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Pantene's "Sorry NOT Sorry" campaign, Move over Smartphone, now theres smart BLI

6:15- Have you seen Pantene's new ad campaign? I call it "Sorry Not Sorry". Look at it here and tell me what you think. I think they are trying to create confidence in women similar to Dove products. Interesting.


The latest in wearable technology is Ringly, a new cocktail ring that alerts you to messages and notifications from your phone. This bluetooth-enabled bling is from eBay alum Christina Mercando, whose goal was to fit technology into an item that’s actually stylish. An app lets you choose which notifications you want to receive and how you want to receive them. There are 4 different vibration patterns and lights that can be customized to signal specific senders … a flashing red for a message from your significant other, for instance. The idea is to be able to put your phone away, but still get the alerts you think are important. The rings will retail for $195-to-$260. (Isn’t the whole point of stashing your phone to get away from all this stuff?)
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7:15- Embarrassing moments: How have you handled it?

Yesterday was a very busy day. I ran all day and after a pretty good workout, I head to Target after the gym. I was STARVING. This seems like an appropriate time to mention that there is something to that “don't grocery shop when you're hungry thing”. I went to Target to look for a specific product Asian cole slaw which is pretty healthy. Well, they didn't have it stock at that store so I ended up buying pizza, a burrito, and Pringles. Not so healthy. So I'm in the parking lot shoveling Pringles into my face (3 at a time—crumbs down the front of my workout shirt, it was ugly).

So who pulls up right next to me? Someone I'll call "gym guy". He's always in my exercise classes. He's sometimes on my side of the room, sometimes not, sometimes in front of me, sometimes not. He's got a cute butt and I've noticed him before. Anyway, I look over, see him as I'm eating handfuls of pringles, and turn the other way and lean down like I'm going to avoid seeing him. Or like somehow he's not going to see me. So awkward. It'll be fun the next time I see him at the gym. Ha. It's my life, a total sitcom.


8:15- Why? People why?

Grumpy Cat to Star in Lifetime Christmas Movie (June 12, 2014)

Internet star Grumpy Cat is getting her own TV movie, with The Hollywood Reporter saying the frown-faced feline will star in a live-action Christmas movie for the Lifetime cable channel. The movie, called Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, will have Grumpy Cat as a lonely cat in a mall pet store that nobody wants to take home, until a 12-year-old girl falls in love with her. Hijinks will, of course, ensue. An actor to provide the voice for Grumpy Cat hasn't yet been cast.

8:45- Today is the 5th Anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. He was an original. Enjoy this Vintage Michael. Smooth Criminal. Go to 1:30 to get to the music part. I love and miss him!

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06/25/2014 11:21AM
Pantene's "Sorry NOT Sorry" campaign, Move over Smartphone, now theres smart BLING, Embarrassing mom
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