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Love O Matic, Walk w/Care, and Friday Toy Memory

Good morning y'all! I cannot believe we are already into August! The summer is speeding by and I haven't even been to the beach! 

If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend check out the Downtown Frederick Partnership's First Saturday. This Saturday, they will celebrate the Dog Days of Summer. You can bring your dog to Downtown Frederick and pop in pup friendly stores and take part in "Yappy Hour" as well as other fun. Check it out here. has launched Love-o-Matic, an addictive new app that lets users
access hundreds of juicy, fascinating facts about love, dating, marriage,
breakups, sex, infidelity and more.
Love-o-Matic offers an array of unexpected,
informative and entertaining data. Just a sample of Love-o-Matic facts:  
(some of them are  risque''ve been warned)
  •  Impotence is grounds for divorce in 24 states.
  • In one survey, 4% of respondents said it’s possible to get over a breakup in “just a few days.”
  • The average single person goes on 100 dates before getting married.
  •  Strippers who are ovulating make more in lap-dance tips than those who aren't.
  • Men who kiss their wives in the morning, on average, live five years longer than men who don't.
  • Couples who don’t have a TV in the bedroom have 50% more sex than couples who watch the tube in bed.
  •     50% of men would break up with a woman if she gained a lot of weight.
  •     Nearly 75% of Americans have fantasized about group sex.
  •     22% of women ages 30 to 44 make more money than their husbands.
  •     The average man’s ideal woman is 60 pounds lighter than he is.
  •     Only 3% of arranged marriages end in divorce.
  •     Beer lovers are 60% more likely to sleep with someone they just met.
  •     The average affair lasts two to four years.
  •     72% of women have considered leaving their marriage
  •     33% of one-night stands turn into relationships
  •     60% of married men have been unfaithful
  •     One in five long-term relationships starts while one or both partners is involved with sombody else.
  •     Married men who help with housework have sex more often than husbands who don't help out around the house.

Have you heard of the new phenomenon Texting While Walking (TWW)? Yeah, apparently people are so engrossed in texting that they decide to walk, and they are having serious problems multi tasking. So...we hear people are doing walking into doorways, parking meters, oncoming traffic and more. Read on here. Scary stuff.

Friday Toy Memory: Again, not a toy...a drink? A powder? A breakfast of astronauts? Whatever it is, it was delish. The neighborhood kids would all get together and eat it without water ...yum, I can taste that sugary orange paste now! Also here's a Tang Tidbit: The creator of Tang, William A. Mitchell, also invented Pop Rocks, Cool Whip, a form of instant-set Jell-O, and other convenience foods?

Marc also reminisced that his grandmother used to make some nasty concoction of Tang and powdered Lipton iced tea. Well of course, people can make anything look fancy. I found this
fancy shmancy blog with that recipe...but they dressed it up with cinnamon sticks and stuff.

We got a little off topic and started talking about the group "Hot Chelle Rae" that sings Tonight,  Tonight. It's catchy and we agreed that we both like it. We were wondering how they came up with the name. It seems like it was a food of some sort. Marc decided that he would come up with a dish called Hot Chelle Rae. It would include pasta shells, something spicy (like sriracha) and I suggested cheese...after all, everything is better with cheese.

I digress. Here's what I found out about them and the band name.

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08/03/2012 6:21AM
Love O Matic, Walk w/Care, and Friday Toy Memory
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