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Bad Breakup? Drown your sorrows in KFC! Fired for a hot dog!, Bedbugs the musica

6:15 I got so upset, I had to drown my sorrows in some KFC...for a week! That's what one woman did in China last week. Poor thing. Get a moist towelette and get it together lady. I do feel sorry for her though!

6:45 Hot dog! Fired Dublin worker wins $25K over snack

An Irish guy bought a regular hot dog at a movie theater...but took the larger size weiner instead. Well, he got canned for it. After going through the court system, his employer, Cineworld, may have just bought the world's most expensive hot dog for an unfairly fired worker. Cineworld turned to the tape to see the employee buying the bigger hot dog, but paying only for a regular, and taking a slightly pricier brand of candy than what appeared on his signed receipt. The total difference in cost between what he bought, and what he consumed? One euro ($1.28).

See how this whole story happened here:

Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

7:15 I so wanted to talk about this show this morning. After all, those little blood-suckers are scary. Unfortunately, my computer had different ideas. :( Have you ever heard of "Bed Bugs the Musical"? It's real. The music is so deliciously campy you'll be tapping your toes, like I did when I first heard it. You gotta hear some of this music. Check out "Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite" on their site.

8:15 Halloween Candy Love/Hate relationship. Here's some reviews:

Read all the reviews here:

Halloween candy. We're passionate about it. We love what we love and hate what we hate. The other absolute? About 78 percent of parents will steal candy from their kids' bags, according to a survey. The other 22 percent? Lying. Ha!

About 72 percent say that chocolate is their favorite Halloween treat, according to the National Confectioners' Association. Chocolate scored top points among all age groups, but was most popular among those ages 45 to 60 who preferred it over other candies by 78 percent. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World

Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses.

Best comment: — "The pumpkin spice Hershey kiss was pleasant — spicier than I expected, which is a good thing. I wouldn't want to eat more than a couple, but that's probably also a good thing."

Worst: "Like eating a scented candle. Not good."

Banana Tootsie Roll Pop.

Best comment: "This was the one I was most apprehensive about, but it turns out to be one of my favorites. Fake banana flavor — fakenana — is far from a real banana, and after several licks to get to the center, mixed well with the tootsie roll.

Worst: "Ehhhh, not their best flavor, not their worst. Tootsie Pops, in general however, are awesome."

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Your Halloween Costume Suggestions, Halloween wine pairings, What's your Fave S

6:15 What should I be for Halloween. I heard from 10 year old Althea who suggested I should be what she will be: Medusa. She told me that she found an interesting dress that's funky and cool. She said her mother knows a lot about hair and that she will put snakes in her hair. Love that!!!! Here's an idea of Medusa's hair.

Thanks Althea! Too bad my recording equipment was malfunctioning. :(

Then I heard from Hope who suggested being a human Lego. She said, you wear a box, affix empty coffee cans on the front and make yourself a Lego. She said her son was a Lego and he was the really cute. I like that one!

6:45 Bet you didn't know there were certain wines that go with your Halloween Candy. I got this from an "Adult Survival Guide"

7:15 What's your favorite Halloween Movie?

For me, there are two:

  1. Shaun of the dead (funny stuff) by 1:30 they start cussing. (NSFW) Also, when I was talking about this on the air, Marc texted me to remind me of the name of the actor—Simon Pegg.

  2. Creepshow.

    It came out when I was like 11 years old and my best friend Sherry's older brother Gary. persuaded us to go see it at a friends house—I think they must have had a VCR. IT scared me to death and I never wanted to see scary movies again. BUT, I still remember some funny-ish parts to it. It had Adrienne Barbeau, Ted Danson, and Leslie Neilsen...if you saw it, I have one word for you...Cockroaches!!!! EWWW.

What's your favorite scary movie?

North Americans call them chips, Brits call them crisps; but whatever you call them there are certainly some extremely weird versions out there …
✓ 'Honey Soy Chicken' (Australia).
✓ 'Hot Chili Squid'; and 'Seaweed' (Thailand).
✓ 'Red Caviar' (Russia).
✓ 'Irish Stew' (Ireland).
✓ 'Mint-Flavored' (India).
✓ 'Octopus' (Japan).
✓ 'Spicy Bloody Mary' (USA).
✓ 'Blueberry'; and 'Lemon Tea' (China).
✓ 'Roast Ox Crisps' (Wales).
✓ 'English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding'; and – seriously – 'Cajun Squirrel' (UK).
(A recent promotional challenge to come up with a new Canadian flavor was won by the proposal … Moosemeat & Maple. Mmm.)
– Check out the full list here:

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Don't mess with Ultrarunners! Drive Thru Funeral Home?, Baby Wipes Recall, Pay t

6:15 Just saying kids, Crime Doesn't Pay

Read the story here:

Moral of the story: don't mess with ultrarunners.

A few weeks ago in Tennessee at an outdoor store. Several employees got an unexpected midday run in when a customer allegedly bolted out the door with stolen merchandise. A small team of Rock/Creek employees and accomplished trail runners, including Eric Loffland, 40, the store's Assistant Manager, took off immediately after the suspect, chasing him down the street, through parking lots, around a neighboring business's fence and into a nearby wooded area.

"Being a trail runner, it wasn't hard to follow someone through the woods," says a race team member.

By the time the suspect reached the woods, Loffland says, "He was definitely losing wind. He knew he had a [criminal] record, and this trail was not something he wanted to do. He was running scared." Within less than a mile, the runners successfully detained him until the police arrived and took the suspect into custody.

The story quickly made the rounds in Chattanooga's trail-running community via social media, with rumors circulating that as Loffland chased the man through the woods, he yelled to him, "Man, I can do this for about 23 more hours!"

6:45 Wha? Have we gotten THAT lazy? Funeral Home Lets People Pay Their Respects By Drive-Thru

A Michigan funeral home is now offering an option for people who want to pay their last respects, but don't want to have to get out of their car to do it. Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw recently begin having drive-thru casket viewings, with president Ivan Philips telling Britain's Telegraph, "As you enter into the drive-thru, you're going to see a memorial box where you can drop a memorial card or a monetary contribution. Once you push the button, the register box will open up. At that time, you may sign your name in the register book . . . And when you proceed forward, the curtains will draw back [to show the casket] and you may pay your respects to the loved one for three minutes from the privacy of your vehicle." This isn't just for the lazy or for people who have a hard time going into funeral homes, with Phillips saying that they did it in part for the benefit of mourners with physical limitations. Paradise Funeral Home actually isn't the first to offer this unusual service. Time reports that a funeral home in Compton, California, introduced it in 2011. (Time)

7:15 I totally wasn't going to talk about this but... Recall of baby wipes. Seriously, who doesn't have these in their purse or all over?

Baby wipes manufactured by Nutek Disposables, Inc., and sold at many major retailers are being voluntarily recalled because of bacterial contamination.

The company says it tested for contamination after receiving a number of complaints from customers who noticed an unusual odor and discoloration. Some of the wipes tested positive for a bacteria called Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia).

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says the bacteria is normally harmless in healthy people, but may cause problems in those with weakened immune systems or chronic lung conditions including cystic fibrosis.

The baby wipes were sold at retailers including, Sam's Club, Walgreens, and Family Dollar stores under a variety of brand names:

Brand Name



Internet/Various retailers


Family Dollar




Family Dollar

Member's Mark

Sam's Club

Simply Right

Sam's Club

Sunny Smiles


Tender Touch

Various retailers

Well Beginnings (only affects
lots manufactured by Nutek)


The FDA says consumers who purchased the recalled baby wipes can return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-855-646-4351.

