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Gifting goofs!, Gag gifts, Holidays are healthier than you think, Get coffee and

6:15 Have you ever committed one of these gift giving gaffes? I know I have sigh. :(

Gift Giving Gaffes

The online survey of 1,500 adults was conducted in early December 2014 by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

5%-- regifted an item to the person who gave it to them

5%-- put the wrong name on a package.

3% committed the seasonal faux pas of giving too many people who know one another the same present.

Some respondents admitted they have been caught giving people defective or discontinued products, expired foods, and luxury-brand knockoffs.

The survey also found that three-quarters of respondents said they would rather receive a practical present than a luxury splurge. And if they had the choice of getting cash or a gift card, 60 percent said they would take the cold cash.

Clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, 57 percent
Gift cards, 51 percent
Toys, 44 percent
Cash or check, 30 percent
Books, 27 percent
Food or wine, 25 percent
Jewelry, 20 percent
Electronics accessories (headphones, cases), 19 percent
DVDs or Blu-ray discs, 19 percent
Video games, 18 percent
Personal electronics (smartphone, tablet, ebook), 16 percent
Pet toys, 15 percent
Major electronics (TV, computer, video game system), 12 percent
Home furnishings/décor items, 12 percent
Small appliances (coffeemaker, toaster), 10 percent

6:45 It's probably a little late to be thinking of gag gifts, but here are some things you can look forward to picking up as last minute gifts.

A few real – but really dumb – products that are actually available online …
• 'Bacon Christmas Tree Ornament' – Sorry, no smell … $7.95
• 'Box of Boogers Candy' – Loads of 'em, take your 'pick' … $3.99
• 'Gingerbread Dog House' – For your holiday hound … $29.95
• 'Hand-Shaped Hand Soap' – One hand washes the other two … $7.95
• 'Inflatable Roast Turkey' – A meal in a minute … $11.95
• 'Instant Ugly Sweater Kit' – Stick-ons to make even the nicest sweater horrendous … $7.95
• 'Pregnant Woman Christmas Tree Ornament' … $9.95
• 'Shouting Snowballs' – Like real snowballs only they shout (and they're not made of snow) … $5.99
• '2015 Already Sucks' button – Pessimism at it's finest … $2.99
• '2015 Dog Poop Calendar' – The monthly doos are back … $13.95

The holiday season gets a bad rap when it comes to health, but this time of year can actually boost your mind and body. Here's how …
✓ Cocoa improves your health. This sweet treat lowers LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, raises HDL cholesterol, and even improves cognitive function and memory.
✓ Caroling calms. Singing can reduce stress hormones and boost oxytocin, the hormone that promotes feelings of trust and bonding.
✓ Shopping is an 'incidental' workout. Hoofing it at the mall can burn 200-to-300 calories an hour. Hanging lights, rummaging for decorations, and bustling around the kitchen can also help.
✓ Peppermint eases digestive distress. And just sniffing peppermint can cut cravings, lower the amount of calories you consume, and increase focus and attention while driving.
✓ Giving gifts boosts happiness. And keep in mind that spending money on experiences has been shown to increase happiness more than shelling out for material goods.
✓ Writing holiday cards can promote gratitude. Consider each one an opportunity to write a personal note expressing how much the recipient means to you.

– Condensed from

8:15 SO have you heard? We're going to be doing some fun stuff in the new year. Like giving ou coffee and Pastries with the 97.5 WLTF Daily Grind Wakeup Call. Here's how it works. You sign up online on And starting January 12, each weekday, Rona will draw a name and give a wakeup call between 6am-7am. If she call you, you win 4 cups of piping hot coffee and 4 pastries from Daily Grind in Martinsburg. Get details and sign up today on our website at

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Favorite Christmas tradition, Signs you worked in retail (at Christmas), Tropica

6:15 Favorite Christmas tradition...

For the past couple of years, I've had some friends invite me to their house for Christmas Eve. After we all eat, socialize, and stuff, then the Matriarch of the family sits down to the piano and plays music. We are all handed lyrical sheet and we have a sing along of hymns, carols etc. I never knew people did that kind of thing. We never did it in my house so it was a cool thing to experience there.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

6:45 A couple of minutes ago, I was talking about working in retail...if you've ever worked in retail during the holidays, this will ring true for you.

You feel a deep, sorrowful pity each time you walk into a fitting room that's in shambles.
When you try on clothes with friends, you make them put everything back afterward.
You'll never walk into a store 10 minutes before closing ever again.
A perfectly neat and correctly sized wall display gives you a small, tingly pleasure.
If you see a mess in a store while you're shopping, you straighten it up.
You can tolerate standing on your feet for much, much longer than most people.
You always take clothes you want to buy off the hangars before handing them to the cashier.
You miss your label gun a little bit.
You can fake-cheerfully greet anyone under any circumstances.
You still have a name tag stockpile at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.
Adapted from

7:15 Tropical Smoothie Cafe came in with a food drop. Yum! Today I tried the Hummus Veggie wrap...AMAZEBALLS!!!!
I felt so healthy eating the mix of hummus, pepper jack cheese, southwestern rice with corn, black beans and asapargus, onions, lettuce and salsa a garlic herb tortilla.So good. Here's a link to the store!

