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Ramblin Monday, Clean up your online presence, Are you flirting with me? I'm not

6:15- I got here early...wha? I never do that. I'm so tired today, I can't think straight. Today, I just rambled on about my weekend:

  • I'm really tired. I was out until 11:00pm last night. More on that later.

  • On Saturday, I MC'ed a cornhole tournament. A couple of things that I learned. 1. This is a sport that dudes really love (single ladies listen up), 2. People take it very seriously there are rules, there is an American Cornhole Association. 3. This has a lot of fans. I was surprised at how many people played and stayed even after they were eliminated from the competition.

  • Last night we wrapped up “In the Next Room (The Vibrator Play)”. It was a fun show to be a part of and we had very good audiences most of the 4 week run of the show. As we were cleaning up last night, I was mopping up the floor and at one point, hit myself in the eye with a mop handle. Ouch. My eye is sore but not hurt--if that makes any kind of sense.


6:45 Clean Up Your Online Presence With Social Sweepster

If you're currently job-seeking but worried about some unsavory photos of yourself online, fear not -- Social Sweepster can help you get rid of those drunken college pics. 

Social Sweepster can go through your Facebook and Twitter accounts and find potentially reputation-damaging photos as far back as 2005. Certain objects in photos -- like beer cans and red solo cups, come up as red flags -- giving the user an option to untag, delete or ask a friend to remove the photos. 

  • The service is currently in beta, but you can request an invitation here.



7:15- Are you flirting with me? I can't tell...

The art of flirting is one that is not learned easily, according to University of Kansas researcher Jeffrey Hall.

More accurately, most people don’t seem to pick up the clues when someone else is flirting with them. However, Hall says they are much better at realizing when there’s no flirting going on.

Hall, a communications professor who wrote 
The Five Flirting Styles, put 50 straight, single pairs of college students in a room where guys and gals talked to one another for ten minutes.

Then he had them fill out a questionnaire which asked specific questions about flirting. In eight out of ten cases, the participants correctly knew when they weren’t being flirted with.

However, just 36 percent of men and half that number of women understood when the other person was flirting. 

Hall explains that people don’t like to make a big show about flirting because they don’t want to be embarrassed, adding, “We are not accustomed to having our flirting validated so we can get better at seeing it.”

Later, Hall showed the video clips of the first experiment to 250 people to see if third parties had any better luck at detecting when flirting is going on. The results were pretty much the same with most knowing when there wasn’t any flirting and the minority observing when it was happening. Check out his 5 Flirting Styles here:


8:15 Did you see this Banned Grey Poupon ad? It's gone viral...ha. Enjoy.



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06/23/2014 8:25AM
Ramblin Monday, Clean up your online presence, Are you flirting with me? I'm not sure. Banned Grey
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