Read the story here:

8:15 Why So Serious? Comedy Club Uses Facial Recognition to Charge Per Laugh

I guess the point is that the ticket prices are cheaper and since you "pay per laugh" you know you're getting your money's worth. Since this is written in Euros and British Pounds, I have no idea how the conversion works. Do we really care though? It's an interesting concept.--Rona

Thanks to facial recognition technology built into the back of the seats, a comedy club in Barcelona is setting out to prove its customers are having a good time -- and charging them accordingly.

According to the BBC, the owners of the Teatreneu club are experimenting with the gear and charging patrons around 40 cents every time the software recognizes a customer laughing -- up to a maximum of around 30 bucks. Read the whole thing here:

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Baby born on Oct 20th?, Stats that make you feel normal, Don't date yourself in


Do you know anyone that had a baby last Monday, October 20th? If so, they could be eligible for $500, to put toward their child's retirement savings. See, last week was "National Save for Retirement Week" and Voya Financial wanted to try to help get people thinking about their futures. Seriously. If you had a baby on Monday, October 20th (ONLY that date), in the U.S., your newborn is eligible for a free $500 mutual fund investment from Voya Financial (VOYA), formerly known as ING U.S.

Read the story here:

Register your kid here: by Dec. 19.


These quick stats ought to make you feel normal...

• 64% of women work on their 'to do' lists in the shower. (this is me big time!)
• 56% of tattoo artists have tattooed a butterfly on someone.
• 40% of us would give up a year of our lives in return for remaining at our ideal weight. (mayyybe)
• 36% of women say they're embarrassed when their partner kisses them in public.
• 33% of single women say the first thing they notice on a date is a guy's fingernails.
• 25% of women talk to themselves in the mirror while getting ready to go out.


If you're in he job market, you don't want to sound too old. Age discrimination is still rampant in the workplace — and it often starts before workers even get hired.

A 2013 AARP study found that nearly half of all older job seekers reported being overlooked for a job because of their age.

That's why it's so important that you not make yourself seem old on your résumé, says author Marc Miller in a recent LinkedIn post.

"The format and contents of your résumé says a lot about your age," he says. And no matter how qualified you are, if your résumé makes you "seem" older, there's a good chance it'll end up in the "no" pile.

"You do not want to be filtered out by the staff who are screening initial résumés and lose the opportunity to demonstrate your talents and skills," he says.

To avoid this situation, Miller suggests you stop including these five things on your résumé:

1. Your home address.

"For many years, we sent our résumé and cover letter through the mail," Miller explains. "We put our home address right on the top."

Today there is no longer a need to put your home address on the résumé, since it's almost always sent electronically, he explains.

"If the employer needs your home mailing address, they can ask for it."

2. Your Hotmail or AOL email address.

One telltale sign that you are over 50 is an or email address, or one from your cable provider, says Miller.

Create a Gmail account immediately.

3. Your home phone number.

Who under the age of 45 still has a landline?

"We ditched our home phone five years ago, and I am quite a bit older than 45," Miller says. "If you still have a home phone and do not want to give out your cell phone number, get a Google Voice number."

4. Double spacing after periods.

"I am going to go out a limb and declare that putting two spaces after a period is obsolete," Miller explains. "It is how most of us were taught to type on a typewriter. Therefore, most of us who do this (I have taught myself to stop putting two spaces after a period and it was hard) are over 50 years of age."

Miller says he has heard that this has been used as a method of screening out older candidates.

5. Your outdated skills.

Limit the skills you list on your résumé to current and relevant ones.

"I could list that I wrote MS-DOS control programs, wrote machine level code developing word processors, managed IBM mainframe computers, and lots of other obsolete technologies," he says. "Unless I was applying for a position that required these skills, all it tells the reader is I am over 50 years of age and maybe older."

Read the full article here:

Click here to read the full LinkedIn post.

8:15 So...yeah, this happened. I was at a reception last night chatting with guests and mingling. After the recpetion, I cleaned up and got to my car and realized that not only were my jeans unbuttoned, but they were also unzipped too. Had they been this way the whole time at the party? :( Did someone notice and not tell me? How did the pants stay up? Hips. Ugh.

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Halloween Happeninngs, D'Oh Nut Burger, Fresh Prince of Bel Air tidbits, Beer im

6:15 We have so much going on at this time of year from Halloween trails to trick or treating, we've got it all on our website: There are many more going on so go to and click Community Connection

Among some of the events of note:

  • Boo fest—Fri Vampire Ball, etc. -Oct 24-Oct 31.

  • Monster Ball-Am Red Cross Wed Oct 29

  • Apolloween-Trick or Treat Oct 26

  • Jefferson Co Fairgrounds-Haunted Fairgrounds each weekend till Nov 1

  • Relay 4 Life Fundrsr-Haunted Asylum @ camp frame, Hedgesville thru Nov 1

  • Blue Mountain Vol Fire Dept Harpers Ferry – Thru Nov 1

6:45 A glazed donut stuffed with ground beef and cheese and topped with bacon bits, just in case you were feeling bad about what you ate for breakfast.

The D'Oh Nut Burger (discovered via the wonderful Foodbeast) is the creation of PYT Burger, a creative burger restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having been born and partially raised in the Philly area myself, this creation makes total sense to me, and while I can already feel my stomach kicking just imagining it, I would like to eat several, maybe chasing them with PYT's Pepperoni Pizza Pretzel Bread Burger, because damn.

7:15 This is probably one of the best known TV show openings of the 90's. Fresh Prince of Bel Air...let me refresh your memory:

Here are some things you probably don't know about that show...courtesy of Mental

  • Will Smith did the show to get out of debt to the IRS
  • The show was canceled and brought background
  • Tyra Banks made her acting Debut on the show
  • The house in the into is not in's in Brentwood
  • Carlton's famous dance was inspired by Courteney Cox and Eddie Murphy

Get the rest here:

8:15 Beer Ingredient Shown to Improve Memory But There's a Catch Can it be that drinking beer makes you smarter?

Before you get too worked up, Oregon State University researchers say that it's actually a compound in hops, one of the basic ingredients in beer brewing, that has been shown to improve memory in mice, well, young mice anyway.

In the experiment, both young and old mice were fed the flavonoid xanthohumol that is found in hops for eight weeks. Afterwards, the OSU researchers noted that the young mice demonstrated improvements in spatial memory and cognitive flexibility but not so the older ones.

So does the experiment give young drinkers license to down their favorite suds as a way of enhancing memory and thought patterns?

Unfortunately, no. The researchers estimate that humans would have to drink as many as 2,000 liters of beer to get the equivalent dosage of the flavonoid the mice received.

What scientists hope to do one day do is isolate xanthohumol so that people with cognitive difficulties can be treated. Read about it here:

8:45 Friday Toy Memory Atari 2600! Who doesn't remember getting out the console, the joysticks, paddles, and wires and settling down for a nice game of Space Invaders, Pac Man, or Pong. I remember it was a special treat going over my friend Sherry's house because her older brother Gary got one for Christmas and I got to see one up close and play it. Up to that point, I had only heard tell of the video game ATARI. I never asked for one for Christmas or anything. What I did get later was a TI-99 from Texas Instruments and a subscription to Family Computing magazine where you'd spend all day programming a page so that you'd make the computer put a series of 1's and 0's until a wave of numbers came over the screen. Usually, if you did it wrong, it would give you an error message. Argh. I digress. Atari came out in 77, hit big in 82, discontinued in 93. Forever in our hearts Atari.

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These candies should go away at Halloween!, Thrill the world, No line at the Sta


I don't agree with all of these but I have to say that they are spot on when it comes to: Necco wafers, stuff in a bowl at Grandma's house, and Chicklets.

Let's be honest, I could eat my own body weight in Mounds. I only eat smarties during Halloween season, and Sugar Babies are little taste morsels...even if they look like turds.