8:15 SURVIVING FLU SEASON "Flu spreads by person-to-person contact. Wash your hands frequently during the day and always before eating. As you make direct physical contact with other people, by shaking hands, or indirect contact, such as through public transportation, make sure to wash your hands or use a sanitary gel containing alcohol to remove virus particles from your hands. Good, old-fashioned hand washing still remains the best way to prevent the spread of the flu and to maintain your own health."

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Which holiday treats to eat, Is Mistletoe healthy? Holiday stress, Regifting tip

6:15 I like to eat. You know this. I tell you this all the time. During the holidays, there are tons of treats that show up, either in the line of cookies, drinks or even the delish meats and cheese baskets you get. At any rate, here are a few tips on which treats have the best calorie county and less s ugar and sodium for you. It's pretty handy if you ask me. Since we are almost to Christmas, I've got a few tips for what you should be eating...

Get the full list here with calorie breakdowns too!

  • Ham vs Turkey
  • Mulled Wine vs Spiced Cider
  • Candy Canes vs Gumdrops
  • Stuffed Dates vs Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Egg Nog vs Hot Chocolate

6:45 The Possible Health Benefits of Mistletoe?

Leave it to medical researchers to find something about mistletoe that has nothing to do with kissing.
The traditional plant that people hang in their homes at Christmastime may one day keep your liver healthy. In a report published on the website Science Daily, researchers say a compound produced by a particular variety of the plant -- Korean mistletoe -– may help fight obesity-related liver disease in mice.
That particular mistletoe contains a number of biologically active compounds, including steroids, flavonoids and viscothionin. When the researchers treated obese mice with viscothionin, their body and liver weights dropped.The researchers say more work is needed, but viscothionin may one day be useful in fighting fatty liver disease, which is linked to obesity and can progress to liver failure in some cases.

7:15 "53% of people said they would rather spend time with their dog than family during the holidays." It might be because it's stressful to be around family, or not. Either way, what you'll want to read why people love staying with their pets. How about you? What's the most stressful thing about the holidays? For me it's fitting everything in. The list gets longer and the time gets shorter.

Read more here: (Duluth News Tribune/

8:15 We discussed this last week but do you re-gift? I have in the past and most likely will in the future but here are some re-gifting rules to follow. Re-Gifting Etiquette: 5 Rules for the Holiday SeasonIt's a holiday season fact: Everyone (or actually 36 percent of people, according to consumer reports) re-gifts unwanted presents. Emily Post, guru of manners, has sanctioned it under certain conditions, and we think it's perfectly fine, too—with some guidelines.

Read the whole article here:

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Sleep...THEN work, Christmas foods that shouldn't be a thing, "Culture" is the w

6:15 I have a motto when it comes to sleep... "I can sleep when I'm dead". I mean it. However, I don't trade off work for sleep as many Americans do. Check this out: Some Americans forgo a significant amount of sleep in order to make more time for commuting, socializing, and grooming—but most of all, working.

Among Type A, career-minded people, I've heard two opposing types of personal mantras for the amount of sleep a person should get. The first: 8 hours of sleep will help you be more awake and aware, and then you can work harder. The second: Sleep is for losers.
The American Time Use Survey(ATUS) reports that employed Americans spend on average one more hour working than they do sleeping on workdays." [The Atlantic]

7:15 Christmas foods that shouldn't be a "thing"--Well I went down the list of foods that shouldn't be holiday staples:

  • -Figgy Pudding
  • -Fruitcake (which I can't stand)
  • - Mincemeat --which I railed and didn't say it was meat and that it was dumb to call it meat when it was just fruit. After which I received two calls Elaine and Debra who told me how much they both love mincemeat and that there IS meat in it. They also both said that I'd love it if I ever tried it. Elaine told me that it was a staple after butchering season. That you fill it with 95% meat and add spices—maybe even rum. I stand corrected and will need to try the pie...I guess.
Here's the article that started it all. (FYI, there's some language that's a little you know, sweary and stuff)

7:45 U.S. dictionary Merriam-Webster's 2014 word of the year: "culture." Can we all agree that it's kinda of a boring word?

Here's more about other words that got a lot of recognition this year:

  • -Oxford Dictionary chose: "vape," a darling of the e-cigarette movement
  • chose: "exposure," during a time of tragedy and fear because of Ebola.

Merriam-Webster based its pick and nine runners-up on significant increases in lookups in 2014 compared to 2013 on Also it's interesting to note in the No. 2 spot is "nostalgia," during a year of big 50th anniversaries pegged to 1964: the start of the free speech movement, the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the birth of the Ford Mustang and the British Invasion heralded by the landing of the Beatles on U.S. soil for the first time.

