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David Letterman retires!, Song lyrics even a kid can get, National Waiter/Waitre

5:45 -DAVID LETTERMAN: The Final Late Show.

David Letterman retired last night. It was emotional and a fun star studded night. Even better was all of the living Presidents of the United States paying tribute to Letterman with a quote by President Ford.

The final episode of Late Show With David Letterman.

  • George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and President Obama opened the show saying that our long national nightmare is over because David Letterman is retiring.

  • The monologue focused on his final show and what he'll be doing in the future.

  • Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Peyton Manning, Tina Fey, and Bill Murray read David Letterman's "Top 10 things people have always wanted to say to Dave."

  • Dave took about 10 minutes at the end to thank everybody that has kept the show going for the last 33 years.

  • Dave's favorite band, Foo Fighters performed Dave's favorite song, "Everlong."

Final Top 10 List:

Late Show Says Goodbye To David Letterman

Wednesday night (May 20th) marked David Letterman's final episode as host of the Late Show after 33 years. The 68-year-old kicked off the show with a final monologue before welcoming a hodgepodge of high-profile guests for his last top ten list.

The night included a look back at Dave's memorable moments including some of his earliest episodes and conversations with kids over the years. There was also a segment that showed what a typical day was like at work on the Late Show. Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Peyton Manning, Tina Fey, and Bill Murray were among the big names who turned up to see Dave off.

  • The episode ended with Foo Fighters performing "Everlong" over one last montage of Dave's time hosting.

Top 10 Things I Always Wanted To Say To Dave -

10. Alec Baldwin: "Of all the talk shows, yours is the most geographically convenient to my home."
9. Barbara Walters: "Did you know that you were the same cologne as Muammar Qaddafi?"
8. Steve Martin: "Your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity...and a mistake."
7. Jerry Seinfeld: "Dave, I have no idea what I'll do when you go off the air. You know, I just thought of something. I'll be fine."
6. Jim Carrey: "Honestly Dave, I've always found you to be a bit of an over actor."
5. Chris Rock: "I'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy."
4. Julia Louis Dreyfus: "Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale."
3. Peyton Manning: "Dave, you are to comedy what I comedy."
2. Tina Fey: "Thanks for finally proving men can be funny."
1. Bill Murray: "Dave, I'll never have the money I owe you."

Farewell and thanks to viewers:

Final Signoff!:

See some video clips here:

6:15 A Study Found That The Lyrics Of Many No. 1 Songs Are At A Third-Grade Reading Level

Buzzfeed boiled it down but the infographics are pretty interesting too.

There's a reason you can mindlessly sing along to those popular hits on the radio, and it's not just because they're played constantly. Entertainment and ticket data blogger Andrew Powell-Morse analyzed the lyrics of 225 songs that spent three or more weeks at the #1 spot on the Billboard charts across several genres. All he did was enter each song's lyrics into a computer program that determines a piece of text's Readability Score. The test revealed chart-toppers in 2005 had lyrics that fell between a third and fourth grade reading level, while in 2014 the songs averaged between a second and third grade reading level. In other words: lyrics of popular music are getting dumber. Among genres, country music had the highest reading level (3.3), followed by pop (2.9), rock 'n' roll (2.9) and R&B/hip-hop (2.6). (SeatSmart)

This may blow your mind, but the artist with the most intelligent lyrics according to this....wait for it

This guy:

6:45 Today is National Waiter/Waitress Day. So be nice to them because they bring you your food. :)

This is what it would be like if your waiter or your waitress was honest with you.

7:15 We've found ourselves at that time of the year where students are getting their yearbooks and parents some of the worst yearbook quotes are born. Enter Buzzfeed: The 27 Absolute Best Yearbook Quotes From the Class of 2015 Below are a few of my faves:

  • #nofilter
  • Justin, don't put an embarrassing quote-"Mom"
  • Yooo, I'm not at school, make up a quote for me.

In the end, I noticed that no one quoted the Baz Luhrman song where he tells you to wear sunscreen...What? Is that reference too dated? Here it is if you have NO idea what I'm talking about.


According to a new study from Sleep Cycle – an app that analyzes users sleep patterns – men wake up in better moods than women. But those good moods aren't because guys get more sleep. The study found that, on average, women in the U.S. sleep more than men. On weeknights, men sleep an average of 6 hours and 54 minutes, while women sleep 7 hours and 11 minutes. On weekends, women sleep 7 minutes longer than men. (If you wake up grumbling and bumbling, read more here: Fortune)

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Could you lose weight while you sleep?, Advice for new grads, Human attention s


It's time to cool things down in the bedroom – when it comes to the thermostat, anyway. Sleeping in a cool room not only helps you sleep better – it boosts your metabolism, letting you burn calories while you snooze.

According to a recent study, the perfect temp for your bedroom is 66 degrees. (Get the study details in: You Beauty)

I'm a fan of a warm bedroom. If it's too cold, I keep waking up. What temp do you keep your room and how does it affect your spouse/significant other?

6:15 Advice for New Grads--or anybody else. This was good but I found so many links that made me reflective.

Here are several great bits of advice from Graduation speeches.

Especially for new grads:


  • Did you say something? According to a new report from Microsoft, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

  • Apparently goldfish can concentrate on something for 9 seconds, while humans can now only hold focus on something for 8 seconds (a decrease in four seconds since 2000).

  • The reason for our reduced attention spans shouldn't be a big surprise – it's technology. Because we are plugged in all the time, we have actually become better at multi-tasking than we are at focusing on just one task.

  • "Ten years ago, the only thing I checked was my phone and my one email," says Dr. Larry Rosen, an expert in technology addiction and professor at California State University. "Now it's a constant need to check in that's causing our problem. It's anxiety about not keeping up." (NY Daily News)

7:15 What's the most trivial or ridiculous thing that you and your wife or girlfriend argue about? Ha!