6:30- I learned the Thriller dance last night. I'm sore today. It was intricate and I have a lot more respect for the people who did that video in their zombie makeup. Heres' the link to the event page on Facebook.

6:45 No More Starbucks Lines Thanks to App?

Starbucks customers probably would agree that the only really bad thing about the chain is having to wait in long lines to order and get your coffee. But Adweek reports that with testing to be extended to Android phones during a national rollout next year. StarbStarbucks is readying to test a mobile app later this year that will let customers pre-order what they want from their phones before even going into the store. The testing will involve iPhones users and 150 Starbucks locations in Portland, Oregon,ucks' chief digital officer Adam Brotman told Bloomberg that customers will typically have to wait about five minutes to pick up their coffee or food after ordering using the app. (Adweek)

7:15 Ewww!!!! Careful, Your Dishcloth Might Make You Sick

The trusty dishcloth. Who could have a bad word to say about this essential kitchen accessory that also cuts down on the expense of buying paper towels?

Unfortunately, researchers at the University of Arizona's Zuckerman College of Public Health feel they need to alert the public about the dangers of dishcloths.

If that sounds somewhat alarmist, the researchers contend that almost nine out of ten dishcloths, and sponges as well, are contaminated with coliform bacteria, which is present in the digestive tracts of humans and animals and found in their waste.

Meanwhile, E. coli was also present in one out of four dishcloths and sponges.

All this would probably want to make people ditch the dishcloth, considering the bacterium can be transferred to plates, utensils, kitchen counters or just about anything it touches.

The way to keep things as clean as possible, according to the researchers, is through "frequent replacement or decontamination of kitchen towels." And the best way to decontaminate them? Soak the cloth in bleach for two minutes.

New terms leaking into our lingo …
• 'Bio Cremation' – A process for disposing of the body of a deceased person in which it's completely broken down by heated water and potassium hydroxide. It's said to be 'a greener way to go'. (In case you don't want to make an ash of yourself.)
• 'Greenhouse' – Auto industry slang for the upper part of a car that includes the roof and windows. (The part where you can see a driver flipping you the bird.)

• 'Kninkles' – Wrinkles just above the knee that may appear with age. New exercise programs promise to banish that saggy skin. (It's an old marketing concept – create a problem, then offer a solution … for a fee.) (I have these....just like I have Thutts :( --Rona )

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The best training video ever!!!!, We like Wasabi-Ginger Chips, Get paid to do al

6:15 I came across this Wendy's training video the other day. The music is so funny. Take a listen to the lyrics. "Cookies should be whole, never broken or cracked, Put 'em on the tray WHAT A GREAT SNACK!!!". This is the best training video EVER!!!!!!

You know the musician is dying inside just a little after recording this. Haha!

6:45 Y'all know I'm a sucker for snack chips! Back in July, I interviewed a muckety muck from Lay's potato chips. They just wrapped up their 2nd Annual Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" contest. The winner Wasabi Ginger on Kettle cooked chips. YUM

I can tell you that Wasabi Ginger was the hands down favorite in our office too. No one liked the cappuccino chips. In fact, the bag sat in our cupboard for several months until someone finally threw it out. :(

The other flavors:

Cappuccino (ew---I read and heard lots of ew from people in our office and online about these)

Bacon Mac and Cheese (thumbs up)

Mango Salsa (good but not so good to beat out wasabi-ginger)



Facebook Page:

7:15 I'm pretty lazy. I'm not gonna lie. So I came across a bunch of jobs that pay you to do almost nothing. Sign me up!!!!

Get the full list here:

Here are some of my faves on the list:

  1. House Sitter-Which I do each year for a friend...easy money!!!
  2. Professional Sleeper
  3. Stock Photographer
  4. Food taster (again....sign me up!!!!)

8:15--WACKY-BUT-TRUE: GUY STEALS 244 POLITICAL SIGNS _ A man in Florida was so sick of seeing political campaign signs in the yards of his neighbors that he decided to steal as many as he possibly could. By the time he was caught, the man had stolen 244 political signs. That don't make no sense! (I sound like my Grandma Evelyn when I say that)

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New Allergy treatment, Vote for new Christian Lopez Video, 7 Types of Restauran

6:15 Got allergies? Yeah, well I bet you're not happy about it. Now there might be new relief. Allerdent, a new toothpaste that contains allergens. You brush your teeth and it gets in to your system and helps you become less susceptible to allergens that trigger your symptoms. Awesome!

Allerdent is currently available by prescription in seven states.

Here's the pharmaceutical company website:

6:45 Christian Lopez Band new music video on CMTPure and CMT Mobile App. Here's the info for ya!

7:15 7 Restaurant deals you shouldn't swallow. From The last one is the one that really made me think.

  • The mixed plate of Restaurant Week
  • Daily deals with a catch
  • Half-off' deals that don't quite add up
  • Discounts with a asterisk *some exclusions apply/ at participating restaurants only etc.
  • Holiday meal specials
  • Markup on booze—beer and wine too.
  • Gift cards
The Gift Card gimmick: Restaurant gift cards are pitched as a convenient way for you to give a tasty present. But despite federal protections, gift cards still have a nasty way of expiring if you're not paying attention.

It's one of the most infuriating things that diners encounter.

Under federal rules, gift cards:

  • Can't expire for five years from their purchase date or the last date they're reloaded with value.

  • Must show the expiration date in a place that's clearly visible on the card.

  • May charge inactivity fees, but only once a month after the card hasn't been used for a year.

Paper gift certificates are not protected by these rules, says Carole Reynolds, senior attorney in the Federal Trade Commission's financial practices division.

If you lose a restaurant gift card, you may be out of luck, she says. Gift cards often aren't protected the way lost debit or credit cards are. Some issuers offer protection, but it's not required.

Food for thought: When giving or using gift cards, as with other restaurant deals, make sure you understand all the terms. Use cards as soon as possible.

Read the whole article here:

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Best all time duets, Silent treatment hurts relationships, Bras for a Cause, New

6:15 ALL-TIME GREATEST DUETS: A new ranking of the best musical duos ever recorded …

5. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" (1968). (MUL 0392)

4. Beyoncé & Jay Z, "Crazy in Love" (2003).

3. Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton, "Islands In the Stream" (1983). (MUD 101)

2. Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush, "Don't Give Up" (1986).

1. David Bowie & Freddie Mercury, "Under Pressure" (1981).

Honorary mention: Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, "Empire State of Mind" (2009). And the worst ever? Could it be John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John, "You're the One that I Want" (1978)? (Which would you pick?)

Read more here:

6:45 I give the silent treatment to friends as well as mates. No good. Say scientists.

The Silent Treatment Could Spell Bad News for Your Relationship

If arguments with your man often lead to the "silent treatment," whether you're getting it or giving it, it could spell bad news for your relationship.

Interestingly enough, researchers found that the silent treatment is the most common way people deal with conflict in their marriage, but in analyzing 74 studies based on more than 14,000 people, that found that keeping silent or shutting down emotionally causes both emotional and physical harm.

Texas Christian University communications Professor Paul Schrodt, who led the study, found that couples who use the silent treatment have lower relationship satisfaction, less intimacy and poorer communication, which is also associated with divorce.

Some of the studies even found physical effects, like urinary, bowel or erectile dysfunction. Seattle Pacific University psychology Professor Les Parrott describes the silent treatment as "manipulative, disrespectful and not productive."

Suggested way to break the silent treatment pattern include:

  • Be aware of why you're doing it and how it affects the other person.

  • Avoid name-calling.

  • Use "I" instead of the accusatory "you" -- "This is how I feel when you stop talking to me."

  • Agree to take a timeout.

  • Offer a genuine apology as soon as you are able.

Read the full article here:

7:15 Marsha Kavalek conducted an interview with Marshall DeMerritt from Fargo Insurance about their annual Bras for a Cause.

