it.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Filmstrips. It was the time when you knew you didn't have to do any work. The static picture on the screen and then the BEEP, to change the picture. So many memories. Now if you had this in the corner of the room, you knew it was going to be an easy work day as well. Here's government preparedness filmstrip. Wow.

Remember these? Were you the one that did the rewind for your teacher?

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Texting's bad for back and spine, Normal Barbie, Jennifer Jolly from USA Today H

6:15 When you're texting with your friends, do you dip your head down like this? It could be hurting your spine and back according to new info.

Texting Can Damage Your Spine.Think about all the time you spend texting and looking at your phone. Did you know that you could be putting unnecessary strain on your spine which could lead to "degeneration and possible surgeries"? reports that looking down at your smartphone adds 60 extra pounds of weight to your spine. Your head weighs 10 to 12 pounds, but when you tilt it as little as 15 degrees to, say, send a text, your body is dealing with 27 extra pounds of pressure. Tilt your head 60 degrees to look straight down at your phone and the pressure more than doubles.

According to recent studies, the average person spends two to four hours each day looking at their phone. If you must text or search the web, lift your phone up to meet your eyes, not the other way around. (
Elite Daily) Read more here:

6:45--Imagine a Barbie (or similar doll) with tattoos, acne, stretchmarks, scrapes, dirt, and other things that make her a normal girl? There's a doll called "Lamilly" that's in the works... just in time for Christmas.

7:15 USA Today's Tech Guru Jennifer Jolly. THE BEST TECH FOR UNDER THE TREE THIS YEAR…

Emmy award-winning tech journalist Jennifer Jolly is one of TV's best-known faces when it comes to reviewing and explaining consumer electronics, digital parenting and the days' top tech trends. A 20-year broadcast industry veteran, Jennifer is now a nationally syndicated columnist for USA Today, host of two digital video series, TechNow for USA Today and Tech's Appeal, the girlfriend's guide to gadgets.

Find her online at

​ ​​​Listen to the full interview here:


A poll found that more than a quarter of people have tipped a flight attendant. Don't worry- etiquette experts say travelers aren't expected to tip, and according to Association of Flight Attendants policy, members aren't even supposed to accept them. But a number of flight attendants say they've seen passengers offer tips, either in the form of cash or gifts. One airline employee says she would normally decline a tip several times, but if the passenger was insistent, she'd eventually accept it. She also said she's witnessed a frequent traveler giving jewelry to flight attendants at Christmas. While flight attendants certainly appreciate tipping, it seems simple politeness goes further than you might think. Don't underestimate the power of "please" and "thank you! Read more here:

8:15​ This last couple of days has done a number on my emotions. I was so completely blindsided by the cold "January" weather that I just wanted to (as the song says) Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat. Well in my case it's Eat Sleep Drink Repeat. Anyway, I came across this great list of things you can do to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder from Elite Daily. Great tips that I'm going to try this year.

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Turkey Stats! The Royals are coming! What's a Quicket?, I had the cassette, No P

6:15 It's Time to Talk Turkey

Fewer turkeys this Thanksgiving means grocers will be paying more for the bird than at any time since the Department of Agriculture began keeping tabs on prices in 1993, according to Bloomberg News.

But the good news for consumers is that while wholesale prices are at their highest, supermarkets and other stores won't likely pass along those increases to John Q. Public. In September, for instance, the retail cost per pound was about $1.16, the lowest since 2010.

During the first nine months of this year, farmers produced 4.239 billion pounds of turkey, a drop of 3.3 percent from the same period in 2013. What's more, inventories of all frozen turkey meat were at a four-year low as of September 30 at 484.5 million pounds.

One factor accounting for the decrease in production is that the cost of feed still hasn't come down much from 2012 record prices caused by a lengthy drought in much of the West.

While all this might sound dire, Butterball isn't fretting like last year when there was "limited availability" prior to Thanksgiving, not to mention smaller turkeys.

This Thanksgiving and through December, the company expects to sell 20 million turkeys, weighing in at 16 pounds each on average.

The National Turkey Federation adds that 22 percent of the 210 million turkeys consumed during 2012 were gobbled up on Thanksgiving Day.

Read even more here:

6:45 WILLIAM AND KATE ARE COMING TO THE U.S.: Prince William and Kate Middleton will be visiting the United States next month. According to USA Today, their trip will bring them to New York City where they will be visiting the National September 11th Memorial and Museum. William is also scheduled to attend the World Bank anti-corruption conference in D.C. There has been no mention whether Prince George will be joining them.

No one wants to be sitting next to an oddball for an 11-hour flight. Now there's an app to prevent that. 'Quicket', a travel app for smartphones and tablets which facilitates ticket booking, flight tracking, and provides detailed airport maps, has released an updated version that also … checks out your fellow passengers. The 'social check-in' option allows passengers to view others who have chosen seats on the plane by just clicking on their avatar linked to their social profiles. That means fliers can effectively Facebook-stalk their seat neighbor before boarding the plane. Only users who approve the social feature will be seen. (What's the worst seatmate you've ever been stuck with?)
Get the whole story here at PA News:

7:45 Talked about the cassette I had with Gloria Estefans greatest hits and the one random Chtistmas song...the song I just played. "Christmas Through Your Eyes". When I was listening in July, I always got a little salty about it.