  • I argued with my boyfriend at the time about why he didn't send me a valentine. Instead, this dude sent me a video of a guitarist playing a song (and told me it was top secret and not to share it)

  • One time I argued with Hans about something that we see every day and it got ugly. We didn't talk unless we were on the air. We argured about the temperature being on the screen and when it appeared there. He said it doesn't update, I contend that it does update but that he hadn't noticed it before. Just because he hadn't noticed it doesn't mean that it hadn't been doing it.

That guy that has a website of stuff and he and his girlfriend argue about...

8:15 A Florida Man...what the deal with that?

This just struck me as funny: Weird news from Florida Man. - Tweet

If you (a) think the strangest news stories in America come from Florida and (b) can't get enough tales of human stupidity, then make sure you follow the Twitter feed of @_FloridaMan. Recent tweets include:

  • "Florida Man Tries to Walk Out of Store With Chainsaw Stuffed Down His Pants"

  • "Florida Man Falls Asleep During Sailboat Burglary With Gift Bag on His Head"

  • "Florida Man Drives Truck Full of Vodka Into Tree" that I know about this I notice it all the time...what's In the water in Florida? I saw this one a full week after I found about this site. This story is a case in point.

WEIRD NEWS: He Told It to the Judge

A Florida man who should've used his right to remain silent instead walked into his trespassing trial and greeted the judge -- by asking "how ya doin', a-hole?"

David Riffle was being led into the courtroom when he posed the question to Judge John Hurley, who kept his cool and said he was doing fine. While Hurley tried to keep the proceedings moving along smoothly, questioning him about why he was shouting Bible verses at patrons of a local Hard Rock Cafe, Riffle remained uncooperative, informing the man with the gavel that God was the only true judge, and that Hurley was going to hell.

Riffle was ordered held on 100 bond, which he was unable to produce. ( See the story here: WPLG)

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Felines seeing films!, Spring Clean your computer, New Smores Oreos, Living like

5:45 I love it CAT CINEMA:

Following the huge success of cat cafés in Europe, avid cat and film lovers Paula Siedlecka & William Piper are seeking to open 'Great Kitten' in London, the world's 1st cat cinema, and they've have taken to Indiegogo to raise funds to help them do it. The venue will screen about 10 movies per week of all different genres, which patrons can enjoy … while snuggled up to a kitty. Once a week children and adults who struggle with mental health issues (such as depression and anxiety), physical disabilities, or life-threatening illnesses will be offered free access. 'Great Kitten' will be 'staffed' by 10 carefully adopted shelter cats and will encourage the adoption of other cats in need of forever homes. (Seems like a lot of ideas jumbled together. Think this is gonna fly?)
–Read the story at:


The other day I was looking for a file on my computer and couldn't find it. It took me forever because my computer is a wasteland of saved photos, documents, duplicates and things saved in different places. Ugh. It's springtime...and it's TIME it's time to clean your computer! The physical computer, desktop and storage too. (I'm taking this advice too).

Here are just a few of the tips...straight from the article:

Sort Your Desktop: If you're anything like me, your purse, car, home and desk are a mess...and when they are, everything else is chaos too! Likewise, there's a psychological effect to keeping a disorganized desktop.

Delete The Duplicates : (they must know me!) Copies, copies of copies, and copied copies of copies are squeezing you out of your computer. If you don't believe me, consider what happens when you email a PowerPoint presentation back and forth between yourself and a co-worker. First you create the slides on your computer (file #1, in your Documents folder), then you send it to your colleague via email (file #2, in your sent email), and then she sends it back to you (file #3, in your inbox). Hunt down and eliminate these redundancies to make sure your hard drive doesn't run out of space before it's too late.

Get the rest on: Thank you!!!!

6:45 Get a taste of the outdoors, indoors. New#OreoSmores flavored cookies, coming soon. The cookies hit shelves starting May 22. Can we all just agree to call them: "Smoreo's"? YUM!

7:15 Can you imagine living like this guy? This dude has made his life according to the TV show Friends. He owns Central Perk, he and "his Rachel" married and had a little "Joey". There's a coffee shop cat guessed it "Smelly Cat". The coffee shop has everything from Chandler and Joey's favorite TV show, Baywatch, to the Lionel Richie album Chandler listened to after breaking up with Janice. He also made a replica of the famous frame on Monica's door. You can visit this place if you're ever in Bejing!

Wanna see this spectacle?

8:15 Christian Lopez Band CD just dropped yesterday- "Onward". It's pretty exciting to see local talent do well with all the hard work they've put in on their first full length record. "Onward" is online and in stores on iTunes you can get the link here:

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Tough jobs keep your mind sharp!, What if you could BLOCK your spoilers? Mad Men

6:15 WORKING WORLD: A Tough Job Keeps Your Mind Sharp--May 3, 2015

According to a new study, climbing the career ladder and constantly challenging yourself at work not only pays off now with promotions and increased earnings, it also decreases your chances of mental decline when you're older.

Researchers found that older people who had worked at an executive level, strategizing and executing plans, were mentally sharper than those who'd spent their working years doing things that weren't as challenging.

The study authors went so far as to say the type of work you do throughout your career may have even more significance on your brain health than your education does. (Read more at Medical Daily)

I want to know from you:

Is it important to be challenged at work?
Do you enjoy struggle and accomplishment? Or …
Do you prefer to just show up and coast on the job?
At some point, doesn't this get boring?

Frank texted in and said that it didn't matter, even the easiest job you can find challenges. I agree with him.

6:45 Mad Men recap. There were tears on my part. I've never watched a show that I got THAT into... maybe Lost, but even that lost me.

Wouldn't it be neat if you didnt' have to worry about your fave shows being spoiled on social media?

7:15 What's your strangest pet peeve? Yeah, I have a ton of them, and felt myself being validated when I came acroos this! Someone decided to compile a master list of pet peeves. Among my faves are:

  • Whenever anyone says "Ya, know what I'm sayin"...
  • Drivers who don't use a turn signal...or who cut across several lanes of traffic at a high rate of speed. (so dangerous!!!!!)
  • Using speaker phones in public areas at work.
  • People walking around in ridiculous 'fashionable' shoes that are clearly hurting their feet. I mean really? Really?
I asked you guys what some of your pet peeves didn't disappoint.