Get info here:

Here the interview here:

8:15 I have "Thutts". It's a funny word...admit it.

CUTTING-EDGE VOCAB. Here are some new terms leaking into our lingo …

• 'Defensive Architecture' – Architectural designs and features that aim to deter unsanctioned uses of public spaces or buildings: Narrow, slanted bus shelter seats not suitable for sitting on, let alone sleeping on; park benches with armrests that make it impossible to recline, etc.
• 'Space Shift' – To play media on a device other than the one on which it is stored. ("Hey, I gotta show you some pics from my vacation. I'll just open them up from iCloud on my new smart stapler.")
• 'Thutts' – The flabby area between the thighs and the buttocks, caused by excessive weight and lack of muscle tone. Yep, now it seems you need a special workout to slim your big fat thutts.

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IG Nobel Awards-Ha!, Deep Fried Pumpkin Spice Latte, Bad Taste Halloween Costume

6:15 Last Week they announced the Nobel Peace Prize. Now for something completely different:

This year's Ig Nobel Awards have been handed out at Harvard University. The satirical alternative to the Nobel Prizes honors thinkers who are either eccentrically brilliant or brilliantly eccentric. In other words, it honors truly wacky research. Among 2014′s top 10 honorees …
• Arctic Studies – A German-Norwegian project that tested how reindeer react to seeing humans … disguised as polar bears.
• Art – Award to an Italian researcher for measuring the relative pain people suffer while looking at an ugly painting vs a pretty painting … while being zapped by a laser beam.
• Biology – The discovery that when dogs defecate or urinate, they prefer to align their bodies along north-south lines. This comes thanks to a study by researchers in the Czech Republic.
• Economics – Italy's National Institute of Statistics wins for improving the country's economic stats by including revenues from prostitution, illegal drug sales, smuggling, etc.
• Medicine – A joint USA-India endeavor that treats 'uncontrollable nosebleeds' using the truly unusual method of nasal-packing … with strips of cured pork.
• Neuroscience – A Canadian-Chinese initiative that attempts to understand what happens in the brains of people who think they see the face of Jesus … on a piece of toast.
• Nutrition – A Spanish study that isolated lactic acid bacteria from infant feces as a potential probiotic starter culture for – mmm! – fermented sausages.
• Physics – A Japanese team for measuring the friction between a shoe and a banana skin, and between a banana skin and the floor, when a person steps on a banana skin that's on the floor.
• Psychology – A cooperative Australia-UK-USA study that's found that night owls are, on average, more self-admiring, more manipulative, and more psychopathic than early risers.
• Public Health – Another Czech award-winner is an investigation on whether it is 'mentally hazardous' for a human being to own a cat.
– Condensed from

6:45 EAT A DEEP FRIED PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE _ So somebody went ahead and made a deep fried version of Starbucks' beloved pumpkin spice latte. Food blogger Amy Erickson of Oh, Bite It came up with the idea. To create the treats, Erickson suggests using store-bought angel food cake or poundcake. Then you basically just soak them in a pumpkin spice latte, fry them and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar.

There is also this:

7:15 Do you think this is in bad taste? Challenging the Boundaries of Bad Taste:

The Ebola costume, which retails for $79.99, is "actually a great deal,...The costume comes with a white hazmat suit, with the plastic goggles, blue gloves, a breathing mask and face shield." It hit the site on October 8 and has since sold "over a dozen" units.

Ugh. I call bad taste on this one.

Think you'll try any of these?
• Australia – Vegemite on toast. Vegemite is a dark brown food paste made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives.
• Haiti – Voodoo practitioners insert 13 pins into the cork of the bottle that caused the hangover, ostensibly expelling the aches and nausea associated with excessive alcohol consumption.
• Hungary – Sparrow droppings in brandy. Yes, you heard that right. Bottoms up!
• Italy – Believe it or not, a dried bull's penis is the traditional snack of choice for hungover Sicilians.
• Japan – 'Umeboshi', which is pickled, dried Japanese apricot. It is extremely sour, to the point of puckering the mouth.
• Mongolia – The traditional hangover remedy is only for the most rugged drinkers: a glass of tomato juice … with a pickled sheep eyeball.
• Namibia – The popular remedy is called 'Buffalo Milk', a mixture of clotted cream, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur, and whole cream.
• Poland – One of the most popular cures is pickle juice. When it hits your bloodstream, your body starts building up water, solving the dehydration problem.
• Scotland – A 'Fry Up' breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, and tomatoes. It is usually washed down with a tall can of Irn-Bru, a century's old carbonated hangover soft drink.
• Thailand – A bowl of spicy noodle soup topped with beef, fish balls, pork, chicken, duck or … pigs blood.
Adapted from

8:45 Friday Toy Memory. Anyone remember "Care Bears"? Yeah. I used to think they were so stinkin cute! Well now it looks like Netflix is going to reeboot Care Bears with a new animated series! The animated Care Bears and Cousins is expected to premiere in 2016. (Awesome!)

Here's the classic theme..sound familiar?

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Halloween is coming and we're spending a lot!, Pumpkinsteins, Types of friends y

6:15 Halloween's a coming and guess what? We're going to spend more on it this year than last year's falling on a Friday.

2014 Halloween spending

The National Retail Federation estimates total Halloween sales will reach $7.2 billion, up from last year's $6.9 billion when an estimated 158 million people participated in Halloween activities.

Individual spending is expected to reach $77.52 this year, an increase from $75.03 last year.

Celebrants will spend a total of $2.8 billion on costumes, as 45.8 percent Americans plan to dress up this year.

Candy sales are expected to hit $2.2 billion, with 71.1 percent of celebrants planning to hand out candy

$2 billion will go toward decorations, with about 46.7 percent of celebrants planning to decorate their homes and yards.

Source: National Retail Federation (

Read the full article here:

6:45 First there were square watermelons now there are Frankenstein shaped pumpkins. Just call them "Pumpkinstein". Ha!

7:15 We all know that I am NOT a parent, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize the little jerky things that kids do. Now that I'm an adult, and I have the benefit of hindsight, I remember these 9 types of kids.

9 A$@2#&!s our kid will be friends with. I'll call them jerks on the air though!

Know any of these kids?

-1. The Kid Who Cries All The Time. This is the kid who when the parent dropped them off at a playdate stood in your doorway for ten minutes kissing their parent goodbye. They looked really sad about coming over to your house to play and eat delicious snacks. This kid had a total meltdown and started sobbing when your kid suggested they stopped playing a board game and went outside to play on the swings instead. This is the same kid who gets dropped off to your kid's birthday party and ten minutes into it digs a folded up wad of paper out of their shoe to call their mom to come get them.

2. The Bad Idea Kid. (This was my friend Gina) This is the kid that talks your kid into doing stuff your own kid would never normally do. Your own kid knows this is a BAD idea, but when they are around this kid you are suddenly NOT HEARING ANY NOISE FROM UPSTAIRS and when you go to check on them they have locked themselves in the bathroom and are giving your poor cat a bath.

3. The Randomly Filthy Kid. (This was my friend Wendy) This kid looked perfectly normal when their parents dropped them off. But within ten minutes of being at your house they will be filthy, your house will be filthy, and the majority of the playdate will be spent either cleaning them up or cleaning up after them. This is the kid who uses their pants and shirt instead of a napkin. This is the kid who wipes their nose on your walls. This is the kid who has to be reminded to take their shoes off after playing outside because their shoes will somehow magically be covered in mud, even though it hasn't rained in week. This is the kid that never, ever, flushes the toilet after using it. Ever.