Read the whole article from USA here:

8:15 Wine, meet my friend ice cream. Both of y'all c'mon and get in my belly! YUM!

If you've ever wanted wine and ice cream together, you have to check out the new varieties by Mercer's Dairy in New York. They'll even ship to you. How cool is that!?

And with a 5% alcohol by volume, you may end up with a buzz as well. :)

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Tae Bo with Billy Blanks.
I buy into all the fitness regiments there are. I remember asking my friends if any of them bought the tapes. So when I finally found someone who did, I borrowed them and did them religiously. I was totally into in the 90's. I remember I had the 4 pack VHS tapes, which are now collecting dust in my home... :(--Rona

Need a refresher?

Or perhaps you need a visual refresher? Hope you don't get tired watching it

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Defrosting hack, Stupid expensive, Kids Christmas pics--oops, Gift Wrap my face

6:15 Since I never leave myself enough time in the morning, this is a hack that I could definitely use. If you've ever gotten in your car and the windshield is all fogged up, and you don't want to wait for the defroster...I got you.

If your car windows are steamy in the morning, this hack is for you. All you're going to need is a pair of socks and some cat litter. Make sure there are no holes in the socks, as you're going to be filling one with the kitty litter. It's suggested you suspend the sock through the ring of a roll of tape to create a funnel for easy pouring. Fill one sock with kitty litter and then tie off the end. Then pull the other sock over it for extra protection. You can now put your little sock loaf in your car, either on the dashboard or under the seat, to absorb moisture. After a few days, fogged up windows will be a thing of the past!
Watch and learn:

6:45 Yeah, if I have any extra money, it's going to bills and maybe a splurge on myself but certainly NOT anything in this extravagant catalog. That said, it's still neat to look at it!

Highlights from the 2014 Neiman-Marcus "Christmas Book" …
- Frye gold-glazed 'vintaged' leather boots … $698.
- Gold hand-painted embossed linen matchbox (matches not included) … $175.
- Coravin wine access system (aka bottle opener) … $300.
- Faux fur-covered ice scraper … $35.
- The House of Creed bespoke fragrance (nothing to do with Scott Stapp) … $475,000.
-Multicolored Austrian crystal minaudière (miniature guitar) … $5,195.
And if you're buying for a couple …
-"His & Hers" Vilebrequin Quadski (a jet ski that converts to an ATV in 5 seconds) … $50,000 each.

Ain't nobody got time for that! :)--Ro

7:15 I love getting fancy Christmas pictures from my friends. Gotta love kids, here are some funny pics that just didn't go as planned. Starting with my own... and my friend's kids. I love that his son looks like Jack Black. He's not havin it!--Rona

Here are even more!

7:45 I just played "Christmas in the sand" by Colbie Callait and I was pondering on the air about how cool it would be to have a Christmas in the sand, then I remembered that I did spend the day after Christmas in South Carolina several years ago. It was neat to walk the beach with only a jacket on and put my feet in the cold wet sand.

8:15 Robin called and said that she gets into the wrapping of gifts and that she does each and every one by hand. I told her that I normally just throw things in a bag and call it a day. I did come across this new thing that might make me want to wrap more presents: Gift Wrap My Face!

Tired of ordinary Christmas wrapping paper? A new company called "Gift Wrap My Face" lets customers put their faces or anybody else's on decorative holiday paper.

Graphic artists Aryel Rivero and Vanessa Clavijo, a husband-and-wife team, came up with the concept four years ago when, as a gag, Aryel made gift wrap showing his face.

Last Thursday, the couple officially launched their website, which enables other holiday revelers to do the same.

The process begins by selecting a pattern and uploading photos to the site. Then, simply use the clipping tool to snip the part of the photo that you'd like printed on the gift wrap and make the purchase.

For $14.99, customers can order one 25-inch roll with up to four images of their choice. Order four or more rolls and the price drops to $12.99 each.

"The majority of photos that people send in are faces," Rivero said. "We've also had dogs, President Obama, and even Kim Kardashian's butt."

Rivero said he and his wife plan to donate a portion of their proceeds to anti-bullying efforts.

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Worst thing about flying, Most people think it's okay to regift, Man Candles, I'

6:15 Backseat Kickers Top List of Airplane Etiquette Violators

The industry trade group Airlines for America estimates 45 million Americans will take to the skies during the 17-day period known as the holiday travel season. Undoubtedly, some of those people will turn a flight into a nightmare for fellow passengers.

According to Expedia's just-released 2014 Airplane Etiquette Study, backseat kickers top the list of etiquette violators, dethroning last year's top violator, inattentive parents.

Expedia asked one thousand American travelers to rank the most aggravating on-board behaviors exhibited by fellow airplane passengers.