Robin texted in and said: she can't stand when people are rude to customer service people (that's the boildown). And also people on speakerphones...pick it up!

Jerry- said he can't stand tailgaters! Argh. He has a classic 1950's car and was once rear ended by a tailgater. He has every right to be annoyed at that!

DJ- Can't stand when people come to retail establishments in pajama pants and "barely there" tops. I concur DJ! If you want to see that list I found click here.


Do you want to improve your productivity this week? Sure you do! Who doesn't?

Well, here's a simple way to do it: Just say the word "done" at the end of even the smallest tasks.

Neuro-performance specialist Leslie Sherlin says that saying that one four-letter word creates an immediate shift in the brain, causing serotonin – the body's "feel-good chemical" – to be released.

You say "done" and your body immediately feels a sense of calmness and satisfaction. (Fast Company)

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Bitten by a black widow, Messy desk=more creative, BB King, Food baby, Spring de

5:45- A friend of mine (who lives in Las Vegas) was putting on her work uniform and she got bitten by a black widow spider. Ouch! This is what she posted on Facebook.. "Have you ever been bitten by a black widow spider? Or do you know someone who has? Well don't. It'll knock you out of commission for days or weeks. And all these years I've been gently carrying spiders outside.... Ouch"

Do you know anyone who has been bitten by a black widow spider?

Frank texted in but has never been bitten. He did say that when he was a kid and lived in Texas, there was a black widow spider that was living in the crack between the garage door. His mother instructed the kids not to bother or kill the spider because, apparently, the spider took care of getting rid of other bugs in the garage too. Good to know Frank.

6:15 Is your desk, purse, car, life disorganized? Do you fret about it? Well, good news, organized people are more creative according to studies. I found an interesting article on It starts like this...

In Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, Steven Johnson posits that "the more disorganized your brain is, the smarter you are" in reference to the results of a neuroscience experiment by Robert Thatcher.

Across the board, in Johnson's book and other sources it seems pretty clear that creativity is messy.

Read the full article here:

6:45 The music world has lost a legend. B.B. King has died. Bummer. My dad loved him and I remember listening to his music when I was a wee one. Big loss for us all!

7:15 Would you eat this? I think I'd take a plavix and then settle in. It sounds delicious but not so good for you healthwise....why do I want to try it? I'm so confused!!!!


Why have a burger, hot dog and chips separately when you can have them together? Carls Jr. is introducing something called The Most American Thickburger. It's a cheesburger, topped with a hot dog, which is split in half, and Lay's Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. You can get this burger monstrosity starting May 20th.

It also comes with 64 grams of fat, 2,250 milligrams of sodium and 1,063 calories. (USA Today) You can see the picture of the ad.

7:45 Spring blowout deals go live at 9:00am! Get em while they're hot. They are more than 50% off! Go to our website and click the 50% Friday button and start saving!

8:15 Usually on Fridays I talk about booze at 8:15. Today, I talked about the fact that Mad Men is ending on Sunday after 7 seasons. I love that show so much. At any rate, they do a lot of drinking on that show. Mostly drinks that you don't really see or hear of much anymore, like the Vodka Gimlet, or the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan. Here's a great link to making some of those beverages in honor of the end of an era. Check em out here:


You can listen to this on loop while checking out these drinks.

" width="420">

Here are also some theories about how Mad Men will end from all over the web. The thought on the minds of every Mad Men fan: How will the series end? There are plenty of theories for Sunday's series finale. Here are some of the most popular:

Don is D.B. Cooper.

Two years ago Lindsay Green made a fascinating and compelling case on Medium that Don was in fact the most notorious skyjacker in history. Among the evidence? Cooper's disappearing act occurred in November 1971 and that's lining up perfectly with the chronology of the finale. Also, Don Draper and D.B. Cooper are assumed identities. And Bert Cooper was Don's boss. (He even showed up in the penultimate episode.) Finally, Green reasoned, airplane imagery is everywhere. (Forbes)

Don is going to die.

The fact that the title credits show him falling from a building is a classic red herring. If a show's opening has so much meaning, why didn't everybody at Cheers know Coach's name? (It was Ernie Pantusso.) Honestly, do you really still believe that Don going to do a half gainer from a skyscraper? When we last left him he was sitting at bus stop in Oklahoma—after all that he's been through, is Don really going to go back to New York? (Forbes)

Don is going back to New York.

This is the happy ending fans want after seven seasons exploring his vast heart of darkness. After another failed marriage, after walking away from his career, his penthouse, his car and going full hobo, and after confessing his deepest secrets to loved ones, colleagues and complete strangers, maybe Don can finally get it together and start anew! Right, because that's what alcoholic, womanizing ciphers always do. (Forbes)

Don isn't the point—Peggy and Joan are.

Never mind that the show is called Mad Men, it's really about the women. There's no doubt that Matthew Weiner has woven many profound (and profoundly depressing) feminist storylines throughout the series. Don and Peggy are cosmic twins as much as Joan and Peggy are. And they've both come a long way, baby. For that matter, Sally Draper has arguably evolved into the most compelling and likeable character on the show. (And with the imminent death of her mother, she's about to grow up in ways even she couldn't have imagined.) But this is still Don's show. Will Joan run off with her new boyfriend? With Roger? Can Peggy win a shelf-ful of Clios? Sure. But is that really why you're tuning in? (Forbes)

Don is going to die—metaphorically.

