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Monday Coffee and so much more.

Today was chock full of information. One side note, after talking about coffee, I realized that we we were running out in the office. Luckily,there was enough to make a small pot...just enough to get me through.

6:15- Coffee gets an upgrade- New beans means better coffee! I'm all over that!


Your morning cup of joe is getting an upgrade! Thanks to a coffee crop surplus in Brazil, the price of premium Arabica beans is on the decline. Smooth, sweet-tasting Arabica beans are usually used in higher-quality coffee blends, while your average brew contains mostly robusta beans, which are higher in caffeine (and lower in cost). But thanks to the price cut, a number of international coffee traders plan to swap robusta for Arabica in the coming year. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to be able to detect much of a change in flavor, as most brands will be making only minor changes to their blends.


6:45- Ew. Let me just say, "step away from the eels". SPAS OFFERING EEL BATHS

This latest beauty treatment claims to have eel-ing powers! Some spas and beauty salons have started offering eel baths. The technique, which originated in China, involves sitting in a tank filled with tiny eels that help exfoliate your body by gently nibbling off dead skin. But according to health officials, the treatment has the potential to do more harm than good – especially for people wearing loose swimwear. In one case, a stray eel found its way through a man’s genitals and into his kidney! Zhang Nan, 56, had to endure a three-hour procedure to have it removed.


7:15- -What was your first job? My first paid job was a cashier at Kmart. I worked there the summer I turned 16. My parents had to always give me a ride or I had to catch the bus. I remember there was a guy who was like a greeter or something and he liked me. I think we even went out on a date. Anyway, I was pretty young and I learned a lot about dealing with rude customers, dealing with management, and other junk you don't learn when you're in school and 16 years old. FOllow the topic on our Facebook page

8:15- Safer riding for dogs...from Subaru. It's really a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of that!


Now that we are in full swing of Christmas music, I thought I'd pass along some concert info to you:

The band Mannheim Steamroller will be in concert.



Lyric Opera House








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11/18/2013 11:23AM
Monday Coffee and so much more.
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