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Tax Organization tips, Best digital Easter Eggs, Allergy meds for hay fever suff

6:15 So...are you a mess when it comes to your tax files? Yeah, me too. I never know when to throw that stuff away. Instead, I just keep it all. 

I came across an article from that spoke directly to me...The boildown: Throw it out! (well, after 6 or 10 years throw it out!)


6:45-- Things are going to be so busy here this week. Movie tix, Administrative Professionals day, Marg and a Movie


7:15- Let's keep Easter going a little. Waste a little time at work and try these...

In the tech sector, an ‘Easter egg’ is a prank or joke hidden in a web page, videogame, or a general application. To find Easter eggs you just have to know the right commands. Here are a few you can activate using the Google search engine …
• Search the word ‘Tilt’ and watch what happens to your screen image. Same is true if you search ‘Askew’.
• Key in ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ at Google search, then hang onto your seat!
• Search ‘define anagram’ and check out Google’s ‘did you mean’ alternative.
• Key in ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ and find out what it equals.
• Google ‘The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything’ and you’ll find out it is … ‘42’.



8:15- New Allergy Medicine for grass allergies. Just pop this baby under your tongue and roll in the grass. You'll be golden. Read more about this new drug that could help you here:




04/21/2014 9:57AM
Tax Organization tips, Best digital Easter Eggs, Allergy meds for hay fever sufferers
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