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Live without your cell phone, toothbrush or deoderant?, Weird Al is back, Do you

6:15 Smartphones Are Indispensable to Many Americans

Smartphones haven't been around all that long, but they're almost as important to people as an arm or a leg.Maybe even more so if the findings of a new poll are to be believed.

On behalf of Bank of America, researchers at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California-Annenberg and Bovitz Inc. Researchers asked 1,000 adults in the U.S. if they could last a day without their smartphone and 47 percent replied NO they could not.

  • Overall, 91 percent of respondents said their cellphone is as important to them as their car and a toothbrush.
  • Millennials are clearly the most devoted, with most saying they'd just as soon do without a toothbrush or deodorant than be deprived of their digital device.
  • And what would Americans be willing to do if they lost access to their smartphones?
  • Four out of five say they'd give up alcohol or chocolate if that's what it took to stay connected. 

Read the study info here:

Which would you ditch you can only choose one. Toothbrush, deodorant, or your cellphone? I said I'd ditch my toothbrush, cause I can still use toothpaste and other things.

6:45 I love "Weird Al" Yankovic. This new song doesn't disappoint. It's his take on Pharell's "Happy". Ladies and gents, I present to you: "Tacky"! Awesome.


7:15 Do you have rude Milennial manners? Take this quiz to find out. I'm pleased that I'm not as rude as I thought I was. I answer with the majority of respondents on this quiz but a few of them, I was way off the mark.



8:15 Urination Times of Mammals Strikingly Similar Most people are aware that mammals share a number of important characteristics such as having a backbone, lungs and warm blood.

David Hu, a mechanical engineer at the Georgia Institute of Technology, says that mammals also have something else in common: the time it takes to relieve themselves.

Hu and his research team did some observations at Zoo Atlanta and reached the conclusion that animals spend about an average of 21 seconds urinating, give or take 13 seconds.

It's the same for cats and elephants even though an elephant's bladder is thousands of times bigger than that of a feline and can fill a garbage can with its urine.

While the study might seem a bit frivolous, Hu says it can give scientists a better handle on treating disease such as prostate cancer.


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07/16/2014 11:02AM
Live without your cell phone, toothbrush or deoderant?, Weird Al is back, Do you have rude milennial
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