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Recycle your tree, lie to your doc, stupid teen trends

If you're green like me, there are tons of things you can do after the holidays. Like recylcing packaging peanuts. This helpful list will give you some ideas of how to recycle after the holidays.

UPS Store Offers Tips On Post-Holiday Recycling

The National Retail Federation estimates that consumers will fork out $586.1 billion for gifts during the months of November and December this year. And with all those gifts come a lot of waste. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day alone, the EPA estimates that an extra million tons of waste are generated nationwide each week – from piles of crumbled wrapping paper to holiday cards to pine needles and boxes of packaging peanuts. An easy way to do your part in keeping your community clean is by recycling:

Recycle packaging peanuts: Many of The UPS Store locations accept clean foam packaging peanuts of all sizes, shapes and colors for reuse. You can bring your packaging peanuts to either one of Kjosa’s Riverview locations. For additional information on peanut recycling, consumers can visit

Reuse: Resuse wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tissue paper, etc. Also, save gift boxes and bags and reuse them throughout the year. Recycle those you can’t reuse.

Recycle greeting cards: Save cards and cut them up to use as gift tags next year. They also make a great resource for children’s art projects, or you can research organizations in your area that could use your collection of used greeting cards.

Recycle your tree: According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there are approximately 25-30 million real Christmas trees sold in North America each year. After the holidays, put your tree to good use – chip it up to use as mulch around shrubs and flowerbeds, or, if you have a live tree, plant it in the yard or donate it to a local school or nursing home to plant on their grounds. You can also check with your local county for instructions on recycling options, drop-off locations or pick-up dates.  Locally in Berkeley County, there are 2 options for you:

Apple Valley Waste  (for a cost of $10)

Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority: to recycle live trees that are free of tinsel, ornaments, lights etc.

Hagerstown Christmas Tree Recycling Schedule

Use these tips to simplify your post-holiday cleanup so you can begin the New Year with a clean house – and a green conscience!

Do you lie to your doctor when you go see him? Do you tell him you only drink moderately when you pound them back every weekend? Or do you tell the doc you don't smoke when you actually burn a few on a night out? Read these two articles about why lying to your doc isn't such a good idea.

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Teenagers are notoriously stupid. They do things we'll never understand. Here is a list of some of the newest dangerous fads they are into. Talk to your kids hopefully you'll be able to talk them out of it before they do something to hurt themselves.

Teen Thrills That Can Kill

Teenagers are using common holiday baking ingredients – cinnamon, nutmeg and even marshmallows – to get a cheap thrill or a high, experts say. Teens are involved in several dangerous new trends that could be deadly. Most parents have no idea what is going on, but a quick search on YouTube reveals their stunts and trends. Here is a list of some dangerous fads parents should be aware of:  (SIDE NOTE: I AM DISTURBED BY MANY OF THESE AND I'M POSTING THEM SO THAT PARENTS ARE AWARE--CERTAINLY NOT TO ENCOURAGE TEENS TO TRY THESE!!!!)

Salt and Ice Challenge: Salt is poured on an area of the arm/or hand and then ice is placed on top. This creates a burning sensation. The game is to see who can tolerate the pain the longest/ can wait until the ice melts. The burning sensation creates a white scar, which eventually turns red and will be extremely painful.

Drinking Hand Sanitizer: Teens use the over-the-counter cleanser for a cheap way to get drunk. Most hand sanitizers contain 62% ethyl alcohol. Salt is used to separate the alcohol from the other parts of the sanitizer, which yields a 120-proof shot.

Cinnamon Challenge: The challenge is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon within 60 seconds as a dare/bet. The spice usually dries out the person’s mouth and is almost impossible to swallow. Sometimes, the person accidentally inhales the cinnamon, which can cause severe chest pain.

Chubby Bunny Marshmallow: Game to see how many marshmallows you can fit inside your mouth and say “Chubby Bunny.” Players keep adding marshmallows during each round until they cannot fit anymore in their mouth/can’t say “Chubby Bunny.” The game has turned dangerous when kids have choked on the marshmallows and died.

Car Surfing: Getting out of a car through the window while it is speeding down a freeway and then standing on the roof while it continues to speed down the road. This can cause accidents and the death of the person on the roof/ people in the car.

Planking: Also known as “Extreme Lying Down.” People lay down on their stomach in a strange and unusual place, pointing their fingers and toes downward. A picture is taken of the pose and posted on Facebook with a unique name for the “plank”

Vodka Eyeballing: Pouring vodka into your eyeball instead of drinking it. The fad started as a way to get drunk quicker because it is believed the alcohol is absorbed through the eye’s mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream through the veins in the back of the eye. Experts believe Vodka Eyeballing is a placebo affect because people are usually drunk when they attempt it.

Nutmeg snorting: Ground nutmeg has been snorted, smoked and eaten in large quantities to produce a marijuana-like high. Nutmeg contains myristicin which is a hallucinogenic, like LSD. Other common household products that are also being abused are hand sanitizer, aerosol whipped cream, aerosol cooking spray, ink markers and glue.

Purple Drank: A drink mixed with prescription grade cough syrup – whichh contains promethazine and codeine – and Sprite, or some carbonated drink. The drink gets its name from the purplish color of the cough syrup.

Smoking Smarties: Kids crush up the candy Smarties and inhale/exhale the candy’s dust. “Smoking” Smarties can be dangerous when the dust gets clogged in the nasal passages.

The Choking Game: A game where people cutting off oxygen and blood flow to the brain by choking each other to get a short high and/or pass out.

Butt Chugging: Using a rubber tube that is inserted into the rectum, alcohol is absorbed through the capillaries and blood vessels. The alcohol enters the blood stream and bypasses the liver’s filtering.

“Twilight”-Inspired Fad: Biting: Teens use the idea of a love bite, or a hickey, and take it one step further by breaking the skin and draw blood – passing blood from teen to the other.

Spice or K2 (Synthetic Marijuana): Spice is herb based synthetic marijuana. The DEA worked to ban the five main ingredients, but Spice companies have found ways to continue to manufacture K2 by working around the ban.

Datura Flower Abuse: Teens ingest the the common Datura Flower, also known as Angel’s Trumpet or Jimson Weed, for a high, but the flower is highly toxic, where even small doses can send you to the hospital.

Vodka Tamponing: Girls soak tampons in vodka and insert them in their bodies.


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12/26/2012 7:34AM
Recycle your tree, lie to your doc, stupid teen trends
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