Here is the top 18 list of on-board etiquette violators:

1. Rear Seat Kicker, cited by 67% of study respondents
2. Inattentive Parents, 64%
3. The Aromatic Passenger, 56%
4. The Audio Insensitive (talking or music), 51%
5. The Boozer, 50%
6. Chatty Cathy, 43%
7. Carry-On Baggage Offenders, 39%
8. The Armrest Hog, 38%
9. Seat-Back Guy (the seat recliner), 37%
10. The Queue Jumper (rushes to deplane), 35%
11. Overhead Bin Inconsiderate (stows bag in first available spot, rather than nearest to his/her seat), 32%
12. Pungent Foodies, 32%
13. Back Seat Grabber, 31%
14. Playboy (reads or watches adult content), 30%
15. The Amorous (inappropriate affection levels), 29%
16. Mad Bladder (window seat passenger who makes repeat bathroom visits), 28%
17. Undresser (removes shoes, socks or more), 26%
18. The Seat Switcher, 13%

☎ What do you hate the most about flying? --Janet called and said she can't stand when people rush to get off the plane first. She said, it's one small aisle and we all have to get off the plane, cool your jets man! I agree Janet!

6:45 Regifting...I say do it! :) I read this interesting stat that had me surprised. More than half of people feel it's perfectly acceptable to regift something. I thought I was the only one!

"60% of Americans say they feel re-gifting is acceptable."

Read more about how people feel about regifting here:

7:15 Man Candles. Men like Candles just as much as the next gal...

Here are some of the best and worst... from

Tops: Bacon, Camp Fire, Pizza

Worst: Fart, Stripper, Gasoline

Get the full list here:

So I decided to ask the guys in our office. I have to say some of their responses were hilarious.

Marc- "Citrus? Sandalwood? Can I light it? Does it smell?"

Greg? "Um, I don't...........I don't....Fresh cut grass for spring? Maybe in Winter but they don't make beer scented candles do they? That would only tease me"

Chris "Thats a tough wife has a ton of them, I don't know I couldn't tell you one from another...what maybe cinnamon or something?"

Then I decided to get the guys and ask about candles but I recorded them. Here's Andrew and Wes, discussing their favorite candles. Ha!

Andrew's Favorite candle

Wes' Favorite candles.

7:45 MANY WOULD RATHER HAVE ROOT CANAL THAN GO SHOPPING _ According to a recent study, as many as one in three Americans hate holiday shopping so much that they would rather have root canal procedure than have to shop.

8:15 Crappy Present: Homeowner Boxes Her Dog's Poop for Package Thief Last week,

A Washington, D.C. woman who was sick of a package thief stealing Christmas gifts and just about anything else that came to her door got even by setting a trap for him with her dogs' help. Andrea Hutzler boxed up some of the pooches' poop, and left it at her door.

Predictably, as Hutzler's security camera rolled Monday morning, the same suspect returned and grabbed her dogs' special present to him. He hasn't returned, and the cops now have his face on tape. "I think he'll be gone for good," she told WTTG-TV, "because he doesn't know what he's going to get."

She only regrets she didn't capture the thief's face on tape as he opened the crappy gift.

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What Christmas song are you? Box of Nothing, Island Green Smoothie, my fave! Cha

6:15 I try to avoid taking online quizzes (cause I'll get sucked in and that's all I'll do). BUT, I did this one. What Christmas Song are you? --I got "Last Christmas" by Wham. Also, when I looked at all the comments, there were only two songs that kept getting listed as the songs that people got. Last Christmas by Wham and All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Did you get anything different? Take the quiz: What Christmas song are you?

You are 'Last Christmas', one of the all-time classics by Wham. For you, Christmas is all about being generous and giving rather than being greedy and receiving. Having your family around you is important and you count your lucky stars for everything that comes your way over Christmas. Just don't give your heart to anybody this time round, as the very next day, they'll give it away.

You are 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', the Crimbo classic from Mariah Carey! The lyrics say it all, really, you don't want a lot for Christmas but there is just one thing you need, and this is your loved ones to be around you during the festive period. Presents are great, but a family Christmas is what you are all about.

What's your favorite Christmas song?
Mine are:

  • -Celebrate Me home
  • -What Child is This-Train
  • -Joy to the World- Whitney Houston
  • -Straight No Chaser-12 Days of Christmas (actually almost everything

6:45 A BOX OF NOTHING FOR CHRISTMAS? _ What do you get the person who has everything this Christmas? A box of nothing. A company called You Need Nothing is selling boxes containing nothing. You get your choice of a white or black box. All proceeds will go to the charity Oxfam. The cheapest Box of Nothing sells for about $40. Now that cheesy DJ's are talking about it, they are selling out.

7:15 Yum, I just discovered my favorite smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It's Island Green. It's got spinach, kale, mango, and pineapple. Awesome! As I always say, kale is the new black!

7:45 I mentioned that The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is on tonight. ABC at 8pm.

Also....You named your kid wha?