For years, I've been telling anyone who will listen that the show will culminate with Don killing off "Don Draper" and going back to Dick Whitman. To me, it's the ending that perfectly closes the circle of hell he entered when he first started wearing another man's dog tags. Back then, he desperately needed to become Don Draper to get home. Now he desperately needs to bury Don to figure out where home really is. (Forbes)

The Witchita Theory

In last Sunday's episode, there was a lot of talk about Wichita: Pete seems to be headed there for a new job with Learjet, and Don is, for some reason, also in Kansas. The Wichita theory theorizes that Pete — and maybe Don, too — will die in the October 1970 Wichita State University football team plane crash. (Entertain This)

Don will launch Coca-Cola's most famous real-life campaign.

It explains the season's obsession with Coca-Cola (which turns up even in this episode, in the form of the broken Coke machine). It explains the season's obsession with connection. And it explains the long, long wait we've had for a vintage Don Draper pitch.… Why shouldn't the last Don Draper pitch ever be one that gives us a famous ad that feels like it came out of a Don Draper pitch? (Vox)

Don could return to his old identity on the West Coast, after a return to New York.

It would not be surprising to see Don continue on to California to live out the rest of his days as Dick Whitman—potentially with his kids in tow, depending on Betty's fate. However, it would also be shocking if he did not make at least one more return trip to New York for some finale scenes with a few of the show's other stars. (International Business Times)

8:45 Friday Toy memory- 70's TV shows, Rhoda and One Day at a Time. This is how I got to this...

I was an outdoor concert and met these two dudes and introduced myself. I said my name is Rona. The one guy repeated and said, Hi Rhoda...and I said, no not like Morgenstern. And we did a whole riff on Carlton the doorman. Remember the character from the TV show that you never saw? Her doorman would always ring up to her apt and say "This is Carlton your Doorman" and say stuff...but you never saw him. THEN one of the 3 of us said something about what was the super's name in the tv show? I said, NO, that's One Day at A Time with Schneider...he always hung out at the apt with all the keys and the cigarettes rolled into his T-shirt.

Here we go:

The Rhoda show theme

Here's "Carlton your Doorman" set to cheesy music.

Finally One Day at a time Theme "This is it".


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Toothbrush test for health, 80's music is boring?, Virtual 'rents in cars, Husba


Your toothbrush could someday warn you about the onset of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's, technologists say. Tiny microchips – known as nanopore sequencers – can decode DNA into a digital format that can then be assessed against genetic markers that are known to indicate disease. (WARNING: After this it gets technical) This is seen as a watershed in science and could lead to a revolution in healthcare. The sequencers are becoming smaller and can be embedded in any product or device that comes into contact with human DNA … such as your toothbrush. DNA passes through a hole on the chip approximately 1.5 nanometers across – 80,000 times thinner than a human hair – and is subsequently measured and turned into a digital reading. Why not? You have blood pressure readers, blood sugar testers? Seems like a good idea to me!

Read the article about it here:


Some computer geeks got together and created a computer program to figure out which eras of music were the most interesting – and which eras were … well … less-than-interesting.

The computer algorithm tracked Billboard's Hot-100 List for the past five decades, analyzing the songs based on harmony and timbre and found that the 1980's was "the most homogenous music period" in the past half century.

Now, to be fair, the team behind this computer program isn't throwing stones.

They say the results don't mean music from the 1980s was bad. Instead, it was just dominated by "a small number of styles that were very catchy."

It sounds like the scientists have come up with a nice way to call '80s music boring. And I totally disagree! ( Read more about it here: PBS)

6:45 Adults Want Parental Controls In Their Kids' Cars

Teens are notoriously bad drivers. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers. It may not be possible to keep them from getting behind a wheel, but cars with parental controls - like the new Chevy Malibu's "Teen Driver" nanny mode could be a solution.

Carnegie Melon's University of Engineering surveyed 1,000 adults to see what controls they'd want in their kid's car. (Wired)

  • 84% want a control to set speed limit, curfew time and number of passengers.

  • 61% want a control feature to limit the geographic range the car will travel

  • 60% want a parent text display to communicate with driver

What do you think about this?

Personally, I think that having a text display with parents just makes for more texting and distraction. Read more about the study here:


Can you believe this?

A woman is selling her husband … because he didn't acknowledge Mother's Day. That's right, it was worse than not giving her a card or gift … he didn't even say "Happy Mother's Day."

Katie Bouyea of Jupiter, Florida, says she will sell her husband – and then donate the money to a good cause. On Monday night she posted this to her Facebook page:

Husband for sale, best offer. Hubby who couldn't be bothered to wish me happy Mother's Day or do anything special for me yesterday. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure – has eight years of marriage mileage so somewhat broken in. Pick up in Jupiter.

There's more to this story than just being upset with her husband … Bouyea is trying to raise money for her friend Katie Myers, whose son, Kaden, is battling childhood ALS.

You can donate to Kaden's Cure here. (The story was originally published in: Woman's Day)

8:15 Hello Kitty Restaurant Opens in Hong Kong

The first official Hello Kitty restaurant has opened in Hong Kong, featuring dim sum in the shape of the iconic, Japanese-created cartoon character. The owner of Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine had to get permission from Hello Kitty's parent company, Sanrio, to open the restaurant, and they also approved everything about it, having to sign off on every piece of dim sum. The restaurant will be opening on June 1st, with 37 Hello Kitty-themed items on the menu. See the pic

This is a pic of some of the food from the article on (Photo courtesy of Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant)

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I wanna know..., Are we on a date? Bestie Row, Sneaky spicy Doritos®, Break up

5:45 Simple question: I gotta know! A recent survey said:

About 54% of people say they fold up their toilet paper before using it. I wad..

Do ya fold, do you wad it up or the unmentioned or wrap it around your hand?

I saw this question posed on (TellWut) and here are the results:

1. Toilet Paper - Do you:

wad it up before using | 30.29% | 518 votes

fold it up before using | 55.09% | 942 votes

switch back & forth? | 14.62% | 250 votes

No "wrap it around your hand" option? Hmm.

