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Landau Murphy's coming to town!, Its Earth Day!!! Let's take a selfie., Repurpo

6:15 Interview with West Virginia's own Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Winner of America's Got Talent. He's coming to town this Thursday, April 24th, at Spring Mills High School. Get your tickets here.

Listen to the interview here. 


6:45 I saw this cool thing that NASA is doing to celebrate Earth Day. They want you to take a selfie, post it to your social media and tag it #GlobalSelfie. Then, they'll make a mosaic with all the pics that are posted. Sounds cool. Here's the article I read.

NASA has come up with a thoroughly modern way to celebrate Earth Day this year, and it’s waaaaayyy easier than planting a tree or taking the bus. The most cutting edge scientific agency in the world wants you to take a selfie. Yes, seriously. The project is called #GlobalSelfie, and here’s the lowdown from NASA’s website:

Here's mine.

7:15 Unusual Ways to Repurpose your garbage

How about using your old shoes or boots as a vase? Look at this... <>

 Used Dryer Sheets
You can't compost dryer sheets because of the chemicals they contain and some dryer sheets, like Bounce, can't be recycled. Check the container to confirm if the sheets are recyclable or not.


Lint Brush: You can roll up some used dryer sheets to fashion a lint brush. This is a useful tool for removing hair and lint from your clothes.

Dust wipes: Whether it’s for your windshield or television screen, these dryer sheets make for great anti-static wipes on all types of surfaces.

Packing Peanuts
Packing Peanuts are that random thing that you receive in mass and may feel guilty tossing in the trash. If you do not wish to receive packing peanuts at all, you can request an eco-friendly or biodegradable option. If not, here are some fun ideas for these packing peanuts.


Substitute Drainage: Instead of using heavy gravel to drain your potted plants, an inch or so of packing peanuts will do the job. This is an instance where the biodegradable type is preferable.

Costumes: If you ever need a belly, you can use packing peanuts to stuff your costume. This is a great way to reuse packing peanuts for holidays from April Fools to Halloween<>!

For non-vegans, eggs are present in a variety of foods from breakfast to desserts. However, the only parts of the eggs that aren’t used are the eggshells. Luckily, we can compost egg shells, but there are also other ways to use eggshells.

Face Mask: Grind eggshells and whisk the remnants in egg white. Use this as a face mask<> and only take off when it has completely dried. This will give you healthy, tight skin.

Pest Control: Eggshells are a great way to deter slugs<>, snails and worms. Just sprinkle crushed eggshells around your flowerbeds to deter all unwanted pests without the use of chemicals. This is also good for anyone having trouble with deer eating plants because deer apparently hate the smell of egg.

Pantyhose...And you thought there was only one purpose for pantyhose? Here are another two!

Food Storage: Store your vegetables and flower bulbs in your pantyhose and hang them. This improves air circulation and prevents rotting.

Artsy Projects: Pantyhose have interesting and unique textures and patterns. Use the pantyhose as a stencil of sorts to recreate these shapes while painting<>.


8:15 According to AP, Soon, poop will help power DC and we're not talking politics. D.C. Water is building a sewage treatment plant that will turn number-two into electricity. Sewage will go into huge tanks called digesters that extract methane gas used for fueling the electric generators. Officials say the leftover solid material will be dried and used as fertilizer. D.C. Water's George Hawkins says their new facility could be a clean energy model for the rest of the country. The new power-generating sewage plant is to be phased into operation starting next month.



8:30-- Did you hear? They are doing another Beverly Hills Cop Movie. No lie. Clearly they have run out of ideas in Hollywood.

To boot, Eddie Murphy's ready, and soon the script will be, too. Beverly Hills Copy 4 should begin filming at end of summer or beginning of fall. A source says Eddie's character heads back to Detroit.


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04/22/2014 10:06AM
Landau Murphy's coming to town!, Its Earth Day!!! Let's take a selfie., Repurposing your garbage,
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