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Is that a spider in your banana or you just happy to see me?

6:15- Yikes! Brazilian Wandering Spiders found on Bananas in London.

 A 29-year-old woman in London recently found dozens of poisonous spiders crawling all over the bananas she had just bought!Consi Taylor said she thought the white spots on her fruit were just mold at first, but when she looked closer she saw they were tiny spiders that were hatching out onto her table and scurrying over her carpet! She sent a photo of the spiders to a pest control specialist, who informed her that they were Brazilian wandering spiders – the most venomous spiders in the world. She was told to make like a banana and split – at least until her house was thoroughly fumigated.

This whole story got me to thinking...
1. Have you ever seen a spricket? or some people call them criders? (cross between a cricket and a spider).  Pic on the left.
2. When you see these critters in your home, do you capture and release or do you kill on the spot?
(I try to capture and release if possible).


6:45- Guy gets thrown in jail for overdue library book.  Who knew you could get in serious trouble for returning a library book too late? All I can say is Don't mess with Texas--libraries that is! -


7:15- Bad Bosses are bad for your health- No Duh! Apparently they needed to have some scientists sit down and figure this out. It’s no secret that working for a jerk is stressful.  But according to new research, the chronic stress that results from working for a difficult boss for a long time can cause a host of health issues.  Chronic stress was found to trigger changes in immune cells, which can lead to inflammation that is linked to heart disease, diabetes and other conditions.  Ummm, how about you NOT share this information with your boss mmkay?

By the way, I handle it by emotionally eating. I go to the nearest Sheetz or ROCS and eat a sandwich. Just sayin. :)



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11/07/2013 10:38AM
Is that a spider in your banana or you just happy to see me?
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