Mom: Stat Of The Day

There Are 328 People Named ABCDE in the U.S. How on earth do you even pronounce that? In this article, that a 7 year old girl pronounces is (Ab-si-dee). Whatever.!cQlVYC

8:15 Christmas Is As Easy As One, Two, Tree

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, it's everywhere you want to be this holiday season.

The American Christmas Tree Association estimates that 94 million U.S. households will display this iconic Christmas symbol, which works out to be about 78 percent of all homes.

But when it comes to real or artificial, there's no contest: only 19 percent of trees were actually grown while more than eight in ten are made out of metal and plastic.

Prices of each are bit higher than in 2013, with the average real tree costing $50 and the artificial price tag at $85.

People who own fake trees figure to have them around for about 11 years, according to ACTA estimates.

If you're looking for a live tree but don't' want to cut it down check out this option:

..and the guy ain't bad looking either!

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Save Moolah during the holidays, Might we have a White Christmas?, Holiday Lette

6:15 14 Ways to save money this holiday season

  • Make a list (check it twice)

  • Put yourself on the list

  • Spend cash only

Many more helpful tips. Check out the full article here:

6:45 Do you think we'll get a white Christmas? Well NOAA has some stats to tell what states are most likely to get snow...Mountain State and Pennsylvania are good, Maryland, not so much!

Here's the map:

7:15 To send or not to send Christmas letters/Holiday letters... discuss.

Most everyone who celebrates Christmas has at least one friend or family member who instead of sending out Christmas cards or holiday photos of their kids in Santa hats and matching red sweaters instead writes up a holiday letter to share what went on in their life for the past year, heavy on accomplishments and kids' triumphs. The Weekwriter Elissa Strauss argues that it's time to bury the practice of holiday letters, giving her five reasons:

Social Media -- In our world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we are constantly getting life updates from family and friends. "Some of our friends and relatives probably want to hear less about our lives, not more."

We know the glowing portrait isn't real -- All the relentlessly wonderful stuff in those letters is a very selective summary of the year. "We know your life isn't all mindfulness and Sunday family cycling trips."

They make us feel bad -- Even though we know it's a curated-to-be-wonderful list of achievements, those letters still make us feel like unaccomplished losers.

They are making us busier and feel busier -- "Busyness has become a status symbol, albeit one that isn't actually making our lives any better."

Our kids don't need to hear it -- "Today's children are already overwhelmed with packed schedules and high expectations. Do we really need to remind them that John got into Harvard early?"

Read the story here: The Week

7:45 Some callers let me know what they think of the Christmas letters. Everyone that called was in favor of keeping them.

  • Becky- "Yes keep em, cause I don't overshare on Facebook and old people like me don't have time for that."
  • DJ- "Yes, if someone took the time to write, you should appreciate the gesture. "

  • Then there was Keith said—They should send them only if they are going to put money in them." Ha!

8:15 Oh Nuts! Korean Executive had a flight attendant fired because she served the macadamia nuts on a flight to her in a bag rather than on a plate. So now it's a whole big thing!

Read the whole stupid, sordid tale here:

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Worst Holiday Songs, Least Influential people list, Skip the Gift Wrap, Friday T

6:15 Yeah, these are some the suckiest holiday songs of all time...according to Okay, maybe they didn't call them the suckiest. I think the more politically correct way of saying it is: These are the WORST ALL-TIME SEASONAL SONGS:
Just before you fire up your holiday season music on-air, you may want to check this list of 'Worst Christmas Songs Ever Recorded' so you can steer clear …

Cyndi Lauper: "Christmas Conga"
✗ Dennis Waterman & George Cole: "What Are We Going to Get For 'Er Indoors?"

Kenny Rogers & Wynonna Judd: "Mary, Did You Know"
✗ John Denver: "Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)"
✗ Miss Piggy: "I'm the Christmas Queen" Yeah, it's bad:

(What did they miss?...Personally, I'm no fan of "The Christmas Shoes". That song just smacks of trying to make me cry...and y'all know I'm not down with that!
Read more here:


The annual antithesis of "TIME" magazine's 'Most Influential People' list, these are some of the folks who tried to capture our imagination this year but failed …
5. Zach Braff … crowd-funded $3 million to basically film a "Garden State" do-over movie.
4. Carter Bays & Craig Thomas … to blame for the lame "How I Met Your Mother" finalé.
3. Donald Sterling … the racist/slumlord/pervert/nudist ex-NBA owner.
2. Barack Obama … even some of his most ardent supporters have become disappointed.
1. U2, especially Bono … aside from the spam album, the BS he constantly spews has become tiring.
(Special mention: Roger Goodell, the NFL commish who has made liking football feel gross and wrong.)
Get to whole list on

8:15 Many Americans Will Skip the Gift Wrap This Holiday Season Part of the fun of the holiday season is opening gifts, but a new survey reveals that many Americans are skipping the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons this year.

A survey commissioned by ecoATM, a nationwide network of device-recycling kiosks, finds 20 percent of Americans are not planning to use gift wrapping at all.