Get the rest of the list here:

8:15 Slippery Suspects Steal 18 Tons of Crisco

Cops in St. Petersburg, Florida, are searching for the thieves who swiped a semi truck loaded to the brim -- with 18 tons of the baking shortening Crisco. The slippery suspects swiped the rig -- and its 36 thousand pounds of fatty cargo -- Sunday morning as the truck sat outside a towing company, the St. Petersburg Tribune reports.

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Action movies make you hungry!, Thrill the World, Get instant energy, naturally,

Could action-packed TV fare make you fat? That's the implication of a new study that found people snack more while watching fast-paced TV than while viewing a more leisurely paced talk show. Cornell University researchers provided the same snacks to participants watching a sci-fi thriller and a public TV interview show. The faster paced TV seemed to distract viewers more, contributing to more mindless eating. In fact, they consumed 140 calories more on average than while watching a low-key interview show. The researchers recommend that viewers take steps to prevent mindless snacking, by avoiding or limiting high-calorie snacks no matter what they're watching. (Ha! if you watch "Washington Week in Review" you'll starve.)
– Associated Press

6:45 Want to dress like a zombie, do the Thriller dance, and try to break a world record? Great! Here are the details on "Thrill the World" annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

What is Thrill The World?
Thrill The World is an annual worldwide simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Volunteer event organizers in cities around the world organize events using the Thrill the World leaders manual and Thrill the World tool box.
Anyone can organize an event! No age requirement or experience necessary. And there is no limit to the number of events in each city.
•Each event has the option to raise money for a local charity of their choice.
•All official Thrill the World events are included in the numbers for setting and breaking World Records.

Here's the event page with all the details about the local event:

7:15 Have you ever been here? You've had lunch, you're back at work and all of a sudden, you feel really tired? Yeah, happens to me all the time. So, here are some easy things you can do boost your energy naturally. I have tried a few of these have you?

  • -stand up
  • -walk around
  • -rubbing your ears
  • -drink water

Get the full list here:

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Ugh--sexy Halloween is back,AAA says technology still makes for distracted drivi

6:15 Halloween is a little over 2 weeks away and I have no idea what to wear. I just don't want to be a "sexy" anything. Give me some ideas...please! :) --Rona

I got started on this because of this article:

6:45 AAA just released a report saying that we may feel that hands-free technology is safe to use but it's actually Distracted drving. Bring Old phone with messages to Caroline.

Read more here:

With three out of four drivers believing that hands-free technology is safe to use, Americans may be surprised to learn that these popular new vehicle features may actually increase mental distraction, according to new research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This research can serve as guidance to manufacturers who increasingly market hands-free systems as safety features. The good news for consumers is that it is possible to design hands-free technologies that are less cognitively distracting, according to the research.

The results, which build on the first phase of the Foundation's research conducted last year, suggest that developers can improve the safety of their products by making them less complicated, more accurate and generally easier to use – a point AAA hopes to use in working with manufacturers to make hands-free technologies as safe as possible for consumers. While manufacturers continue their efforts to develop and refine systems that reduce distractions, AAA encourages drivers to minimize cognitive distraction by limiting the use of most voice-based technologies.

7:15 Have you ever heard the term "Pinkwashing"? It's most often used to describe cause marketing. Such as pink ribbons on everything during the month of October that IThe promotion of consumer goods and services using the pink ribbon that represents support for breast cancer-related charities.

Just because something is pink or has a pink ribbon on the label doesn't mean that the product is good for you. It also doesn't mean that it's doing anything to research or support the eradication of Breast Caner. Imagine if you purchase something because it has a pink ribbon on the package and the thing contains cancer causing agents. Read this blog that brings up something to think about this October:

Disclaimer: I guess I should also state that I lost my mother to breast cancer over 20 years ago and I feel its really important to be aware of risk factors of breast cancer, prevention, the latest in research, and resources to fight the disease. Discussing Pinkwashing in no way diminished those things. I just think that we get lulled into a false sense of thinking we are doing something concrete to support people with breast cancer, fight breast cancer, or helping to fund research when all we are doing is buying products with pink on them. Some of those products could be harmful to our health.
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Neat weekend happenings--Film Fests, Walks..., Soul mate sanfus, Famous people w

Men in heels

6:15 Recap of my weekend. I love participating in the 72 Fest. It's a festival where they give filmmaker teams a theme and 72 hours to write, film, edit, score and turn in a film. Each year, I'm thrilled to be a judge and see the talent that comes from near and far. Here's the link so you can see some of the films from previous years. This year's films aren't up on the site yet. Neat stuff!

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes participants

Also I cheered on an annual event called "Walk a Mile In Her Shoes". It's where men put on high heels and walk a mile in support of a local domestic violence shelter. The men get pledges and donations are made to benefit the shelter and to bring about awareness. Awesome!!!! Here's the link in case you ever want to create one of these events in your area. Again, very cool!

6:45 Believing in Soul Mates Could Hurt Your Relationship

One of the better Sex and the City episodes had the ladies pondering whether or not we really have soul mates and if it's something worth trying to find. They finally came down on the side of no, and new research suggests that was likely the right answer, finding that believing you and your significant other are soul mates can actually hurt your relationship. The study, led by University of Toronto professor Spike W.S. Lee, found that the idea of being soulmates leads to more dissatisfaction when you have a conflict. Lee told The Science of Us that the results really aren't that surprising, since it you think you're with the person destiny picked out for you, you believe that your relationship, quote, "should have perfect harmony, no conflicts whatsoever. When reality proves otherwise, as it almost inevitably does, it hurts all the more." Soul mate believers are also more likely to put less effort into working through a conflict, thinking those speed bumps mean the other person maybe really isn't their soul mate, so they're more likely to end the relationship to try to find "the one" than try to get through the problem. (Elle)

7:15 Famous people that failed before becoming famous-- a little Wednesday inspiration to be great!

  • -Fred Astaire was told he "can't act."
  • -JK. Rowling was on welfare.

  • -Jerry Seinfeld was booed off-stage

  • -Oprah was told she was unfit for TV

  • -Lucille Ball was a B actress

7:30-- Ewww. 4,500 to 6,000 brown recluse spiders in a luxyry home. Family sued the previous homeowners and won a $472K settlement.


• They're supposed to speak with confidence, even when unsure what they're saying is true.
• They sometimes purposely hang up on people and pretend that it's an accident.
• They sometimes put people hold for an incredibly long time hoping they'll hang up.
• They sometimes give wrong information just to get people off the phone.
• Most people working in call centers have at least a 4-year undergraduate degree.
• All the rules & regulations in a call center can make the job feel like high school.
• Sometimes the supervisor doesn't want to talk to an irate customer, leaving the operator to figure out a clever way to get the fuming caller off the line.
• Sometimes it's unclear which information they can and cannot release, another reason they have to put people on hold.
• They sometimes mute customers to 'look for more information' when actually just taking a bite of a sandwich.
• Constantly being micro-managed by supervisors makes them want to scream.
There are more here:

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If you love Fall, you'll love this!, All that and a bag of chips, Living Beyond,

6:15 I don't particularly love fall but I have people in my life who do (cough Danielle cough). Here are a few of the 16 Things that ONLY people who are obsessed fall will understand.

Read the full list here

-You know the ecstasy of ordering six things for lunch and having all of them be pumpkin-flavored.

-Costume parties and haunted houses always beat Christmas dinner. And do you think summer could have a holiday where you dress up and eat candy? Hell no. All your candy would've melted. But in the fall, you can toss a fishbowl on your head, say you're an astronaut, go to a party, and four hours later you're throwing up a weird mixture of candy corn, caramel apples, and hard cider. *Highfive*.

-For instance: Exposed feet and gross summer fashions are a thing of the past. Mandals, fake tans, Crocs, and wardrobe malfunctions waiting to happen are no longer everywhere. You can thank the forced-conservatism of a cool-weather wardrobe for that.

