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5:30- Channing Tatum does a great prank to promote Magic Mike XXL. Hope you'll join us for Margarita and a Movie on July 2 with What's NXT and Leitersburg Cinemas. After you watch the video, get your tickets!…/channing-tatum-undercover-magic-mike-xx…

After you watch the video, get your tickets to join us for Magic Mike XXL locally at Leitersburg Cinemas.

5:45 Time to get hooked up with free Donuts! Friday is National Donut Day-

6:15 Hooters-Inspired Tallywackers, Featuring All Male Servers, Opens in Dallas (June 3, 2015)

A Hooters-inspired restaurant called Tallywackers that has all male servers who wear short shorts and red tank tops opened over the weekend in Dallas. Tallywackers, for those who don't know, is a euphemism for men's "junk," just as Hooters is for women's breasts. The restaurant will serve things like steaks, pizzas, pasta and hot dogs, including a one-pound, all-beef frank on a bun that's called, of course, "The Tallywacker." Unlike at Hooters, however, guests will be able to choose which server they want to wait on them. (People)

Look at em looking all good!

7:15 Guess your age based on your Disney Movie Preference

You got: 42 (I took it twice and the same thing hmmm)

7:45 OH LOOK, A CASTLE! (This is my life...)

While studying how mobile technology has affected our attention span, Microsoft researchers in Canada have found that our ability to focus on something specific is shortening. The study used EEG, a non-invasive method of recording brain activity, while participants completed surveys and mind games. The results suggest the average attention of an adult is now just 8 seconds, down from 12 seconds the last time Microsoft conducted a similar study (2000). And that puts the human attention span at 1 second shorter than that of … a goldfish. While heavy technology users are shown to be better at multitasking, it seems they now struggle to focus in environments where prolonged attention is needed. (Such as face-to-face conversation.)


A Seattle-area couple thought they were big losers when they had their car ransacked by a crook – until they found out he left behind a lottery ticket worth a million bucks.

The couple, who asked that their names not be released, noticed that a few things were missing from their vehicle, including a pair of sunglasses that they'd left on top of a Powerball ticket in the front seat console. The theft took place back in February, but it took until last week for either of the victims to grab the ticket and check it – to discover that they won a second-chance prize of $1 million.

They say they celebrated their millionaire status with some champagne and have plans to travel to Paris and Iceland and work on their house. A better car security system might not be a bad idea ... (NY Daily News)



Pot-infused Keurig-cups are now a real thing.

That's right. You can now get K-cups in Seattle at Uncle Ike's Pot Shop for $10 a pop.

The pods work in standard Keurig coffee machines and contain 10 mg of THC.

Not surprisingly, the cups are very popular, already accounting for 60% of the company's coffee sales. (The Verge)

6:15 I have a very low patience for passive aggressive notes in the workplace. Such as:

%u2717 Co-workers who mark all their email 'high priority'. Just because Bill Gates invented the button doesn't men you have to use it. Pick up the phone. What are some passive aggressive notes you've seen at work. This should get you started:


In Silicon Valley, a woman cleaned out her garage and found a rare, old Apple-1 computer belonging to her late husband.

The old, old Apple-1 … You know … one of those computers that Steve Jobsand Steve Wozniak actually built in their garage that launched the personal computer revolution?

Well, she had no idea what the thing was, so she dropped it off at an electronic recycling shop and left without a trace. No tax receipt. No contact information.

Considering it was one of only 200 machines made, the computer was sold to a collector for $200,000.

The recycling shop actually has a policy that includes giving 50% of all items sold back to the original owner, which means they owe this mystery woman $100,000.

All she has to do is return to the store and collect her check. (CNBC)


Come see the play I'm in. It's called Good People. It's playing every Thursday-Sunday at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Get tickets and info here:

5:45 This guy John Bocek just attempted to break the Guinness World record for doing the most pullups in 24 hours. The previous record was 5101 and he did 5801 pull ups! Wow! I think that's a little morning inspiration. My former trainer Ken Bennett was involved in counting the record for this guy and documented a bunch of his work. He stayed up for 24 hours...doing pull ups. He did...wait for it..........................

5801 pull ups in 24 hours!! (This is from Ken Bennett's facebook page) "Final count for John Bocek. All that's left is submit all documentation to Guinness and wait for the official word. Whatever they deem the final count to be John is an inspiration. That was a truly masterful display of perseverance. I'm so glad to have witnessed it. Cheers John!"

Watch him in action here:


Think money will bring you happiness? Well, it might make things easier, but it won't necessarily put a smile on your face. Here are 5 things that will instantly make you happier:

6:45 'Side-Bum' Trend Is Big Business At Plastic Surgeon's Office

Thanks to such pop culture icons as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, plastic surgeons are getting more and more requests for fat transfers to enhance their "side bums." Doctors say there has been a surge in requests for treatments that get rid of cellulite and stretch marks as well as body-sculpting procedures.

Harley Street Journal reports a whopping 300 percent increase in fat transfer treatments, where fat taken from the stomach and redistributed to the butt and hip area.

Dr. Carolyn Berry, Medical Director and Founder of Firvale Clinics, warns not to believe the hype. She said celebrities often create an "illusional trick" by standing in a particular way that puts the side-booty on full display.

Dr. Berry said, "Whilst
Khloe Kardashian seems to have a bottom that is enlarging faster than her sisters, these are not normal and healthy for the female physique. With the unnatural waist/ hip ratio of these women, it is very likely they have had some assistance, which could be from the waist trainers they promote, from cosmetic treatments or even as far as fat transfer procedures." (Daily Mail)

All I have to say is if you're going to take away from me, don't give it back!!!!!!

7:15 A couple of minutes ago, I played "Brass in Pocket" by Pretenders. The problem is that I don't know aht the songs's about. I play it, I sing it, but I don't know what it's about. So I always turn to Song Here's the page for that song:

'Brass is northern English slang for money.

Bottle again is English slang for courage, she has moxie. She has balls.
Reet is again northern slang. It's so reet. She's alright. It's all good.
Skank is a dance, a way of moving.
I'm from the north of England. These are pretty common terms where I come from. "

Also, I found this one recently for George Ezra's Budapest on song

7:45 Just call me Debbie Downer: Class of 2015 has the most debt of all time! :(

8:15 50% Friday Pups n Cuts

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