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Office party intel, unsafe toys, holiday movies

It's holiday season and time for holiday parties.  Everyone loves a good time but there are a few things you should remember when it comes to your office don't want to regret it the next day... (not admitting to anything, just sayin)

Here are some tips to keep your behavior under control, and still have a good time at your office party:

  • Dress modestly.  If you want pizzazz, go for flashy jewelry.  The office party is not the place to show off your new revealing outfit, especially if you care about your professional image.
  • Limit alcohol. You’ll be less likely to say and do things that you’ll later regret.  If you tend to have “way too much fun” when you drink, stay dry at the office party.
  • Watch your mouth. Cursing and sexual innuendos may be taken the wrong way, even at parties. Play it safe by using language that won’t haunt you 6 months from now.
  • Keep your hands to yourself.  Under the guise of “fun” some folks get a bit too touchy-feely at parties.  Don’t risk sexual harassment charges.  If hugging is the norm among your coworkers, hug them as you would your great aunt.
  • Assume that photos will be taken and posted online.  These photos can stay online forever. Years from now, how would you like to be depicted?

Top 10 Worst Toys Of 2012
The consumer toy watchdog group, World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has issued its annual “10 Worst Toys” list naming toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries or even death. This year’s list:
  •     Magnetic Fishing Game, $1.77, by Kole Imports (choking hazard)
  •     Inflatable Bongo Ball, $49.99, by Toys R Us (impact injuries)
  •     Dart Zone Quick Fire 12 dart gun, $19.32, by Prime Time Toys Ltd. (eye injuries)
  •     Spinner Shark 4-Wheel Kneeboard, $59.97, by FuzionNextsport (impact injuries)
  •     Explore & Learn Helicopter, $15.99, by V Tech (strangulation hazard)
  •     N-Force Vendetta Double Sword, $19.99, by Hasbro (impact injuries)
  •     Water Balloon Launcher, $21.99, by Water Sports LLC (choking hazard, facial injuries)
  •     Power Rangers Super Samurai Shogun Helmet, $29.99, by Bandai (puncture wound, impact injuries)
  •     Playful Xylophone, $29.99, by P’Kolino (choking hazard)
  •     The Avengers Gamma Green Smash Fists, $16.99, by Hasbro (impact injuries)
 WATCH’s website,, includes a “report card” that documents some of the changes that have come about as a result of the organization’s concerns.

What are your favorite Holiday Movies?

Hans loves Love Actually, Elf, Christmas Story and others.  I realized I don't have any of my own favorites during the holiday season. There is a new film
"Elf Man" that will premiere this weekend at the Weinberg Center in Frederick.  Here are all the details on this new family friendly movie!

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11/29/2012 8:02AM
Office party intel, unsafe toys, holiday movies
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