6:15 One time, a friend invited me over for dinner. She also (unbeknownst to me) had invited another male friend over. He was cute, single, and a doctor. We all had a great time. After the evening was over and a few days later, I realized I was being set up. Who knew? Sometimes it's just not easy to figure out if you're on a date or not. In fact, in a recent study, 70% of single people say they've been confused about whether an outing was a date or not. Read more about some of the tips that will seal the "get a date" deal from Men's Health

6:45 Do you love your besties so much that you'd move next to them?


Talk about best friends forever … Four couples who have been friends for 20 years wanted to live near each other. So they basically built their own neighborhood outside of Austin, Texas.

They built four small homes on a piece of property they bought together, and while they each have their own 400-square-foot cabins, they share a 1,500-square-foot living space that includes their kitchen, dining room and den.

They call their compound "Bestie Row." Cute or weird? (You can see the houses and this whole set up on: Pop Sugar)

7:15 Pretty Sneaky Doritos®!


Doritos is rolling out a brilliant new version of their chips called Roulette that features extra-spicy chips mixed in with normal nacho cheese chips.

You don't know what you're getting when you grab into that bag, making the ordinarily fun experience of jamming Doritos into your face even MORE fun. (Get the story on: Thrillist)

7:45 In the chapter of relationships called "Cold Blooded" is this:

Now you can hire someone to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend for you. They can either, text, e-mail, write a letter, or give a call on your behalf.

Damn...that's cold blodded. See more here:

8:15 I revisited the toilet paper story. A recent survey said:

Amanda wrote in and said she's a wrap it around your hand kinda girl. Thanks for the validation!

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Tote bag Turducken, Purse Turducken, Longer life tips, American Idol, Rehab for

5:45 It started like this: A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted Tweets O' the week from women. This post started it all:

"it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a decent job has, somewhere, a tote bag full of other tote bags"

The best term ever was found in the discussion that followed the article: "Tote Bag Turducken" or Purse Turducken". I laughed so hard when I first read this because it made so much sense to me, it's a purse inside a purse inside a purse. Maybe you were too lazy to change from one purse to another so you just stuffed a small purse into a larger one, or maybe you just carry tons of little bags inside of one big bag. Or maybe you scored some free totebags that you just couldn't bring yourself to part with. Here's my "purse turducken". Best. Term. Ever!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you, The Purse Turducken!

Also, here's are some of the tweets that tickled me at the


Have you noticed how people stop and take photos at farmers markets like they've never seen fresh produce before? Like calm down it's a pear

Nicole Conlan @NicoleConlan

Every time I have to say a "fun fact" about myself I realize how truly un-fun I am

Bridger Winegar @bridger_w

It's time for Facebook to change "People You May Know" to "People You Definitely Know and Are Actively Avoiding"

Dosie Doe @DosieDoe

Saw a huge spider the size of a walnut while I was taking a shower so I pulled off the curtain rod & pole vaulted myself into the hallway.

6:15 Every time I pick up a magazine, I'm drawn in by the headlines promising to give me secrets to longer life and health... They usuallu just recycle the same info over and over and over. I just came across these


By now you've heard a long list of tips for healthy living. But how often do you hear something that isn't trite or painfully obvious? Here are 3 truly surprising ideas for a longer life …

Have Kids Later in Life – If you're tired of people dropping not-so-subtle hints about having kids while you still have the eggs and energy, you can now politely tell them to back off. New research suggests there are health benefits to waiting until you are fully settled and ready.

Don't Miss Happy Hour – You've been told for years now that alcohol impairs judgment and destroys livers. Well, true. But did you know drinking a beer with friends on occasion may not only help offset those adverse side effects, but also might help you live longer?

Stay Away from Loud Noises – Sure, loud sounds are annoying. But it's now proven that raising the decibel level also raises our risk for health problems. So find some moments of solace amongst all the hubbub. It'll do you good!
Read more at :

6:30- American Idol is FINALLY ending!

Ryan Seacrest Photo by Kevin Winter  Getty ImagesPhoto by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

American Idol is coming to an end. FOX announced yesterday that after the 15th season winner is crowned next year, the series will be finished.

When the final season gets under way in January, host Ryan Seacrest will be joined by Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Junior.

My thoughts:

  • The show has been fading for years. About time they pulled the plug.
  • Somewhere, Simon Cowell must be smiling.

Read more here:

My view has always been, why not go discover new and talented musicians playing in your own backyard as opposed to sitting on your couch and letting American Idol dictate what age, or look someone should have? That said, it is cool when I've had friends that have made it on those shows (like Christian Lopez or Paul Pfau on The Voice). But the point is, it's important to discover and support talented local artists in your own backyard. Ok! my soapbox now. :)


A lot of us are "addicted" to our phones, but for some people, the addiction is so overwhelming they have to go to rehab. For real. There's a recovery center in Tennessee called The Ranch that offers a special treatment program for people addicted to their phones. Experts compare phone obsession to compulsive shopping and other behavioral addictions.

And if you think this kind of addiction is rare, think again. A study out of Baylor University found that female college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their phones, mainly checking social media and texting. And 60% of people surveyed admitted they felt addicted to their devices. (Shape)

7:15 Here are some ways to remove yourself from social media? These tips will make you more productive and less stressed out by social media. Here are a few tips:

  • Only let the number of notifications be visible when you open the app.
  • Do a daily "social media binge."
  • Give yourself a buffer when you wake up and before you go to sleep.
  • Use the "Do Not Disturb" feature.

Get more info here:

​8:15 Have you ever worked in retail? Have you done these things? (I'll cop to the things I've done)

✓ You have put merchandise back in the wrong place when you couldn't be bothered to find its correct location.
✓ You have told a customer something is out of stock when it isn't. Usually because it's on an unreachable shelf or you're not quite sure where it is.
✓ You have pretended to type something into a computer to look like you are researching your customer's query when in actual fact you were keyboarding gibberish.
✓ You have broken something and shaken your head disapprovingly as you blamed it on careless customers to your manager.
✓ You have taken extra breaks when you could sneak them in.
✓ You have, somewhat shamefully, rated the looks of customers as they come through the door. Hmm, he's a 6.
✓ You have kept your anger in check by pulling faces and inappropriate gestures behind customers' backs after they have been rude to you.
– Adapted from "Metro"

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Prince, in concert! Top Baby Names, What does the song Budapest mean?, Hans and

5:45 I had such a great time at the Peace 4 All concert in Baltimore last night, I'm NOT firing on all cylinders

I loved it! Here's what I said on the air.