-Nature is a Yankee Candle. I'll preface this with the fact that it's illegal to burn leaves, but your neighbors are probably going to do it anyway, and it smells amazing. Even if there's no law-breaking involved, though, the scents of autumn will fill your nostrils with delicious earthiness and cinnamon.

6:45 These are all that and a bag of chips! Utz just sent us a new chip flavor. It's the limited edition Yuengling Hot Wing Sauce Chips. I just gave away some on the air! Keep listening, I might have more!

You can order them here:

7:15 I talked with Jean A. Sachs, CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer ( and we talked about a New Social Media Campaign That Raises Awareness of Metastatic Breast Cancer and how You Can Get Involved. Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day is this Monday, October 13th.
As part of the campaign, women with metastatic breast cancer share their daily strength with others by uploading photos of themselves on social media with the hashtag #MBCStrength. Select photos posted on Twitter and tagged with the hashtag will appear in a Times Square display in New York City on the 5th annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. An estimated 173,000 women in the US are living with metastatic breast cancer, also known as Stage IV or advanced breast cancer. And although women living with the disease face a unique set of concerns distinct from those diagnosed with early breast cancer, few programs are devoted to their needs.

Get more information here:

If you missed the interview, catch it here:

7:45 Say it ain't so!! Restaurants may stop the complementary breadsticks!!!!

It's a familiar ritual: sit down at a restaurant, get bread, order and continue with your typical dining-out experience. Except lately, some restaurants are removing one part of that scenario: the free bread.

It has been a slow rise, starting with the occasional restaurant only offering bread upon request, leading up to this week, when one of Olive Garden's investors tried to nix the national Italian chain's unlimited breadsticks.

"Endless salad and breadsticks are another contributor to food waste," the hedge fund Starboard Value said in a report on how Olive Garden can improve."
The "OG" fired back that is has no intention of heeding such advice, writing, "Olive Garden's salad and breadsticks have been an icon of brand equity since 1982. It conveys Italian generosity..."The restaurant "will continue to serve breadsticks with each meal," Olive Garden spokesman Justin Sikoraconfirmed to ABC News.

So rest easy, your unlimited breadsticks are safe. But are your other bread baskets? Read the whole story here:

8:15 Spreadable beer? Meh.

8:15 Belly Up to the Breakfast Bar for "Spreadable Beer" A new Italian food product is fusing the spreadability of peanut butter or Nutella with the awesomeness of beer. Alta Quotta's "Birra Spalmabile" -- literally "spreadable beer" -- reportedly contains 40 percent beer, but has a "sticky, smooth texture" that's perfect for spooning onto all types of food.

The product comes in both light and dark varieties, and, "goes well with appetizers and cheeses...[is] great on crostini...sweet pastry...fluffy cake and ice cream."

The one thing it's missing, however, is alcohol.

The spreadable beer can be pre-ordered for around 17 bucks online on the site Firebox.

8:45- Friday Toy Memory: It's more of a throwback than a toy. Today is David Lee Roth's 60th birthday. Wow. Remember when he used to prance around in butt-less pants? He was so stuck on himself. One word: Jump!

Watch him in action. Happy Birthday DLR, you self proclaimed sexy beast!

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Don't post this about your kids on social media, #tbt Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Rixt

6:15 This is actually really good information. I have too many friends that break these rules and don't even realize how it can put their kids information into the public domain. Check out the 5 Types of photos of your kids you don't want to post on social media ...think about it:

1. Other peoples kids

2. Where they go to school

3. Their full name

4.Pics of your kids in the buff (even if they are funny)

5. Anything Your Kids Might Not Want Public

6:30- Saw a documentary called "unsung" last night. Sort of like Behind the Music and it featured Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. They said in the show that once the record company got a hold of Mariah Carey, it was over for Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, they stopped promoting them. Interesting. The whole thing made me just want to listen to this...

6:45 Rixton. Did you know this is how they got their name? Yeah, me neither.

7:15 Red Bull Settlement- So if you bought Red Bull and it tidn't give you wings, you could get $10 from the company!

The energy drink company recently agreed to pay consumers more than $13 million to settle a proposed U.S. class-action suit accusing the beverage maker of false advertising. Pending final court approval of the settlement, anyone who purchased at least one can of Red Bull between Jan. 1, 2002, and Oct. 3, 2014, is eligible to receive either $10 cash or $15 worth of Red Bull products. No proof of purchase is required.

7:45 NEWS ATTACK! _ There's a new perfume based upon a perfume found aboard a shipwreck from 1864. [The perfume is suitable for everyone but it's being marketed to women and children first.]

Perfume found in a smuggling ship that sank off the coast of Bermuda 150 years ago, has been analyzed and recreated in a new fragrance now for sale.

"This perfume waited 150 years to be worn. And now, finally, it can be," Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone of The Bermuda Perfumery said at the Tuesday night launch event in New York City, attended by actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who has a residence on the island.

The perfume, originally created in the 1800s, was being shipped on the iron-hulled steamship Mary Celestia, which was used during the American Civil War to get around the naval blockade imposed by then-U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Read more:

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Meat in your pants, Stuff Scientists say, Kids in the future will never have to

6:15 The other day, I read this story...GROCERY WORKER WALKED OUT WITH MEAT IN PANTS _ Police in New York City have pinned a meaty crime on a supermarket employee. They say the man walked out of work with $1,200 worth of meat stuffed in his pants.

What do you think makes people think it's a good idea to steal meat. But more importantly, why do you think they think it's a good idea to put it in their pants?

Here are several stories of people putting "other people's meats" into their pants:

Here are other funny things people have put in their pants. Why people, why?:

-Ferret Legging (is a thing) Ferret-legging is an endurance test or stunt in which ferrets are trapped in trousers worn by a participant.[2] Also known as put 'em down[3] and ferret-down-trousers,[4][5] it is a sport that seems to have been popular among coal miners in Yorkshire, England.[6][7] Contestants put live ferrets inside their trousers; the winner is the one who is the last to release the animals. The world record is five hours and thirty minutes.

--Kid putting 15 ice cubes in his pants.

-Stuffed Owl down your pants (why?)-

Boy putting toys down pants-mom blog

-It's funny to watch but, why did this girl put a gerbil in her pants for youtube?-

-Another mom Blog- Son stuffed pirate headscarves down his pants and went to sleep Rule #6. Boys will stuff things down their pants. I believe this rule is directly tied to Rule #1, but boys will stick various things down their pants. Just the other night when Sonya was going to bed she checked in on Elliott. She proceeded to find a pirate headpiece/scarf, a stuffed squirrel and one slipper stuffed down his pants. Upon pulling them out Elliott woke up and laughed and immediately went back to sleep.

6:45 Interesting tidbits of stuff that scientists have figured out about us.

• People's favorite tunes – regardless of the musical genre – create strikingly similar brain activity and can enhance their creative ability, according to recent research from McGill University in Montréal QC. We already know that emotional connections to music can be strong, but exactly how favorite melodies influence brain patterns is an ongoing area of discovery. What is now known is that when people listen to music they enjoy, it enhances a brain pattern called the Default Mode Network (DMN), associated with introspection, self-awareness, mind-wandering, and possibly imagination. ("Let's see if we can activate your DMN with this track from …")
– @SmithsonianMag

And here's a BS compendium of other recent 'discoveries' …
• Scientists say … the 1st male contraceptive injection could be available in 3 years. 'Vasalgel' is a polymer hydrogel that is injected into the tube that sperm pass through to reach the penis. Its US developers hope it will be available by 2017. (Wait … it's injected where?)

• Scientists say … food is not addictive – but eating is. Scottish researchers have now found there is no such thing as being 'addicted' to sugar or fat in the way drug addicts are to heroin or cocaine. Gorging is psychological compulsion, they say. (Ahem. Are you really finishing that entire ice cream container?)

