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Deep Thought Thursday, Spanx is coming out with jeans!, The FBI is so hip!, Mob

6:15- I was hanging out with my friends 8-year old twins. Kids think about the most interesting things sometimes. Somehow or the other, the question of 'Why can't we see the ears on birds?' It got me to do some deep thiniking. Here are some other Deep Though Thursdays or Whyzits (Why is it):

BS WHYZITS: (deep thoughts on Thursday)

• Whyzit the pizza box is square; the pizza is round; and the slice is triangular?
• Whyzit cartoon characters wear the same outfit in every single episode?
• Whyzit we feel it necessary to look in the mirror after puking or crying?
• Whyzit we call them ‘chicken fingers’ when chickens don’t have any? (that goes for beef tips too)
• Whyzit people say “Heads up!” when they actually mean “Duck!!!!”?
• Whyzit called a double-‘U’ when it’s actually two ‘V’s put together?
• Whyzit the space bar make a louder noise than the other keys?
• Whyzit we call it a ‘pair of pants’ when it’s just one?
• Whyzit people always moan when they stretch?


6:45 Yesterday, I talked about the new thing Neo-tensil (they are calling Spanx for your face).

Spanx Rolls Out Jeans (June 13, 2014)

If you've dreamed of a pair of jeans that would suck and tuck you in like your beloved Spanx, it's time to wake up! Your dream is about to become reality with Spanx's announcement of two different styles of jeans set to hit the market on July 25th. reports that the Signature jean is described as "high-waisted with a wide waistband (meant to be hidden under a shirt) and a side zipper." The Slim-X jean is "a traditional five-pocket jean with a lower, but still high, rise that shirts can be tucked into."

Both cuts of jeans have "patent-pending hidden shaping features that create a perky rear and all-around slimming fit."

The Signature and the Slim-x will be offered in skinny, straight and bootleg cuts. The jeans are priced to start at $148 and will only be available in Spanx stores and online at In the meantime, you can grab yourself up a pair of spanx leggings which are already on the market. Click here to see em.


7:15 So, the FBI's been collecting internet slang. So that they spy on us better, I guess? The FBI's 83-Page Glossary On Slang - (

Here's a little of what you'll find in the article: Among the other head-scratching terms the FBI considers can’t-miss Internet slang:

  1. AYFKMWTS (“are you f—— kidding me with this s—?”) — 990 tweets

  2. BFFLTDDUP (“best friends for life until death do us part) — 414 tweets

  3. BOGSAT (“bunch of guys sitting around talking”) — 144 tweets

  4. BTDTGTTSAWIO (“been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out”) — 47 tweets

  5. BTWITIAILWY (“by the way, I think I am in love with you”) — 535 tweets

  6. DILLIGAD (“does it look like I give a damn?”) — 289 tweets

  7. DITYID (“did I tell you I’m depressed?”) — 69 tweets

  8. E2EG (“ear-to-ear grin”) — 125 tweets

  9. GIWIST (“gee, I wish I said that”) — 56 tweets

  10. HCDAJFU (“he could do a job for us”) — 25 tweets

  11. IAWTCSM (“I agree with this comment so much”) — 20 tweets

  12. IITYWIMWYBMAD (“if I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink?”) — 250 tweets

  13. LLTA (“lots and lots of thunderous applause”) — 855 tweets

  14. NIFOC (“naked in front of computer”) — 1,065 tweets, most of them referring to acronym guides like this one.

  15. PMYMHMMFSWGAD (“pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn”) — 128 tweets

  16. SOMSW (“someone over my shoulder watching) — 170 tweets

  17. WAPCE (“women are pure concentrated evil”) — 233 tweets, few relating to women

  18. YKWRGMG (“you know what really grinds my gears?”) — 1,204 tweets

In all fairness to the FBI, they do get some things right: “crunk” is helpfully defined as “crazy and drunk,” FF is “a recommendation to follow someone referenced in the tweet,” and a whole range of online patois is translated to its proper English equivalent: hafta is “have to,” ima is “I’m going to,” kewt is “cute.”


Seattle-based company MagicalButter unveiled its mobile marijuana meal-serving truck at the ‘Cannabis Cup’ pot event in Denver CO late in April. The truck, dubbed ‘The Samich’, has since returned to its home base of Washington state, where recent changes in drug laws have opened up the marijuana market there as well. The food truck’s menu includes things like grilled cheese sandwiches with a side of tomato soup, pulled pork, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Each serving contains butter, cheese, or oil infused with THC … the main psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant. (If you eat THC, don’t you get even hungrier?) (Rona's thought...that is freaking brilliant!!!!! The business owners are very smart!)


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06/19/2014 8:25AM
Deep Thought Thursday, Spanx is coming out with jeans!, The FBI is so hip!, Mobile Marijuana munchi
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