A couple of things I forgot...

You weren't allowed to take any pictures. The people that did take pictures were shut down immediately from the event staff. They were stern and serious! They came up to you and shined a flashlight on your face. I saw a lot of people sneaking pics but my phone was off till the end when Prince told us to take out our phones and shine the light. It was awesome!!!! Here's a news story about it too:

6:15 Social Security Administration revealed the Top Baby names of 2014. Surprisingly, they are kinda normal names. Not using the word boring, but more they are "traditional" and I kinda like it.

6:30- What does Budapest, by George Ezra song mean?

6:45 Hans and I talked about Prince and then other stuff. It was pretty funny.

7:15 Today is "Eat what you want day". So...what are you eating? Speaking of eating I found the 8 Psychological Tricks Restaurants Use I totally notice when the language on a menu is flowery. I notice it, then I order the delectable, juicy, burger. :)

8:15 I read that there was a bear sighting in Morgan County recently. It hasn't been caught so you may want to be cautious.

This video was shot in Montana and offers some smart advice "...wildlife can be unpredictable. For your safety and theirs, respect wildlife and give them room to roam."

The video is found on our facebook page.

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How much sleep we need, Adele, Types of moms on Facebook, Crazy key fob intel, V

5:45 Here's a hilarious look at how much sleep we need as we go through life. Of course, it's from Buzzfeed. Notice they stop at about 30 years old? Because I guess life stops at 30? Anyway, it's pretty funny.

Here are a few examples:

  • By four months old, babies need 10-12 total hours of sleep per night–but good luck getting them all in a row!
  • This can vary a lot, but if you're 12 or under, you require at least ten hours of sleep.

How much sleep to we actually need? Check it out on buzzfeed (not scientific)

Hey Check out Adele...she looks just like George Michael. It was a fun little birthday Tweet she put out yesterday after being off the grid for a while. She looks great! George Michael even tweeted her back. How cool is that?

6:15 In honor of Mother's Day Here are Types of moms you'll meet on Facebook

I have always loved the Scary Mommy Blog. I'm not a mom and it's so irreverent, that it's great and even I like it.

The Mom with 782 Friends. Meet this mom once at the playground, Gymboree, Little League practice or the pediatrician's office, and within minutes she sends you a Facebook request. You may never speak to her again, but you are now virtual BFFs forever. Or maybe she just adds you to her friend collection and never interacts with you again. But she thanks you for pushing her friend count up, right?

The Passive-Aggressive "Liker". She typically likes everyone's posts, but if you rub her the wrong way, you'll quickly and obviously get dismissed.

The Oprah "Liker". (A have a friend who is a serial liker) This mom likes everything. In fact, I sometimes wonder if she doesn't even read or view your pictures. She just quickly distributes "likes" to all.

Get the full list here:

6:45 Hans is notoriously anxious. He found something to feed this. Apparently, your car is playing a sophisticated game of Marco Polo with your key fobs. It could mean that your car could get broken into when it's sitting in your own driveway. Check out this story from USA Today to tell you how to combat it (How paranoid is he?...he doesn't even have a key fob).

7:15 Remember the fake boyfriend kits? Now comes the 2015 version for online gamers. Creepy.

Online gaming is hugely popular in China but it can be a solitary pastime. That's likely why Chinese gamers are increasingly hiring female 'online escorts' to keep them company while they play. Men who are fed up with spending long hours alone in a virtual world can now buy time with a woman known as a 'gamecaster' for between 20-and-100 yuan ($3-to-$16) per hour. Some gamecasters also demonstrate games and give advice via a face-to-face online chat. But the women aren't necessarily skilled gamers themselves … one escort company says having a 'sweet voice' is more of a priority. (You spend all night gaming AND have to hire a female to be your buddy?

I don't want to call people losers but... welcome to Loserville!)
– Get the story here:

8:15 CHEERS!

It's Friday! Here are some fun drinking facts before the weekend …

America's Top 3 Drinks:

  • Beer
  • Vodka
  • Red wine

Top 3 Hangover Culprits:

  • Tequila
  • Vodka
  • Red wine

See the infographic that gives a lot of enlightening information about our drinking habits as a country. It's on Blowfish. Have fun--safely of course!

8:45 Friday Toy memory- Snoopy Sno Cone Machine. Actually Marc suggested this one a few years ago. He told me how fun it would be if we were to bring one into the studio...but alas...I never had one. Sniff Sniff. Funny thing is, it hasn't changed since we were kids!

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Prince!!!! Tough Mother Challenge, Hamburglar, Moolah spent on Mom, Sugar bombe

5:45 I'm going to see PRINCE!!!!

Tickets were announced on Tuesday, went on sale Thursday at 5pm and my friend Lisa...with fast fingers ...she got em! Here's an article about his tour and the show he's doing in Baltimore. I'm so excited!

6:15 Dads Dared To Take Tough Mother Challenge

  • Eighty percent of women who were interviewed by the Australian organization The Mother Movement said that the biggest problem in their relationship was a lack of empathy and support from their partners. In order to get men to walk a mile in women's shoes, the organization's founder created "The Tough Mother Challenge." Dads in Australia have been dared to take over all of the household duties this weekend (May 1-3) without any help from their partners. There are 30 obstacles for the dads to take on, including taking their kids to Saturday activities, laundry, running errands with children in tow, and preparing meals from scratch. At the end of the day, they'll still be expected to be up for some intimate time with their partner at 10pm. (Read the article in: Daily Mail) Watch how the guys handle it here:

6:45 Did you hear? There's a new hot hamburglar in town... he's kinda hot but Hans thinks he looks skeevy. He wants the old hamburglar back..good luck with that Hans! See the new guy here; and he wants to steal your burgers baby! I think he's kinda cute.


