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Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

Who woulda thunk it that we'd have this holiday.

Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day.

Have you bought anything lately? From toys to medications, packaging on mainstream consumer goods is becoming increasingly impossible to actually open. Today is the day to bemoan the excessive plastic packaging and million little twist ties that make enjoying your new purchase a very delayed form of gratification. Also, there is a wiki-how site that instructs you on how to open said packaging.

Read this about the guys and all I could say was EWWW!

Well this is gross. Look around your office or workplace now. Pick out a group eight men. According to researchers, one of those eight wear their tighty whities two or three times before washing it. The survey, conducted by Clorox, also found guys 18 to 29 wash their bed sheets around one a month (compared to once a week for women).

Also, in Hooters news...

Faced with fierce "breastaurant" competition from restaurants like Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt, Hooters wants to get more customers, namely ladies. The chain apparently plans to do this using puppets and salads. Its new commercials feature two owl finger puppets (an angel and a devil) meant to represent internal debate in a would-be patron's mind because, a rep explains, "People don't know how to broach the subject of going to Hooters with friends, coworkers or even spouses." In addition to making light of the aforementioned issue, Hooters is revamping its menu to include nearly 30 different salads. Here's the story. 

Here is one of the commercials...I don't find it funny, personally. That's just me.

08/07/2012 10:25AM
Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
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