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Recycled Toys, Silly things that we did as kids, Friday Toys

So I read this and it sounded interesting. How do you "make" water more healthy? 

Lady Gaga is quietly developing a
healthy water drink, according to The New York Daily News. The Haus of Gaga creative team is finishing up the multi-million dollar marketing campaign for the top secret project. Insiders report no one has even seen the prototype for the bottle. The speculation is part of Gaga’s plan is to lose the extra pounds she’s packed on with the help of the drink.
All week long, we have been giving away Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Changes. We've given you winterization tips. Here is the tip for today.
Keep the Juices Flowing

Replace vital fluids such as motor oil, differential fluid and transmission fluid according to the vehicle manufacturers' time and mileage recommendations.
Motor oil is an engine's lifeblood, reducing friction between moving parts and cleaning away harmful dirt and contaminants in the engine. Generally, drivers should use the lightest grade of oil their vehicle manufacturer recommends for the conditions they drive in. During the winter, this may mean an even lighter grade than usual. The right motor oil grade can save an average of three cents per gallon of gasoline.  Antifreeze/coolant is also important in colder temperatures to keep the engine from freezing.
Read more tips here.

Everything old is new again. Every year, companies come out with their top lists of toys for the holiday season. Kmart came out with its Fab 15 Toys List and now Walmart’s Top Toys for 2012 is here as well. You'll notice some very familiar names of older toys that have been given new life such as Furby, Hot Wheels, Nerf, and Monopoly! Speaking of toys, here's the Friday  Toy Memory
 We even posed the question as to what the name of the guy is in Monopoly (with the monacle...what's his name?). His name is Rich Uncle Pennybags and he has his own Wikipedia site.  Ahem, I digress...
Take a look at the Top 25 Toys and Video Games on this list.

Speaking of toys, here's the Friday  Toy Memory: Do you remember the green chalkboards? Do you remember actually getting a grade for your handwriting? Or maybe they called it "penmanship" when you were in school?

Either way, it's a time gone by. Sometimes you'll see a picture of paper that had the two solid likes with the dotted line in the middle like the one pictured at right and you'll remember those days of cursive and learning to make the very difficult cursive "G, S, T, and J". Don't you remember that? OR is that just me?

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10/19/2012 11:14AM
Recycled Toys, Silly things that we did as kids, Friday Toys
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