8:15 Have you heard of this? No Phone?

It's a block that looks like a cell phone but it doesn't do anything. Insane. People have pledged over $12K to the cause, which means they have too much time and money on their hands.

This is where I found the article...and incidentally, they made far more than the 12K discussed in the article:

Here's the kickstarter that it's fully funded:

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Band Aid song is 30 yrs old! Device tracks what you eat, What up with fast food

6:15 Band Aid-30!

Can you believe that it's been 30 years since the group of musicians got together as Band Aid and recorded "Do They Know It's Christmas"? Now Bob Geldof has convened a group of today's artists to participate in Band-Aid 30- which will benefit aid for those suffering from and to try and prevent the spread of Ebola.

Read more here:

Watch it here:

More importantly, DONATE here: Please donate:

7:15 New Device Keeps Track Of What You Eat ( Set your calorie counters and apps aside. There's a new invention that aims to help people keep track of their eating habits simply by wearing a special device. The unit is called an Automatic Ingestion Monitor (AIM), and it's a device worn around the ear which monitors jaw movement. It is activated by vibrations caused by chewing, but it is advance enough to be able to rule out movements made by talking or yawning. The AIM is also outfitted with tiny cameras to take images of the food being eaten to determine calorie content and other nutrient information.

Researchers from the University of Alabama say the Monitor is potentially more accurate than apps and devices which require manual entry. It also improves weight loss and helps doctors discover eating patterns in overweight patients.

Read the details here:

7:45 I noticed that a lot of fast food companies are coming up with apps. Why? If it's FAST food, how much faster are you trying to make it?

TACO BELL LAUNCHES MOBILE ORDERING APP _ Taco Bell has taken delivered a new mobile ordering app. Customers can now customize, place and pay for orders on a smartphone and then pick it up at the drive-through or in store.

**Bill called and told me that you can get free food with the McDonald's app. Ooooh, snap, I'm in!

8:15 Australian anchorman wore the same suit for one year as a experiment. He knew that no one would pay attention to his clothing choices...and he was right! His co-anchor however received (and still receives lots of mail about her choice of clothing, her hair, and her appearance). He was showing just how deep the double standard is. He said "I've worn the same suit on air for a year – except for a couple of times because of circumstance – to make a point", Stefanovic told Fairfax Media.

And the viewers' reaction? "No one has noticed; no one gives a sh*t."

But Stefanovic knows that things are different for his co-hosts: "I'm judged on my interviews, my appalling sense of humour – on how I do my job, basically. Whereas women are quite often judged on what they're wearing or how their hair is"


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Act like you NEVER google'd them, Bono D'oh!, Things we do that we don't admit,

6:15 Have you ever googled someone, then realized later when you were talking to them, that you already knew what they were telling you? The struggle is real in the tech world these days so what you have to do is pretend like you don't know anything about them. Here are the easy 3 ways to pretend you haven't googled someone. From our friends at :

1.Have Exclamations Ready:

Some other phrases that can help you out:

  • -you don't say?
  • -Get out (with surprise)
  • -repeat what they said as if you've just forgotten it!

2.Frequently Delete Your Search History

3. Make It About You
Limit how much they share about themselves. If they never start talking you won't have to pretend that you don't know about them already! At the end of the day, less is more. The less you say about, the less you give away.

6:45 D'oh! Did you hear? Bono was on a private jet the other day and mid-flight the DOOR FELL OFF! Bono and everyone else aboard was fine. The plan landed safely at it's destination of Berlin but imagine that! Luckily it was in the back of the plane, so there was no loss in cabin pressure.

7:15 We all have those things we do that we don't necessarily share with other people. I was driving the other day and singing like a big old rock star—when I looked over and saw someone next to me. Kinda embarrassing but like I said, we all do it. Here are a just a few things we all do that we don't admit to.

Things we've all done that we don't admit to...c'mon what's yours?

✓ Picture yourself on stage performing the songs you're listening to.
✓ Wonder if people who've disappeared from your life still think about you from time-to-time.
✓ Cringe remembering something you did years ago.
✓ Post something on Instagram or Facebook, then delete it when it only gets 1 like.
✓ Cup your hands against your chest in the shower, let them fill with water and then drop it all at once.
✓ Have full-blown conversations with yourself in your head. Or out loud.
✓ Pick up your underwear from the floor with your toes and then toss it up and grab it.
✓ Pick your nose.
✓ See a text, imagine your reply, and then hours later realize you never actually replied.
✓ Feel really insecure at times.
– Adapted from

8:15 Did you know that Al Roker attempted to break a Guinness World Record? That wacky Al Roker- he's trying to set a new Guiness World Record for longest uninterrupted live weather report broadcast. He began on Wednesday and just finished minutes ago. Check out the page and the charity he's hoping to raise money for. Cool! I wonder when he peed?