Mother's Day is on Sunday, and, apparently, when it comes to mom, money is no object. According to the National Retail Federation's 2015 Mother's Day Spending Survey, we are expected to spend an average of 173 on mom this year – up 10 from last year. That's the highest amount in the survey's 12-year history.

Here's what we're getting mom:

  • A card – 80%

  • Flowers – 67%

  • Jewelry – 34%

According to the survey, spending on jewelry is expected to hit a record 4.3 billion, up 700 million from last year. (Today)

What will you spend on your mom?

8:15 Poor Sweet Adam Levine. Someone took the lyrics of the song Sugar literally. The story is that he arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel show. And someone decided to throw powdered sugar on him. He wasn't hurt, the person was arrested.

FYI: The lyrics are:

Your sugar
Yes, please
Won't you come and put it down on me? ,<=======...someone took it literally, evidently.

More on the story: The same person who was accused of throwing rocks at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has now been arrested for throwing powdered sugar on Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, because of the title of the band's new hit, "Sugar." Both incidents happened in Hollywood outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Thomas "Hitman" Hearns, if Jimmy calls, just hang up.

Here's the story:

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"No Diet day", E-mail Mistakes on the job, Bark for Life, Foolish $ mistakes, Fu

5:45 No Diet Day and other Weird delights. One of these is sure to make you feel old:

Do you have a Cinco de Mayo hangover? What's the best hangover cure?

It's No Diet Day. What's your favorite cheat food?

It's Beverage Day. What's your drink of choice?

On this day in 2004 NBC aired the final episode of Friends.<============11 years ago really?

On this day in 1937 the Hindenburg blimp disaster took place in New Jersey

6:15 Six E-mailing mistakes that could kill your career.

Yeah, we've all been there haven't we? Better to read this article and use these tips to clean up your work correspondence. Are you?

1. Trigger Happy with the Forward button (check it, edit the subject, and don't waste other people's time)

2. Getting Lazy with Grammar

3. Using BFF, Srsly, IDK, or SMH. You're boss is NOT your BFF so leave the text abbreviations out of your writing.

Read the whole list and how to stop making these mistakes here:

6:45 Berkeley County Relay for Life having the first ever Bark For Life. On Thursday, May 7th from 5pm-7pm.

Get all the details below: Bark For Life of Berkeley County

5:00pm – Opening Ceremonies
Greeting by Austin Horner

Intro about what is the American Cancer Society "Bark For Life" (BFL)

Berkeley County Humane Society will be offering Micro chipping for a onetime fee of $10.00

Canine Survivor/Caregiver Lap followed by Canine Contests.

Trick or Treat- Is your dog a trickster? Winner best trick.

Sit, Speak- Is your dog a good listener?

Best Relay Wear- Dress your Canine Relayer in his or her best purple outfit.

Most Spirited Canine

Most Team Spirit

Open Registration For our Human Relay For Life Event of Berkeley County. Luminaria Sales for a recommended donation of $10.00

Closing Ceremonies 7:00pm

7:15 Foolish things we should stop doing with our money. USA Today ran down several things we should all be aware of to save money long term! 3 of the biggest offenders are below.

  • Expensive Weddings

  • Phat Rides (expensive cars)

  • Mc Mansions are just a few of the things we should quit wasting our money on.

Read the entire article here:


If a sense of humor is one of the top qualities you look for in a guy, you are definitely a satisfied woman. According to a new study published in Psychology Today, funny guys are better in bed.

Researchers found that if a woman finds a guy funny, she is more likely to initiate a roll in the hay. And if she's dating a funny man, they are not only having more sex, but they are having good sex.

Study participants revealed that they felt more protected by and committed to funny boyfriends than unfunny ones.

Suddenly, Jack Black, Zach Galifianaikis, and Kevin Hart got a whole lot sexier! (Read the story in Cosmo)

Just Asking ...

Does a good sense of humor make a man more attractive for you?--it does for me.

8:30 This is a very funny video from Sauza 901. It's a tequila brand that Justin Timberlake is somehow involved in. Watch this video of the "Washed up limes". I love that he's not above being dressed up as a lime. Ha!

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How? Who created the original Margarita?, Bike your clothes clean, Stop your par

5:45 I was just singing "Something About You" by Level 42. I was singing it like it was 1980-something. How come I can remember the lyrics but can't remember what I walked into a room for? Ugh.

6:15 Today is Cinco de mayo...W00t!

Which means you or your friends may just have a margarita. Did you know, this popular drink was created because a restaurant guest was picky and the drink was created on the fly in 1938? Don't believe me? You'll see there are many in the article who claim to have created it. Read this...

One story is that Carlos "Danny" Herrera, owner of Tijuana restaurant Rancho La Gloria, claims he invented the drink in 1938. What inspired him? A picky dancer, it seems. Restaurant goer Marjorie King declared she was allergic to all spirits except tequila, but didn't like to drink the spirit straight. So Herrera worked around the prototypical tequila shot (which is taken with salt and lime) and threw together the margarita. While all bartenders can relate to the situation of an annoying customer, it was Herrera who claims to have whipped up the instant classic – or so says his obituary. By the way, he lived until 90, once again proving that alcohol is probably really good for you.

Read the whole story is here:

6:45 Hans and I discussed multi-tasking:
Talked about that this weekend but I had to share it with Hans


Don't have time to exercise because you have to do laundry? Well, now you can do both.

The Bike Washing Machine is a stationary bike that also doubles as a washing machine. Your pedaling provides the energy necessary to run the machine – which is where the front "wheel" would be.

The invention is still in the concept stage. (Read the story:

7:15 How to stop your mate from Snoring. Infographic. Awesome. See the page from here. Or look at it here.

