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Pinterest posts days of the week, Poignant Facebook post, Would you Rent-a-Gen

6:15 Are you on the social bulletin board site “Pinterest”? Yeah, well, it's addictive. The fact is, people tend to post things in a predictable manner each day of the week. Does this sound familiar?

1. Monday: fitness
2. Tuesday: gadgets-tech
3. Wednesday: inspirational quotes
4. Thursday: fashion
5. Friday: humor
6. Saturday: travel
7. Sunday: food and craft ideas

People pin similar things on certain days of the week

By the by, we have one for the station. Follow us!


6:45 My friend was in traffic, saw this scene and posted this on Facebook a bit later. It made me tear up. It's true.

Sitting in traffic and I notice the people in the car behind me. The teenage girl in the passenger seat has headphones on and is looking out her window. In the driver's seat is who I can only assume is her father. He looks over at her, can only see the back of her head, and stares back at my car. I've been putting up with starring at this disappointing bulls#$% for ten minutes now. Take your headphones off, girl. Talk to your dad. Before you go to college. Before his hair turns grey. Before he's dead. Life is too short to be plugged in all the time. Communicate with those who you love more. Take every opportunity you get. I need to take this advice more too, and when I catch myself acting as this curly haired, headband wearing teen I will imagine the sadness I can plainly see on her dad's face and know I don't ever want to create that feeling in anyone I care about. Ever.”

--From my friend Bethanie.

7:15 Tell me you wouldn't do it if you had some extra cash lying around. is the site You can rent a platonic date from a catalog of carefully curated hot/talented/smart men. It's pricey though $200/hour. I'd do it!  Here's the story and the attached video is cute too!


8:15 ArtSHIP Festival will be back this year for it's 7th year of fun. Check out this beer, wine, art, and music festival. There will even be a 10K that's associated with the event. All to be held Saturday, May 31st from 12pm-5pm on the campus of Shippensburg Universtity. Find out more by going to .

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05/29/2014 8:48AM
Pinterest posts days of the week, Poignant Facebook post, Would you Rent-a-Gent?, ArtSHIP is this
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