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KFC Chicken Corsage, Jellybean Flavored Milk just in time for Easter, It's a Sma

6:15- I bet you never thought you'd see this. KFC Chicken corsage! Imagine the chicken chain trying to make it easier for teens to get a prom date. They have this new product, it's a corsage with a drumstick and baby's breath attached. Can you imagine the smell of the gym? Ewww!

I can see this greasy mess now dripping all down your arm and prom dress. No thanks.

6:45 We've got chocolate milk, strawberry milk and now Jellybean flavored milk. Just in time for Easter...Jellybean Milk. Ew.
JELLYBEAN MILK _ Chocolate and strawberry milk are already a fake-nutritious thing, so why not Jellybean Milk? we have Prairie Farms Dairy to thank for this. Those who've tried it say it takes like, yes, candy.

Spring into NEW Seasonal Flavors!

Introducing Easter Themed Old Recipe Holiday Milks and Easter Nog.

Now, enjoy the perfect milk for any season with our exclusive collection of Old Recipe Seasonal Favorites.  

Just in time for Spring, we welcome back Old Recipe 
Egg Nog and introduce two new flavors Jellybean Milk and Chocolate Marshmallow Milk. Old Recipe Jellybean Milk is low-fat milk delicately sweetened with a sugar/monk fruit juice combination and bursting with fruity jellybean flavor. At only 150 calories per 8-ounce serving, it's the perfect guilt free sweet treat anyone can enjoy. Old Recipe Chocolate Marshmallow Milk is delightfully rich and creamy chocolate milk with just the right blend of marshmallow flavor. 

Old Recipe Seasonal Favorites are produced in small batches and are available for a limited time - so savor the spring flavors while you can!

- See more at:

7:15 So in Disney, they decided to celebrate 50th Anniversary of the DisneyWorld theme parks by having a sing off of “It's a Small World”. I'd be so pissed if I got there and there were people in the pretzel shop, in every attraction, in line and in every location singing that song. Ugh! They did. Everyone seemed happy with it. And if they weren't happy with it, they didn't put it on the official Disney website. See for yourself




8:15 I”m wondering if anyone has “cut the cord” with their cable bill? I'm thinking about doing it but I want to be able to watch certain shows. Live. I know it'd be cheaper and I have a friend that recently did it and he likes it, buuuuuuutttt ...I'm still not sure.


I asked for your help and Melody said she cut the cord 5 years ago when she moved to Martinsburg from another state. She said that the cost was much more here for cable so she made the decision. She said, “just think if you're paying $100/month, that's a $1,200 savings a year.”. When you put it that way, I can get some cable and figure it out I guess. But then I'd need a laptop, a service, or a new tv or all of them I think. I think I still need to think much more about it.

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04/17/2014 9:55AM
KFC Chicken Corsage, Jellybean Flavored Milk just in time for Easter, It's a Small World Sing off--U
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