This is a must for your Cinco De Mayo party … The Nipyata is a piñata filled with tiny plastic booze bottles, with a selection ranging from Jose Cuervo tequila to Fireball whiskey. Booze and people swinging bats at a piñata. What could go wrong? (Cosmo) Of course you'll need to remember you have to go to work the next day.

Here are a few non alcoholic punches to try for work today

Here area couple of other great recipes for your cinco de mayo celebration:

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May the 4th be with you, Kard-ashian block, Avoid the office 15, IKEA Couples th

Uh...May the 4th be with you!...and oh yeah, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.

5:15 Paint the Town Purple. Danielle will be downtown at noon for reading of the proclamation. Go on down and say hi to her.

5:45 KARD BLOCK: New Site Plans to Block All Kardashian Content Can't wait to see this in action!!!! Believe it or not, there are actually people in the world who don't want to know about the Kardashian family's every move. If you're one of them, there may soon be hope!

Some Web developers with no patience for the Kardashian clan -- and a lot of free time on their hands -- are working on a new product that promises to change the way you view the Internet. Kard Block vows to sanitize the Web of any and all content related to reality TV's first family.

The developers, who claim they're trying to make the 'Net a better place, are also working on a way to filter out Justin Bieber mentions. They feel these "improvements" will allow people to focus on the issues that really matter.

Talk About It:

  • Imagine if this could work anytime the Kardashians were mentioned on TV or in conversation by your chatty co-workers.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You might find yourself needing your Kim K. fix.

  • If you know how to code and share their passion for hating the Kardashians, they're looking for help.

What celebrity or artist do you wish you could block from the Internet?

6:15 The Office 15: 7 Ways To Avoid Gaining Weight At Your Desk Job

1. Snack on healthy treats throughout the day.

3. Plan cheat days wisely.

4. Recognize when you're snacking mindlessly. AKA GRAZING

5. Don't confuse thirst for hunger. (biggie for me)

This is just a portion of the list, get some of the explanations and the rest of the list from Elite Daily here:

6:45 Hans and I talked about "May the Fourth Be With You" day. #‎maythefourthbewithyou‬. smile emoticon

It's a big thing...and not just for geeks. See more here:…/…/03/star-wars-day-may-4/26835319/

7:15 When you go to IKEA it's an all day affair. I like to people watch and the last time I was in IKEA I watched pregnant couples shopping. It was like they were nesting and they needed to buy furniture right then. Also, I watched couples argue over furniture choices.

Unrelated but related. One time I had this boyfriend and we went through the purchase, loading, and assembling an IKEA bookcase. It was quite the adventure because, the whole thing was too big to get in my car, he had the flu, we got exasperated trying to assemble it together etc. Now
a Therapist in California has decided to use IKEA's furniture assembly as a couples therapy aid. Brilliant!

Here's how:

8:15 This is the beginning of our busy season. We have so many things going on from broadcasts, to festivals to a biggie on June 6 with Berkeley County's Relay for Life. This week in downtown Martinsburg, the merchants and community members are helping out American Cancer Society's Relay for Life by doing their annual Paint the Town Purple events. Daniell will be in downtown Martinsburg today from 11:30-1pm. All events benefit American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Details here:

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Paint the town purple, Debunking Mom's health myths, Comic Con and Free Comic Bo

5:45 Promote Danielle at Paint the Town Purple 11:30-1pm- Monday May 4th. All events benefit American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Details here:

6:15 Mother's day is coming are some MORE HEALTH MYTHS YOUR MOM TOLD YOU, FACT-CHECKED:
• "It's unhealthy to eat standing up." – Mostly false. Some studies have shown it may cause you to eat more than when sitting, but it causes no greater risk for indigestion or other issues.
• "Reading in dim light will ruin your eyes." – False. Your eyesight can worsen over time due to a wide variety of factors, but reading in low lighting isn't one of them.
• "If you go outside without a coat, you'll catch a cold." – Mostly false. Colds and pneumonia come from viruses, not a strong breeze. However, some research has suggested that getting chilled may make us more vulnerable if we already have a virus in our system.
• "You lose 75% of your body heat through your head!" – False. The reality is that we only lose 7-to-10% of body heat through our heads. Bare hands also feel cold … not to mention bare feet.
• "Wait an hour after eating to swim, or you'll cramp up." – False. In fact, the exact opposite is true. In order to swim, you need energy. So how else are you going to get it?
Condensed from

6:45 Hans and I talked about Martinsburg Comic-Con at Berkeley Co. Public Library's main branch in downtown Martinsburg Saturday 10am-3pm.

Free Comic Book Day:

7:15 My Grandma Evelyn loved this perfume called Youth Dew from Estee Lauder. Let me be frank with stunk! But, if I smell it now, it reminds me of her. Did you love the way Aunt Tilly smelled? Well, now a french woman can help you...


Yes, you can now smell like a deceased loved one. A woman in France has started a business that will, indeed, bottle up the scent of someone who is no longer with us. It's actually not as gross as it sounds.

What they do is take an article of the person's clothes, for example, extract the odor, and make a perfume. The whole process takes around four days and costs about $600.

Katia Apalategui said she got the idea after seeing her mother hold onto her late husband's pillowcase so she could still smell him.

She hopes to launch the business in September. (Read about it here on: Women's Health)

8:15 DC Cathro from Beyond Comics in Shepherdstown stopped by to mention Free Comic Book day. On Saturday May 2 from 10am-9pm. Customers can stop by and get a free comic book and they can also make a donation of a non-perishable food item to receive a second free comic book. Check out more info here:

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: When DC and I started talking I noticed he had a American Justice League T-shirt on with the Superfriends. That sparked my memory and it became my Friday Toy Memory just like that...I loved Saturday mornings watching the Superfriends and especiallyThe Wonder Twins. Remember "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!"?(Ice Unicycle, that's ridiculous...but we loved it!)

That was a Saturday Morning.

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