Fifty-two percent of Americans said they will reuse gift wrapping, ribbon and gift bags from previous holidays.

Another 17 percent said they will use recycled newspapers or other recycled papers to wrap gifts this holiday season.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, household waste increases more than 25 percent from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

The survey was conducted from November 7 to 10, 2014, among 1,000 consumers age 18 or older.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory- 1999 called and they want their cereal back. Did you hear that French Toast Crunch is coming back on the market? It'll be back to tempt your tummy with sugary goodness next month. :) Read more here:

In the latest edition of companies riding the nostalgia train, General Mills announced it's bringing back French Toast Crunch. Sugary cereal lovers, rejoice!

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Rough weather morning, Dirty Phone secrets (safe for work), Santa's salary, Trop

6:15 This morning when I finally made it in, I talked about the weather and travel conditions which were really bad. I had to scrape ice off my car (didn't plan on that, had to get gas—didn't plan on that either, had to drive slower than usual...sucked coming in).

6:45 Ewwww. This is why your phone is NOT your friend. Creepy cruddy facts about your phone. Like:

-Bug parts

-Bacteria on your phone

-lint is huge issue

Click here to read the Dirty Secrets: 12 Strange and Disturbing Phone Facts from

7:15 Is It Time Santa Stopped Working for Free?

When you stop and think about it, Santa's got a pretty good gig. After all, it seems like he only works one night a year.

And to make things even sweeter, Jolly Ole St. Nick also pulls down a salary of about $140,000.

Well anyway, that's the pay figured out by consumer insurance information website

Looking over data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compared Santa's tasks and hours to other similar occupations.

For instance, Santa's job is akin to being an industrial engineer since he oversees a workshop filled with elves doing all the hard work. That alone accounts for $117,000 of his supervisory salary.

Meanwhile, his interaction with elves nets Santa another $5,000 as a "labor relation specialist," not to mention another $4,300 because of the care and feeding of reindeer.

When polled nearly 900 adults about what they think Santa should earn, "nothing". (I can't get down with that, the guy works hard).

Read more here:

7:45 Tropical Smoothie Cafe YUM! They always hook us up with the business!

Today my favorite nom nom is the Mocha Madness smoothie!

8:15 You might think it makes you look like a good worker when you answer e-mails when you are out of the office but what you might not know is that you aren't doing yourself any favors—you could be jeopardizing your health with burnout. Let's face it, no one wants to suffer burnout r from firing off endless emails. Read more here:

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Eaten Alive...bust? Selfie Board Game, What kind of Holiday shopper are you?

6:15 Two Things:

  1. There was all this hype about the eaten alive TV show on Discovery.

  2. Selfie board I've heard everything. This new board game is apparently looking to capitalize on tweens' and teens' obsession with selfies by making a game for friends and family out of them. It's called Selfie: The Game of Silly Expressions!, and it works by having players draw a card that tells them what kind of face to make, take a selfie of it, and then have players guess what it's supposed to be. The cards are totally random -- things like, "You just drank 6 shots of espresso" or "You are having hot flashes" -- so it makes sense that points are awarded based on the "favorite" guess. Players can use their own smartphone or what the game calls its 'selfie frame.' (Jezebel)


7:15 What Kind of Holiday Shopper are You?
Take the quiz here:

I got: Convenience Shopper! You are all about making holiday shopping as stress-free as possible. You tend to buy genuine and thoughtful gifts while simultaneously sparing yourself the difficulty of heading to the mall to push through crowds of people. You understand the value in gift cards, and love giving people the liberty to spend when the time is convenient for THEM. You are one smart cookie! So, if you are looking for something convenient AND thoughtful- get them a Moxie's gift card! It's a win-win. You can either stop off at any Moxie's location to pick up a physical gift-card OR make things even easier by giving an "instant gifting e-mail", which electronically sends the gift card over e-mail! No muss no fuss! Just simple, tasteful giving. Happy painless Holidays to you!

8:15 Christmas Cash for kids...we need your help!!!!!

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Things we do, Retail holiday struggles, Christmas Cash for Kids update, Most Ins

6:15 Things you do that you don't realize everyone else does. (...or maybe you do?)

1. on a road trip, feel a bond with the cars around you and you feel a little sad when they leave the road.

2. Set the alarm EXTRA early so you can snooze several times each morning. (this me times 4 !!!)

3. You rehearse arguments in your head, just in case it should ever come up.

4. You're way more depressed by Sunday nights than Monday mornings. (Nooo, I love my job! and waking up at 3:45 each weekday :) )

5. You smile at dogs when they walk past without acknowledging their owners.

6:45 I worked in retail during the holidays for two was rough. Here are some struggles that ever person who has ever worked retail has experienced:
Holiday shoppers who are perched at the door to rush in the minute you open.
Shoppers who destroy everything and buy nothing.
Being understaffed on a busy day. Because your co-worker called in 'sick'.
Being forced to listen to the same Christmas music over and over. And over.
When you say "Happy Holidays" and the customer feels they have to correct you with, "It's Merry Christmas".
Customers thinking that you have a magical supply of merchandise stocked in the back.
Being asked to gift wrap things for free. And then having your skills judged.
Having your scheduled lunch moved around. As well as your day off.
Knowing you're going to lose your commission when customers return things after the holidays.
Realizing that working during the holidays will sap every ounce of Christmas spirit out of you.
Adapted from

7:15 Becky Linton came in and we chatted about Christmas Cash for Kids. She made the plea. She wore the sweater...cute! We are decked out and ready to raise money for the kids of the Eastern Panhandle.

