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Lookin for a job? Look at this!...and are you a tax cheat?

A lot of people out there are still looking for a job. Here's some free advice from career coaches. Like did you know you shouldn't list the objective on your resume?  There is some really good stuff here. Read the article here.

Tax Cheats


Even though many U.S. taxpayers complain about taxes, a new survey indicates only 7% admit to cheating on their taxes. A DDB Life Style Study survey found that the biggest difference between tax cheaters and non-cheaters this year was gender. Of those who admitted to cheating, 72% were men and 55% were age 45 and under.  However, the dishonesty that characterizes those who cheat on their taxes was also evident in other areas of life. For example:



Tax Cheats

Non Tax Cheats

Keep the wrong change given to them by a cashier if it is more 53% 23%
Fake liking somebody to get a free dinner out of it 31% 6%
Fabricating part of a résumé 41% 6%
Work a job under the table while collecting unemployment benefits 60% 13%
Regifting something rarely used and pass it off as new 47% 19%
Take credit for someone else’s work to help get ahead 24% 6%
Find a decadent life of “sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll” appealing 39% 16%
Assert a superiority complex, claiming to be better than most people 52% 29%
Park in a handicapped space if no other places are closer 26% 6%
Keep $100, even if they knew who the rightful owner is 21% 38%
Putting themselves ahead of their kids if they would benefit from it 40% 18%
Assert vanity claiming to be more attractive than most people 47% 27%
Value own happiness over that of others 51% 29%

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04/16/2012 6:37AM
Lookin for a job? Look at this!
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