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Man eats only pizza for 25 years!, Dark Horse vs Art of Noise, Men prefer being


Pizza is delicious, but could you really eat it for every meal? This guy could – and has been doing so for the past 25 years! Dan Janssen, a 38-year-old from Maryland, claims to have eaten nothing but pizza since he was 13 years old. He eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and – get this – he only eats cheese pizza. He doesn’t even spice it up with different toppings! His all-pizza diet started when he became a vegetarian as a teen for “ethical reasons” and decided he didn’t like vegetables. He says he never gets sick of pizza, but all that cheese and dough can certainly make you sick. Janssen has health problems and is currently seeing a therapist to get to the root of his food aversion. What this guy needs is a slice of reality.

6:45 Katy Perry's song “Dark Horse” reminds me of the Art of Noise song “Moments In Love” it came out in the 80's. Here's Katy's Song and then Art of Noise.



Anybody else hear resemblance?

Now, someone has mixed the two of them. Okay, whew, it's not just me! Compare.



A new study suggests the reason there are more male bosses than female ones is because everyone prefers it that way.  It found that men generally prefer being in charge, while women are more likely to want to work with their equally-ranked peers.   While previous research reveals this pattern time and again, experts warn that women’s instinct to cooperate with their equals could prevent them from becoming mentors for other women in the workplace.  And studies have shown that women benefit career-wise from the guidance a mentor provides.

8:15 People thing Daylight Saving time is harmful. Phooey I say!


Friday Toy Memory:Happy Friday Y'all! The Friday Toy memory: Old School Pencil Sharpeners. I was in an old building the other day and I saw one of these attached to the wall. Wow!

Remember cranking these things and having to dump them shavings?...those sweet sweet shavings?

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03/07/2014 10:54AM
Man eats only pizza for 25 years!, Dark Horse vs Art of Noise, Men prefer being in charge, Daylight
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