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Likeable people get ahead--DUH!, Things your kid will have to do if you give th


According to new research, succeeding in the workplace may really just be one big popularity contest. A study, conducted last year by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, found that “likability” is becoming a bigger factor for getting ahead at a job. In a survey of 133 managers, researchers discovered that if an auditor is likable and gives a well-organized argument, managers tend to go with his suggestions, even if they disagree and the auditor lacks supporting evidence. Meanwhile, another study found that people watching a speaker on a videoconference are more influenced by how much they like the speaker than by the quality of the speaker's arguments. Plus, these days more employers are tracking employees' likability on in-house social networks and chat services. Not sure if you come across as likable or not? Don’t worry! Ben Decker, chief executive officer of training and consulting firm Decker Communications, says likability can be learned. He says the "big three" behaviors most important to a speaker's likability are making eye contact, smiling naturally when you talk and varying your tone of voice to convey warmth and enthusiasm.

7:15 Having a name that is just a little out of the ordinary can be tough. If you have a name that stands out from the Jane's, Tim's, and Mary's of the world, you'll understand this.


Grab some ketchup and mustard and head on down to I-220! A wreck on the Shreveport, Louisiana highway Tuesday dumped loads of corndogs all across the road. The corndog truck flipped and hit a guard rail, and the highway was shut down while crews cleaned up the mess. No one was hurt in the crash, but the fate of the corndogs is unknown.


Friday Toy Memory: Wicked Vans. I remember being a kid when I would be sitting in my moms car and would see a “wicked van” come by. They had the airbrushed pictures on the side. They were very 70's. I imagine (now that I'm old enough to get it) that if you opened up the van, there would be 3 dudes with long hair and mustaches and bellbottoms pouring out...and there being a cloud of smoke and a contact high involved. I never did this mind you, I'm just imagining. Here are a bunch of wicked vans.

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03/28/2014 10:42AM
Likeable people get ahead--DUH!, Things your kid will have to do if you give them a weird name, Cor
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