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New way to use sunscreen, Ever made hard boiled eggs this way?, Unusual uses fo

6:15- Did you know that May is skin cancer awareness month? It's the perfect time to try out a new line of clothing made with a built in UPF or Ultra Violet Protection, which shields your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. SummerSkin clothing was created by Summer Kramer, a melanoma skin cancer survivor who saw the need for comfortable, fashionable clothing rather than the limited bulkier options she had to choose from.

SummerSkin apparel provides UPF up to 50 with no added chemicals.

The complete line is available online at and ranges in price from $49 to $165.

SummerSkin is working with the Knight Cancer Institute to donate 10 percent of its proceeds from purchase to cancer research by visiting (InStyle)

Check It Out

If you don't want to wear your sunscreen, how about drinking it? There's a new drinkable sunscreen that may hit the shelves soon.


6:45- Have you ever tried to make eggs using a muffin pan instead of boiling them to make hard boiled eggs?

7:15 Unusual Uses week. Tuesday- Aspirin Tuesday!

I may try the sweat stain trick and see if it works! I have waaaaay too many workout clothes with smelly pits!


8:15- Dogs have always been man's best it looks like they can help us out even more!

Yesterday, researchers reported that dogs can be trained to sniff out prostate cancer. Turns out in one study dogs were able to sniff out the cancer — with 98% accuracy — by smelling urine samples. Other cancer studies are in the works. Woof.


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05/20/2014 8:26AM
New way to use sunscreen, Ever made hard boiled eggs this way?, Unusual uses for Aspirin, Dogs prov
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