• Scientists say … cheapo discount sunglasses are just as good as high-priced designer eyewear. An investigation by a University of California at Berkeley eye specialist has found they are equal at blocking out harmful UV rays. (But somehow 'Dollarama' brand doesn't have the same cachet as 'Ray-Ban'.)
– Adapted from

7:15 We're old and we remember a whole bunch of stuff from school that kids of tomorrow will never know...(she says wistfully)

  • Copying notes from the overhead projector
  • Make textbook covers out of paper grocery bags.
  • Tear off the edges of dot matrix paper. (this one is my favorite)

7:45 Just heard Taylor Swift's "Shake it off". I never thought about how many songs have the word "shake" in the title. On this list, my favorite is Milkshake.

I was looking at a friend's Facebook page today and she had a quiz "What one word best describes you?". You can take the quiz if you want, but I'm just curious how you'd describe yourself. Click here to take the quiz

I'll start: Funny. --Rona

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Creepy Things We All Do, Wearable Futon, Things that Make you Feel Old, Sexy sno

6:15 Y'all know how much I love It's just the best way to waste time, find things that make you laugh, think etc. It's EVERYTHING!!!! Anyway, I came across the 25 Incredibly Creepy Things that we all do.

Tell me you haven't:

  • Thinking your friend is right next to you but accidentally talking to a stranger.
  • Hugging someone for too long.
  • Staring at a stranger while trying to figure out if it's someone you know.
  • Or staring into space and realizing you've been gazing at a stranger for an uncomfortably long time.

Yeah, I knew you'd relate to this list! The rest of the list is here:

6:45 If you work long nights at your job, maybe you need the Wearable Futon. Probably not but I think it's a funny idea.--Rona I just hope my boss doesn't get wind of this considering we usually need to stay close to the station for snow days. I'm NOT wearing this and sleeping on the floor of the office again...we have mice!!! Ewww.

7:15 I am constantly in a state of feeling old. When a group of women were recently polled about what made them feel old, these are some of the tops. I can totally relate!

In a new poll, women say they'd rather hear that they look young than slim. Most worry about looking 'past it' by age 40. Signs of age most noticed by women …

• Saying "I remember when this song was first released" (25%).
• Forgetting people's names (24%).
• Needing afternoon naps (22%).

(one not on the list but it was mine: seeing grey hair for the first time. Ugh.)

Read the whole story here:

7:45- I'm SO over "sexy this and sexy that" Halloween costumes. Look at the latest I've seen. Frozen. Stupid.

8:15 This is so me it's scary...and very funny!


If you're prone to procrastination, you may as well put off setting a deadline for yourself to get things done. Research found this strategy is basically useless. Self-imposed deadlines do little to motivate procrastinators, since they lack the authority of a deadline imposed by someone else.

...I was going to use this a while ago (in APRIL!!!!!) but said I'd use it later! Ha.

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Saturday morning Cartoons a thing of the past!, Strong Passwords, Pumpkin Spice

6:15 Saturday morning cartoons are now a thing of the past. This

Saturday Morning Cartoons Officially Gone After More Than 50 Years

Read more here: or here (Love this!)

Saturday morning American broadcast TV was once animation's home field. Filling a cereal bowl with artificially colored sugar pebbles and staring at the tube was every kid's weekend plan. Not any more: For the first time in 50-plus years, you won't find a block of animation on broadcast this morning. It's the end of an era.

Yes, The CW, the final holdout in Saturday morning animation, ran its last batch of Vortexx cartoons last weekend. This week, where you once saw shows like Cubix, Sonic X, Dragon Ball Z and Kai, Digimon Fusion, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, you'll instead find "One Magnificent Morning," a block of live-action educational programming.

It's the end of an era, but it's been a long time coming: NBC ditched Saturday morning cartoons in 1992, CBS followed suit not long after, and ABC lost its animated weekend mornings in 2004. The CW, a lower-tier broadcast network, was the last holdout in a game that the Big 3 left long ago.

What killed Saturday morning cartoons? Cable, streaming, and the FCC. In the 1990s, the FCC began more strictly enforcing its rule requiring broadcast networks to provide a minimum of three hours of "educational" programming every week. Networks afraid of messing with their prime-time slots found it easiest to cram this required programming in the weekend morning slot. The actual educational content of this live-action programming is sometimes debatable, but it meets the letter of the law.

But more importantly, with hundreds of cable and satellite channels to choose from that don't have to abide the FCC's guidelines, whippersnappers kids these days can get their animation fix any day of the week. With the rise of cable and satellite, advertisers no longer had to cram all their kid-aimed commercials into the four-hour Saturday morning block. When the money left Saturday mornings, so did the cartoons.

Add in mobile streaming from Netflix, Hulu, and the like, and you'll realize that the spoiled brats we're raising today don't even need to dash to the TV in time to catch the opening credits. They can just watch whatever, whenever. Sheesh.

Still, there's something a little hollow about the notion that we woke up this morning to an America bereft of broadcast 'toons. I guess we all had to grow up sometime.

7:15 With all the security breaches we keep hearing about in the news, it's best to do everything you can to protect yourself. Here's a great article about creating stronger passwords and some tips that will help you stay safer.

7:45 I tried pumpkin spice Hershey kisses this weekend. One word. YUM.

8:15-- Can you believe that? I finally used this story. I had this "waiting in the wings" for like 5 months! I gather stories and fun things to talk about all the time and never use them because i find other storie that I think might interest you or that I always think "aren't strong enough" after reading them a second time. Well now, I see this is great and funny!!!

Twitter has come up with the "mute" feature. Yay! You hear that Kanye? I can't hear you!!!!! Now if we could only come up with one for people who are talking your ear off at cocktail parties, kids in the grocery store, or any other place you want people to shut it...somebody get working on that for me willya?

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What do you dream about? Inventors who should be stopped, Pavolk buzzz, Ways to

6:15 What do you dream about?

I have a recurring dream... I'm someplace familiar and I'm always looking for something. I know it's there but I can't find it and as the dream goes on, I become more and more agitated at trying to find whatever it is. It usually ends up with me finding the thing right in the nick of time for me needing it. But I'm anxious by that time.

Those dreams about flying, teeth falling out, and showing up somewhere naked are not as common as you might think, according to the new DreamsCloud Index. The most popular dream topics …
• Children, babies, and pregnancy … 24%
• Houses and other dwellings … 22%
• School or the classroom … 19%
• Water … 11%
• Cars … 9%
• An ex or person of interest … 8%

Jean-Marc Emden, co-founder of the DreamsCloud website that provides dream interpretation, notes that dreams about babies and even sex may mean different things to different people based on their backgrounds and personal experience. (What about the dream with the goat wearing rubber overalls and a diving snorkel … no, you don't have that one?)

6:30 -I saw this early this morning and it made me laugh. A few months ago, I interviewed the 4 finalists of the Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest. Anyway, one of them—Chad Scott is listed first in this funny little buzzfeed page. Ha. BTW, I did an informal taste test in the office, and he didn't win then either.

6:45 Have you heard of the behavior tool—Pavlok? There's a guy who hired someone to slap him when he was staying on track with his goals (on his to do list presumably ). Anyway, he's taken even further, now, he's come up with the Pavlok app.

The app:

  • Sends 400 volts of electricity to you? Through a bracelet
  • Posts to your facebook page "I didn't go to the gym today"
  • Deducts money from your checking account ...all if you don't go to the gym.

Do you think that is good motivation to go to the gym?

Watch this hilarious Colbert Report sketch that tells you all about it.

7:15 I get Men's Health e-mails in my inbox all the time because they have such interesting and useful information. Here's one, I got the other day. 18 Ways to Trick Your Body. I've tried one of these and it totally works.

Here's the one that I tried and it worked!

