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My very first baseball game, Ugliest Animal named :(, April fools pranks you can

6:15 I told the story of my very first baseball game in Atlanta Georgia. My best friend Tanya's uncle was getting married in Atlanta, GA. We took a busload of people from the DC area. We had a few hours on our hands the day before the wedding so Tanya and I decided to "scout out" the stadium which was very close to the hotel. We left and bought $4 tickets in a whim and saw the Braves play someone (who I can't remember). We snuck down into better seats and were forced to move.  After the game, when we got back to the hotel, everyone was very worried about us because we didn't tell them where we were going. This is before the days of cell phones so we didn't think to call or leave a message. We were in a heap of trouble. See, we hadn't actually planned to go to the game. We just wanted to go over to the stadium to see what was over there. When we got to the stadium, we realized we could see a game for really cheap so we did! We kinda didn't think about the fact that everyone would be waiting for us at the hotel. Yeah, a good memory.



6:45 No one likes to be called ugly. Poor Blobfish was voted the Ugliest animal from an online vote. It was conducted from the Ugliest Animal Preservation Society. Read the reset here:


7:15- Hehe. Yes, we are all adults here but that doesn't mean you can't play some innocent pranks on your kids right? Buzzfeed to the rescue!


7:45 Ever heard of whaling? Yeah, it's the newest stupid fad the kids are doing. It does look pretty harmless so I'm okay with it. It's just weird. This is the new trend: Whaling. It's people behaving like whales that jump out of the water. Anyone else think this is dumb? At least it seems pretty harmless.




8:15 The ending of an era. How I Met Your Mother finale is tonight!


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03/31/2014 10:30AM
My very first baseball game, Ugliest Animal named :(, April fools pranks you can play on your kids!,
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