7:45 Guess what place ends up on Instagram most? Disneyland! Really? Here's the rest of the list:

8:15 How about this? Run a mile then, drink a beer? You in for a Beer Mile?

It's Friday and that means it's time for me to talk about booze. Have you ever heard of the Beer run? It's a thing The beer mile — in which competitors chug a beer, run a lap around a track, then repeat three more times — has officially gone mainstream. Once the domain of collegiate track teams, who organized beer miles to blow-off post-season steam, the beer mile now draws runners ranging from Olympians to, well, people who simply like to chug beer and participate in inane competitions., the official online rules and record keeper of the event, contains thousands of verified times.

Here's how to train for one:

44-Year-Old Mom Bests Beer Run Record--Watch the woman who beat the record for the fastest Beer mile.

8:45 Friday Toy Memory: Nubby Christmas Tree Decorations apparently they are called "popcorn plastic" decorations. Friday Toy Memory: Remember these? The nubby Christmas Decorations. Apparently they are called "popcorn plastic". I used to love when we pulled them out but also would cut my skin on them. --Rona

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Subconcious Pizza? Mr. Rogers Hoaxes, Is your name naughty or nice? Shocking Foo

6:15 Hey Pizza hut, you leave the heavy lifting to me, mmmkay? I like to choose what I want on my pizza but now they want to try to figure out what I want on my pizza just by watching how long I look at what's on the menu.

On the heels of Pizza Hut overhauling its menu to let customers build their pizzas from a wide range of crusts, sauces and toppings, the food chain is now testing out a "subconscious menu" in the U.K. Pizza Hut teamed up with Swedish eye-tracking firm Tobii Technology on the menu, which shows diners an image of 20 toppings and builds their pizza based on which toppings they look at longest. Diners can look at a restart button to begin again if they don't like what's been chosen. A Pizza Hut rep told the Washington Post that the subconscious menu will help the "indecisive orderer" to "cut time and always get it right." (Time)

6:45 I got a call from someone who had heard something about Mr. Rogers in one of our commercials. She said, well, it's interesting because you know he was a sniper in the army. I said "waaaait a minute". Then I found this:

It's long been claimed that your name can influence your success in life and now it seems names can affect behavior at school as well. New research into the impact of names has been commissioned by School Stickers, which creates awards for teachers to hand out. According to this study of more than 63,000 students, these are the nicest and naughtiest names …
Amy, Charlotte, Emma, Georgia, and Grace are most often among best behaved girls.
Bethany, Eleanor, Ella, Laura, and Olivia have room for improvement.
Adam, Daniel, Jacob, James, and Thomas are names of best behaved boys.
Cameron, Jake, Joseph, Joshua, and William are among the naughtiest.
Check out more here.

7:45 Amazingly shocking food facts...from Buzzfeed.
Cap'n Crunch (from the breakfast cereal) isn't actually a captain, he's a commander based on his uniform.
Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable.
Doritos make excellent kindling material. All that flour and fat are great for setting on fire.
Ice cream makes your body warmer because of its fat content.
Sourced from

8:15 It's just not Christmas for me until I've seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special. The next time it's on is Tuesday Dec 16th. Thanks to Matt and Brian for the info. --Rona

Here are some other Christmas programs you might want to know about...

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Top toys of 2014, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is coming, Back to the Fut

6:15 Yeah, since I don't have kids, but I know kids want serious toys this year. Here are the top 15 toys from Toys R Us. Seriously, I thought all I'd have to do is say "Frozen" but I guess not...Read em learn!

6:45 National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is coming next Friday December 12!

You can get a little practice and wear yours this Friday in support of Christmas Cash for Kids here in Berkeley County. The Chamber of Commerce is challengeing anyone who wears their ugly sweater to make a $5.00 donation to Christmas Cash for Kids. Here's the flyer.

7:15 Wow, it's hard to believe that some of the technology that was shown in Back to the Future 2 actually came true!