Clear your stuffy nose:

Forget Sudafed. Here's an easier, quicker, and cheaper remedy to relieve sinus pressure: Alternate thrusting your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then pressing between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes the vomer bone, which runs through the nasal passages to the mouth, to rock back and forth, says Lisa DeStefano, D.O., an assistant professor at the Michigan State University college of osteopathic medicine. The motion loosens congestion; after 20 seconds, you'll feel your sinuses start to drain.

Get the full list here:

8:15 Every Friday I talk about beer, wine, alcohol at this time. Today I learned that researchers came up with a "robot tongue".

Robot "Tongue" Could Replace Wine Critics

Researchers at Arhaus University in Denmark have created an artificial tongue they say can analyze substances far more accurately than the human tongue, and as such can out-taste the finest sommeliers in the world.

According to their paper, first published in the American Chemical Society's journal ACS Nano, the researchers' optical nanosensor can not only perceive -- or "taste" -- astringency, a key flavor element that makes wine taste dry. The researchers' press release says the "mini-mouth" works by using, "salivary proteins to measure the sensation that occurs in your mouth when you drink wine."

While this means the artificial tongue could tell the difference between fine wines and fruity funk, the researchers behind the scanner have more important uses in mind than helping wine producers. "The sensor can be used for diagnostic purposes, so it could possibly be helpful for discovering and even preventing diseases," says Duncan Sutherland.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: 99 Luftballoons. This song came out in 1984 when I was just getting into pop music. This song of course was so interesting because there was a German and English version. I felt so "in the know" with it! German Version English version.

Check out this new version where a guy is playing the whole song with nothing but... you guessed it... red balloons. Cool. .

is this dude that

Check out the original vid & more Andrew Huang good stuff

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Give a guy a beer and get a grin, Things that lose their shine after 25, Phrases

6:15 So pretty much, you give a guy a beer and he'll give you a grin. Cool.

Really it has a lot more to do with approval in social contexts.

Here's the first part of the article:

Consuming alcohol may make smiles more contagious for men, a new study suggests. The new research in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, indicates that drinking an alcoholic beverage can make men respond more to smiles from others within their social group. The findings indicate that among men, alcohol contributes to enhanced sensitivity towards rewarding behaviors such as smiling, and could help to expose risk factors that play a role in problem drinking among men.

Catharine Fairbairn, psychological scientist and lead researcher, of the University of Pittsburgh, said in a statement, "This experimental alcohol study, which included a social context, finds the clearest evidence yet of greater alcohol reinforcement for men than women."

Get the full info here:

6:45 Things that aren't so fun after you're 25. Can I get an AMEN?

It's from Cosmo, what do you expect?

Da Club. I can listen to Usher and despise humanity in my own house, for free, without heels.

Eating hedonistically. Because pizza every day is delicious when you have the digestive system of a young woodland sprite, and back then maybe a very greasy diet did not feel like death. But now you have an old(er) person's digestive system and metabolism. Some still have iron stomachs, and power to them, but I cannot have Spaghetti-O and Gatorade dinners like I used to.

Staying out late. I'm still young! I'm still young! I'm still y— Aaaand I'm asleep at the bar. (yeah, this was me. Last night I went to a play in Columbia and I got lost coming home. So I didn't walk into the door until 11:10pm. Not smart when your first alarm goes off at 3:52am. )

Shots.‬ What's that thing where you make the poor decision to do something that you used to be able to handle fine just to prove you can still handle it, and then next thing you know you're puking in a cab? Oh right, shots.


So funny!

Get the whole list:

1. "Arnold Schwarzenegger will be governor of California"

2. "I have angry birds on my phone."

3. "I store my contacts in the cloud."

4. "Aw man, I accidentally liked her photo."

5. "All those people from high school you never thought you would see again? Well, you still won't talk to them but you will see pictures of their kids every day."

6. "My Internet is down so I can't watch TV."

7. "I hope the new Star Wars movies won't be as bad as the last ones."

8. "I really think he likes me because he retweeted my joke about cronuts."

9. "My phone died so my alarm didn't go off."

10. "There are cars on the road that don't have any engines and don't need gas to run."

8:15 Replace Your Device Battery with Chewing Power

A pair of mechanical engineers in Canada says they are developing a wearable device that could one day take the place of batteries in Bluetooth headsets, earpieces and hearing aids. All a person has to do to make it work is chew.

According to a report by the BBC, Dr. Aidin Delnavaz and Dr. Jeremie Voix at the École de Technologie Supérieure in Montreal have built a chin strap that harnesses energy from chewing and turns it into electricity.

The strap is made from a "smart" material that becomes electrically charged when stretched through the simple act of chewing.

When Dr. Delnavaz chewed gum for 60 seconds, they measured up to 18 microwatts of generated power. That's not a lot of juice, but the duo believes that adding layers of the material will make it efficient enough to generate useful amounts of power. Twenty layers of the material would have a total thickness of just six mm.

The pair acknowledges the device would never be able to recharge a smartphone, but they do envision it being used in situations where people are already wearing a strap, such as individuals who work with heavy machinery and wear helmets and earpieces, and soldiers who wear head protection and communicate using earpieces.

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PotatoStock 2014...yaeh, that happened, Offbeat October Holidays, Caffeinated Un

6:15 A man who jokingly sought $10 from a crowdfunding website to pay for his first attempt at making potato salad and ended up raising $55,000 is making good on his promise to throw a huge party.

Zack Brown is planning
PotatoStock 2014, an all-ages, charity-minded party Saturday in downtown Columbus, Ohio, featuring bands, food trucks, beer vendors, potato-sack races and definitely potato salad.

His effort on Kickstarter in early July to buy
potato salad ingredients took on a life of its own and attracted worldwide attention as the amount grew. The 31-year-old eventually raised $55,492.

The Idaho Potato Commission and corporate sponsors have donated supplies for Brown and volunteers to whip up 300 pounds of potato salad for the event.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Brown partnered with the Columbus Foundation to start an endowment that will aid area charities that fight hunger and homelessness. The account, started with $20,000 in post-campaign corporate donations, will grow after proceeds from PotatoStock are added.

"His fund will have potential way after this
potato salad is forgotten," said Lisa Jolley, the foundation's director of donors and development.

Brown has been wooed by chefs, a literary agent and admirers seeking selfies and hugs.

"You never know what's going to take off," said Justin Kazmark, a spokesman for Kickstarter, whose projects reach their goals 44 percent of the time. "This was just the Internet being the Internet."

Brown said the effort was never really about
potato salad.

"I think it says something about how you can spread an idea now," Brown said.

6:45 Offbeat Holidays you can celebrate/commemorate in October.

We all know about Breast Cancer Awareness Month but did you know it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month? Given that it's been very much in the news as of late, I thought I'd mention it. If you know someone who is involved in a dangerous situation, please pass this along to them. Here's a link for more info:

Now for the offbeat holidays:

Here are a few of my faves from the list, but check the link for the full list:






7:15 Makers Of Caffeinated Underwear Pay Up To FTC, Consumers

We know what caffeine does for your energy level, but did you really think adding caffeine to your undergarments would produce weight loss results? No, we didn't believe it either. And now the revelation that said undergarments did not result in weight loss has resulted in a $1.5 million settlement between Norm Thompson Outfitters, Inc. and Wacoal America, Inc. and the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition to the monetary penalty, reports the companies are prohibited from making future "false and unsubstantiated claims" about their shapewear, in addition to shelling out more than $1.5 million in consumer refunds.

False claims made by the companies included that the so-called slimming undergarments would "eliminate or substantially reduce cellulite; reduce the wearer's hip measurements by up to two inches and their thigh measurements by one inch; and reduce thigh and hip measurements 'without any effort," as well as "destroy fat cells, resulting in substantial slimming."

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