Get more info here:

Here's more:

8:45 Friday Toy memory: Pound Puppies. This started in the early 80's and were the thing before there were Beanie Babies. They were plush little dogs and they were flat-ish, kinda like a bean bag. Here's the commercial for it...remember this? I loved them (even though I was getting a little too old to get into them)

Pound Puppies Up for sale is a vintage 1985 Tonka Pound Puppy 18" plush brown dog. Has scuffs on nose. Still has plush tag. Has been in storage for years. Great addition to anyone's collection. Getting exactly what is pictured. FREE SHIPPING!!!

Also, in Paris there is a Tiger loose. I'm serious...

5 Miles from Disneyland.

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Get productive! Concert of Valor Shockers! What cartoon friend would you want? T

6:15 I don't know about you but I'm inconsistently productive. Sometimes I have full on lists to keep me organized. Sometimes I do things like lay my clothes out can't be bothered. At any rate, from The, I came across the 6 things to do each morning and night to be more productive. I'm totally going to try these!

Just played Sam Smith's "Not the Only One". Here, he tells about the inspiration for the song. Interesting. --Rona

6:45 So many things in my head right now.

  1. Did you see the Concert for Valor last night? I missed it completely. I was surprised that my friends were commenting on Facebook that they were going to have to turn it off after Eminem dropped the F bomb...repeatedly. Um, it's Eminem. What did you think all of a sudden he was going to clean it up for CABLE TV? Naw shawty.

  2. This thing was found on the floor of the studio. What the heck is it? What on earth? This was in the studio on the floor this morning. Is it a hair dryer attachment or a vacuum attachment? Weird.

7:15 If you had to be friends with cartoon characters? Which ones do you think would make great real life friends? I think it'd be neat to hang with The Flintstones. Their house, their pet, I'd just be curious to see how it all shook out.

Here are the others that made it on the list from the website that lists EVERYTHING... List 25

Flinstones Opening Theme:

✓ 'Homer Simpson' – Some days all you want to do is have a donut. We get that.
✓ 'Boo Boo' – The perfect sidekick from "Yogi Bear" and the voice of reason we all need.
✓ 'Scrooge McDuck' – If you can get on his good side, he'd probably always pick up the tab.
✓ 'Inspector Gadget' – Wouldn't it be nice to activate some go-go-gadget backscratchers every now and then?
✓ 'Garfield' – He's that friend that knows all the best places to eat.
✓ 'Charlie Brown' – Everyone needs a depressed friend in the bunch. It's either him or 'Eeyore'.
✓ 'Fat Albert' – Wouldn't it be cool to have a pal that is always up for dessert?
✓ 'Barney Rubble' – Loyal and apparently really good with the ladies. You don't get a girl like 'Betty' without having some skills.
– Condensed from
(read the whole list here)

8:15 Your gut is right

Follow your gut instinct STUDY: YOUR GUT IS USUALLY RIGHT

A new study proves you really should go with your gut. It found that when it comes to detecting dishonesty, our initial instincts are better than our conscious minds. Researchers had participants watch video interviews with suspects in a mock robbery. All of the suspects said they hadn't committed the crime, although some in fact had. Study participants were then asked to identify which "suspects" were lying and which ones were telling the truth. Based on their conscious answers, participants were right less than half of the time. But when researchers used behavioral reaction time tests to judge participants' automatic, subconscious instincts, they found they were a lot more accurate. Experts believe humans may have an intuitive sense of honesty (and dishonesty) that is handicapped by conscious awareness. Read more about the study here:

8:45 Please!!! This is NOT plus-size! That's why we have eating disorders and people making fun of people of average sizes because top designers call a size 10 woman "plus-size". Climbing off my soapbox now.

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Veterans Day Concert of Valor, More freebies for vets, Milennials want digi-gift

6:15 How am I just hearing about this? The Concert for Valor in honor of Veteran's Day is on the National Mall today. Some of the major names performing: Rihanna, Jessie J, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Carrie Underwood, Dave Grohl and more!

If you want to fight the crowds and head down to the Mall for the show, details are here:

Also, here is day two of all the freebies for Veteran's day. Go:

6:45 WHAT MILLENNIALS WANT FOR XMAS: DIGITAL GIFT CARDS _ Gift cards have become the can't-go-wrong present, and like everything else, they are are now going digital. And while gift cards are also popular with Millennials, digital gift cards are even more popular with the generation. This article has helpful tips for buying, using, and having gift cards.

7:15 I feel old! SESAME STREET IS 45 _ Yesterday was proclaimed Sesame Street Day. It premiered November 10, 1969. Wow! I bet you didn't know these little tidbits about Big Bird and the gang!

Also, this is very funny. These are some Sesame Street episodes we wouldn't share with the kids today. Hahaaaa! Kermit is a jerk and other fun stuff. :)

7:45 Remember last week when I interviewed Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing) from the Love Boat. I was so excited to talk to him. I think this might be where I discovered my love of old bald dudes. Hmmm.

Check out this fun little interview from the cast when they reunited.

8:15 We all know today is Veterans day. But sometimes, beyond saying "Thank you for your service, we salute you", we are sometimes at a loss for what to do for the 19.6 million veterans in this country. This article from gives some really helpful ideas/ways to help veterans the other 364 days of the year. Check it out and do some of these things if you can!

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