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One day without internet is like....ARGH!!!!!

We didn't have internet access on Monday. It was like my left arm was cut off. It was tough to deal with but we got through it. I'm not complaining because there are still people without power in their homes and this by no means compares to that! This is the stuff I talked about on Monday.
  • TomKat  (Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes)
  • Brangelina (Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie)
  • Smog (Smoke + Fog)
  • Spork (Spoon + Fork)
  • Brunch (Lunch + Breakfast)
Do you know what all these things are called? They're called Portmanteaus. That's when you combine two words to create a new name for them. Also a portmanteau (prounounced port-man-toe) word typically combines both sounds and meanings like the words above. That's a little tidbit I learned while cooped up inside during the crazy heatwave this weekend.

Did you know that July is National Hot Dog Month! Yippeee!!

During National Hot Dog Month in July,  Americans will chow down on an estimated 150 million wieners on Independence Day alone, a new survey sponsored by Applegate, producer of organic and natural meats, finds that while many Americans differ in preferences for what’s on their hot dogs, 77%- are concerned about what’s in their hot dogs. In an effort to help Americans better understand what’s really in their hot dogs, Applegate launched On the site, visitors can interact with videos and graphics rife with wiener puns and fun frank facts. To celebrate National Hot Dog Month, Applegate will give away a one-year supply of Applegate Super Natural Hot Dogs. To enter, consumers can go to the site and leave a comment about their favorite hot dog topping, using #whatsinyourhotdog in their post. The giveaway begins July 1st and runs through the end of National Hot Dog Month, when one lucky commenter will be chosen at random. The survey showed that when it comes to condiments, the yellow stuff cuts the mustard. Mustard was the top topping, followed by ketchup, onions and relish. The topping used least often is tomatoes. Nearly all those surveyed – 95% - find grilled hot dogs to be delicious. Only 9% claimed to “never buy hot dogs.”

Undoubtedly, you've heard the song Domino by Jessie J. We play it all the time here on Lite 97.5. Jessie J has been sued for copyright infringement over her song “Domino.” Billboard reports that the song, is her biggest hit to date in the U.S., is the source of a lawsuit filed by singer Will Loomis in Newport, California. The names Jessie J (aka Jessica Cornish), Universal Music Group, Lava Records and Universal Republic Records as defendants, alleging that large portions of his 2008 song “Bright Red Chords” were used in “Domino,” which was put out last August. Loomis’ lawyer issued a statement saying, “Mr. Loomis never consented to the use of his song, and we look forward to obtaining an appropriate remedy from the court for this clear infringement.” Loomis put up a video on YouTube a couple of months ago comparing the two tracks. Here it is...what do you think? I think the guitar riff is what makes it so similar.

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07/03/2012 6:13AM
One day without internet is like....ARGH!!!!!
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