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Keeping with the Green Theme!

Hi y'all!

I looked at my shower head this weekend, I was in a real cleaning mood. Have you ever looked at yours? It's got this white cakey gunk on it. I think it's a lime buildup or something so then I decided to look up how toclean it off. I wanted something that would be "green" since it was Earth Day weekend. I found this little easy fix to my problem. Voila! Who knew it was that easy?

Since I'm on the topic of being green, here's a whole list of things you can use baking soda for in your home. Hope it's helpful to you. I guess, I'm just keeping the "green theme" going.

Ladies Love our compliments!

In fact, a study shows that women like compliments more than sex and shopping! In a survey of 1,000-plus women, those polled revealed that compliments boost their mood more than chocolate, shopping, and even sex. The only thing that beats out words of flattery is surprisingly, nice weather -- which two-thirds of women chalked up to being the biggest mood booster of all. So compliment us on a beautiful day and we'll be all smiles? Read more here.

There was a song I just came across. It's called "3 Second Rule". It's truly awful. At first, I thought the song was a big joke but it isn't is real. My issue with the song is how "fakey" it sounds with the bad keyboard beats in the background. The woman's voice is also um...really bad! See the video here. Feel free to comment.

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04/23/2012 6:15AM
Keeping with the Green Theme!
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