It's been 25 years since 'Marty McFly' went back to the future for the 2nd time, visiting a far-flung, far-out version of 2015. (The film opened November 22, 1989 in the USA, November 24th in Canada and the UK). Some of the incredible technological advances and weird pop culture phenomena imagined by the filmmakers back then don't seem so unlikely nowadays. In fact, a few they got exactly right …
✓ Baseball in Miami – The Marlins weren't in existence when the film was released. They started play as an expansion franchise in 1993.
✓ Endless Movie Sequels – "Jaws 18″ was thought to be a wild joke in the film, but multi-film franchises like 'Harry Potter' and Marvel movies are now the norm.
✓ Hoverboards (sorta) – The new 'Hendo' hoverboard is a cool-looking device, but judging by the company's Kickstarter video, it doesn't seem particularly nimble or practical.
✓ Self-Lacing Shoes – A Québec company is now seeking Kickstarter funding for 'Powerlace', an auto-lacing system for shoes that looks like it actually works.
✓ Video Calls on TV – A 2-way video call on 'Marty's voice-controlled home TV seemed exotic. Video calls are now common on all sorts of devices, including new TVs that offer Skype.
A couple they got wrong: in "BTTF2″, the 'McFlys' still use fax machines. And nope, we still don't have 'flying cars'. (Think this was easy? OK, what do you predict for 2040?)
Condensed from

8:15 Goodbye, clipart Microsoft is replacing the 90's powerpoint staple with bing images. Makes me feel old...what about you?

Read a little more here:

Remember clip art like these?

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It's #GivingTuesday!, Office Party Etiquette, Girl Scout's Digital Cookie, Tropi

6:15 It's holiday season and that means holiday parties. Here are some tips on holiday party etiquette so that you don't show up to your company party in the wrong location and make some of these mistakes. Hey, I'm just looking out for you.

  1. Dress the part
  2. Don't drink too much
  3. Make sure the venue is cool (aka not a Hooters)

There are others and they really do make sense. Check them all out here:

6:45 Oh boy, prepare the New Year's resolution NOW! Yesterday, Girl's Scouts announced they are launching a new website called "Digital Cookie" to make it so that you can order your cookies online as well as the tried and true methods like in your office, and from the cuties in front of the grocery store. The program launches this month. Get ready.

Check out more about the "Digital Cookie," platform here:

Tropical Smoothie Logo7:15 Tropical Smoothie Cafe stopped by with delicious food for us to try. Wow! I'm in love with the Rustic Turkey and Apple Club! YUM! They also have some great wraps and another sandwich, the Chipotle Turkey Cranberry Club. I invited Greg Davis into the studio to give it a try too.

This doesn't even go into the deliciousness of the smoothies. You must try the pumkin pie smoothie. I'm in love.

Also if you go to any Tropical Smoothie Cafe location and bring in a new or gently used coat NOW THROUGH DEC 31st, you can get a $.99 24 oz smoothie! The best part is, it goes to families in need in our area! Get details here:

8:15 SCIENTISTS DISPEL 'MISERABLE MONDAY' MYTH _ We may say we hate Mondays, but research suggests Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are equally despised. Researchers who looked at a poll of 340,000 people found moods were no worse on Mondays than other working days, except Friday. Read more here:

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Alarm woes, Get self control, Easier to spill coffee than beer?

6:15 Touched on my story of waking up at 12:30 or 1:30 this morning with the alarm going off. Then incorporating the song into my dream. Ugh. This is the second time that the annoying song I use to wake up, got incorporated into my dream, before I realized I was overlseeping. This, is NOT a good thing!

7:15 Duh! I know these things but really? Really?

The Real Secret to Self-Control

Everyone is susceptible to some form of temptation and a lot of people often give in to it, sometimes with disastrous results.

However, as researchers at Florida State University report, it doesn't have to be that way, provided you know the strategy for success.

It's pretty simple, actually: just don't get into a situation where you might lose your self-control, according to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences.

In an experiment with 38 college students, the participants were told to choose between a crowded student lounge to solve a problem or wait for a quiet lab to become available.

Most of the people ranked with low self-control picked the lounge over the lab while a majority of those with more self-control chose the lab over the lounge. Another experiment with people aged 18-60 yielded similar results.

The bottom line, according to the FSU researchers, is that high self-control is more associated with shunning distractions than trying to overcome them. Read the article here:

7:45 That cute rappin Holderness family is back. This time they are spreading Thanksgiving cheer with their song "All about T hat Baste" very cute!

See the video here:

8:15 It's a Lot Easier to Spill Coffee than Beer (dude, who has time to figure out these useless (but sorta useful) facts?

And for our next trick, we'll try to walk from the barista to our table without spilling this tray of coffee.

Good luck with that. As opposed to carbonated beverages like beer, coffee often spills out of the cup regardless of how careful we walk. But why?

It took some geniuses from Princeton and NYU to figure out the answer: it's all about the bubbles in beer and the lack thereof in coffee.

Apparently, foam in a heavy stout like Guinness reduced much of the sloshing, making it a lot easier to go from counter to table with beer than coffee.

Knowledge like that is a great conversation starter at a party but why would learned scientists spend their time on such a trivial undertaking? Turns out these facts can be applied to the transfer of liquids in cargoes so indeed they have a good use. Get the full details here:

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