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It's about booze today...who is thinkin of the weekend?

I started the morning telling the story of how dorky I look in my Zumba Class. We have an instructor who looks like she belongs in a music video because she's such a good dancer. The rest of the class is filled with women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and we look like we are trying to look like her. Last night after class, I thanked her for giving us the confidence to believe we look like professional dancers.

Now I DON'T have a video of our class but I found this woman teaching some people that MIGHT AS WELL be our class. Notice she is coordinated, and we resemble those in the background...trying to keep up. Start looking at the video at about 4:00 minutes in. 

Check this out to see
really good Zumba dancers look like.

I definitely need to follow up a story about exercise with a blog post about drinking...classy I am! :)

STRAWBERRY MILK ... WITH BOOZE? Yes, you heard right!  Arriving in September, Adult Beverage Company will launch it's newest ready-to-serve beverage -- Adult Strawberry Milk, a 40 proof liqueur infused with premium vodka. Just open, pour over ice, and voilà-- just like mom used to make. Adult Beverage Company already makes
Adult Chocolate Milk.

So have you ever lost your cell phone and thought to yourself, I wish I could just call myself to find it. Well, if you are without another phone, you can go online to a site called It's free! I did a test run with it on the air and it did call my phone. It left a voice mail asking to use other services that they offer but so far, no spam, so it might be worth it for you to keep in mind.

Did you know?

President Obama is a home brewer? It's true, he started in 2011. I didn't know that. I wonder how many other President's have brewed beer at the White House. Well now, people want to know what his recipe is for the brew called
White House Honey Ale using honey from the beehive in Michelle Obama's White House garden. There's now a petition on the White House's website asking the Obamas to release their home brewing recipe.

Do you consider yourself to be an honest person?

Honest Tea, the organic bottled tea company, has released the results of the first National Honesty Index social experiment. From August 8–August 19, Honest Tea set up more than 50 unmanned pop-up kiosks in over 30 cities across the country, with each location stocked full of Honest Tea and Honest Ade. Signage at the stands offered the beverages for $1 per bottle with payment based on the honor system, going into a clear box on-site. The outcomes were recorded using a customized digital tracking application by undercover observers nearby. Data collected for the National Honesty Index included geographic locations such as cities and iconic business districts; observable characteristics like gender and hair color; groupings of people including baseball fans, comic book fans, beachgoers, people with kids, and more. Among the findings:

    93% of participants were honest.
    Salt Lake City and Oakland were both 100% honest.
    Women are 95% honest while men are 91% honest.
    Boston baseball fans are more honest than New York baseball fans.
    Redheads are more honest than blondes and brunettes.
    Motorcyclists were 92% honest while Comic Book fans were 86% honest.
    Men with beards were 96% honest while bald men were 85% honest.

The most honest cities:
Oakland, CA     100%     New York, NY     92%
Salt Lake City, UT     100%     Portland, OR     92%
Boulder, CO     99%     Sturgis, SD     92%
San Francisco, CA     97%     Tempe, AZ     92%
Seaside Heights, NJ     97%     Atlanta, GA     91%
Boston, MA     96%     New Orleans, LA     91%
Cincinnati, OH     96%     Atlantic City, NJ     91%
Galveston, TX     96%     San Antonio, TX     91%
Seattle, WA     96%     Denver, CO     90%
Las Vegas, NV     95%     Anaheim, CA     90%
Washington DC     95%     Philadelphia, PA     89%
Chicago, IL     94%     San Diego, CA     87%
Austin, TX     93%     Charlotte, NC     86%
Cleveland, OH     93%     Miami, FL     86%
Palo Alto, CA     93%     Los Angeles, CA     79%

Top 5 Least Honest Locations:     Iconic Business District Rankings:
Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn, NY     61%     Madison Ave.     98%
Venice Beach, CA     76%     Wall Street     97%
Chelsea Piers, NYC     77%     Capitol Hill     93%
16th St Mall, Denver, CO     80%     Silicon Valley     93%
South Side Chicago     82%     K Street     91%
        Hollywood     88%

Baseball Team Rankings:     
Boston baseball fans     100%
San Francisco baseball fans     97%
Washington D.C. baseball fans     93%
Anaheim baseball fans     90%
New York baseball fans     83%
Chicago baseball fans     83%

The complete Honesty Index is available at where visitors can check out and compare the honesty statistics of more than 30 cities and 50 different groups of people, and build customizable info-graphics, which are shareable across many social platforms.


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08/23/2012 8:29AM
It's about booze today...who is thinkin of the weekend?
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